1944 Saskatchewan Game Reports     

With a number of military bases stationed in Saskatoon and district during 1944, the Inter-Active Service Baseball League flourished. The four-team circuit had rosters stocked full of high calibre players, primarily from the prairies, and played their games at Cairns Field.

Teams and Rosters in the 1944 Inter-Active Service Baseball League (Saskatoon and district)

Dundurn A-27 Recces :   Brosseau C, Carle Chuck OF, Carrier C, Doraty OF, Gibbs 3B, Gooder OF, Hantuck 2B, Kissinger 2B, Leonard P/OF, MacArthur 1B, McKenzie G. C, McKenzie H. OF/2B, McLaughlin OF, Menzies 1B/3B, Modlandsky C, Raleigh 1B, Rassentie “Lefty” P/OF/1B, Rivard OF, Ruhl Alex 3B/1B/P, Schnar OF, Shupe Gayle P/3B/1B, Steel OF/1B, Stogren SS, Stout C, Stretzer C, Thompson SS/C, Trann Milt OF/P/2B

Navy (HMCS Unicorn) :   Almas Bernie SS, Almas Ralph SS/P, Bothwell 2B/1B/OF, Burko “Burp” P, Corbin Cecil “Ace” P/SS/OF, Gibson 3B, Johnson OF, Kobussen OF, Laycoe OF/SS, Leswick Tony C/2B, McConnell OF, Peters 1B/OF, Prediger Pete C, Randall OF, Rettig 3B, Rice 1B/OF

No. 4 Service Flying Training School (known as the Flyers) :   Barrie C, Bradley Lloyd P/SS/OF, Carr Jimmy P/1B, Clements Gerald C, Clouston 2B/SS, Finn Frankie 3B/2B/SS, Kitzes OF/2B, Kruger 2B/OF/SS, Larmour OF, Mills D. C, Mills R. OF, McManus OF, Robertson B. OF, Robertson G. “Robbie” OF/MGR, Stone OF, Strouger OF/1B, Tennant Jack P/1B, Turner 1B/3B, Vandale Cliff C/3B, Vandale E. OF/SS, Vandale Walt OF, Walker SS, Watson OF, Wilder SS, Wiseman Eddie 2B, Young P

No. 12 V. T. S. :   Billingsley SS, Bouvette 2B, Burke Bill “Slim” P, Burrows 3B/SS, Charlton OF/3B, Fiskel OF, Ginac 1B/OF, Gullickson 3B/1B, Hillier OF, Ickringill C, Kowbluk 2B/SS/3B, Lee OF, Lindsay OF/C, Marks P, McCormick P/OF/1B, McLean 2B, Scadhorne OF, Schanehorn SS, Scott OF, Snider 3B, Taylor 2B/OF, Will OF, Wilson Alf P, Woodman OF, Wright OF

Three of the four Inter-Active Service League clubs participated in Saskatoon’s prestigious Exhibition week tournament along with teams from Delisle, Aberdeen, Wiseton and Neilburg. The 1944 event marked one of legendary Pete Prediger’s numerous appearances in this long-standing tourney. For a change, he wasn’t in the uniform of the Neilburg nine for whom he toiled many seasons but instead played for the Navy.

The team representing the No. 4 Service Flying Training School captured the 1944 league pennant and received a bye into the league final series while the second-place Dundurn A-27 Recces met the third-place Navy squad in a best-of-three semi-final showdown.


(August 8)  A-27 Recces from Dundurn took the opening game of the best-of-three semi-final series with the H.M.C.S. Unicorn in the Inter-Active Service League playoffs by a 6 to 3 score at Cairns Field. The Recces battered losing twirler “Ace” Corbin for three first-inning runs, including a homer by shortstop Thompson. Gayle Shupe went the distance for the winners and, although nicked for nine hits, tightened up in the pinches and struck out eleven. Thompson added another circuit clout to his total when he drilled a solo shot in his second time at bat. Milt Trann laced a trio of singles for the Army nine while Kobussen also drilled three one-baggers to lead the Sailors. 

Corbin (L), R. Almas (1) and Prediger
Shupe (W) and G. McKenzie

(August 10)  Paced by Pete Prediger’s powerful bat, Navy evened their best-of-three series with the A-27 Recces from Dundurn with a 4 to 2 victory at Cairns Field. “Ace” Corbin and “Lefty” Rassentie hooked up in a pitching duel with the former having an edge in control. They fanned nine and ten batters respectively with Rassentie handing out five free passes and uncorking two wild pitches while Corbin walked only one. With the score 2 to 1 in favor of the Recces in the last half of the eighth inning with runners on first and second, an intentional walk attempt saw Prediger reach across the plate and line a long double off the right field fence, sending the tying and lead runs across the plate Prediger later scored the insurance marker on a single by Rice. Pistol Pete had opened the scoring in the second frame, booming a triple into right centre field and scoring on a wild pitch. Shortstop Thompson had a triple and single for the losers.

Rassentie (L) and G. McKenzie
Corbin (W) and Prediger

(August 19)  A-27 Recces from Dundurn eliminated Navy from the Inter-Active Service baseball playoffs, coasting to an 11 to 5 victory over the Swabbies in game three of their series. “Lefty” Rassentie, on the mound for the Recces, held Navy to four hits while whiffing 10 and walking five. The Recces combed 15 hits off the offerings of loser “Ace” Corbin and reliever Ralph Almas. Chuck Carle led the winners’ offensive thrust with four hits including a three-bagger. Almas had an inside-the-park dinger for the Sailors.

Corbin (L), R. Almas (3) and Prediger
Rassentie (W) and Thompson

Dundurn A-27 Recces win the semi-final series two games to one and move on to play the No. 4 Service Flying Training School  in a best-of-five final series.


(August 23)  No. 4 Service Flying Training School took a one-game lead in their best-of-five series with the A-27 Recces from Dundurn for the Inter-Active Service Baseball League championship, defeating the Recces 11 to 5 at Cairns Field. The Flyers displayed superior hitting strength. “Jock” Tennant, after a poor start when he had trouble finding the plate, settled down in the latter stages of the game to hold the Recces in check. He struck out ten. Leonard started for the Army team, hurling five innings and allowing nine runs on nine hits. Ruhl finished the game and was nicked for only one hit. Frankie Finn, Walt Vandale and shortstop Bradley led No. 4’s offensive attack with two hits each. Chuck Carle also had two hits for the Recces.

Leonard (L), Ruhl (6) and xxx
Tennant (W) and D. Mills

(August 24)  A three-run rally in the last half of the seventh and final inning allowed the A-27 Recces from Dundurn to earn a 5 – 5 draw with the No. 4 Service Flying Training School in the second game of the Inter-Active Service Baseball League championship. A freak double down the left field line off the bat of outfielder Steel chased home the tying run after the Flyers appeared destined to snatch their second consecutive win in the series. The Flyers outhit the Dundurn outfit 8 to 5. D. Mills, the peppery Airforce catcher, led his team at bat with a home run and single. Kruger and Walt Vandale both collected two singles.

Carr, Tennant (5) and D. Mills
Ruhl and Stretzer

(August 29)  A-27 Recces from Dundurn unleashed their heavy artillery to overpower the No. 4 Service Flying Training School 12 to 5 and even their best-of-five Inter-Active Service Baseball League championship at one game each with one game tied. Alex Ruhl  picked up the win, firing an eight-hitter. The Recces pounded three Flyer chuckers for 14 hits and had an 8 to 0 lead after two innings. Thompson, the Recces shortstop, led his team at the dish with three base hits including a triple. Milt Trann, Chuck Carle, third sacker Menzies and “Lefty” Rassentie all connected for two safeties. Outfielder Kruger and Eddie Wiseman both had two hits for the Flyers

Ruhl (W) and G. McKenzie
Tennant (L), Carr (2), Finn (5) and Clements

(September 1)  Dundurn’s A-27 Recces moved one up in the Inter-Active Service baseball championship by eking out a 5 to 4 victory over the No. 4 Service Flying Training School Flyers in an exciting contest played at Cairns Field. “Lefty” Rassentie and Lloyd Bradley hooked up in a tight mound duel. Rassentie whiffed 13 and walked five while Bradley struck out 10 and walked two. The Recces had one big inning, the third, when they plated all five of their runs. Eddie Wiseman and outfielder Stone of the Flyers were the leading hitters in the game with three singles apiece. Third sacker Menzies topped the winning Dundurn nine with a two-run double and a single.

Bradley (L) and D. Mills
Rassentie (W) and G. McKenzie

(September 5)  The Inter-Active Service Baseball League championship series is all tied up once more. The No. 4 Flyers grabbed a 1 to 0 nailbiter from the Dundurn Recces to square things at two games apiece plus a tie. The contest was best of the series to date.Both pitchers, loser Gayle Shupe and winning flinger Lloyd Bradley, were superb and gave up but three singles each. Bradley whiffed nine batters and walked four. Shupe struck out 11 and did not issue a free pass. The Recces did not get a runner as far as third base during the game. The lone counter of the game came in the second frame and was of the unearned variety. Leadoff batter Turner reached base on an error, stole second, reached third on a passed ball and scored on a single by Frankie Finn.

Shupe (L) and G. McKenzie
Bradley (W) and D. Mills

(September 7)  The No. 4 Flyers are champions of the 1940 Inter-Active Service Baseball League. They earned that honor by defeating the Dundurn Recces 12 to 3 in a free-hitting game six. The Flyers went to work early, lambasting the offerings of losing chucker Alex Ruhl for ten hits and nine runs in four innings. Winning flinger Lloyd Bradley was in command in all but the sixth frame when the Recces scored all three of their runs, two of which were homers by Chuck Carle and “Lefty” Rassentie. Catcher D. Mills of the winners blasted a grand-slam four-bagger in the fifth frame. Frankie Finn, the Flyers’ shortstop, was the game’s top hitter, going four for four including a timely double. Mills had a three-bagger to go along with his circuit blast.

Bradley (W) and D. Mills
Ruhl (L), Rassentie (5) and G. McKenzie

For the second consecutive summer, senior baseball was not a part of the Moose Jaw sports scene in 1944. Still without Southern League membership, the ball diamonds in the Mill City were also void of any City League competition.

Swift Current also had neither an intra-city league nor a team of locals who participated in an area summer league. Once, however, the Swift Current United Commercial Travellers announced their intent to stage a four-team tournament to kick off the Labor Day weekend, the Speedy Creekers hastily responded by putting together a group of baseballers who gave a good account of themselves although losing both of their matches.

Baseball in Prince Albert maintained its consistency as, once again, five entries vied for the City League pennant. Burns meat packing plant sponsored a team in 1944 that replaced the Penitentiary squad from 1943.

Teams and rosters in the 1944 Prince Albert City League

Army :   Benn P/SS/3B, Brann OF, Dean SS/P, Derivores SS, Elson 2B/SS/OF, Goodwill P/SS, Harper OF, Herbert C, Lees OF, Lowe OF, McCrystal OF, Mills SS, Newton OF/2B/C, Phillip P/3B/SS, Selnes SS/OF/P, Stevenson 2B, Stewart 1B, Sturgeon 2B, Totten 3B/P/SS/OF, Vancoughnett P/SS/3B, Weir OF 

Bohemians :   Baker Milt SS/P/2B/3B, Bergren OF, Boden Johnny SS/P/3B, Boettcher OF/3B, Casey 2B/C/SS, Hryciuk Bill OF/3B, Hryciuk O. OF, Katz OF/2B, Leach Chester 1B, Lederhouse OF, Markowsky B. OF, Markowsky J. 3B/2B/OF, McDougall 3B, McLellan C/1B/OF, Menzies 3B, Morash “Mooch” OF/C, Ryan OF, Selens OF, Shore Bob P/1B/SS/3B, Sturgeon 1B, Thorpe OF, Vickers OF/3B/P, Wallington P/3B/OF, Yoos C/2B

Burns :   Carlson Stan Sr. C, Carlson Warner OF, Coombes Bill 1B/OF/3B/P, Fowlie P/1B, Halcro OF/P/3B, Hryciuk OF/SS/3B/P, Lederhouse OF, McDonald OF, Murray 3B/OF/P/SS, O’Toole Clare P/2B/OF, Potter OF, Scott SS/2B, Trask C, Treen 2B/3B/OF, Webber Clarence OF/P/3B, Wyatt P/1B/OF/2B/SS

M & C Repair :   Billesberger Ernie P, Buchanan OF, Campbell OF, Carlson Stan Jr. 2B/P, Carlson Stan Sr. 1B, Carlson Wally SS/OF/1B/P/2B/3B, Hill OF/SS/3B, Hunter Archie P/3B/SS/1B, LeBarge OF, McDougall B. 3B, McDougall Johnny 3B/SS/P/1B, McDougall V. 2B, Nishnik OF/SS/C/1B, Parker Bob 1B, Paskaruk OF, Primeau OF, Withers 3B, Zwack Andy C

R.C.A.F. :   Betts OF, Biledeux OF, Bussard OF, Bygrave 2B, Caswell OF/2B, Deneau OF/P, Desjardins C/OF, Forbes C/OF, Fulthorpe OF, Guay C/3B/SS/OF, Jacobs SS/C/1B, King 2B, Marentette 3B, McDonough OF/SS/2B, McMillan SS, McNichol P/OF, Murdock 1B, Murphy OF, Palmer OF, Stanley P/2B, Watson 3B, Williams 2B, Zable OF/SS

Final League Standings  P    W    L    Pct.
Army                   16   12    4   .750
M & C Repair           16   11    5   .688
Bohemians              16    9    7   .563
R.C.A.F.               16    7    9   .437
Burns                  16    1   15   .063

In an odd playoff arrangement, every team was allowed an opportunity to advance. The two bottom teams met in a two-game total-run series with the victor moving on to play the second-place M & C Repair while the pennant-winning Army nine squared off with the third-place Bohemians in the other semi-final grouping.


(August 20)  After 18 innings of baseball, the last-place Burns squad came out of a two-game total-run scramble with the R.C.A.F. to gain a semi-final playoff berth. Only one run separated the two teams when the final out was made. The Meat Packers roared out of the gate in the opening tussle and hammered the Airmen by a 9 to 0 count. The evening game was almost the reverse of the previous game as the Fly Boys bombed the Slaughter House nine 9 to 1. Both pitchers, Murray and Deneau, stayed on the hill for for the entire marathon. Potter with four hits and Clarence Webber with three had the hot bats for the winners in the opener.

Murray (W) and Trask
Deneau (L) and Forbes, Desjardins (7) 

Second baseman Williams of the Airmen laced three singles in the follow-up game although his team failed by only a single run in catching the Burns contingent.

Deneau (W) and Desjardins
Murray (L) and Trask


(August 23)  The pennant-winning Soldiers of No. 122 eked out a 3 to 2 win over the Bohemians in the first of their best-of-three playoff series in the Prince Albert baseball semi-finals. Bob Shore of the Bohemians and Vancoughnett of the Army both were superb on the hill for their respective teams, Shore tossing a one-hitter while Vancoughnett surrendered but two safeties. Infield errors accounted for all five runs. Three fielding miscues in the third frame followed by a base-clearing double off the bat of shortstop Phillip netted the Khakis their three tallies. Shore had an 9 to 6 edge in strikeouts recorded.     

Shore (L) and Morash
Vancoughnett (W) and Herbert

(August 25)  The Bohemians evened the score at one each in their playoff series with Army No. 122 when pitcher Bob Shore led the Brewery gang to a 6 to 1 victory over the Soldiers in the first half of a four-team doubleheader. Shore was brilliant, striking out 15 Army batters and yielding not a lone base hit. His shutout bid was lost in the seventh when his mates booted the ball on four separate occasions. Loser chucker Benn was also plagued by poor defensive support in tossing a three-hitter. All three safeties were registered against him in the initial two frames, the most damaging being a two-run double by Boh’s outfielder Markowsky.

Benn (L) and Herbert
Shore (W) and Morash

(August 25)  In the late fixture, M & C Repair walloped Burns 9 to 4 in a game which saw the Warworkers collect 11 hits off losing flinger Murray. The Meat Packers didn’t do themselves any favors in this one, committing no less than eight errors. Archie Hunter picked up the complete game mound win, allowing six hits. Outfielder Buchanan had three singles for the winners. Teammate Andy Zwack pitched in with a double and single. Burns’ shortstop Scott tripled and singled in a losing cause.

Murray (L) and Trask
Hunter (W) and Zwack

(August 30)  The regular-season league-leaders from No. 122 bowed out of the the 1944 Prince Albert baseball scene as the third-place Bohemians thumped them 7 to 2 in the third and final meeting of their best-of-three playoff set. In their first turn at bat, the Boh’s took advantage of several Army errors to plate five runs. That substantial lead was never threatened by the injury-plagued Khakis. Bob Shore gave up four hits in preserving the pitching win. Losing chucker Phillip gave a creditable mound performance in yielding the winners five base blows. Shore was the heavy hitter for the Bohemians, banging out two doubles. 

Shore (W) and Morash
Phillip (L) and Newton

(September 1)  After being plastered all over Bohemian Park during the 1944 City League season in registering only one league win, the vastly improved Burns team provided a second major upset during their playoff run when they shutout M & C Repair 3 to 0 behind the one-hit pitching of Clare O’Toole. Each club now has now earned a victory in the semi-final series. The Meat Packers collected single runs in the first, fourth and fifth frames off losing pitcher Archie Hunter. Outfielder Potter and first baseman Fowlie both picked up a brace of base raps for the winners with one of Potter’s blows falling in for two bases.

Hunter (L) and Zwack
O’Toole (W) and Trask

(September 3)  M & C entered the Prince Albert City Baseball League finals by easily defeating the Burns club 11 to 0 at Bohemian Park. Big Ernie Billesberger pitched a steady game for the winners, giving up six hits while striking out ten. The game was, for all intents and purposes, over after one inning of play when the Repairmen took advantage of six base hits, compounded by two walks and three errors, to score ten runs. Catcher Andy Zwack of the winners had a double and single to lead all hitters.

O’Toole (L), Coombes (1), Webber (2) and S. Carlson
Billesberger (W) and Zwack


(September 6)  The Bohemians cut the first final-series notch in their belts as they shutout M & C Repair 6 to 0 behind the impressive two-hit shutout twirling of Milt Baker. Ernie Billesberger went the route for the Warworkers in taking the loss. Baker was also the best with the lumber as he registered a pair of doubles plus a single. 

Billesberger (L) and Zwack
Baker (W) and Morash

(September 10)  M & C and the Bohemians split a doubleheader which gave the Malt-and-Hop lads a two games to one lead in the best-of-five series for the City Baseball League championship. M & C took the afternoon battle 3 to 2 while the Boh’s captured the evening fixture by the same score. The matinee encounter was a tough one for young Bobby Shore of the Bohemians to lose. He gave up only four hits and struck out nine batters while winner Archie Hunter allowed ten hits and struck out three. An eighth-inning sacrifice by first baseman Bob Parker of the Repairmen allowed the winning counter to cross the plate. Shortstop Johnny Boden of the Brew Crew had a double and two singles in a losing cause.

Shore (L) and Morash
Hunter (W) and Zwack

Milt Baker of the Bohemians tossed a fine four-hitter and fanned an equal number to earn the mound win in the late tussle. Loser Ernie Billesberger was no slouch either, yielding five hits and whiffing five. Shortstop Johnny Boden of the winners was the lone batter on either team to register two base hits. 

Billesberger (L) and Zwack
Baker (W) and Morash

(September 17)  The Bohemians captured the 1944 Prince Albert City Baseball League championship by coming from behind to defeat the tough M & C squad 7 to 3 in the fourth game of a best-of-five series. 20 year old Bobby Shore of the Boh’s rung up the mound triumph with an 11 strikeout, six-hit effort. Vanquished chucker Ernie Billesberger of the Repairmen was lit up for 11 base knocks by the Beer Barons as he whiffed four of their would-be hitters. The Bohemians, staring at a 3 to 2 deficit, plated a brace of tallies in the sixth frame and then added another three counters in the seventh to walk away with the win and the league crown. Second sacker Katz had a trio of one-baggers for the winners. Veteran catcher Andy Zwack paced the offensive thrust for the losers with a brace of doubles.

Shore (W) and Morash
Billesberger (L) and Zwack