1944 Maritime Game Reports      

(July 20) Tim “Porky” Flynn, Shipyards outfielder and guard at City Prison has one of the best throwing arms in the league

(July 28) The Halifax Herald reported that a new catcher for the Shipyards, Jack Roberts, had played for Olean of the Class D NYP league. “If he did,” said the report, “he didn’t learn to throw off his mask.”

(August 1)  Jimmy Heximer was leading the HDL in batting at the mid-season mark, going 22 for 56 and a .393 average.  Danny Seaman followed with a .365 average. Shipyards shortstop Manny McIntyre from Devon, New Brunswick was hitting .306 in 62 at bats. McIntyre was voted the league’s most popular player and received a trophy from League President Harry Butler.

(August 26) Phil Marchildon is reported missing overseas.  In four starts in the HDL in 1943 he struck out 52 batters and allowed 26 hits while playing or Halifax Air Force.

(September 7)  Dominion catcher Woodrow Wilson in the Cape Breton League appeared behind the plate without shin guards or a chest protector which he says interferes with his throw to second base.  Wilson did wear a mask, however.

(September 16)  Johnny Moskal, a catcher for the Shipyards, hails from Buffalo, N.Y. On August 1 he took part in the All-American Boys Baseball Game which was featured in the September issue of Sports Illustrated.  His teammates for that game included outfielder Richie Ashburn and pitcher Billy Pierce.