1945 Vancouver Norvans     

1945 Vancouver

The Vancouver Norvans were a semi-pro team of the war years sponsored by the North Vancouver shipyards.  Richy Eisler is in the front row, 4th from the left (#7).  Former Regina Red Sox teammate, Ken Charlton is in the back row, 5th from the left.   Roy Dean is 3rd from the left, back row.

The Norvans roster included the following players :

Barberis “Babe” 2B/OF, Bellamy Mike OF, Charlton Ken C/OF, Chesnes Bob P, Clovechuk Andy SS, Dean Roy 3B, Dow Laurie “Butch” SS/OF, Eisler Richy 2B, Fisher Jack OF, Holt Gene LHP, Jones Casey 1B/MGR, McNaughton Jud OF/C/P, Mulvihill OF , Orteig Ray P/OF, Pealo P, Purcello William(Pills) RHP/OF/2B/3B/SS, Rittinger Al OF, Tinling Fred C/OF/3B, Torres Andy P, Warren Jackie C