1945 Maritime Game Reports      

(May 18) Bud Morrison, coach of the Halifax Navy team from Petrolia, Ontario has a strong club. His pitching staff includes Bob Halloran, who played for Winnipeg in the Class C Northern League before the war.  Leo Ornest, brother of Harry Ornest of the Montreal Royals, and Bobby Porter who spent three years in the International League with Toronto added strength to an already solid roster.

(May 25)  Two new American recruits made the Shipyards roster.  Bob Cooney, an 18 year old left-hander was from Erie, Pennsylvania, and Bob Fredo an eighteen year old catcher hails from Jamestown, Pennsylvania. Suki Leadbetter was the starting catcher for the Yardmen.

(June 6) Murray Veno, the peppery catcher for the Yarmouth Gateways, is still active.  In the twenties Veno played in the Western Canada League and returned to play in the professional Nova Scotia League in 1924 before being reinstated to the amateur ranks.

(June 12)  The Halifax Herald describes Halifax Navy’s Danny Seaman as a “ball picker” type of hitter who never swings at bad pitches.

(June 18)  Manny McIntyre, who played for Shipyards in 1944 is the leading batter for his Trois-Rivieres club in the Provincial League with a .365 average.  Billy McIntyre, his former teammate with the Yardmen, is hitting .306

(June 27)  The Shipyards bring in two American college boys as replacements.  Bill Clark, a six-foot one pitcher is from Buffalo, the other player is infielder Bob McKinnon.

(August 8) Frankie Redmond is earning $65 per week in Quebec in the Provincial League, while Manny and Billy McIntyre and Clyde Roy are in the $50 range.  Redmond jumped the Shipyards earlier in the season to go to a Dodger baseball school.  The Dodgers offered him a chance to join their minor league system in 1946.

(August 22)  Navy catcher Earl Ryan has been invited to try out with the Philadelphia Athletics next spring.  He was recommended to Connie Mack by Peaches Ruven. 

(August 25)  The Chicago Cubs are interested in Jimmy Heximer and Air Force pitcher-outfielder Les Edwards who is originally from Manitoba.  They have been invited to train in the spring with Los Angeles of the Pacific Coast League.

(August 25) Peaches Ruven won the HDL batting championship with a .400 average.  Les Edwards, a long ball hitter, followed at .393.  Jimmy Heximer, a speedy outfielder with a bullet arm, finished at .327.

September 10. Two HDL pitchers, 17 year old Billy Clark and 22 year old Larry Angus have been recommended to the Cubs for their Los Angeles club.

(September 23)  Frankie Redmond, formerly of the Shipyards, was runner up in the Provincial League in Quebec batting race with a .358 average.

(September 28) The Springhill Fencebusters won the Nova Scotia Senior baseball championship, knocking off the powerful Halifax Shipyards. The Fencebusters were led by outfielder Buddy Condy, third-baseman Herbie McLeod, second-baseman Lawson Fowler, and fire-balling Len Boss.

(October 5) Springhill captured the Maritime championship winning the deciding game of the three game final series against Saint John St. Peters. Lefty Legere turned in a masterpiece allowing only four hits and striking out eleven batters.