1948 New Denver, BC     

1948 New Denver

New Denver, 1948 Slocan Valley Champions.  Standing (left to right) - Shig Kiyono, Tamo Takenaka, Ray Tippie, Quentin Forsythe, Bob Butler, Dave Crellin, ??, Danny Morgan.

Front row (left to right) - Kuts Hayashi, Mas(Cuke) Yamada, Tommy Pearson, Bob Kumano, Walt Thring.

[Photo courtesy of Arrow Lakes Historical Society)

1948 New Denver

Back row (left to right) - Ray Tippie, Shig Kiyono, Coach Bob Kumano, Dave Crellin. Seated (left to right) - Walt Thring, Turk Avison, Quentin Forsythe, Mas(Cuke) Yamada, Kuts Hayashi, Tommy Pearson, Tamo Takenaka, Bob Butler. Front - Tak Kumano

[Photo from the Kumano Family collection, Nikkei National Museum]