1952 Southern Minny All-Stars     

1952 So Minny All-Stars

Front row (left to right) - Emil Nascak, Bill Leach, Dick Czaplewski *, Ralph Kneeskem, batboy, Jack LaVelle, Joe Raso, Connie Juelke, Ralph Wieczorek

Back row - Roy Gilmore, Paul Giel, Ed Gittens, Steve Shemo? *, George Vondreashek, Hugh Orphan, Timber Dahlberg, Roy Rosenbaum, Billy Campeau.

[Photo courtesy of the Winona County History Society via Town Ball, The Glory Days of Minnesota Amateur Baseball]

* The photo from the Winona County History Society had Dick Czaplewski as the player fourth from the left in the back row and Steve Shemo as the player third from the left in the front row, however, Jim Fraasch whose uncle played in the South Minny League is sure Czaplewski is the player in the front row. Jim works with one of Dick's sons who identified his father in the photo. We are unsure of Shemo.