1952 Snapshots, Manitoba-Saskatchewan     

Stavrianoudakis and John CarlsonJohn CarlsonĀ 

Left - Kamsack Cyclones Steve Stavrianoudakis and John Carlson. Right - John Carlson  
Photos courtesy Joan Parker/Kazakoff.

Kamsack Cyclones, 1952 at Madge Lake.

Kamsack Cyclones, 1952 at Madge Lake. Top row - Jim Lidster, Jim Peterson, John Carlson, Steve Stavrianoudakis.  Bottom - Roy Philpot, Roy Taylor, Len Tucker

Roy Taylor Roy Philpot

Left - Cyclones' Playing-manager Roy Taylor showing off his catch.  Right - Roy Philpot

Cyclones at Madge Lake?

Left - Top (left to right) - John Zeeben, Roy Philpot, Jim Peterson, TBA.  Bottom - John Carlson, Jim Lidster, Len Tucker, Steve Stavrianoudakis.

Cyclones on the town

Left to right - Ray Philpot, Jim Peterson, Len Tucker, John Carlson, Steve Stavrianoudakis.

Cyclones on the town

Left to right - Jim Peterson, Ray Philpot, Roy Taylor, Len Tucker, Steve Stavrianoudakis.

Steve Stavrianoudakis   Steve Stavrianoudakis    Al Seymour

Above left & centre - Pitcher Steve Stavrianoudakis.  Above right - Right-hander Al Seymour of Winnipeg fanned 21 batters in a 1952 junior game at Osborne Stadium. 

Seymour, pitched with Grandview in 1950 and would pitch for Bowsman in 1953 in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan League.  He also suited up with the Moose Jaw Mallards of the Saskatchewan League in 1954 before returning to Manitoba to star in the Winnipeg Senior League. 

His feat was highlighted in the Winnipeg Free Press, March 21, 1953.

Burns slides

Opening day of the 1952 Greater Winnipeg Baseball League, Billy Burns the fleet centre fielder of St. James Legion tries to avoid the long reach of St. Boniface catcher Don Collins in the fourth inning of the contest at Provencher Park Sunday. St. Boniface won 10-5.