1953 Rosters     


North Battleford Beavers : Beisel Cliff INF(18), Berry Jack, Blackman Jesse 1B/RHP(2), Coleman Johnny P/OF(8), Dayne Mike Dzingelowski LHP/1B, Dean Elton 1B, Dean Les RHP(10), Dean Roy OF(5), Dodd Doug LHP (also Kamsack), Francis Emile SS/MGR(4), Green Louis C(11), Herron Robert RHP/OF(1), Holdaway Chuck P(9), Huffman Earl (3), Linck Bob MGR (also MJ Maples)(51), McLeod Jackie LHP/1B(14), Nelson Kenneth OF(7), Richardson Murray LHP, Rodness Bob SS, St. John Del (also Saskatoon), Stone Arthur 2B(16), Tate Curtis 3B(6), Vogt Al P (also Royal Caps), Weekly Max LHP (also MJ Maples)(12)

Moose Jaw Maples:   Bill Peterson started the year as the manager, but a slow start led to his dismissal.  Bill Nutzhorn took over on an interim basis until Bob Wright arrived.  But, that lasted only days.  Walter Tyler was next.  Tyler was available as the Medicine Hat team had folded early in the summer.  Tyler would be in charge until the Maples brought in Bob Linck who had begun the season with the North Battleford Beavers.

Peterson had collected the team from the Oakland-San Francisco area.  Johnny Ford says "six or seven had played together over the winter and the rest he knew from the Bay area and we all came up together on a bus."  

Moose Jaw had a parade of players (Ford " ... there were only two or three of us left a month later.")

Beatz Tom OF, Blaisdell Wally P, Bormouth Tom P (also MH Phillies), Bruno Ed LHP(38), Condie Jim LF(20), Dean John C (also Saskatoon), Douzas Milt C, Eagler Lou CF(21), Ford Johnny 3B/C(25), Garrett Benny (also Saskatoon), Graham Jerome P, Gulbranson Paul OF(24), Harbourne Jack P/OF(22), Henry Al OF, Huffman Earl 2B/OF, Johnson Harold 2B (also Saskatoon), Johnson Rufus OF (also MH Phillies), King Don P(39), King Lionel RHP, King Ralph P (also MH Phillies), Lambert Bob (also MH Phillies), Linck Bob MGR (also North Battleford), Mannerino Tom C(37), Martin Darrell RHP, McGuigan Chuck 2B, Mountaintes Milt C, Myers Jim P, Navone Joe RHP(35), Nutzhorn Bill, Pennington Gayle C, Peterson Bill MGR(32), Peterson Bob 1B(33), Pierre Joe SS, Robinett Rip SS/C(28), Rodgers Bob P, Seavers Harry C(30), Tanner Bobby RHP(26), Thompson John 2B(27), Tyler Walt 1B/OF (also MH Phillies), Weekly Max LHP (also North Battleford), White Dave P, Wright Bob Mgr (also MH Phillies), Zayas Roberto OF/SS (also Saskatoon)

Regina Caps :  A pre-season newspaper report identified the Caps as an "all-Negro team". The manager, Jim Williams (with Indian Head from 1950 to 1952), had played with the Negro League Homestead Greys in 1936-37-38 and the New York Black Yankees in 1941.  

Williams had several veterans of the Negro Leagues on his roster.  Sylvester Snead had played in the Negro Leagues in the late 30's through to the mid '40s.  He was in the ManDak League in 1950 with the Elmwood.  Charles Gary had a stint with the Homestead Greys. Clemente Varona had a few seasons with the Memphis Red Sox in the late 40's and early 50's. The club trainred in Florida then barnstormed with the House of David en route to Regina to begin the season.

Austin Roy P, Bruton Jack P/OF(27), Carswell Lindsay OF(21), Clark Lorenzo OF, Coleman Emery RHP(12), Coleman Frank, Donaldson Ira/Ivey P(29), Ford John (20), Gary Charles 3B(26), Greer William JD P, Harrison Cliff "Lefty" P (also Royal Caps), Howard Percy (also Ligon's, Bowsman), Jefferson Willie P/OF, Knight Bobby SS, Latham Horace INF(16), Lloyd Johnny, Marshall Hiram UT(19), Martinez Sergio RHP (also Saskatoon), Moore (10), Peerless Charlie LHP, Pickens Frank, Reed Perry C(17), Reeves Johnny/Ed (112), Rivers Bill 1B(15), Shahzade Arthur OF (also Kamsack), Smith John 2B(25), Snead Sylvester UT (also Saskatoon)(28), Trimont Percy OF(24), Varona Clement SS(22), Vera Jose P (also Saskatoon), Weir, Wilder Bill P, Williams JimBig Jim MGR(31), Williams Mike (also Winnipeg), Williams Roy (13), Wilson Bob P(23)

Saskatoon :  Ralph Mabee, the general manager, was the guiding light for Saskatoon along with coach Pete Beiden.  Barlow Bob, Beiden Pete MGR, Bentley Bev 1B, Bentley Doug (also Delisle), Bentley Max (also Delisle), Breckner Leonard 1B/OF(8), Cisnero Ignacio RHP(14), Dean John C (also MJ Maples)(10), Diaz Ezequiel SS(1), Doig Bob LHP,  Dowd Ross P, Garrett Benny (also MH Phillies, MJ Maples), Griggs Bennie RHP(9), Herrera Mario OF(11), Howe Gordie SS/1B, Jackson Buzz (also Winnipeg), Johnson Harold 2B (also MJ Maples), Kanshin Mike RHP (also Winnipeg), Karlson Len INF(12), Mabee Ralph UT/MGR(7), Martinez Sergio RHP (also Regina Caps)(3), Morrow Jim RHP(16), Pendleton Reg UT, Reyes Leopoldo 3B/OF (also Indian Head), Robertson Duffy BB, Romay Ignacio C/OF(2), Ryan James 1B(6), Shirley James C(19), Snead Sylvester UT (also Regina Caps), St. John Del (also North Battleford) 3B(15), Tesch Oscar LHP, Vera Jose P (also Regina Caps)(17), Watrous Sherman OF(5), Williams John P(18), Wills Ted LHP, Zayas Roberto OF/SS (also MJ Maples)(4)


Avonlea Arrows : Buttgereit Walter "Butch" P/IF, Campbell Garnet P/IF, Campbell Gordon P/IF, Carr (Dombowsky Hugo) Hugh P, Erdelyan John OF, Evans C, Forer Don OF/3B, Kirkpatrick Jim C/P/IF, Lee Everett SS, Lee Lloyd OF, McRorie Eric OF, Sanderson Archie P/3B, Scott Dick P, Smith Al C, Smukowich Larry C/P/OF, Sorenson Cliff C/P, Tysdal Elmer P

Milestone Athletics : Bell Bob P, Buckmayer Tony C, Coleshaw Johnny OF, Connellan Terry, Diehl Lawrence, Dieter Lawrence P, Doerksen, Ebbeson Ken 1B, Ebel Walter C, Grad Lefty P, Hayes Bill 1B, Hayes Garth INF, Heidt Ed P/IF, Hoeft Fritz P/IF, Hysop Morley OF, Klinck Wayne C, Kober Ken(Blackie) P, Leskun Bill OF, McNabb Morris C, Mitchell Hank OF/P, Pow Ashley 3B, Sakeris SS, Seed OF/1B, Shaw Lorne C/OF, Snell Eric IF, Snell Russ

Notre Dame Hounds :  Bell Dean 2B/3B, Claggett Bus OF/P, Daley Tim OF/P, Donald Bob 1B, Dornstauder Hank IF/OF/C, Faford John IF/P, Germann Frank IF/P/C, Huck Murray OF, Kunard Gary OF, L'Heureux Lionel(Happy) P, Lilley Les IF, Magis Ed OF, McNiven Ed 2B, McNiven Ray, Ross/Padewski John C, Pindera SS, Schiebelbein Rudy P, Steele Dale P, Sterzer Al P, Woodard George OF/1B, Zolinski OF

Regina Red Sox : Belick Art 2B, Booth Frank P, Cochrane Denny OF, Currie Gord COACH, Elbourne Gord 1B, Franks Ernie SS (also Sceptre), Goff W. P, Goodhue Sam SS, Janis Lawrence P, Leverick Tom P, McEachern Ken OF, McFadyen George OF/P, McLean Jake 3B, Mitchelmore Don P, Off Orville 2B, Prosofsky Ed 1B/P, Relkey Al MGR, Rennie Art OF, Richardson Wes P, Stimpson Bill IF, Turner Bob C

Regina Royal Caps : Clark Wendell OF/C, Fulton Jackie OF, Harrison Cliff(Lefty) P (also Caps), Heck, Hingley Doug 1B, Kyle Bill IF/OF, Larter Ron P 3B, Lawson Johnny OF/SS, Lysack Lou C, McMurtry Pete P, Rogers Buddy IF/P, Rothermal Claire 3B/2B, Sherran Don IF, Smith John(Bunny) SS, Vogt Al P (also North Battleford), Wall Vic(Lefty) P/OF, Woolley Don OF/C, Woolley Lloyd(Schoolboy) P

Weyburn Beavers : Burge Jim 1B/OF, Casemore Russ OF, Covert Keith(Casey) P/C, Garner Jim(Baldy) 2B, Gemmell Bud P/OF, Helfrick John P/2B/OF, Hogg Ralph P, Mayor Frank C, Sampson Keith SS, Sathers Milt C, Scoles Jack 3B, Shupe Doug OF, Shupe Gayle P/IF, Shupe Jack 2B, Wallin Roy OF, Wilder Les 1B


Delisle :  Baltzan Dick SS, Bentley Bev 1B/3B, Bentley Doug OF, Bentley Max 2B, Coben Murray OF, Daniels Johnny OF, Dean J., Goodwin Arlo OF, Kirk Don LHP, McKenzie Ted C, Morris Doug 2B, Murray Keith P, Whitford Corky OF, Worth Harold RHP/SS

Kamsack Cyclones :  Bennett Bob C, Bigelow Al P, Farris Don OF/1B, Hager Ron 2B/3B, Hayes Dick OF/3B, Kostenuk Dave P/OF, Ladra Jack OF, Peterson Jim SS, Shahzade Art OF, Taylor Roy 2B, Zeeben John OF

Marysburg : Bauml Don OF, Bauml Herb P, Guenther SS, Hall Glen OF, Parker OF/3B, Stroeder Pete 1B, Strueby Arnold C, Strueby Art 2B, Strueby Isidore OF, Teel Ralph P

Melfort Juniors :  Archibald Jim P, Cowie OF, Demmans C, Eisner Jack P, Herlbert A. SS, Herlbert B. 3B, Holowaty Bob RHP, Lawson, Leipert Merle 2B, Maroniuk Johnny 1B, Ostrosky Hank OF, Payne Jackie OF, Springman 1B, Stewart Doug 1B/C

Neilburg :   Allan 2B, Edwards, Flanagan SS, Gibbons Don 1B, Gibbons Pat OF, Harris Ollie P, Linnell Mickey OF, Poppleton OF, Prediger Pete C, Weilman OF, Woods 3B

Richlea :  Banting OF, Ellis C, Gilkinson Glen SS/OF, Gilkinson Ken 1B, Locke Grant OF, Loppatcher Roy 3B, Martin, Peterson OF, Stevenson Bob 2B, Stevenson Don OF/SS, Stevenson Herb P

Sceptre :  Franks Ernie 1B, Gullickson George P/C, Howes Ernie OF, Jacobson Cliff P/2B/OF, Lutcher Reinie 2B, Mahaffy George 1B, Olmstead Bert P/SS, Schmidt Freddie SS, Scott Doug P, Shields Fergie 1B/2B/OF, Shields Jimmy 2B/C, Speers C

Wynyard :  Arngrimson Norm(Lefty) LHP, Bannister OF, Davis Jack P/OF, Gerringer Elmer SS, Green Jerry P, Hobbs Roland OF, Murray Dave 2B/SS, Nalywako Eddie 3B, Reynolds C, Simpson, Sokoloski 2B, Warren 1B, Zoboski OF


Delisle :  Baltzan Dick, Bentley Bev, Bentley Doug (also Saskatoon), Bentley Max (also Saskatoon), Coben Murray LHP, Daniels Johnny OF, Dean J, Goodwin Arlo, Kirk Don LHP (also Carstairs), McKenzie Ted, Morris Doug, Murray Keith, Whitford, Worth Harold

Foam Lake Falcons :  Ardelan Garry, Ardelan T., Arngrimson K., Arngrimson N., Bjornson S., Bryksa E., Henderson D., Lidster D., Lidster J. BB, Louttit I., Newsham L., Patton G., Purdy C., Reynolds W., White K., Wooley L.

Florida Cubans :  Arango Orlando P, Dominquez Juan P, Forten Carlos RHP (also Winnipeg), Gonzalez Wilfredo P, Penalver Mario OF (also Indian Head), Richardson Jesse, Seoane Pedro 1B (also Indian Head)

Indian Head : It was a whole new lineup for the Rockets in 1953 as most of the 1952 club moved on to Regina with manager Jimmy Williams.  The Florida Cubans of 1952 formed the basis of the Indian Head team of 1953. Arozarena Marcelino 3B, Barbon Roberto P, Conner Will P, Guerino Jose OF, Hernandez Jose(Hippy) P, Hernandez Juan P, Johnson J. P, Miranda Miguel C, O'Farrill Orlando(Chico) SS, Penalver Mario OF, Prats Juan UT, Reed C, Ruyal Mario OF, Seoane Pedro 1B, White Sammy P, Yzquierdo Gilberto Mgr

Andrews Curly, Arozarena Marcelino UT, Barbon Roberto UT, Conner Will P, Guerino Jose OF, Hernandez Jose Hippy P, Hernandez Juan P, Johnson J. P, Miranda Miguel C, O'Farrill Orlando Chico SS, Penalver Mario OF (also Florida Cubans), Prats Juan RHP, Reed C, Reyes Leopoldo 3B/OF (also Saskatoon), Ruyal Mario OF, Seoane Pedro 1B (also Florida Cubans), White Sammy Lee, Yzquierdo Gilberto C/MGR

(A team barnstorming in the USA under the banner of the Florida Cubans boasted a lineup which included - Mario Penalver, Pedro Seoane, Mario Herrera, Roberto Barbon, Jose Hernandez, Juan Dominguez, Wilfredo Gonzales, Orlando Arango and Carlos Forten.  The manager was listed as Jesse Richardson) - The Abilene Reporter-News, May 18, 1953.

Kindersley Klippers :  Balzowick Ed, Brown Herb, Flanagan Irl, Housen Oscar, Humble Mel, Johnson Ray, Neno Lloyd, Swarbrick Earl, Volk Ed, Williamson Jimmy

Sceptre :  Franks Ernie SS (also Regina Red Sox), Gullickson George, Howes Ernie, Jacobson Cliff P, Lutcher Smoke Rinie, Mahaffy George 1B, Olmstead Bert P/3B, Schmidt Fred SS, Scott Doug, Shields Fergie, Shields Jim, Speers



Carmangay :  Anderson Plenny, Andrekson George C, Collier Ray 3B, Ganger Steve RHP, Hernon Butch, Kucheran Bill RHP (also Cubs, Miners, Picture Butte, Granum), Moore Ken OF, Rhodes Glen, Rhodes Merlin(Dusty) Scholtz, Stevenson, Tesky C, White Benny 1B

Champion Red Sox :  Bouzyan Ferris(Shorty) OF/2B/MGR, Buchan Al, Buchan Don, Fath Robert, Groves Keith, Jensen Roger 1B, McGill Don P, Pasolli Livio, Pasolli Sev OF, Pasolli Tino, Rhodes Leonard OF, Siler Bud P, Smith Mervyn P, Steeves, Wolfe Bill

Claresholm Meteors :  Berg Wayne, Connors Joe 2B, Davison Don/Davie, Dodd Dutch OF, Ebner Norm P, Glenn Hubert RHP/OF, Huddle Lefty 1B, Landrum Lee C, MacDonald Allie RHP, MacDonald Ward C, Olson Glen, Whitehead Boyd

Claresholm RCAF :  Campbell, Fisher, Hollingshead, Klysen Howie, Langley, Miller P

Granum :  Daley Wallace, Jacques Ron, Jones Harold 2B/SS (also Miners), Kucheran Bill RHP (also Cubs, Miners, Carmangay, Picture Butte), Long Chester LHP, MacLeod Roy C, Martin Seth P (also Miners), Matthews Matt P, O'Neill Jim, Parker Wilson, Shearer Bob P, Wesley George MGR, Wesley Gord 2B, Zemrau Ed C (also Lethbridge Miners)

Nanton : Berger Jake P, Hawk Dick INF, Hawk Stan 3B, Jensen Gus, McKenzie C, Scott Jack P

Stavely :  Bondy Bob 3B, Bouzyan Glen, Hughes Rollie OF, Hunt Willard OF, Kelley P, Lanman C, Latiff Alex SS, McDonald Jim, McGinnis Fred OF, Sagstuen Hans P, Woodham Bob P, Yorgason Bob LHP, Yorgason Don/Doyle, Zaleski Bill/Joe

Vulcan :  Clarkson Clayton OF, Dann Ben OF, Howlett, Jankola Joe P, McAtee Ian P, McPherson Ron, Pruden Jim, Winn Skip C


JCCA Niseis : Abe Nobby, Asato Tom RHP/OF, Hayashi Nobby SS, Hayashi Roy OF, Hirotsu Tak C, Kanashiro Jim, Kano Mike C, Kimoto Lefty LHP, Kimoto Yoho 3B/SS, Kitaguchi Charlie C/P, Kitaguchi Jim 1B, Matsumoto York C, Nishimura Yo, Ohno Jack P, Oshiro Art RHP, Sarayama Chris, Takenaka Tamo P, Tateishi Jim P, Yoshinaka George C

Lethbridge Miners : Arisman Joe OF, Berlando Doran, Cattoni Jim, Deak Frank C (also Picture Butte), Henderson Stu P, Ingarfield Earl 3B, Ivanco Alex P, Jones Harold 2B/SS (also Granum), Kucheran Bill RHP (also Cubs, Carmangay, Picture Butte, Granum), Lagoyda John, Martin Seth P (also Granum), Negrello Hec 3B/P, Petrie Norm/Red P, Rodzinyak George OF, Slavich Matt OF/LHP, Sztaba Mitch 1B, Vaselenak George, Vaselenak John OF, Zemrau Ed C (also Granum)

Lethbridge Cubs : Bales Fred UT, Colwill Les 2B/SS, Granberg Wally P, Howard Joe P, Jones Paul H RHP, Klem Johnny OF/SS, Knarr Maynard P, Kucheran Bill RHP (also Miners, Carmangay, Picture Butte, Granum), Lindsay Bob, Maxwell Stan OF, Tarnava Jocko C, Vaselenak Mike 3B, Walkingshaw Darwin 1B/P, Yanosik Alex P/UT, Yanosik Clarence OF, Yanosik George MGR, Yanosik Howard C

Magrath : Alston Cal OF, Balderson Forest P, Hillmer Norm P, Karren Tommy, Pashuk Walt P, Rice Gene P, Rice Gord C, Rice Wes 2B, Wheeler Grant 3B

Picture Butte :  Anderson Floyd P, Branch Howard, Deak Frank C (also Miners), Ferguson Terry P, Gillies Barry, Kucheran Bill RHP (also Cubs, Miners, Carmangay, Granum), Malmberg Ted P, Menzies George, Temple Glen, Watson Harry

Taber : Anderson Del, Ganski, Kerkhoff Ted P, Knibbs Lloyd P, Laurie Bob C, Ledgerwood Garth, Mariyama Jack, O'Donnell John, Tucker Murray


Calgary Mercurys :  Abel Dave C, Bassen Hank OF, Brown Wally P, Goodwin Herb, Hannah Bernie P, Jankola Joe P, Kyle Walter(Gus) C/OF (also Brandon), Lauer Bert P, MacEwen Bentley LHP, O'Neill  Jack P, Pitts Bob, Shields Jim, Stewart Ron, Steele Jack, Storey Fred, Wylie Cliff, Wylie Harvey SS

Calgary Purity 99 :   Blakely Stan, Bond Leroy OF, Bradley Lloyd P/OF, Chehtham Dennis BatBoy, Ebner Norm P, English Ron, Fennessey Bill OF, Gibson Brian P, Girling Ken, Johnson Dick P, Lahey Bert P, Landrum Lee C, Masikewich Nick OF, McPherson Ron, Mundle Gord, Ryan Ernie P, Sabo Joe, Scott Pete SS, Sembaliuk Paul 3B, Stone Frank P, Tesluck Ernie INF, Thederahn Bill 1B, Thrun Wally P, Turner P, VanWassenhove Reg 2B, Weaver Bing C, Wigeland Eric P

Carstairs Cardinals :  Alfrey Darwin OF, Brian Ken P, Brookman John C, Casebeer Lloyd P, Casebeer Mernus 3B, Edmondston George OF, Kirk Don LHP (also Delisle), Leisemer Ron 1B, Loewen Don SS, Noble Harold C, Riddle Jack OF, Rodway Fred, Spearer Kay P, Torrence Babe OF, Wilson OF, Wilton Jim P/2B

Drumheller Miners :  Andronyk Jack CF, Berlando Angelo P, Berlando Jimmy 2B, Berlando Roger 2B, Bertamini Art C, Boesse P, Duke Billy OF, Dykun Johnny C, Laughlin Ron 3B, McKinnon Jimmy 1B, Molyneaux Allie P, Neilsen Dale P, Nociar Rudy P, Saville Jimmy SS/3B, Sparrow Bill OF

Red Deer Dodgers:  Dixon Jack P, Dunning Bernie 1B, Fawcett Glen, Gazely Pete P, Ing Cyril 1B, Ing Ken, Knibbs Pat SS, Knight Lyle P, Kruger Pete P/MGR, Martin Dave P, Ogilvie Milt P, Service Bill, Smith Clare SS

Twin Cities :  Farrar Roy SS, Hanwell OF, Hetherington P/C, Isener P, Johnson Len P, Kabrey P, Kelly John P, Kinniburgh StuP, Masten 1B, McLean Bob C, Perry 2B, Thompson C, Woods OF, Yurchak Steve P

Beaverlodge Royals  (Wheat Belt Baseball League) :  Clark Bill OF, Ellenbery Jim OF, Hame Bobe 2B, Johnston Ken OF, Light “Bud” 1B, Listing Art OF, Nelson Syd 3B, Patterson Harley P, Ray Eldon P, Schmidt P, Walker Art P, Walker Greg SS, Walker Jim C, Webb “Bud” C

Foremost :   Porkka Ernie RHP, Porkka Roy C

Westlock :  Belter, Eddie (Lefty) LHP, Callihan Vern RHP/1B


Coleman Cubs :  Angelo Gentile MGR, Fields Bill C, Kimoto Yoho, Kitaguchi Jim, Kovacik Alec OF/P, Nakama Fats P, Pow Dave, Rypin C, Sandolak Sandy P, Siska Andy P, Soroff, Tymchyna Walter

Blairmore Canucks :   Blas Alex P, Bosetti Vince P, Bunnage Bill P, Chala Angus P, Crawford Len P, Dobek Joe, Dobek John, Draper Harry P, Giaccamuzzi Moose, Giaccamuzzi Pedro, Lucent Pasquell, Misuraca Armond 3B, Stewart Ted C, Tomlins Al, Trentini Walter SS, Vangotsinoven Marvin P, Vejprava Gordon SS, Vejprava Roy , Walasko Willie P, West Larry P

Fernie Falcons :  Ashmore Wilf(Lefty), Caravetta Patsy C, Caulfield P. SS, Cole Bill P, Guzzi Dick, Guzzi Wilf P, Horlick Dick, Komarevich Bill P, Onysko, Pearce Frank, Rushcall Eddie

Natal-Michel Red Sox :  Bridarolly, Chala Paul , Depaoli Dino OF, Fabbro Tylio, Greene/Gren Bob P, Hootnick Vic P, Krall Whalley P, Letasy Alex, McVeigh Jim , Querrin Red, Salhub Cliff P, Scott Steve P, Serafini Ben P, Tombosso Sandy

Pincher Creek Dominoes :  Budy P., Weins Ed C


Beverly Drakes :  Boyko Harold BB, Dombrosky Wally, Kinnear Dick, Mucha Ed, Oliver Chuck, Pruden Stan, Sankoff Tom, Schwabb Frank, Steele Len, Weremy Ernie, Weremy Joe LHP

Brooks :  Fujimoto Fat LHP/RHP, Fujimoto Yosh C, Kimura Winkie, Takeda/Takita Hiro, Tamura Mac 3B, Tamura York P/OF/MGR

Leduc Oilers :  Brown 3B, Johnson SS/OF, Kadatz 2B, Karbonic OF, Knapp OF, McDonald P, Moen 1B, Murphy OF, Owen C, Wildshoot P

Medicine Hat Phillies :  Banks Fred Coach, Bormouth Tom P (also MJ Maples), Carter Leon 2B, Garrett Benny Lenard (also Saskatoon), Henry Alfred OF, Johnson Rufus OF (also MJ Maples), King Ralph P (also MJ Maples), Lambert Bob (also MJ Maples), Martin Bobby, Quinto Al P, Tretina Paul SS, Tyler Walt 1B/OF (also MJ Maples), Walker Calvin INF, Wright Bob Mgr (also MJ Maples), Wright Bruce OF

Medicine Hat/New York (Harlem) Yankees :  Boyd Brown P, Brown Hilton OF, Crosby Ralph OF, Evans Johnny SS, Gray Pancho P,Henderson Arlington C/1B, Jackson John UT, Jackson Willie OF/3B, Johnson Harold 2B, King Lionel RHP, Leonard Norman OF, Madden Ozzie P, Martin Bob 1B, Shelton Charlie C, Thomas Floyd MGR


Bow Island Combines : Biers C, Blanchard Gord 1B, Collins “Shorty” P, Miller P, Pinder Ike P, Phillips “Bud” P, Sevelrud L. P

Brooks Buffaloes : 

Brooks Junior Sabres : Blascovitz Norm P, Greenstein Tony, Haugen John C, Kramer Don, Link Vic, McLeod Alan 1B, Neufeld C, Rattray Jim MGR, Shore Dave P

Foremost  Braves :  Granberg Wally P, Hogan Ernie P, Housman P, Karl Reynold P/SS, Nolan C, Wolfe Ron C    

Medicine Hat Mercurys :  Barwis Pat P, Colthorpe Lloyd OF, Coutts Bill C/1B/MGR, Craven Ron OF/2B, Deminiuk Mike OF, Diebert Lou, Geisinger, Goodwin Don 1B, Hall “Skinny” OF, Martin Pete SS/2B, Miller Ron C, Schaufele Elroy OF, Schwedelsky Don P/C, Serbu Pete(Hardrock) P/2B/3B, Syverson “Bud” 3B, VanBuskirk Bill P, Wilson C, Ziebert OF

Millicent :  Batter Pat P, Berg B. OF, Berg D. 1B, Berg L. OF, Bisel, Charlton C, Leidal, Lelek 2B, Orleta OF, Rasmussen L. SS, Rasmussen R. P, Sears 3B/P

Rolling Hills :      

Vauxhall Verdants :  Baker P, Blaney OF, Cleland D. 3B, Cleland R. P, Dell 1B, Jensen 2B/C, Lamb OF, Mathews P, Root C, Stevenson OF, Wiggins SS



Brandon Greys :  Amaro Mario RHP, Andux Orlando SS, Banks Jim LHP, Brown Barney LHP, Butts Harry LHP, Cash Bill C, Deskin Jack C (also Winnipeg), Douglas Jesse 2B (also Winnipeg), Easterling Howard, Fields Wilmer OF/RHP, Griffith Bob RHP/OF, Hyde Cowan OF, Jenkins Pee Wee RHP/OF, King Clarence OF, Kyle Walter(Gus) C/OF (also Calgary Mercurys), McKinnis Gread LHP, Mitchell Joe 3B, Parker Tom RHP, Valentine James INF, Washington John 1B, WellsSr. Willie SS/MGR, Wilson Chuck UT

Carman Cardinals :  Andrews Sonny SS, Atkins Joe INF, Bostock Lyman 1B, Brewer Chet RHP, Cobb Gerry, Hutchinson Willie Ace RHP, Lockett Lester 2B/OF, Longest Bernell Chick, Lott Benjamin 2B, McCoy Ray, McCoy Walter RHP, McKerlie Almer, Murray John P, Newberry James RHP, Pine Felix, Porter Andy RHP, Preston Al P/OF (also Winnipeg), Rhodes Harry(Lefty) LHP, Robinson Norm OF, Souell Herb 2B/3B, Turner Bob C, Williams Willie(Curly) SS/3B

Minot Mallards :  Albosta Ed RHP, Bowman Ed 2B, Bowman Faber(Duke) 3B, Cain Marion(Sugar) RHP, Carroll Chuck OF, Chapman Roy LHP, Cooper Jack 2B, Corcoran Don OF, Dempsey Larry RHP, Juelke Connie OF, Kelly John LHP, Klaudt Roy, Landsen Whitey, Lettau Neil LHP, Lombardo Lou LHP, Lowe Tom, Martin Warren RHP, Massaro Joe C, McLean Clifton(Zoonie) SS, Michael Jerry BB, Murray Mal, Renfroe Othello UT, Rocco Mickey 1B (also Winnipeg), Scarborough Dean 1B, Tomkinson Phil C, Triplett Del, Washburn Bill LHP (also Winnipeg), Whitcher Bob LHP

Winnipeg Royals :  Barry Bill 2B, Barry Jack 1B, Beck Paul, Brown Danny, Butcher Dick, Cabrera Rafe SS/UT, Cleveland Bill OF, Deskin Jack C (also Brandon), Douglas Jesse 2B (also Brandon), Forten Carlos RHP (also Florida Cubans), Gallegos Mel, Gibbons Dirk RHP, Gowett Chuck P, Hairfield , Hinson Jim, Hughes Pete, Jackson Buzz (also Saskatoon), Kanshin Mike RHP (also Saskatoon), Louden Lou C, Merrill Rollie, Moore Dee C, Myers Ken, Parker Fred RHP, Preston Al P/OF (also Carman), Price Hal LHP, Rittenberg Bob 3B, Rocco Mickey 1B (also Minot), Spaeter Bill OF/1B, Strader Bob, Taylor Harry J RHP, Washburn Bill LHP (also Minot), Williams Mike (also Regina Caps)

Beausejour :  Windsor Wayne P

CUAC Blues :  Bruce Ab C, Yahiro Frank C

Morden :  Juvy Bud P

St. Boniface :  Barr Ron, Collins Don, Dunsmore Fred, Mazur Eddie P, Pell Bruce RHP, Rettie Donald(Pete) P

Transcona :  Dowgan Wally P


Bowsman :  Blaine Gary C, Brownlee Bill 1B, Burchell Bob, Caughlin Gary BB, Clark Don, Conley Tex P OF, Fedorchuk Gene, Hagermeister Jim P, Hinchliffe Ford MGR, Howard Percy (also Ligon's, Regina Caps), Hubchick Bunt OF, Jacques Alan OF, Kukulowicz Aggie RHP, Leonhard Smitty OF, Nunn N, Pigg Leonard C, Robertson Johnny P, Seymour Al RHP, Soura Leland 3B, Stephenson Wayne Wimpy RHP, Tall Ray OF, Topoll Del SS/3B

Dauphin :  Gardiner Don P, Goran Johnny P, Jones Collins OF

Gilbert Plains :  Marquez Raul, Moore Jim, Schulz Bill C

Grandview :  Burbage Buddy, Lillie Andrew, Morton Cy INF, Silvers, Watkins Frank RHP, Wylie Steve Ensloe RHP

Kamsack :  It was known as the Sequoias team as Roy Taylor filled his roster with players from the College of Sequoias and Fresno State University in California.  Allan Jim BB, Bennett Bob C, Bigelow Al, Dodd Doug LHP (also North Battleford), Farris Don, Green Stan, Hager Ron SS/2B, Hayes Dick, Jenkins Jim, Kostenuk David RHP, Ladra Jack OF, Mohr Ken, Peterson Jim JD SS, Shahzade Arthur OF (also Regina Caps), Taylor Roy 2B/1B/MGR, Zeeben John

Roblin :  Brooks Joseph P (New Orleans), Conley Tex 2B (Ohio), Dent Carl SS (Elizabeth NY), Fisher Bill/Lee P, McCoy Raymond (San Diego, CA), Pigg Lenny C (Seattle, WA), Preston Al P (New York)

Yorkton :  Bachwich Andy P, Buchholz Al, Chorney Steve, Dembroski Ed P, Fennel Ralph P/C, Harasyn Harry, Kahoot Merv, Kinney Rip P, Koroluk Ernie P, Obodiac Stan, Pachal Vern P, Pearson Jim, Pinder Gordon, Prystai Bill, Prystai Harry, Prystai Metro, Rosetti J., Zaharias Jim



Collingwood :  Beckett Doug OF, Black Stan 3B, Brown Don Coach, Davies Al RHP, Eades Pete OF, Edwards Vic Coach, Eriksson Ivan COF, Hallam Walt 2B, Homenuke Carl P, Johnson Bob 1B, Ledlin Ed SS, MacGillivray Alex MGR, Parsons Kerry P, Saxon Barry, Shaw Don, Sinclair Gary OF, Sparrow Ed C, Vaselenak Frank OF, Whyte Jack, Willey Ralph

Marpole North Stars :   Armstrong Ken, Bellamy Vince C, Biggan Jim MGR, Currie/Curry Stan P, Day Wally RHP, Donaldson Snowy LHP, Dow Butch SS, Hlady Paul P, Jenkinson Tom P, Johnson Bob OF, Lorenz Ed OF, McIntyre Don 2B, Mills Jack OF, Moses Jim P, Norman Ernie C, Parker Dave, Pennington Gary, Seitz Gordy 3B, Simpson Bill 1B/Coach, Tough Jim SS, Venables Bud RHP

North Vancouver Leckies :  Andrews Jim, Barclay Bob P, Beckett George C, Coupland Bob 3B, Curtis(s) P, Devlin Dave SS, Gaines Dick 1B, Hallam Bob, Howard Al COACH, Keil Sonny, Leskiw Walt P, Massey Paul MGR/OF, Myles Keith C, Nicholson Gord OF, Nordby Norm OF, Osen Herb, Parrish Bill P, Phillips Ed 2B, Sikorski Bobo C, Simons P, Vigor Tom P, White Ken OF, Withers Herb P, Zailo Gary OF

West Vancouver Beavers :  Addison Cubby 3B, Alton Jack OF, Armstrong OF, Barbour Dave, Bayers Bill, Bertram Keith OF, Bosquet Sonny, Craig Harvey 1B, Curby Ron P/OF, Hallam Bob, Hill Junior, Jacob Jack Coach, Johnson Mike P, Meeres Gord 1B/2B, Mitchell Gord, Norman Ernie C, Roxborough Dave OF, Schultz Ron OF, Stein Cece(Flash) SS/OF, White Frank MGR, Woolstone George P, Yanchuk Joe C, Young Rocky C


Hammond :   Bowyer Robert(Ribsy) SS, Bowyer Ted C, Davison OF, Esplen 2B, Finnie Joe 1B, Ingram P, Lehman Roy P, Louie Alf OF, Rhodes Newt, Rock Cliff P, Stewart Denny C, Stone P, Tanner, Taylor Bill C/3B, Thorpe Len, Walker Bill P, White Joe P

Haney :   Brown Jack, Cameron Jack C, Carr Nelson, Currie Merv, Davies George, Fisk Harold C/P, Hannah P, Heppner, Katainen Tenho, Kelly C, Minty Merv P, Reese P, Stevens Gordy, Stinson Bob, Stinson FredJr., Stinson George, Struthers John, Telosky Andy, Telosky Pete MGR

South Burnaby Athletics :  Bannerman Arnie, Booth Al P, Buckle Al OF, Davis John 1B/OF, Graham Lyle, Henry Ed MGR, Jaccard Art 2B, Kelly Jim 3B, Kinder Bill SS, Lapthorne Grant P, Miller Al C, Pauker Angie OF, Robinson Wendell OF, Ruck John P, Spees Ivan C, Spees Ken P, Vaselenak Leo OF

Whalley Chiefs :   Adams Doug 2B, Beckett Doug C, Connell Jack P, Cope P, Drummond Lorne P, Gingrich Bob, Greaves/Grieves Tom MGR, Haurtson Ray, Hole Freddy OF, Hunter Merv, Keil Elgin, Lamont Dale C, Lawrence Bill OF, Litzen Ron, Maxwell Merv OF, Milne Dave, Ricketts Jerry 3B, Robinson Harry C, Robinson Wendell, Smith Don P, Smith Stan 1B, Stone Kenny P, Tisinie John SS, Williams P,


Coquitlam :    Baldwin C, Cardine Gus P, Hart Don, Johnson Bob, Umira C, Wishlove John P,

Maillardville :    Bakaway LHP, Cabana P, Greaves/Grieves Tommy MGR, Hucul Fred C, LeSage Bill P, Slater Don C, U'Ren Gordy P

Mission :   Burnham C, Davis Ed C, Matheson Glen P, McDonald Ken P, Scott P

Port Moody :   Cameron Jack C, Leggart P, Payne P


Boilermakers :   Amiel P, Bailey Bud P, Berg C, Ethrington Norm, Forbes Don 2B/RHP, Gless P, Hatch Jack, Hughes Bill, Paialunga Ken P/C, Phipps Dick C, Tompkins Don, Vickers John C/P, Williams P

CYO  :    Brewer John/Bob P, Brown Les 2B/OF/SS, Bull Arthur RHP, Duff Cameron(Peggy), Elson, Franklin Ron, Fraser Scott P, Heaven Al, Marshall Hugh, McLennan C, Mulhern Leo, Mulhern Maury C, Murphy Bob P, Murphy Cal, Paris Armand C, Robertson P, Russell Jim P, Sherban Bill 1B, Smith Les, Stewart/Stuart C, Street C

Longshoremen :  Blitch Jerry P, Craig Nick P, Dale Lorne, Gutenburg Tony, Hemmerling Doug, Hemmerling Ron, Hostein P, Marsh Jack, Molden P/C, Rondpre Ray C, Smith Neal C

Nisei :  Eng Joe,  Fukuyama George P, Inouye Johnny C, Kimoto P, Koyanagi Ted, Matsuzaki Hubbo, Montgomery Ron P, Oikawa Azu(George) C, Okano Danny C, Segihi, Tahara Seichi P, Yamada Mas(Cuke) C

PT Clippers :  Andrus Ray, Bailey P, Blount P, Chedd P, Chizewski Julian LHP, Cutler Doug P, Delaire Norm P, Dredge Nick P, Godson P, Hiller C, Miller C, Rohatynsky Wally P, Sloan P, SlowskI P, Walton G. C

Western Bridge :    Bogdanovich George, Brandolini Leo, Cunningham C, Dickson P, Donegan Joe, Gunnlaugson Ray C, Gurniak Ernie P, Hatch Jack, Heckle P, Hilworth Ray C, Hume C, Kozak Frank, Taggart Bud, Thrower Ernie P, Venturato Chick P, Watley Keith(Butch)


Bellingham Bells :  Carr Clayton OF, Charauhaz Des OF, Coleman Ed 2B, Gaffney Cliff 3B, Johnson Jack C, Kuljus Steve P, Lindbergh Chuck SS, Padovan Andy MGR, Plant Dick P, Rivera Rob 1B, Winters Les OF

Everett :  Conover Dick P, Cooper C

New Westminster Royals:  Anderson C, Brown Clyde 1B,Filiatrault Phil, Gilday Jimmy MGR, Knudsen Les RHP, Kolt Tommie GM, McClary Dave, Myre Jack, Nagle Baz P, Parrish Bill P, Reese Spider, Whalley Don(Spud) MGR/RHP, Whyte Bill P


Abbotsford : 

Agassiz : 

Chilliwack :  Fast Alex SS/P/MGR

Cloverdale : 

Harrison Mills : 

Langley Prairie : 



Central Cartage/Orphans :  Barker Howard P, Brown Don SS, Constable Charlie P, Curran Norm, George Andy P, Graham Bruce, Heath Al C, Jackson Reg, Jenner Barry P, Leachman Mike(Curly), Lund Norm, Mack Tom P, McEvey Fred, Mosley Des P, Nicholson Nick P, O'Brien Bud P, Pike Art, Price Dave P, Summer Fred C, Wakelyn Dave P, White Jack C

Eagles :  Beck Paul RHP, Castner Ron 1B, Christenson Stan LHP, Cornwall Stan, Cornett Lyall 3B, Davies Stan RHP/OF/SS, Donahue Don LHP/1B, Foster Tom RHP, Higgs Ken OF, Karadimas Ron 2B, Kirchner Pete P, Kubicek Al MGR/C/1B, McArthur Murray RHP, McGee Denny OF/C, Mitchell Ken OF, Pearson Ron SS/OF, Ramsay Ray P, Savory George C, Sheppard Ed OF, Walker Tim 3B, Worrall Jeff OF, Wright Rookie 3B/SS

Farmer Construction :  Anderson Bernie OF/P/C, Ash Ed MGR, Ash Pete OF, Corbett Ed RHP, Donahue Don P, Dorohoy Ed, Forbes Norm P, Garner Bill LHP, Glancy Len C, Hodges Lowell 1B/LHP, Hume Cliff P, Martin Ron 2B, Mitchell Stu 3B, Parker Gerry SS/P, Shields Jack C, Stewart Doug OF

Page the Cleaners :  Carley Mark, Fowler Bob, Graham Frank P, Green Art LHP, Hearn Russ, Holness Harry , Milburn Jack , Moody Roy RHP, Nuttall Len P, Price Dave P, Skinner Vic 1B , Thompson Jim P, Wetherall Herb C, Woolcock Ron C

Victoria Amateur All-Stars  :   Anderson Bernie OF, Cornett Lyle, Donahue Don, Dorohoy Ed, Forbes Norm P, Foster Tom RHP, Garner Bill, Green Art, Higgs Ken OF, Hodges Lowell 1B, Jackson Reg, Karadimas Ron 2B, Kubicek Al, Martin Ronnie, McGee Denny, Mitchell Ken OF, Mitchell Stu 3B, Parker Gerry, Peden Doug MGR, Wetherall Herb C, Wright Rookie SS


Campbell River Athletics :  Boyd Charlie OF/P, Calnan Horace(Horsey), Cameron Jack OF, Cameron Ron OF, Conti Ty, Dagneau Stan P, Fiscus Bob/Bud LHP, Fredericks Bill OF, Haramboure Johnny 1B, Hopton Freddie (BatBoy), Kanik Joe SS, MacDonald C, Nagle Baz P, Palek Bill 3B, Ross Alec, Telosky Andy C, Telosky Sammy MGR, Thulin Bob P, Walker Larry P/ OF, Younger Jack 2B/3B

Campbell River Cougars  :  Dobson Bud, Enns Hank P, Ferguson Vern , Garrett Jimmy , Jenkins , Jenkinson Tom LHP/1B, Kopp George 3B, Korsa Joe, Lund Ron OF/P/2B, Marshall Don(Smoothie) P, McDonald Skip C, McKay, Motion Russ, Smith Ray , Spiers Leroy, Thulin Bob P, Thulin Harry, Turcotte Al P

Comox Valley Tigers :  Forster Wayne OF, Gribling Gerry, Gunter Bob, Hawkins John 1B, Jackson Eddie, Janes Don OF, Kolybaba Bill RHP, Marshall Ray SS, McCarty, Moore Roy C, Pratt Gordon(Pro) P, Schilling Jurgen P, Smith Adrian, Smith Jack 3B, Smith Ray, Tolmie Andy MGR, Vesterback Gus MGR

Courtenay Legion :  Bezanson Frank, Burtt Vic, Carter Garnie 1B, Chalmers Junior UT, Clifford Fred P, Coleman Lou 3B, Currie Garnie, Downey Dick 2B, Downey Ray SS, L'Oiseau Joe C, McIvor R.(Shorty), McKenzie Lyle MGR C/P, Moore Bill, Orr Freddy, Woods Earl P

Cumberland Cubs :  Aitken Ronnie, Bannerman J., Bulatovich Pete, Grisdale Don LHP, Milburn Mush, Moncrief B., Murdock Jack P, Murphy Gerald, Nadiski P, Patterson E., Pearse Ben , Pearse Roy C, Welsh Doug

Powell River Rodmays :  Biasutti R., Black Bill OF, Ciprick Bill OF, Cochlan Bobby MGR, Cochlan J. , Courtnay George P, Hildebrand Danny SS, Johnson Gerry, McCormick J., Mitchell , Nicol Alf P , Somerville Art LHP

Union Bay Braves :  Briggs Tillman P, Fletcher, Geary Bob P, Kennedy Allen, Lewis Lloyd P, Lund Ron P, McKay Joe, Montgomery Gerry, Montgomery Skip, Pratt Ron LHP, Renwick Jack P, Shillito Bobby, Shillito Ed, Stevenson Cy OF


Alberni Athletics :  Crowder Alf C, Hodgson OF, Kimmel Russ OF, Marshall Don(Smoothlie) RHP , Miles Doug 1B/C, Nesbitt Mel(Lefty) LHP, Osada Ed P, Pezel Paul C, Phillips Pat C/3B, Rand Don P, Rumney OF, Spencer Alec SS, Stoltz Ted RHP/OF, Sweeney Pat P, Williamson David 2B

Chemainus Red Sox (dropped out in late July) :  Bertrand Del OF/C/MGR, Brooks Don SS/3B/2B, Brooks Gerry 1B, Cross 3B, Davis OF, Dick Shorty OF/3B, Feltron OF, Goldie Alan P/3B, Higginson 2B, Kernachan OF, Kulai OF, McEwan Bill/Oscar C, Miller SS, Patterson Earl 3B, Peltron OF, Proteau OF, Roe Russ P, Sherwood OF, Verchere Dave LHP

Duncan Athletics :  Bell Bobby BatBoy, Branting Ralph C, Brooks Don SS/3B/2B, Brooks Gerry 1B, Cain Jimmy OF, Cessford Ken P, Cornett Lyall 3B/P/2B, Dame Sam 3B, Folk Tony P/1B/OF, Gergel Joe 2B/SS, Goldie Alan P/3B, Hobson Bobby RHP , Hughes Dan OF, Koppa Johnny P/1B, LeRoy Phil OF, Miskiman Eddie OF, Pottinger Dave OF, Proteau J., Rodger Leigh SS, Rodger Lyell P/OF/1B, Stroulger Charlie 3B/C, Syrotuck George UMP, Thomas Bill 2B, Thorne Ralph OF, Thorne Wally OF, Walton Clive LHP/OF/1B, Williams Doug 3B/SS, Williams Pete OF

Nanaimo Sport Centres :  Biggs Mel LHP/MGR, Bracewell Bill OF, Brenham Doug 1B, Gibbons Ron SS, Gilmore Don OF, Haslam Bill C, Hindmarch Bob C, Martin Marty OF, Miles P, Naylor Jack(Red) 2B, Negrin Mario OF, Patterson Ernie 2B, Pausche Bruce C, Robinson Earl SS/P, Sennini Ed 3B, Smith Don P, Webb Bert P, Whitehead Roy P, Willgress George LHP

Parksville Loggers :  Anderson P, Bonner 2B, Caljouw Pete C, Charlesworth Jack LHP/OF, Cottall OF, Grey P/SS, Mosell Jack RHP/OF, Murray Danny 1B, Parker 3B, Prior Bob P/1B, Sweeney 2B, Taylor Oscar SS/3B, Thompson OF, Yeo Walt OF

Port Alberni Cubs :  Cvorich, Folka OF, Hoar 1B, Ivelich M. P, Johannsen, Katrichak OF, Olsen C. P/3B, Pederson Iver SS, Pederson W. OF, Pennington 2B, Powell T. C, Rooney P/3B, Walters Harvey SS


Kamloops Okonots :  Anderson Bob C, Beecroft Gord OF, Brkich John P, Buchanan Keith(Buck) 1B, Eakin 3B, Evensen Ron 2B, Fowles Jack OF/1B, Fowles Len SS, Gatin Len P, Kaminishi Kaye 3B, Lennox Bill (also Kamloops Monarchs of the B.C. Interior League) SS/OF, Ling Chick C/OF/SS, MacDonald Bill OF/P, Maralia Harry OF, Prehara Paul LHP, Saklofsky Bob 3B/OF, Stewart Ken MGR/C, Tanner P

Kelowna Orioles :  Amundrud Ken 3B, Campbell Bob C, Carlson Bo P, Duggan Lloyd OF/P/3B/2B, Favell Cec OF, Hackler , Hickson LHP, Ito Hromi(Roamy) SS, Kaiser Joe 3B, Kielbiski Eddie UT, Koga Mits SS, Koga Morio 2B, Kogo 2B, Lingor Johnny OF, Marshall , Seider 3B, Solloway Bill OF, Thompson Ken OF, Tostenson Hank 1B, Welder Joe OF/3B,

Oliver Elks : Bastian Bob OF, Bay Elmer OF, Bay Loren C, Carter OF, Coulter Red C, Cousins Hal RHP, Coy Don OF, Day L., Dergous Zeke P, Eisenhut Paul 3B, Fleming Ken OF, Fritz D. OF, Fritz Frank UT, Hebenton Sholto 2B, Martino Bill OF, Martino Mickey OF, Nelson Stan 2B, Radies Bob OF, Rounds OF, Schnider Richie 1B/MGR, Sibson Bill SS, Vanderburg John 2B, Weeks Doug

Penticton Athletics :  Backor Wally OF, Beale Jackie P, Bowsfield Ted LHP, Burgart Lloyd SS, Charnes Pat, Clifton Wendell RHP, Collins Mac OF, Drossos Sam 3B, Dye George P, Edwards Les P/UT, Garnett Eddie OF, Getz George P, Hebenton Sholto 2B, Jones Gordon 3B, Jordan Larry P, Karrar Bob, May Gordie OF, McDonald Ross OF, Moore Doug 1B, Mori Elmer OF, Neaves Bill 3B, O'Connell Kev C, Powell Aubrey OF/C, Raptis Bill 2B, Robertson S., Russell Bud OF, Schaeffer

Summerland Macs :   Aiken Chuck 1B, Borton Vern OF, Christante Don OF, Colffey p, Egley Ollie C, Eyre Bill P, Farynuk Hank 3B, Gould Francis(Lefty) LHP/1B, Hooker Al SS, Kato Fred 2B/3B, Kuroda Frank OF, Metcalfe Frank C, Morton OF, Stevenson, Taylor George/Cliff C/2B, Wakabayashi Roy P, Weitzel Daryl OF, Weitzel Del OF, Younie Pete P/OF

Vernon Canadians :  Adams Carl OF/2B, Adams Ray 3B, Brummet Tony C, Correale Corky OF, Craff Russ 1B, Crandlemeier Ken OF, Dye George P/OF, Dye Vern OF, Graff Russell 1B, Inglis Bill OF, Jackson Ike P, Johnson Bob, Kechalo Walt OF/SS, Lesmeister Wally P/2B, Lucchini Leo 2B, Munk Al OF, Pawluk Pat, Pawluk Ray OF, Reghenois R. 2B, Schaeffer Hap OF, Spelay Tony SS, Stecyk Tom 2B


Kamloops Elks/Monarchs :  Booth Jim, Brkich Nick(Zeke) 1B (also Kamloops Okonots of the OMBL), Candido Larry 1B/OF, Carlson Gunnar, Corea Sam MGR, Duck Pete 3B, Fuoco Eddie 2B, Gale Bob P, Hay Doug P, Heinzman George OF, Hertz George SS/3B, Kato Stan P, Lennox Bill SS (also Kamloops Okonots of the OMBL), Marshall Jim P, Mayhew Barry, Mayson Ash P, Ottem Mel MGR, Ottem Ray, Pratt Jim OF, Prehara George C, Shannon Glen OF, Swaine Al P, Takanaka Tosh 

Kelowna Chiefs : Gauley Lorne, Hickson Don P, Kaye Walter OF, Malanchuk Len, Malanchuk Steve P/OF, Marshall Ken 2B/3B

North Kamloops Merchants : Cliff Bill P, Collier Allan 3B, Corea Sam MGR, Fraser Don C, Gaber Archie 2B, Garay Lou OF, Hirowatari Muso C, Jefferies Art P, Marriott Bill OF, Morelli Rudy SS, Oishi Stoney OF/C, Olson/Olsen Jack P, Pilling Ron OF, Pratt Ken SS, Ratchford Buck P, Sugden Tom 1B, Varanai Steve RHP, Vernon Charlie MGR, Witt Walter OF

Princeton Royals :  Ceccon Bruno, Gerein B. P, Gerein Otto P, Markin Jack SS, Markin P, Whitehouse Al LHP

Revelstoke Spikes :  Chisholm Ronnie C, Harding Phil OF/C, Kelley, King Jim 3B/OF, MacDonald Bob 1B, McAskill Al UT, Mucha Albert UT, Olynyk Sam RHP/OF, Pradolini Al 1B/P, Pratico Victor(Lefty) LHP, Pratico Vince(Chappy) SS, Segur Don OF/2B, Tasko Jim RHP, Tooley Jim OF

Rutland Adanacs : Senger Tony OF, Sproule Claire P

Kamloops Monarchs :  Hryciuk Bill 2B/P


Fruitvale Beavers :  Bilesky Andy P/C, Bilesky Jimmy SS, Bridge John P , Broman Paul OF, Catalano Charles P, Crantz Danny P, Ferguson Freddy, Ferguson John/Jack P, Frie Pat 1B, Gallagher Chuck 2B, Grieve 1B, Grieve Gordon(Fuzzy) P, Gryschuk Stets 1B, Handley Harvey , Jankola Joey P, Johnson Bill OF, Lechuk George 3B, Magnus OF, Mailey Leo , McGinnis OF, Penner Gerry, Tench Gordon P

Kaslo :  Bowker Clarke, Carpenter I., Carpenter Ted OF, Clarke Garth P, Dixon, Gilchrist G. SS, Kitagawa Kiyoshi OF, Koshi, LaMontagne G., Lind Gilbert C/1B, Marshall SS, McHardy L. OF, Millars Joe, Mitchell Joe, Moody Murdith 1B/OF, Nixon, Norberg Arnold(Sonny) RHP/2B/C, Norberg Ray P/3B, Palola Mervin, Shants, Shunter Dave C, Turner Jack 1B/OF

Nelson Maple Leafs :  Anderson Roy 3B, Brown Ron P, Christensen Charlie , Gallagher Charlie OF, Gare Ernie OF, Haldane Bill , Hufty FrankJr., Hufty FrankSt., Hufty Les P, Jamieson Dunc OF, Kennedy Dunc, Koehle Bob, Koehle Fritz, Koehle Red, Larsen Al(Swede) C, Locatelli Carl 1B, Lovett Herb SS, McKinnon Don P, McNabb Bob 2B/3B, Postnikoff Joe 2B, Severyn Marshall P, Toddy Jimmy LHP, Wassick Red 1B

Nelson Outlaws :  Abrosimo Alex SS/OF, Brown Ron P, Burdette Chuck, Clark Garth P, Cone Johnny OF/SS, Donaldson Stan, Driver Ray P, Grill Stan LHP, Hamakawa Yo OF/3B, Hood Al OF, Irwin Lorne P, Isackson Eddie C, Kraft Denny SS/P, Marshall, McClenaghan Neil, McNabb Jimmy 3B, Misuraca Johnny P, Nash Ron C/OF/MGR, Stark Freddy, Swenson Lloyd 3B, Tolman Ed, Watson Reg SS, White Ken OF, Zaytsoff Nick P

Trail Smoke Eaters :  Anselmo Musho OF, Bilesky Julie 2B, Boisvert Pete LHP/1B, Campbell Kelly C, Corrado Lui OF, Cronie Al 3B, DeBiasio Ugo BusMgr, DeMore Louis(Rube), DeRosa Lou OF, Geronazzo Dan 3B, Hackett Sonny C, Hamilton Ray 1B, Jankola Joey P, Lavarato Irv P, MacDonald Jimmy OF, Mailey Leo OF, Marasco Sammy 3B, McIntyre Busher P, McKinnon Bobby P, Miscisco Art, Nicol Kenny SS, Palmer Howie OF, Pidball P, Price Stu P, Stanton Ken, Vogt Al P, Weilep Bob P, Weitzel Bob C/OF, Zanier Reno 3B/OF

Waneta Hydros :  Darke Ernie OF, Ewing Dave P, LeClare 3B, Mars 3B, Mattison Jerry C, McGhee Gord OF, McGhee Jack SS, McIntyre Hugh(Pinoke) P. 2B, Meikosky OF, Saddler 1B, Slavick Matt LHP, Weilep Bob P


Burton :  Allard Jackie OF, Drummond Ronnie, Graham G., Johnson Art, Johnson Jarret 3B, Kent Wray OF, Marshall Bob, Marshall W.(Bill), McPhedron Peter, Robazza Joe P, Roberts Dick, Robson Jim 1B, Walker Jock

Edgewood :  Adshead K., Craft Ed, DeGans Don OF, Forslund W., Klein Hugo 3B, Lummerding C., Old Harold, Old Johnny, Old Roy , Shiell Jim, Vennard Albert, Vennard Ken

Nakusp :  Aalten Buddy, Abraham, Bouvette Don OF, Desrochers Ed OF/P, Desrochers Fred SS/C, Falkiner Roger 1B, Hale Robert P, Harris Gavin 1B/OF, Hempseed Brian, Henderson Al, Highland Wayne, Hoshizaki Kaz 3B/2B, James Jackie P, Jansen Arne, Johnson, Johnson Dave, Leonard H., McGilvery, Shaw Neil OF, Short Al, Warrender Hugh, West Mel 2B, Yanagisawa Otto C/MGR, Yano Albert P, Yano Sam 2B/P, Yoshida Barin OF/SS

New Denver :  Aneson K., Aoyama R. , Avison Andy 3B/1B, Broughton B., Browell Guy, Gordon Ken RHP/OF, Hayashi Katsumi(Kuts) SS/2B/RHP, Hayashi Nobuyoshi(Nobby) SS/OF, Heichert J., Johnson Bill, Kagayama Tomi, Kumano Tak, Kynock Ray, Lind Allan C/OF, Morrison Barry C, Mott Len, Nelson Gordon OF, Oayama R., Oyama Johnny, Pearson Tommy RHP/OF, Takenaka Tamo OF/LHP, Thring Walt 1B/OF, Yoshida Mos.

Perry Siding :  Babakaiff B., Babakaiff N., Bajey A., Dai G., Davidoff B., Gustafsan Emil, Gustafson K., Harasemow P., Koochin W., Rebalkin A., St.Thomas J., St.Thomas P., Sysoeu P., Verigin A., Verigin B. , Verigin N.

Slocan City :  Barkley B., Clough Adam, Eto D., Hashimoto T., Hicks D. , Hicks Jim, Hicks T., Howard J., Nishimura M., Rae B., Storgaard W., Yamamoto K.

Winlaw :  Avis Walter, Berskoff V., Bojey B., Fominoff C., Jimioff M., Kabatoff P., Neuokshonoff B., Neuokshonoff E., Popoff Alex, Popoff Andy, Poznikoff M., Zarchikoff Harry


Prince George Athletics :  Backman Ron, Berdusco Johnny SS, Bigelow Al P, Dinsmore Johnnie MGR, Foster Ritchie C, Franklin Al C, Gatin Len P, Glazier Hugh P, Jensen Larry P, Letendre Paul, Mazarak, McEachnie Reg P, Olson “Bud” SS, Poirier Paul, Richie “Bud” OF, Sims Doug (also Merchants), Skalicky Pete, Spicer Steve C, Stettner Andy C, Yeldon Johnny P, Young Don P

Prince George Merchants :  Astoria Harry, Bent Ed P, Bouchard, Brady, Bueckert Frank OF, Dickson Dick OF, Fleming Bill 1B, Gabriele Charlie, Johnson Marty P, Larsen Ken RHP, Makarenko Steve P, McQuarrie Jim, Ollinger Fernie MGR, Prest Doug OF, Roger Leigh, Rodger Lyell P, Ross Billy, Sims Doug P (also Athletics), Synochuk, Wilejto Vic P, Zloklikovits Herman C

Quesnel Clippers :  Amos Rollie(Slim) P, Buchia, Dagneau Gil C, Dion Clarence P, Follack/Follach Fred/Irv, Gale Don, Kane P, Koppa Bill, Koppa John P, Koyami Kadi(Ken), Newsome/Newson Earl P, Oliver George P, Silverson F., Solnes Roy C, Stevenson Frank, Swain/Swaine George C, Swain/Swaine Jim P

Quesnel Lumbermen :  Blair Roy OF, Comish Lloyd P, DeBruin, Dolman Bob P, Friesen Frank P, Gage Eddie P, Harris Al OF, Johnston Albert P/OF, Keen Billy 2B, McNish, Munk Otto SS, Noble Bill C, Punt Phil P, Punt Russ P, Trites Ronnie 1B, Watson Albert, Whitaker Ernie C

Vanderhoof Cubs :  Coglin P, Fehr A., Fehr Ike C, Fehr T., Graham Tommy(Slim) P/C, Lord “Bud” P, Reinke Darrell, Reinke Gale, Silver Jim , Smithers, Sugden Howie, Wall Abe P, Wall Dave P/SS

Willow River Red Sox :  Anderson Alex, Brommeland Terry Bboy, Bruder Frank, Chartrand Ernie OF, Church Mike P, Church Percy Bus-Mgr, Church Ted SS/C, Delano Sid P, Kuchurian Andy, Martin Howie P, McDermid Ken, McDermid Willie C, McIvor Bob(Bo) MGR, Robinson Leo OF, Robinson Pete SS/C


Kimberley Hotel :  Bayley Johnny P, Bell Claude OF, Bloomquist Curt P, Becker Howie, Bodin Eric RHP, Crowder Ed C, Dixon Derrel RHP, Gelling Walt 1B/MGR, Lilley Les P/OF/2B, Mathers Jack P, Matthews “Red” 1B, McCarthy Charley(Chuck) C, McDonald Doug OF, Mellor Milton(Red), Mellor Percy(Buzz), Pyne Len SS, Robb Ken, Robb Ted, Rota Frank, Smith Elgin P, Swann Bud P, Viro Frank C

Spokane Builders :  Bloomquist Curt P, Green Ray SS, Hankins Bob LHP, Kuehl Bob , Miller Ray P, Pyne Len SS, Swann Bud P, VanHoff Harold OF, Weaver “Buck” P, Wertz Pete C, Viro Frank C


Brantford Red Sox :  Clifford Luther(Shanty) C/1B, Copeland George RHP, Fisher George P, Gavey Alf LHP, Gerringer Irwin(Al) P, Hodara Ron 2B/SS, Kaiser Ted, LeConte B. OF, Lefevre Roy 1B, Lipka Stan MGR/3B/P, Lockington John OF, McGratton Tommy OF, McKalovich J. C, Parker Nig P, Thurman Bob OF, Turowski Andy 2B/SS, Wilkes Jimmy OF

Galt Terriers :  Beaton Hec P, Cline Gerry, Eaton Zeb, Jessup Gentry RHP, Kaiser Tex OF, Kaiser Vern(Tex) OF, Koval Pete P, O'Connor Art C, Pontarelli Mike SS, Skov Glen OF, Steele Ed OF, Upper Wray 3B

Guelph Maple Leafs :  Carruth George 1B, Clarke John RHP, DiCarlo Nick SS/C, Drapcho Ed LHP, Gray Pete OF, Kaiser Marty P, Napier Eudie C, Rich Merv, Yount Ken P

Kitchener Panthers :  Allen Bill LHP, Beggs Wally LHP, Duncan Mel OF/RHP, Fedoris Chuck RHP, Kinner Jack , Kvasnak Alex OF/MGR, Larouche Rolly RHP, Ler Irv SS, Psutka Harry C, Welker Dick LHP/OF

London Majors :  Bechard Joe OF, Best Bill RHP, Brumm Jack P, Burke Gerry, Butler Ray P, Deakin Bob SS, Evon Russ OF/1B/SS, Halkard Jim 1B, Jack Jerry, McMackon Gord 2B, Penny Don/Bob P, Thomas Les SS, White Tommy LHP/1B/MGR, Wilson Gerry OF

Oshawa Merchants :  Drapcho Ed LHP, Lawing Garland Butch OF, O'Connor Ted, Rippelmeyer Ray "Bud" RHP, Thompson Fred SS/3B, Triechel Al P, Walker Johnny LHP

St. Thomas Elgins :  Benish Bob MGR, Butler Don OF, Byham Bill LHP, Caffery Jack, Coles Ray INF, Gifton Jack P, Grasso Joe P, Kolaso George INF, Markert Dale, Morris Johnny SS, Pollock John P, Rasmussen Wally OF, Reitnour Ray C/OF, Stormes Bob RHP/1B, Summers Don P, Trew Jimmy 2B, Urban Ray 3B, White Tommy, Wilson Walt

Waterloo Tigers :  Ariss Gord RHP, Biasatti Hank, Casanova Bruno 2B, Flick Bill C, Juldoon Jim 2B, Herchenratter Augie OF, Larouche Rolly RHP, Oberholzer Don, Sokol Ed, Sposato Dick RHP, Yorke George P


Brants :

Industrial Lumber : 

Mahers : 

Milwaukee Sports : 

Westerns : 

West York : 


Best Cleaners : 

Dependable Caterers : 

Honest Ed's : 

Hoskings : 


DARTMOUTH ARROWS :  Beaton Harry, Beaver Bob, Beaver Reg, Blackburn Tom, Boganzi John, Bowers Fran, Conrad, Dobbins Ed, Eason Ron, Eason Don, Emaars Duane, Emaars Juane, Fahey Norm, Goldfader Syd, Gray Jim, Guidotti Hugo, Hogan Dick, Hurley Ed, Josephson Harry, King Jim, Lay Joe, Limato Lou, Morton Herb, Mullane Bill, Riley Jack, Sticka Charley, Tarr John (Jake), Weidenhammer Ron

HALIFAX CAPITALS :  Bagdonovich Dan, Beaton Harry, Boyd Bob, Brophy Art, Buonato Bob, Caiafa Gene, Cameron Don, Carter Billy, Christof Ed, Christopher Leo, Clark Johnny, Cohen Jim, Condy W. A. (Buddy), Dalton Mike, Easterbrook Bob, Eastman Mike, Erickson Stu, Falwell Johnny, Feldman Joe, Foote Amby, Heller Jim (Smokey), Iceton Warren, Krall John, Kreutzer Frank, O'Brien Stu, Parisi Tony, Psome Creon, Roland Perry, Spangler Al, Stroelein Jackie, Strychnewicz Ed, Taormina Paul, Weinberg Dan, Weinstock Art, Yasensky Tom

KENTVILLE WILDCATS :  Bunker Dick, D'Avanzo (Buzz), DeMonge Don, Douglas Bob, Griggs Alvin, Hornyak John, Kearns Bill, Kennefic Dick, Korcheck Steve, Lillios Steve, Maetoza Matt, Perry Ron, Prohovich Don, Saffer John, Stenhouse Dave, Tominaga Hank, Tonery Chris, Tripp Bob

LIVERPOOL LARRUPERS :  Boudreau Don, Bowers Mac, Brissette Paul, Buchanan, Buss Ray, Conte, Cote Ron, Gastall Tom, Heerlein Charles (Chuck), Jirsa Ron, Lewis Tom, McGuiken Charles, Melkonian Hal, Mulcahy Jack, Oster Bill (Wild Bill), Satalino Marty, Schiller Eugene, Sczesny Matt, Seaman Danny, Stabile Don, Swanson Don, Tarpey Phil

STELLARTON ALBIONS :  Brooks Bill, Brown Bobby Lee, Carver George, Foote Amby, Fulghum Joe, Hansil John (Shady), Harkey Tom, Heath Cecil, Hooks Ed, Long Vance, MacVicar Jim (Lefty), Nesbitt Ray, Parker Frank, Raines John (Monk), Reekie Harry, Rogers Kay, Stewart Bob, Turney Jack, Vogt Pete, Way (Sonny), Werber Bill, Williams Rudy, Yvars Jack

TRURO BEARCATS :  Dale Fred, England Dick, Frye Will, Harris Dickie, Hoch Art, Horbelt Ed, Kelly Jim, Lloyd Harry Lee, Lore Bill, Marbry Don, Norskey Al, Port Chalmers, Stowe Robert (Fred), Walsh Billy, Warfield Donald (Tex), Wilkins Dick, Zych Alex


Albert Lea Packers :  Blanchard Don SS, Davis Ernie OF, Ferullo Carmen P, Gilchrist Verdon SS, Harpuder Mel OF, Jensen Babe 3B/MGR, Jones LeRoy(Stumpy) P, Magula Steve INF, Marquardt Del C, Marquardt Rollie P, McCabe Bob 2B, Phipps Jim UT, Turck Don INF, Vitous Lou OF, Watson Jim OF, Wilkins Dewey LHP

Austin Packers :  Bartholomew Bob OF, Campeau Bill C, DeRose Carl RHP, Fleiner Al RHP, Gheta George P, Gilmore Roy OF, Hastings Bob OF, House Sam UT, Lindgren Red 1B, Martin Olin 3B, Raso Joe 2B, Rosenbaum Ray LHP, Scalise Joe OF, Scheid Emil MGR, Sebastian John SS, Seltz Dick OF

Faribault Lakers :  Chmiel Herb LHP, Deem Pete C, Elkind Dick OF/C, Hawkins Bob C, Joyce Roy RHP, Kaess Bob SS, Kubiski Al INF/OF, Lucken Ole OF, Ludwig Bob OF, McCarthy Jerry 1B, Mealey Hudson(Hockey) OF, Peterson Bob P/MGR, Sagedahl Manny P, Saul Frank(Pep) P, Schlaffer Augie OF/1B, Sierra Andy LHP, Thomas Dave P, Thompson Adrian 2B, Thurnblad Jack 3B, Wells Leo 3B

Mankato Merchants :  Albrecht Ed RHP, Ashford Carl 2B, Baker Willard 3B, Barrett Red P, Brawner Ralph OF/2B, Bruner Jack LHP/OF, Danielson Bob RHP, Dolan Mark(Shanty) MGR, Elbert Bill RHP, Gilbert Al OF, Gomez Preston(Pedro) INF, Johnston Gordy SS/23B, Leak OF/C, Loomis Dick C, Miller Frank 1B, Petschaw Don OF, Seguso Art 3B/OF, Smith Carlee RHP, Spady Dick P, Will Bobby OF,

Owantonna Aces :  Dugan Bill P, Everhardt Ken OF, Faber Bob RHP, Gheta George P, Giebel Arnie C, Giebel Gordy 1B, Grass Paul OF, Guse Bill 3B, Hare Jimmy LHP, Krueger , LaVelle Jack OF, Lundquist Jack OF, Nowka Jack OF, Reed Wally SS/2B, Sack Jim 2B/SS, Schultz Al , Smith Jack OF, Taube Mel MGR, Tobias Claire RHP, VanAmberg Fred INF, Verespy George 3B/OF, Vondrashek George P, Weygandt Al 1B

Rochester Royals :  Barnacle Bill 3B/OF, Bitti , Cannuli Nick SS, Carlson Ray SS, Clark Otis P, Dahlberg Clint(Timber) OF, Faber Bob RHP, Freund Johnny P/3B, Furseth Paul OF, Gittens Eddie OF, Hill Sam OF, Hoeft Fred P, Idzkowski Dick P, Kneeskern Ralph P, Laga Frank P, Lombardo Lou LHP, Maddox Roy P, Mansfield Bill RHP, Martin Warren P, Mathews Chuck 1B, O'Coine Marshall P, Platzer Don C/OF, Polka Roy C, Powell Spike 2B, Price Hal P, Scarborough Dean 2B, Sebastian Marty 3B, Thomas Carl OF/RHP, Wheeler Don C/MGR

Winona Chiefs :  Angelo Carl P, Carlson Ray SS, Churchill Bob 1B, Czaplewski Dick OF, Giebel Arnie C, Gittens Eddie OF, Green Frank OF, Helme Cal 1B, Hormann Gabby OF, Joyce Roy RHP, Leach Bill C, Milich Tom 2B, Miller R.(Bob) RHP, Modica Joe CF, Moore Tom LHP, Nascak Emil SS, Nehring Merlin(Hambone) P, Orphan Hugh P/MGR, Phipps Jim UT, Rader Dick LHP, Reed/Reid Wally SS/2B, Sack Jim 2B/SS, Selbo Glen P, Shargey Stan 3B, Shillings Alger(Corky) P, Snyder Norm OF, Stange Don C, Treichel Al P, Vondrashek George P, Wieczorek Chester UT, Wieczorek Ralph(Butch) P

Waseca Braves :  Balance Bob OF/MGR, Baud Andy OF, Cassidy Dick 3B, Conroy Bill P, Costa Al P, Edmonds Vern P, Gendreau Ronnie 2B, Heinbigner Len UT, Jako Wally OF, Kenney Jack P, Koval George P, Kraupa Arleigh LHP, Laga Frank P, McMullan Hugh P/C/OF, Moraga Eddie P, Oates Red C, Olive Gene 1B, Sturdevant Joe 3B, Thomas Gene OF, Younghans Hal SS


Chamberlain  Chiefs :  Ahrens Carl P (Illinois), Bodary Chuck OF, Boettcher Mike SS, Cingolani Nino P/OF, Fair Woodrow(Woody) P/OF/SS, Fitzgerald Benny C, Groat Clarence(Soddy) OF, Hauschild Wayne C/MGR, Jackson Daniel(Thumper) 2B/OF, Jensen Merle RHP, Kessinger Kenny OF, Leeney Fred OF/MGR, Miller Jerry 2B/P, Sack Jack 3B, Williams Robert 1B (Michigan St)

Mitchell Kernels :  Andresen Jim P/OF, Burns Bob 3B, Cebuhar Chuck 2B, Feiner Bob C/OF/1B, Gunn Dick 3B, Harmon Jerry OF, Howard Porter P, Koehler Larry P, Lindsey Ed OF/1B/LHP (Iowa), Marvel Jerry LHP (Georgetown), Noland Harvey P, Phipps Jim CF, Porter Howard P, Sabalaskey John OF/LHP (Illinois), Schaefer Ron P, Sibson Steve 3B, Spencer Jack OF, Sweeney John 1B, Ultes Ron OF (Illinois), Waclaw Marty OF, Waldron Don SS (Iowa), Wellman Guy C/MGR, Wiblemo Robbie P

Pierre Cowboys :  Applegate Gideon RHP, Beckman Bert P, Bishop Bob OF (Missouri), Cook Ed P, Eckman 2B/3B, Graves Bob P, Hardy Carroll OF (Colorado), Hauschild Wayne C/MGR, Heer Mel 3B/1B, Johnson Fred C/1B, Kammer Emil 3B/SS, Musgrave Bob RHP/OF (Missouri), Oliver Lorne P (Arizona), Quayle Don LHP/1B (Michigan St), Schoonmaker Jerry OF, Thiel Johnny 3B (Carthage), Walseth Russell(Sox) SS, Welch Milt C

Valentine Hearts :  Asbury Bill OF, Babcock 2B, Beecher Bill OF, Brown Dave P, Buck Johnny P, Cisternelli Jim 1B, DiLorenzo Ed P, Dodds Bill OF, Hahn OF, Hopkins B.B. 3B, Hopkins Bob 2B, Huffstetler John LHP (Tennessee), Karthhauser Dick OF, Kellogg Don C/MGR, Lord Reg SS, Perry OF, Prather Larry 3B, Regidero John SS, Retzlaff Sonny CF, Ridenour Bob LHP (Nebraska), Smith Ron P, Sperry John OF, Spoo Don P, Uber P, White OF

Winner Pheasants :  Bennett Ron OF, Burkley Dick SS, Burns Paul P/1B, Ciminello Joe 2B, Deffley Vince OF, Deskin Jack C, Ellis Chuck 3B/2B, Fletcher Ray C/MGR, Fox Pete P, Hill Wendell P, McMath OF, Moore Art(Homer) CF, Munson OF, Northrup Harry P, Schaefer Jack OF, Stanek Ed P


Arlington :     Bye C, Gibbs Don P, Peterson Chuck, Prempas Lou P, Rensch Marv C, Woolheater Howie

Bridgewater :  Acosta Alberto, Amador Chico P, Bertrand Ken P, Doorn P, Gunn Dick 2B, Hintz C, Johnson Mory P, Kolb C, Trobak Neil 1B, Waclaw Marty OF

Brookings :  Ehrke Bob P, Jackson C, Johnson Nig C

Huron Elks :  Adams 3B, Bales Jerry 1B, Berg Ace OF, Brewer Dick SS, Czaplewski Dick OF, Ertman Hank MGR C, Forsythe John C, Fox Barney, Kulig Al P, Lee Marty C/3B, McKee Vern CF, McNellis P,  Miller Bob P, Mish Pete OF, Moeller Bob P, Murphy Hack 2B,  Reimers Ernie P, Shefte Doc SS, Swota Andy LHP, Weber Mo MRG, Wiles Neil OF

Madison : Benson Don OF, Brandt Jim, Butler Harry 3B, Farmer Joe P/2B, Frager, MacDillon Mac C, Montgomery Jim OF, Morales P, Navareta Rafael  P/SS, Struwe OF, Tomscha Fran 1B

Renner :  Caldwell Ed P, Crooks P, MCCain Dan, Merry Marlyn, Nelson C, Newcomb P, Peterson C

Watertown Lake Sox :  Brandt Joe, Ellyson Gerry P, Haddican Hal 2B, Hank Bob P, Horning Jim 1B, Koons Mike, Scott P, Waba Terry C

Yankton Terrys :  Branson Bill OF (U Nebraska), Bromley Thornton P, Davis Bob P (Yale), Hertz Carl RHP, Hicks OF, Jingling Bobby SS, Marges Joe C/MGR, Miller Cliff 3B, Monroe Ralph OF (Missouri), Puga Luis(BlondComet) P/2B, Schreiber Bernie SS/2B (Mississippi), Sievers Brian LHP, Sol Nick(Campy) C/UTIL, Toledo Angel OF, Tucker Bob 1B


Ligon's All-Stars / Prince Albert Imperials:  Earl Bill, Graham, Grant Cliff, Howard Percy (also Bowsman, Regina Caps), Ingram Lee/Horace, Kelly Milt, Kelly Walter, Ligon George OF/MGR, Long Ivory, Mann Tie, McDaniels Fred, Pearson Frank RHP, Pierce Pete/Sam, Trotter Fox, Washington William, Worthington