Snapshots Manitoba-Saskatchewan 1954     

Yorkton Cardinals, 1954

Yorkton Cardinals infield.  Left to right - Bob Winters, Metro Prystai, Stan Obodiac, Steve Yaholnitsky, Vern Pachal. (Photo courtesy Metro Prystai)

Pavilion Restaurant, Madge Lake

Old Madge Lake Pavilion Restaurant, with Kirby Wyllie's Mercury Convertible in the centre. (Kamsack photos courtesy of Joan Parker/Kazakoff)

Kirby Wyllie, Bill Findley   Ted Ellis, Kirby Wyllie

Left - In Kamsack,  Kirby Wyllie (Bill Findley in the background) must have been about the coolest combo in Saskatchewan   Right - Ted Ellis (left) and Kirby Wyllie at the Pavillion at Madge Lake.

Dolores & Ted at the beach

Dolores Kazakoff and Ted Ellis on the beach at Madge Lake.

Bill Schulz

Bill Schulz, just hangin' out in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

Ted Ellis

Ted Ellis, in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, showing off Kirby Wyllie's Mercury.
(Kamsack photos courtesy of Joan Parker/Kazakoff)

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