1955 North Kamloops Mohawks     

North Kamloops Mohawks

Back row (left to right) - Tom Miyahara, Spud Kato, Sam Motokado, Joe Yamake, Stan Kato, Joe Motokado, Dick Lee, Art Yuen. Front row - Sam Aura, Gord Miyahara, Tosh Takanaka, Johnny Shimodaira, Pat Miyahara, Sho Yamada, Ken Kochi.

In April, 2013, the 1955-1956 North Kamloops Mohawks were inducted into the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame.The club played for six years in the BC Interior League, winning the championship in 1955-1956. Seiji Kazama coached the team for the first two years with Pat Miyahara handling the reins for the last four seasons. The team played under the auspices of the Kamloops Nisei Athletic Club and included thirteen Japanese Canadian Nisei and two Chinese Canadians. 

[Ken Kochi photo, 1955, as published in the National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Newsletter, Autumn, 2003]