1958 Alberta Snapshots     

John ChavezHubbard & Jones

Left - John Chavez of the Lethbridge Warriors (Chavez had pitched for Picture Butte in 1956).  Right - Two major stars from the Medicine Hat victory in the Lethbridge Rotary Tournament - Ron Hubbard (left) and Lynn Duncan (right).

Don KuodisAmaya sketch

Left - southpaw hurler Don Kuodis who won three straight for Lethbridge before signing a pro contract with the White Sox. Right - Lethbridge Herald sketch of Frank Amaya who had three years of pro ball in advance of his season with the Warriors.

Risinger brothers

The Risinger brothers Phil (left) and Don (right) of the Medicine Hat Superiors. The Risingers came from Oklahoma colleges to join the Alberta team. [Photo courtesy of the Galt Museum & Archives, Photo # 19753802040]

John VaselenakHubbard & JonesRon Mertus

Above left - Lethbridge slugger John Vaselenak who signed a pro contract with St. Louis Cardinals during the season. Middle - Medicine Hat stars, Ron Hubbard (left) and Aaron Jones.  [Photo courtesy of the Galt Museum & Archives, Photo # 19753802045]  Right - First baseman Ron Mertus had two seasons on the prairies, 1957 with Granum and 1958 with Medicine Hat

Kelowna tournament trioThe New Club Cafe

Left - The Kelowna Orioles upset Lethbridge Warriors 9-7 in opening action at the Rotary Tournament at Lethbridge. Orioles scored four in the 9th for the win.  Left to right - Jim Schoesler, Bob Roberts and Bill Martino.    Right - Vulcan, Alberta, 1958.  The New Club Cafe (Photo courtesy Jack Altman)

Dobyns & Wesley



Left - Medicine Hat manager Lee Dobyns (second from left) receives congratulations from George Wesley, the Lethbridge manager for the Superiors win over Wesley's Granum White Sox, 8-5,in the final of the Lethbridge Rotary Tournament. 

Tourney chairman Frank Gimmell is at the far left and Rotary Club president John Black is at the far right.  (Lethbridge Herald)


Umps and Managers

At the 1958 home opener at Henderson Park at Lethbridge, umpires Fred Meheden and Joe Arisman review the ground rules with Medicine Hat manager Harry Watson and Lethbridge skipper George Wesley [Photo courtesy of the Galt Museum & Archives, Photo # 19753802041]

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