1977 Saskatchewan Snapshots     


Kaia swings

Steve Kaia of the Eston Ramblers swings and misses as Saskatoon catcher Don Dziadyk
prepares to make the catch. Umpire Ace Corbin looks on.

Glen Miller homer

Glen Miller of the Unity Cardinals tees off and drills a home run.

Don McLeod safe

Don McLeod of the Unity Cardinals dives back into first base to avoid a
tag from Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ first baseman Roy Kemp on a pickoff attempt.

Blyth taggedBlyth homers

Left - Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ baserunner Colin Blyth is about to be tagged out during a
rundown between first and second base by an unidentified middle infielder from the Moose Jaw Devons.

Right - Colin Blyth of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners touches home plate after clouting a four-bagger
while his mates whoop it up.

Game actionMasuoka pitchesGame action

Left - Eston's Robert Murphy tries to beat out a grounder but Regina's Rich Gergley has the ball to make the tag. Middle - Japanese right-hander Yoshinori Masuoka goes into his windup in an exhibition game against Regina. Right - Nobushia Arai beats a pick-off attempt at first base as Rich Gergley scoops up the late throw. The Red Sox dropped a 13-9 decision to Kobe Steel the touring Japanese amateur champions.

Hidaka swings

Yumio Hidaka makes contact with a Wade Wanner delivery. Kobe Steel, the reigning Japanese amateur baseball champions, won their 5th consecutive game of its Canadian tour August 25th defeating Regina Red Sox 5-1 before an overflow crowd at Red Sox Field.

Gary Hollman slamBrad Devine

Left - Gary Hollman of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners connects for a grand slam homer against the Regina Red Sox. The catcher for the Red Sox is Andy Logan. Right - Moose Jaw Devons’ catcher Brad Devine putting on his gear.

Murphy outAndreoni & Andrie

Left - Eston Ramblers’ baserunner Robert Murphy is out in a close play at home as Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ catcher Scott Woronuik applies the tag.

Right - Ned Andreoni of the Moose Jaw Devons receives a handshake from teammate Dan Andrie as he heads for home after belting a grand slam home run.

Jerry WekMunch out

Left - Import hurler Jerry Wek of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners delivers a pitch.

Right - Baserunner Randy Munch of the Unity Cardinals is about to be tagged out by third baseman
Ken Arndt
of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners

Hughes singlesBrad Hennenfent

Left - Ernie Hughes of the Moose Jaw Devons lashes a single against the Regina Red Sox as catcher
Andy Logan
looks on.

Right - Third baseman Brad Hennenfent of the Moose Jaw Devons anticipates a ground ball.

Andreoni congratsHennenfent homer trot

Left - Ned Andreoni of the Moose Jaw receives congratulations at home plate from teammates Jim Baba and Brad Devine after launching a home run.

Right - Brad Hennenfent of the Moose Jaw Devons in his home run trot as other members of the Devons stand in foul territory along the third base line to offer their commendations.