1978 Saskatchewan Snapshots     


Zunino & LoganBell homer

Left - Eston Ramblers’ Greg Zunino fouls of a pitch as Regina Red Sox catcher Andy Logan tries
to get a bead on it.

Right - Bill Bell of the Regina Red Sox finishes his home run trot in grand style.

Cal Thompson outPete Maus

Left - DOA. Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ baserunner Cal Thompson gets caught straying too far away
from the initial sack as Regina Red Sox first sacker Randy Peterson prepares to apply the pickoff tag.

Right - Pete Maus of the Moose Jaw Devons accepts palm slap congratulations from teammates as
he touches home after jacking one out of the park.

Kemp & GuentherKemp safe

Left - A pair of Saskatoon Patrick Liner teammates, Roy Kemp and Lloyd Guenther, converge
on a pop up and barely avoid a collision.

Right - Double photo action series – Roy Kemp of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners avoids the tag
from a diving first baseman Scott Lindzy of the Unity Cardinals and is safe at first

Christman safeBlyth & Andrie

Left - Saskatoon's playing manager Terry Christman is safe at home as Regina's Andy Logan drops the ball.

Right - Colin Blyth of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners takes a safe lead off first base as the Moose Jaw Devons’
first sacker Dan Andrie keeps him close.

Kennedy outAndreen safe

Left - Moose Jaw Devons’ baserunner Dave Kennedy is thrown out at third base.

Right - Sans cap or batting helmet which was optional for a baserunner, Dwayne Andreen of
the Saskatoon Patrick Liners makes a safe, headfirst slide into third base against the Eston
Ramblers as #1 Merle Byrnes of the Ramblers watches in vain.

Guguiere errorAndreoni hits

Left - Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ catcher Greg Giguiere muffs a foul pop up catch.

Right - Ned Andreoni of the Moose Jaw Devons swings the lumber.

Jim BabaKivell & Forschner

Left - Jim Baba of the Moose Jaw Devons in the on-deck circle awaiting his turn at bat.

Right - Dugout Doings. Veteran Warren “Smokey” Kivell of the Regina Red Sox maintains his cool during a tension-filled game moment while rookie Bob Forschner lets loose with a verbal barrage.

Bell pickoffGame action

Left - A three-part action series as Bill Bell of the Regina Red Sox avoids being tagged out by Unity Cardinals’ first baseman Glen Miller on a pickoff attempt.

Top right - Gary Wilburn of the Unity Cardinals  is thrown out at home as Scott Woronuik of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners applies the tag.

Bottom right - A two-part action series highlighting Moose Jaw Devons’ catcher Brad Devine applying the tag on Rich Gergley of the Regina Red Sox at home plate.