1979 Saskatchewan Snapshots      

Woronuik tagsJohn SutherlandDoug Longtin

Left - Catcher Scott Woronuik of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners applies the tag to Regina Red Sox baserunner Doug Simon at home plate.

Middle - Kindersley Royals’ third baseman John Sutherland shows his home run form.

Right - Kindersley Royals’ outfielder/baserunner Doug Longtin springs up after a successful steal of the keystone sack against the Regina Red Sox. Behind Longtin is Regina shortstop Jerry Zrymiak who walks away dejectedly.

Doug Senyk

Doug Senyk of the Regina Red Sox swings for the fences.

Andrie slideAndrie slide 2Andrie slide 3

Dan Andrie
of the Moose Jaw Devons begins his slide into second base and is safe as Regina Red Sox catcher Andy Logan’s throw takes a high hop, evading his waiting teammate Doug Senyk.

Paisley outZrymiakDon Sasser

Left - Jim Paisley of the Regina Red Sox is forced out at second base as keystone combo Gerry Gattinger (left) and Brian Chalmers of the Moose Jaw Devons complete a double play.

Middle - Jerry Zrymiak of the Regina Red Sox awaits a pitch.

Right - Manager Don Sasser of the Eston Ramblers takes a turn on the mound.

Pat McGeheeUmp & Sasser

Left - Regina Red Sox pitcher Pat McGehee delivers.

Right - Eston Ramblers’ playing-manager Don Sasser unloads a verbal barrage toward umpire Irwin Wright.

Gord CannonScott & McEdwards

Left - Pitcher Gord Cannon of the Kindersley Royals delivers one of his southpaw slants.

Right - Infielder Dwayne Scott of the Unity Cardinals tries to plead his case with base umpire John McEdwards.

Peter BlaneyDevine pickoff

Left - Right-handed chucker Parker Blaney of the Kindersley Royals gets ready to let loose with a missile toward home plate.

Right - Brad Devine of the Moose Jaw Devons scrambles back to first base on a Regina Red Sox pickoff attempt.

Woronuik Maus Homer

Left - Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ catcher Scott Woronuik goes after a pop fly in front of home plate off the bat of Kindersley Royals’ Doug Mitchell.

Right - Members of the Moose Jaw Devons’ line up along the third base foul line to offer congratulations as teammate Pete Maus trots for home after clouting a three-run homer.

Bill BellBill O'Sullivan

Left - Kindersley Royals’ batter Jamie Flanagan watches a pitch outside the strike zone go by.

Middle - Bill Bell of the Regina Red Sox connects for a leadoff home run.

Right - Kindersley Royals’ manager Bill O’Sullivan talks things over with Doug Mitchell.

Ron FetschKot safeBill Bell at second

Left - Outfielder Ron Fetsch of the Kindersley Royals fires the ball back to an infield relay man.

Middle - Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ baserunner Jerry Kot slides safely into second base as shortstop Jerry Zrymiak of the Regina Red Sox momentarily takes his eye off the ball and muffs making the catch.

Right - Regina Red Sox baserunner Bill Bell puts the brakes on at second base after ripping a double.

Ken WiebeLes Schwartz

Left - Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ Ken Wiebe grounds out to first.

Right - Pitcher Les Schwartz of the Unity Cardinals.

John WestmorelandBell at bat

Left - Catcher John Westmoreland of the Kindersley Royals is pleased after belting a home run.

Right - Batter Bill Bell of the Regina Red Sox takes a called strike as Saskatoon Patrick Liners’ Scott Woronuik holds the ball and plate umpire Harvey Deck makes the call.

John SutherlandMorrice & Woronuik

Left - John Sutherland of the Kindersley Royals in a pensive mood as he observes the diamond action.

Right - Eston Ramblers’ catcher Rick Morrice reaches for a pitch outside the strike zone as batter Scott Woronuik of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners watches patiently.

Cary MillerRoss Mahoney

Left - Batter John Swanson of the Saskatoon Patrick Liners adjusts his sight on a pitch about
to be delivered by Kindersley Royals’ hurler Cary Miller.

Right - Regina Red Sox batter Ross Mahoney checks his swing on a borderline pitch.

Thompson steals

Above left - Cal Thompson (26) of the Saskatoon Liners steals second base during a 10-4 victory over Moose Jaw.

Above right - Saskatoon's Ken Wiebe takes a hefty cut.