1980 Team Canada     

Team Canada 1980

Thanks to Keith Van de Keere and Rod Heisler we have just about all the names. And, to provide a little better view, we've split the photo in two.

Back row (L-R) - Bill McKenzie (Head Coach), (Japan Rep) , Rod Heisler, Keith Van De Keere, Barry Kuzminski, Dave Montanari, Jamie Bray, Harold Johnson. Front row  - XXX, Lorne Niven, Pat Dumouchelle, Roger Speller, Perry Lychak.

Team Canada 1980

Back row - Tim Clarke, Dan Collision, Rick Gazzola, Randy Rasmussen, Al Price, Eric McKenzie Coach, Orv Franchuk Coach.  Front - Ron Tostensen, Gary Picone, Tony Powell, Mike Labossiere

Team Canada

Roster (at a different time period) :  Scott Bailey, Jamie Bray, Tim Clark, Don Collision DH, Pat Dumouchelle OF, Tom Erasmus P, Orv Franchuk Coach, Rick Gazzola P, Rod Heisler LHP, Robert Henrichon, Harold Johnson 1B, Bill Kinley INF, Barry Kuzminski, Mike Labossiere C, Gord Leduchowski INF, Perry Lychak LHP, Bill MacKenzie Head Coach, Eric MacKenzie Coach, Dave Montanari OF, Lorne Niven 3B, Garry Picone 3B, Tony Powell OF, Al Price C, Randall Rasmussen OF, Roger Speller OF, Ron Tostenson SS, Keith Van de Keere LHP