Frank Colman ... London Legend     

Frank ColmanFrank Colman

London Majors 1936-1938 & 1954-1959
Pittsburgh Pirates  1942-1946
New York Yankess  1946-1947

Link to 2015 feature on Colman by London;s Jeffrey Reed

Link to YouTube feature on Colman's induction into the London Sports Hall of Fame.

Below left - Frank Colman (at the right) with former Pittsburgh Pirates catcher George (Mooney) Gibson (1880-1967) at Labatt Park in London in 1955. Born were born and raised in London and Gibson was a mentor to Colman. Both have been inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the London Sports Hall of Fame.

Below right - Circa 1944. Colman (in the middle) with legendary Pittsburgh Pirates player and coach Honus Wagner. On the left is Jim Russell.

George Gibson, Frank ColmanFrank Colman, Honus Wagner