1954 Rosters     


Indian Head Rockets : Jose "Hippy" Hernandez was the club's manager for the second year. The 1954 club had two players from the Panama Canal Zone.  Lloyd Smith and Eric George were reported to have had outstanding records in the Panama League.  

Arango Orlando P, Arozarena Marcelino UT, Darby Moses OF, Fabre Sergio RHP, Garcia Juan Rene 3B, George Eric RHP, Harry Earl UT, Hernandez Jose Hippy P, Iglesias Antonio 1B, Martinez Armando P, Mesa Sylvio OF, Miranda Miguel C, Penalver Mario OF, Pilato Francisco RHP, Prats Juan RHP, Rodriguez Manola P, Rodriguez Rod/Monola, Seoane Pedro 1B, Smith Lloyd P, Sullivan Wilson C, Valladares Jose SS/2B (also Saskatoon), Washington Ross P/OF, White Sammy Lee, Williams Jim Big Jim MGR, Xiques Leopolodo OF, York Clarence 3B, Yzquierdo Gilberto C/MGR

Lloydminster Meridians :  The announcement in the local paper, The Lloydminster Times, had its share of typos, but seemed to embody the enthusiasm in the town for the new venture.

Lloyd. Meridians Baseball Club Announce Players  
(Lloydminster Times, May 5, 1954) 

With Max Weekly on the pitching staff, the sensational six-footer, who practically made a clean sweep of all opposition in Western Canada last season, and was one of the stand-out "chuckers" at the Legion Baseball Tournament here last year, the Lloydminster Meridians' baseball team looks like a pretty strong team on paper, one that should make a good showing for Lloydminster in its first season in organized baseball.

Mr. E. G. Mitchell, the president of the local club motored to Coeur d'Alene last weekend where he interviewed Mr. Robert Linck, the coach of the local club. Mr. Linck informed "Ted" that he had rounded out a real fast club to represent Lloydminster this season, and released the names of the players who will be seen in the local livery. Besides Max Weekly, of Exeter, California, from the North Idaho Junior College, who played with Moose Jaw in the Western Canada League last year, there are; Arne Thunander of Chicago, Ill., from the Idaho State College; Charles McGuigen, of San Francisco, Calif., from the University of San Francisco, who played with Moose Jaw last season; George Zucka, of San Francisco, from the University of San Francisco; John Ford, of Oakland, Calif., from North Idaho Junior College, played last year with Moose Jaw; Roberto Zayas, of Havana, Cuba, last year with Moose Jaw; Pete Prediger, of Neilburg, Sask., played with North Battleford; Darrell Martin, of Exeter, Calif., last year with Moose Jaw; Ron Webb, of Lewiston, Calif., from Washington State College, last year with La Grande, Oregon Tri-State League, Bob Russell, of Chicago, from Colorado State College; Ron Stock, of Bremerton, Wash., from Washington State College, last year with La Grande, Oregon Tri-State League; Len Pyne, coach of Colfax High School; Swaldo Garcia Diaz, of Havana, last year with Cuban International League; Vincente Diaz de Arman, of Havana, Cuba, last year with Cuban International League; Jerry Barlow, from Washington State College; and Gus Johorien, of Butte, Montana.  

Jerry Quane #8 Lewiston, Idaho, c  Eddie Tanner #11 Dewdney, British Columbia, 1b-p  Rick Herrera #7 Oakland, California, 1b Vincente Diaz #17, 2b Chuck McGuigan #4 San Francisco, California, 3b Johnny Ford #6 College of Sequoias, Visalia, California, ss-p Tom Mulcahy #10 Butte, Montana, lf Arne Thunander #16 Crystal Lake, Illinois, cf Roberto Zayas #2 Havana, Cuba,  rf Osvaldo Garcia  #14, util Len Pyne #3, p Darrell Martin #15 Farmersville, California, p Ron Webb #12 Lewiston, Idaho, p Max Weekly #9 Exeter, California, p Bob Rosell #1 Chicago, Illinois, mgr  Bob Linck #00 Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Armstrong Ken P, Babb Allan BB, Barrack Eddie RHP, Barton Gary P, Binsch 2B, Bruce Albert P/OF, Diaz Vincente 1B, Dodd Doug LHP, Douzas Milt C, Ferguson OF, Ford Johnny 3B/C, Garcia Osvaldo OF, Gibbons Don OF, Gibbons Lindsay MGR, Hamlin Ray 1B, Herrera Rick RHP/1B, Linck Bob MGR, Martin Darrell RHP, McGale Peter SS/3B, McGuigan Chuck 2B, Moffatt Gerry 2B/SS, Mulcahy Tom RHP/OF, Prediger Pete C, Pyne Len UT, Quane Jerry C, Rodness Bob SS, Rosell Bob OF/LHP, Ruhl Alex 1B, Tanner Ed C, Thunander Arne OF/1B, Webb Ron LHP, Weekly Max LHP, Wingfield Don OF, Zayas Roberto OF/SS

Moose Jaw Mallards :  Larry Isbell,  Baylor University All-American in football and baseball was the manager for the first part of the season giving way to Bill Conroy when he left to play football).

Allen Harvey OF, Chopp Reg OF, Coleman Emery RHP, Conroy Bill SS, Findley Bill OF (also Kamsask), Gardiner Don P, Garrett Joe P, Girado Eddie 1B, Gray Pancho P (also Rosetown), Greene Wilbur UT (also Minot), Higa Thomas 3B(also Kamsask), Holowaty Bob RHP (also Kamsack), Hubchick Bunt OF, Isbell Larry C/MGR, Jones Collins OF, King Lionel RHP (also Rosetown), Kostenuk David P(also Kamsack), Lillie Andrew INF, Lipscomb George OF, Lowe Dick C, Pemberton Clifford UT (also Saskatoon), Psome Creon LHP, Searcie Joe P, Seymour Al RHP, Stuart Russ 2B, Tyler Walt 1B/OF, Walls Bill 3B, Weldon Penn RHP, Wilson Willie P, Zivanich Roy OF/1B(also Kamsack).

North Battleford Beavers :  Beisel Cliff INF, Blackman Jesse 1B/RHP, Burks Robert Lee OF, Carlson Ray Happy P/1B, Dean Elton 1B, Dean Les RHP, Dean Roy OF, Ellyson Gerry P, Francis Emile SS/MGR, Green Louis C, Holdaway Chuck P, Kapp Kapuscinski Ed RHP, Landrum Lee C, McLeod Jackie LHP/1B, McMahon Jim OF, Nelson Kenneth OF, O'Farrill Orlando Chico SS, Scott Jack OF, Stites Bill RHP, Stone Arthur 2B, Tate Curtis 3B

Rosetown Phillies :  Team owner Fred Banks and eighteen players arrived in Rostown May 14th.  Banks was described as a newcomer to the prairies.  He suggested his young club might burn up the league. Benny Hill was announced as the playing manager.

Infielder Harold Johnson, 20, was described as among the most promising of the Phillies' prospects. Johnson had a stint with Saskatoon in 1953.  Two veterans, Benny Hill and Pancho Gray, anchored the rotation with youngsters Lionel King, 20, Boyd Brown, 22, Preston Bessicks, 23, and Lefty Summers, 21, rounding out the staff.  King was reported to be the property of the New York Giants.  The club also featured Cy Morton, 26, at third (with Grandview in 1953), Reg Jackson, 23, at first, Ben Brown, 23, at shortstop, Randy Cisco, 24, second base, Buddy Burbage, 37, of, Ray Munson, 26, of, Fred Johnson, 22, of, and Howard Warfield, 26, of.  Warfield was reported to have been in the Boston Braves organization and Fred Johnson with the New York Giants.

Bessicks Preston P, Brown Ben SS, Brown Boyd P, Burbage Buddy OF, Cisco Randy 2B, Coleman Major P, Gray Pancho P (also MJ Mallards), Henderson Arlington C/OF, Hill Benny P/MGR, Jackson Reg 1B, Johnson Fred OF, Johnson Harold 2B, King Lionel RHP (also MJ Mallards), Miller Leon, Morrison Felton OF, Morton Cy INF, Munson Ray OF, Price Dick C, Summers Lefty Roland P, Warfield Howard OF

Saskatoon Gems : The Bentleys of Delisle were key members of the Gems. Max, 34, and Doug, 38, would occasionally suit up with the club while nephews Bev Bentley, 26 and Bentley MacEwen would be regulars with the club.

Bennett Bob C, Bentley Bev 1B, Bentley Doug OF, Bentley Max OF, Breckner Leonard 1B/OF, Diaz Ezequiel SS, Doig Bob LHP (also Kamsack), Ellis Ted RHP (also Kamsack), Garcia Rolando RHP, Goodwin Arlo, Griggs Acie Skeet 2B/OF, Griggs Bennie RHP, Herrera Mario OF, Kirk Don LHP, Koroluk Ernie P (also Yorkton), Mabee Ralph UT/MGR, MacEwen Bentley LHP, Morrow Jim RHP, Parker Gerry 3B, Peerless Charlie LHP, Pemberton Clifford UT (also MJ Mallards), Pendleton Reg OF, Reyes Leopoldo 3B/OF, Robertson Kenny BB, Shirley James C, Trimont Percy OF, Valladares Jose SS/2B (also Indian Head), Wills Ted LHP


Assiniboia Aces :  Ciocia George 2B, Drescher Harry C, Erfle Albert "Lefty" P, Erfle Rube IF/OF, Hanson Oscar OF, Hanson Spunky IF, Lawrick Nick OF, Lee Ron OF, Logan Norm P, McLeod Pete IF, Pearson Paul P, Reader Wes OF/3B, Shanks Lorne C/OF, Skarbon Archie P, Skjerven Gord P/IF, Tendler Ed P, Tendler Ernie 1B/P, Waterton Reg C, White Jim 1B

Avonlea Arrows :  Ardelan George OF/2B, Buttgereit Walter "Butch" P/IF, Campbell Garnet P/IF, Campbell Gordon P/IF, Erdelyan John OF, Forer Don OF/3B, Kirkpatrick Jim C/P/IF, McKellar Don P, Melin Paul 1B, Morrison Dwight C, Sanderson Archie P/3B, Smith Al C, Smukowich Larry C/P/OF, Tysdal Elmer P

Estevan - Bienfait Coalers :  Abbott Dale P, Beattie Ralph CF, Becker Walt "Wally" OF/1B, Carr Dombowsky Hugo Hugh P (also Notre Dame), Dornstauder Hank IF/OF/C, Enmark C, Harbourne Jack P/OF, Jackson Bob C, Jalbert Roland C, Johner Frank 2B, Kozicki 2B, Lawrence Lloyd OF, McKechney Gary P/1B, McKechney Ron P/C, Quinn Jim OF, Renchko Bill P, Roy George OF/P, Schnell Nasie 2B/OF, Triplett Ken P, Verpe Orval P, Wetsch Dale SS

Moose Jaw Lakers  :  Bell Bob P, Blaisdell Wally P, Chadwick Jim P/OF, Chapman Bob 2B, Devine Don P/OF, Devine Jack P, Ferguson Jack BB, Hanson Carl OF, Heinrich Lionel C, Hennenfent Bill 3B, Hennenfent Mel 1B, Nutzhorn Bill, Nutzhorn Ray OF/P, Peterson Ralph C, Scott Jim OF, Smail Murray OF, Smith Glen "Baldy" C/IF, Staley Al "Red" OF/SS, Torgeson Elmer P, White Dave P, Wilson Amos OF, Wood SS, Yeomans Bob "Bones" P

Notre Dame Hounds :  Bearss Ed IF/P, Bell Dean 2B/3B, Carr (Dombowsky Hugo) Hugh P (also Estevan), Daley Tim OF/P, Donald Bob 1B, Faford John IF/P, Germann Frank IF/P/C, Huck Murray OF, Kiel Don P, L'Heureux Lionel "Happy" P, Magis Ed OF, McDonald Cy C, McNiven Ed 2B, Metz Nick IF, Molle 1B, Moren Glen SS, Resch Phil P, Ross/Padewski John C, Schiebelbein Rudy P, Squires Bob P, Steele Dale P, Sterzer Al P

Regina Red Sox :  Belick Art 2B, Booth Frank P, Cochrane Denny OF, Daniels Johnny OF, Ebel Walter C, Gillstrom Owen OF, Goodhue Sam SS, Hysop Morley OF, Kerr Sterling, Leverick Tom P, Manz Elton Al C/OF, McEachern Ken OF, McFadyen George OF/P, McLean Jake 3B, Mitchell Hank OF/P, Mitchelmore Don P, Mohr Ken, Nixon IF, Off Orville 2B, Prosofsky Ed 1B/P, Rennie Art OF, Richardson Wes P, Shaw Lorne C/OF, Stimpson Bill IF, Turner Bob C

Regina Royal Caps :  Blondeau Guy P, Coleshaw Johnny OF, Evenson Joey, Fulton Jackie OF, Harrison Cliff "Lefty" P, Heidt Ed P/IF, Hingley Doug 1B, Keetley SS, Kyle Bill IF/OF, Larter Ron P 3B, Lysack Lou C, McNabb Morris C, Phillips Johnny IF, Prosofsky Pete IF/ P, Rogers Buddy IF/P, Ross Jimmy C/OF, Sembaliuk Paul 3B, Sherran Don IF, Smith John "Bunny" SS, Snell Eric IF, Stewart Doug C, Thompson Mike OF, Vogt Al P, Wall Vic "Lefty" P/OF, Woolley Don OF/C, Woolley Lloyd "Schoolboy" P

Weyburn Beavers :  Burge Jim 1B/OF, Casemore Russ OF, Covert Keith "Casey" P/C, Evans Gordon C, Garner Jim "Baldy" 2B, Goodwin Ron OF, Greaves Barry, Hayes Garth INF, Hoff Dave P, Hogg Ralph P, Knox George OF/P, Martinson Ron P, O'Brien Dan C, Reily Russ P, Sathers Milt C, Shupe Blaine SS, Shupe Doug OF, Shupe Gayle P/IF, Shupe Jack 2B, Treen Harold "Harry" C/OF, Wilder Les 1B


Colonsay Monarchs :  Art Jerry OF, Birnie Daryl 3B, Breckner John 3B, Breckner Len OF, Campbell Don 1B/3B, Clouston, Coben Murray OF/P, Coffin Lloyd SS, Folk Johnny OF/P, Hobson Lew P, McKenzie Jack 2B, McKenzie Ted C, Moldenhauer Roy OF, Pendleton Reg OF, Rosher Les, Shier Herb 2B/OF, Shirley Jim OF

Kamsack Cyclones :  Alvarez Reuben P, Ellis Ted P/OF, Findlay Bill OF, Higa Tom 3B, Holowaty Bob P, Kostenuk OF/P, Levaggi Tony OF, Schulz Bill C, Shahzade Art OF, Taylor Roy 2B, Wyllie Kirby SS, Zivanich Roy 1B

Lloydminster Meridians :  Ford Johnny 3B/OF, Garcia Oswaldo OF, Herrera Rick 1B/P/3B, McGuigan Chuck 2B, Mulcahy Tom SS, Pyne Len OF/P, Quane Jerry C, Rosell Bob P, Tanner Ed C, Thunander Arnie OF/1B, Webb Ron P, Weekly Max LHP, Zayas Roberto OF

Saskatoon Gems :  Bennett Bob C, Bentley Bev 1B, Bentley Doug OF, Bentley Max OF, Diaz Ezequiel SS, Doig Bobby P, Griggs Bennie RHP, Herrera Mario OF, MacEwen Bentley LHP, Morrow Jim P, Pemberton Cliff 1B/OF/2B, Reyes Leopoldo 3B, Trimont Percy OF, Valladares Jose 2B/SS, Wills Ted OF/P


Foam Lake Falcons :  Ardelan Garry, Ardelan T., Arngrimson K., Arngrimson N., Bjornson S., Bryksa E., Henderson D., Lidster D., Lidster. J. Batboy, Louttit I., Newsham L., Patton G., Purdy C., Reynolds W., White K., Wooley L.,

Kamsack Cyclones :    Cam's Corner by Cam McKenzie, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Kamsack, with skipper Roy Taylor back there again, apparently has lined up another good club. The Cyclones of 1953 drew rave notices all across the country for their snappy play.

Taylor recently arrived at Kamsack with an all-imported outfit, mostly college boys.  Returnees include pitcher Dave Kostenuk, the Hyas, Sask. boy, Art Shahzade, an outfielder, and Taylor himself.  Among prominent newcomers will be well-known Bob Holowaty, who starred previously with Melfort juniors before attending Taylor's school at Visalia, Calif. during the winter.  Other Kamsack imports, all Americans, include Ted Ellis, Dick Knight, Ruben Alvarez, pitchers; Bill Schulz, catcher; Roy Ziwanick, first base; Kirby Wyllie, shortstop; Tom Higa, a Hawaiian, third base; Bill Findlay, centre field; Tony Levaggi, right field. Shahzade will play left field and Taylor will look after second base.

The Cyclones have already played a few games since arriving in Kamsack and reports from out that way say they are impressive.  Besides playing in the North Battleford and Optimist tournaments, the Cyclones will be back to defend the championship they won last year at the Saskatoon Exhibition."

Alvarez Ruben RHP, Doig Bob LHP (also Saskatoon), Ellis Ted RHP (also Saskatoon), Findley Bill (also MJ Mallards), Green Stan, Hannah Jack RHP, Higa Thomas 3B (also MJ Mallards), Holowaty Bob RHP (also MJ Mallards), Knight Dick P, Kostenuk David RHP (also MJ Mallards), Levaggi Anthony OF, Moffitt Harold P, Schulz Bill C, Shahzade Arthur OF, Spoolman P, Taylor Roy 2B/1B/MGR, Wyllie Kirby SS, Zivanich Roy OF/1B (also MJ Mallards)

Yorkton Cardinals :  Baker Milt, Buchholz Al, Chorney Steve, Debert Joe/Al, Harasyn Harry, Koroluk Ernie P (also Saskatoon), Obodiac Stan, Pachal Vern P, Prystai Bill, Prystai Harry, Prystai Metro, Sharpe Jack, Windjack Fred  BB/2B, Winters Bob, Yaholnitsky Steve



Carmangay Eagles:  Andrekson George C, Collier Sid INF, Ganger Steve RHP, Glenn Hubert RHP/OF (also Claresholm), Mayor Frank 3B, McLeod Roy OF/C, Moore Ken OF, Rhodes Cecil , Rhodes Clarence, Rhodes Glen, Rhodes Merlin(Dusty) 2B, Rhodes Walter, Shearer Dave OF, Walasko Willie RHP, White Benny 1B

Champion Red Sox :  Bouzyan Ferris(Shorty) OF/2B/MGR, Buchan Al, Buchan Don, Fath Robert, Groves Keith, Jensen Roger 1B, Matthews Matt P, Pasolli Livio, Pasolli Sev OF, Rhodes Leonard OF, Siler Bud P, Smith Mervyn P, Wolfe Bill

Claresholm Meteors :  Berg Wayne, Cyr Bill, Davidson Ron, Dodd Dutch, Ganske, Glenn Hubert RHP/OF (also Carmangay), Gordichuk Orie, Huddle Lefty 1B, Klysen Howie (also RCAF), Kujala Ed, London Cecil, Long, MacDonald Allie RHP, MacDonald Ward C, Olson Glen, Parker Bob, Parker W, Powers Jim, Robinson, Whitehead Boyd

Claresholm RCAF :  Acton Stan, Carter Don, Klysen Howie (also Claresholm), Langley, McCready Moose, Miller

Granum White Sox :  Brook Dave, Daley Wallace, Fennessey Bill OF, Ingarfield Earl 3B, Jankola Joe P, Jones Harold 2B/SS, Kelly John LHP, Kucheran Bill RHP, McLean Steve, McPherson Ron, Odney Steve OF, Stone Frank P, Tarnava Jocko C, Vejprava Gordon SS, Walkingshaw Darwin 1B, Wesley George MGR, Wesley Gord 2B, Zemrau Ed C

Lethbridge Cubs:  Bishop, Cattoni Jim, Colwill Les 2B/SS, Godlonton Arnold RHP, Gordy John, Hurst George, Klem Johnny OF/SS, Lindsay Bob, Stasiuk Vic 3B/1B, Sztaba Mitch 1B, VanBuskirk Bill, Vaselenak George, Vaselenak John OF, Vaselenak Mike 3B, Wilfley Jim, Wilson Mel, Wolfe, Yanosik Clarence OF, Yanosik George MGR

Nanton Palominos:  Berger Jake P, Dawson Keith, Dunham Randy, Ellenton Kay, Hawk Dick INF, Hawk Stan 3B, Johnson Herb, McKenzie John, McKenzie Wally, Scott Jack, Thrun Wally, Young Bill

Stavely:  Boazyan Glen, Farrar, Fredricks Danny P, Fredricks Ray, Hughes Glen, Hughes Rollie, Kazanstek, McDonald Jim, McInnes Fred, Perry Roy/Dal, Sagstuen Hans, Woodham Bob, Yorgason Doyle

Vulcan Elks : Altman Jack LHP, Banks Warren P, Clarkson Clayton OF, Dann Ben OF, Franks Wally INF, Gatenby Ken OF, Jantzie Don 1B, Jantzie Mike 2B, Kliewer Ken OF, Lattimore Roy SS, Mitchell Dave OF, Pasolli Sev OF (also Champion), Pruden Jim 3B, Scott Pete UT, Stephensen Bob, Weaver, Winn Skip C, Ybanez Joe P


Picture Butte Indians :  Bosnak Ivan/John P, Branch Howard, Falk Bob, Gillies Barry, Gillies Bob, Gillies Floyd 3B, Malmberg Ted P, Menzies George, Moriyama Harpo P, Phillips Angus, Porkka Ernie RHP, Richards Hy, Scarlett, Shearer Bob, Temple Glen, Uhryn Alex, Vavra Steve P, Watson Harry

Taber Merchants :  Anderson Del, Cousins Al , Crumley Mac P, Knibbs Lloyd P, McDonald Ken , McMurchie Ken/Bud P

Spring Coulee :  Bossetti Vince, Johnson Don RHP, Johnson Roy P, Nish, Dale P, Ripley Wayne, Rothe Frank, Samoya Joe

Magrath Eagles :  Anderson Alvin, Balderson Forest P, Bullock Doug, Hillmer Norm P, Matkin Jim 1B, Pashuk Walt P

Lethbridge Niseis :  Asato Tom P, Chaki Yosh P, Hirotsu Tak C, Kanashiro Dick 2B, Kanashori Nori SS, Kimoto Stumpo P, Kimoto Yoho, Kitaguchi Charlie C, Kitaguchi Jim, Minemoto Shaz, Ohno Jack P, Takenaka Tamo P, Tateishi Jim P, Yoshinaka George MGR

Raymond Rangers :  Hasegawa Henry, Ressler Jerry P, West Al, West Larry P


Beverly Drakes :  Boyko Harold BB, Dombrosky Leo, Dombrosky Wally, Johnson Bob, Kinnear Dick, Korpeliski, McCann Ken, Mucha Ed, Muzz Alex, Oliver Chuck, Sankoff Tom, Schwabb Frank, Weremy Ernie, Weremy Joe LHP, Yesky Max

Gleichen Mercurys :  Genrich Bog P, Plante E. P, Plante L. P

Vauxhall Verdants:  Blaney Ken, Cleland Roy LHP/MGR, Stevenson Bob, Wiggins Murray



Brandon Greys :  Ahtipis Dan RHP, Bowen Ron 1B (also Williston), Cleveland Bill OF (also Williston), Daugherty Ellis 1B, Daugherty Hal Doc 2B, Day Leon RHP/OF (also Carman), Geisler Kent RHP (also Williston), Gibbons Dirk RHP, Jimenez Felipe P (also Carman), Louden Lou C, MacFarlane Morley, MacKay Gerry OF, MacKay Rod, Mascaro Frank OF, McGill Bee, Moore Dee C, Myers Dick P, Owens Buddy OF, Parker Fred RHP (also Williston, Minot), Richardson Murray LHP (also Minot), Rose "Red" Ralph P, Sisler Ray C, Smith Ron (also Williston), Spaeter Bill OF/1B, Stewart Donald OF, White Bill OF, White Bob 1B, Wright Mort, Wylie Steve Ensloe RHP

Carman Cardinals : Albosta Ed RHP, Day Leon RHP/OF (also Brandon), Douglas Jesse 2B, Drake Sammy 3B, Garrett Benny, Jimenez Felipe P (also Brandon), Lockett Lester 2B/OF, Longest Bernell Chick, Lott Benjamin 2B, Mazur Ed LHP/OF, McCoy Walter RHP, McKerlie Almer, Miller Bob RHP/OF, Murray John P, Pantel Gus, Phelps Win, Rhodes Harry Lefty LHP, Ridley Weldon, Robinson Norm OF, Swanton Jim, Thomas Walt C/P, Washington John 1B, Woods Sam Buddy RHP

Minot Mallards :  Bowles Roger BB, Bowman Duke Faber 3B, Bowman Ed 2B, Bowman Wally OF, Cain Marion Sugar RHP, Canada Ernie RHP/OF, Corcoran Don OF, Dietrich Ron BB, Giammarco Yogi OF, Greene Wilbur UT (also MJ Mallards), Juelke Connie OF, Lemme Cliff RHP, Lettau Neil LHP, Martin Warren RHP, Massaro Joe C, McLean Clifton Zoonie SS, Merrill Rollie RHP, Parker Fred RHP (also Brandon, Williston), Renfroe Othello UT, Richardson Murray LHP (also Brandon), Washburn Bill LHP

Williston Oilers : Afremow Buddy SS, Baxter Dick RHP, Betzen Don P, Blinn Ralph SS, Bowen Ron 1B (also Brandon), Campos Tony SS/2B, Chalfant John C, Cleveland Bill OF (also Brandon), Dark Bill, Gearhart Lloyd W OF, Geisler Kent RHP (also Brandon), Haddican Hal 2B, Lutz Rollin Joe 1B, Martin Ronnie OF, Michalec Vic LHP, Parker Fred RHP (also Brandon, Minot), Patton Danny P, Schoonover Dick RHP, Shepard Bert LHP/MGR, Smith Ron (also Brandon), Taylor Harry J RHP, Weatherly Roy OF, Williams C Edwin LHP, Williams Dewey C



Collingwood Athletics :  Black Stan, Brundage George P, Davies Al P, Eades Pete, Gaines, Elliott Kim P, Hallam Walt, Homenuke Carl P, Ledlin Ed, MacGillivray Alex MGR, Parsons Kerry P, Pennington Gary, Shamro Walter LHP, Sinclair Gary, Sparrow Ed C

Marpole North Stars  :  Bellamy Vince C, Coupland B., Day Wally P, Donaldson Snowy P, Freiheit Vic, Graham Lyle, Hlady Paul P, Johnson Bob, Lorenz, Simpson Bill MGR, Seitz C, Sykes C, Tough, Vaselenak Frank, Venables Bud P, Withers Bert P,

New Westminster Lucky Royals :  Anderson C, Bannerman Arnie C, Card Archie MGR, Chizewski Julian LHP, Dow Butch MGR, Gillespie Bill P, Hodgson C, Homen Ron, Mackey Howard P, Mortison Roy, Parker D., Rosborough P, Trotzuk Mike, Williams P, Ziola P

North Vancouver Leckies :  Barclay P, Beckett George C, Bogue Doc, Devlin P, Massey C, McEwan C, McManus C, Morrison C, Myles C, Nordby C, Rathebone, Vigor P, Whitford P, Woolstone George P, Younger

West Vancouver Beavers  :   Addison Cubby C, Alton Jack, Armstrong Ken, Byman Al P, Craig Harvey, Johnson Mike P,  Meeres Gordy P, Mills Jack MGR, Mitchell P, Morris P, Moses Jim P, Norman C, Osen Herb, Sikorski Bobo C, Stein Cece

Whalley Chiefs :  Adam Doug INF, Andrews Jimmy, Beckett Doug C, Buckle, Connell Jack P, Curby Ron P, Dagneau Stan RHP, Drummond Lorne P, Gingrich Bob RHP, Hallam Bob INF, Hammond Roy, Keil Elgin, Maxwell Merv, Robinson Harry, VanHatten Kenny MGR, Yanchuck Joe C

Haney Athletics :  Carr Nelson OF, Dahl 2B,  Fisk C/P, Hannan 3B, Harenbourne 1B, Katanan 3B, Kennedy OF, Nagle Baz P, Stinson Bob SS, Walker Larry OF, Wishlowe C


Maillardville :    Bakowy Mike LHP, Baldwin C, Bannerman, Bedard, Bowyer Ribbsey, Granger Roy MGR, LeSage Bill P, Marsh Gordie, Rollins Al 1B, Routley Ken, Stinson Bob C, Thomas Morris, U'ren Gordy RHP

Mission :   Johnson Walt C, Masse P, Matheson Glen P, Whyte Bill P

Port Moody :  Dagneau P, Davis Ike P, Dutkewich C, Miller P,


Abbotsford :  Buchanan Jack OF, Forsyth Bob P, Hiebert Terry OF, Ratzlaff Larry

Agassiz :  Dyer W. 1B, Edmundson Wayne SS, Tanner Chuck P, Whelpton Howard UT

Chehalis :  Lindblook Charlie 2B, Riggins Ed 3B, Salmon Cec 3B, Wolfe Art 1B

Chilliwack :  Coe Bill, Coverly Gordon, Elmgren Arvid, Fast Alex SS, Goodey Bud, Husband Bob, Kerley Doug, Matthews Les, McLellan Archie OF, Oliver Hank MGR, Owen Harper, Procyk Oerst, Sullivan Hardy, Thompson Marv, Usher Bud C

Cloverdale : 

Fort Langley :  Bartelmey Bart, Graham Doug, Houston Jack P, Yardy Ernie

Harrison Mills : 

Langley :  Grant Claude MGR

Sea Island RCAF: 


Boilermakers :  Cliffe P, Delaire P, Gurniak Ernie P, Gunnlaugson C, Hallam, Paialunga P, Thrower Ernie P, Topely, Vickers P/C, Wilson

CYO :   Bull Art P, Brewer Bob P, Franklin, Fraser P, Fredricks Bill, Keeley George C, Levy Lyall/Lyle, Miki Alf P, Mulhern C, Murphy Cal, Paris Armand C, Russell Jim P, Shultz, Smith

Longshoremen :  Bacon P, Craig Nick P, Hemmerling Ron, Marsh, Marshall Ray, Mouldon C, Rondpre C, Simmons P, Stellick, Younie P,

Nisei :  Franks Merv P, Litzen P, Montgomery Ron P, Miyagashima, Nishi Tom, Nogano P, Oikawa George C, Okano Danny C, Shishido P, Tahara Seichi, Uyesugi,

Western Bridge :  Beckett Doug C, Brandolini Leon, Digby Ken P, Fox, Gurniak, Graff P, Hatch Jack, Hilworth Ray, Kozak Frank, Taggart, Taylor, Venturato Chick P, Yanchuck Joe, Zailo Gary P


Bellingham Bells :  Anderson Herb 1B, Brady C, Drake C, Geiger Monty P, Reimer P

Blaine Air Force Ramblers :   Bethke C, Dolbeare Bob P, Jumisco P, Robinson

Blaine Boosters/Ramblers :  Bauer, Bishop Gale MGR/P, Clark C, Gates C, Gerruel P, McEwan P, Noyes Bob P, Nunnamaker, Reames Bill P, Sparks Terry, Stock P, Van Sindern Sid P, Vincent P,

Burnaby Athletics :  Booth Al P, Davies John, Hallgren Jerry, Henry Ed MGR, Jaccard Art 2B, Kelly Jim, Kinder Bill, Lapthorne Grant P, Mitchell Ken, Pauker Angie, Ricketts Jerry INF, Ruck John P, Scapetone Bill, Spees Ivan C, Spees Ken P, Swalwell Ken OF, Wakabayashi Roy P, Walter Ted OF

Deming :    Cerenich P, Conover Dick P, Zender Bernie, Zender Dick C/MGR, Non P

Oak Harbor :  Edmundson P, Hanton P, Hartwick C, Heller P, Kammungi P, Lange C, Mathews P, Pearson P



Farmer Construction : Anderson Bernie OF/C, Ash Ed MGR, Ash Pete, Beck Paul RHP, Boyd Charlie 1B, Cornett Lyle, Donahue Don LHP, Forbes Norm P, Garner Bill LHP, Harford Rocky C, Hodges Lowell LHP, Karadimas Ron, Martin Ronnie, Mitchell Stu, Shields Jack C, Stewart Doug

Parksville Loggers : Aiken Ron P, Atkin J. P, Caljouw Pete C/P, Cameron Jack, Charlesworth Jack LHP, Gray Ron SS, Haslam Phil C, Messmer Jack P, Mosdell Jack P, Nagle Baz P, Osada Ed P, Prior Bob P, Reimer Bob P, Rodger Lyell P, Wilgress George P, Yeo Walt MGR

Victoria other

Victoria Skylark Café :   Binks A. OF, Brice P, Curran Norm OF, Heath A. C, Hichcocks B. 1B, Hodge M. 2B, McKenzie P, McLean R. SS, Mosell D. P, Pike A. 3B, Pollin D. C, Simpson P. OF, Snead H. OF, Wakelyn D. P

Victoria Central Cartage : Corbett Ed P, Gray SS, Halgerson OF, Higgs Ken OF, Kubicek Alf 3B/C, Norbury 2B, Palmgren OF, Patterson C/3B, Perry 1B, Stout P/OF, Todd 3B/P


Alberni Athletics : Andrews C/OF, Crowder Alf C/P, Grisdale Des LHP, Kimmel RussOF, Miles Doug 1B, Nesbitt Mel P, Patterson P/SS/C, Phillips Pat C, Speidel Elmer 3B/MGR, Spencer OF, Stolthe Duke OF, Sweeney P, Tattoosh OF, Williamson David 2B

Chemainus Red Sox : Brinham Doug OF, Brooks Don 2B, Brooks Jerry 1B, Copp Joe P/2B/OF, English Doug P, Gibbons Ronnie SS, Goldie Allan P, Jackson Zip C, Jansch Bob OF/2B, Kelly Neil C, Naylor Red, Patterson Earl 3B, Thompson Ken OF, Webb Doug P, Webster Jimmy MGR, Williams Doug, Williams Ken P/OF, Wolfe Cub P

Duncan Athletics : Armand Jack SS, Biskupovitch Bob  P,  Branting Ralph C, Cessford Ken P/OF, Cornett Lyall P, Folk Tony P/OF/MGR, Furneaux Barry P, Hughes Don OF, Janzen/Jenson Norm 1B, Jenson/Jansen Jerry 3B.SS/OF, Lavasser Jerry/Terry OF/3B/2B, Leroy Phil OF, Miskiman E. SS/2B, Monti OF, Panzer Ollie OF, Peterson Jim OF, Rodger Eric P/OF, Rodger Lee OF, Rodger Lyell P/1B, Thomas W.(Bill) 2B, Thorne Ralph 3B, Thorne Wally, Willets Bob OF,  Willets Mike OF, Williams Ken P, Williams Pete OF

Nanaimo Sport Centre : Adrian Earle , Bdinka P, Biggs Mel P/Coach, Bortolotto Vic 1B, Bracewell Bill OF, Dunn Red MGR, Easterbrook Bill P, Filtrin OF, Fraser Jim, Gilchrist C, Hemstead P, Hindmarch Bob C/SS, Homychuk, Klymchuk Gene OF, Martin Marty OF, Naylor Red C/OF, Negrin Mario, Norton, Patterson Ernie(Rush) C/OF, Robinson Earle P/SS, Senini Ed 3B, Shephard Pat P/2B/OF, Smith Don P/2B/SS, Sutherland Bill P, Walsh 1B/2B, Webb Bert P

Port Alberni Super-Valu Cubs :   Andruff, Boire OF, Carter P, Cartier OF, Conn P, Fjalkand, Folka, Gannie 1B/OF, Helm 3B/P, Horth OF, Lloyd C, McShane SS/2B, McKaskill, Miskiman Ed P, Monkman 2B/SS, Moran 2B/OF, Ninkovic OF, Olsen P, Pederson Iver , Pennington, Peterson P, Pighin P, Pulason, Richardson OF,Shick P, Spall C, Sutherland 1B/P, Tuttle C, Watt OF, Wilson 3B/SS


Campbell River Cougars :   Cameron Ron, Conti Ty C, Enns Hank P, Ferguson Vern, Fiscus Bud LHP, Garrett Jimmy, Kanik Joe OF, Korsa Joe P, Lund Ron P, Marshall Don(Smoothie), McDonald C, Motion Russ, Palek Bill, Pratt Ron P, Ross Alex P, Spiers Leroy, Thulin Bob, Thulin Harry

Comox R.C.A.F. : Bezanson Benny, Cass Jim P, Currie Garnie, Dickerson, Forester, Gribbling, Hadada, Kolybaba Bill P, L'Osieau Joe 3B, Marshall, McDonald, McHardy Ian, Summon OF, Wiotte, Young Bobby, Zaleschuck Jerry P

Comox Valley Tigers : Blinston, Bosomworth Ennis, Bryan, Harrison, Hawkins John, Marshall Ray, Montgomery Gerry, Montgomery Skip, Moore Roy, Pearse Ben, Pratt G.(Pro), Schilling Jergen P, Smith Adrian, Smith Jack/Jake, Urquhart Alex, Vesterback Gus, Webber Dunc

Courtenay Legion : Chalmers Junior SS, Clifford Fred LHP, Downey Dick, Downey Ray, Gordon Doc, McIvor Bob(Shorty) LHP, McKenzie Lyle, Moore W.(Bill) 3B, Orr Freddie 3B, Schmidt P, Stevenson, Vaton Johnny, Wilson Ricky, Woods Earl, Younger Jackie

Powell River Rodmays :   Biasutti R., Cass Jim, Cathcart Ernie 2B, Ciprick Bill, Cochlan Bob MGR, Courtnay George P, Fleming, Getz George P, Hildebrand Danny, Hildebrand J., Johnson, Kolybaba Bill , Martin Howie P, Martino Bill, McCormick J. 2B, McDermott/McDermid Willy C, O'Connell, Somerville Artie P, Telosky Andy, Teterenko

Union Bay Braves :   Aitken, Beever, Bennie D. , Bennie J., Bennie W., Geary Bob, Gillis Wayne C, Hayton, Kennedy Don, Levers, McKay S., Milburn, Moncrief C , Murdoch Jack(Pickles) P, Pearse B., Pratt Ron, Renwick Jack, Richardson Ricky 2B/P, Shillito B., Shillito Ed


Kamloops Okonots :  Andreas Neil P, Beecroft Gordie OF, Brkich Johnny P/OF/MGR, Buchanan Buck 1B, Evenson Ron 2B/3B, Fowles Jack 1B/OF, Fowles Len SS, Gatin Len P , Lennox Bill 2B, Ling Chick C/OF/SS, MacDonald Billy 2B, MacKinnon Bob P, Nichol Ken OF, Paetch Bob P, Rota Frank OF, Saklofsky Bob OF, Slater Don C

Kelowna Orioles :  Amundrud Ken SS, Ball Gary P, Bregolisse OF, Brummet Tony C, Campbell Bob OF/P, Connors Joe SS, Favell Cec OF, Graff Russell 1B, Hickson Don P, Ingram John P, Johansen C. P, Kaiser Joe 3B/SS, Kielbiski Eddie P/C, Kitsch Rudy MGR/OF, Koga Mits 2B, Koga Morio, Lesmeister Wally OF, Lingor Johnny OF, Martino Mickey OF (also Oliver), Reisnick Bob, Roche Brian C/OF/3B, Smeeth Barry P, Tostenson Hank OF, Wishlove Johnny P/OF

Oliver O.B.C.s :  Bastain/Bastair OF, Bay Elmer 3B (also Princeton), Bay Loren 3B/SS.2B (also Princeton), Carter OF, Clifton Wendell P/2B/3B (also Penticton), Cousins Hal P, Coy Don OF, Crucetti 2B/OF, Eisenhut Paul SS, Fritz Frank 2B/OF, Leask C, Martino Bill P, Martino Mickey OF/2B/3B/P, McNiven OF, Radies Bob P/C, Sibson Bill SS/C/P, Schnider Richie(Spider) P/3B/OF/MGR, Thomas Chuck LHP, Vanderburgh John 1B, Weeks OF

Penticton Athletics :  Apolzer Johnny P, Ashley Barry OF, Barber Jerry OF, Bowsfield Ted LHP, Burgart Lloyd SS, Church Mike P, Drossos George 3B/OF, Drossos Sam C/3B, Edwards Les MGR, Getz Richard(Dick) P, Jones Gord 2B, Jordan Larry P, Moore Doug 1B, Mori Elmer OF, Nicholson Bill 2B, Posnikoff Joe 3B, Powell Aubrey C, Preen Charlie OF, Raptis Bill 1B/OF (playoffs only)

Princeton Royals :  Anderson OF, Aune W. 2B/3B, Barber G. P, Bay Elmer 2B (also Oliver) , Bay Loren C (also Oliver), Beale Jack P/OF, Ciccone P. OF, Currie G. P, Gerein P, Hay Albert P, Markin Jack SS, Markin P. 1B, Olsen 2B, Richardson C, Sidoni A. 3B/OF, Whitehouse P

Summerland Macs :  Aiken Chuck 2B/OF/1B, Barton Vern OF, Cousins Hal P, Cristante Don OF/P, Cristante F. P, Egley Ollie C/OF, Eyre Bill P/OF/SS, Furuya Barney P, Gould Frances P/1B, Hooker Al SS/P, Kato Fred 2B, Kuroda Frank, Seigrist Merv 1B/P, Taylor George OF, Weeks OF, Weitzel Bob C, Weitzel Daryl 3B

Vernon Canadians :  Adams Ron/Ray 3B, Black Al OF, Dye George LHP/2B/OF, Dye Vern 1B/2B/P, Hayashi Kuts P/2B, Inglis Billy OF, Jackson Ike P, Janicki W. OF, Jellison John(Curly) MGR, Jellison Jerry, Keckalo C, Kornitsky Joe C, Pawluk Ray OF, Petruk Bill MGR, Schaeffer Hap SS, Schaeffer Les OF/P/1B, Spelay Bill P, Spelay Tony OF/SS, Sproule Clare P, Stecyk Tom 2B, Walters OF


Head of the Lake Bluebirds :  Bessette S. OF, Brewer 3B, Cameron Jim OF/C, Godferson C. P, Gott C. 3B, Gott I. 1B, Gregory L. OF, Gregory A. OF, Johnson SS, Jones OF/C, Louis H. P/2B, Marchand J. OF/3B, Marchand SS/2B/P, Robbins R. 1B/SS/P, Simla OF, Smith OF, Wilson P

Kamloops Jay-Rays :  Andreas Neil P, Boyd 3B, Collier Allan 3B, Duck Pete OF, Engelsby Ralph C, Garay Lou OF, Hansen Ted OF, Hirowatari Muso/Ben C, Kusomoto Gordon OF, Lennox Bill 2B, Marshall Jim RHP, Morelli Rudy SS, Olson Jack SS, Perry Clay OF, Pratico Vince OF, Pratt Jim OF, Pratt Ken 1B, Prehara George C, Prehara Paul LHP, Shannon Glen OF, Sugden Tommy 1B/3B, Varanai Steve P, Witt Wally OF

Kelowna Chiefs :  Bregolisse 3B, Coulas John C, Gauley OF, Ito Hiromi SS/P, Morris 1B, Risso J. OF, Rosses John , Schaeffer 2B/P, Wickenheiser Richard, Wickenheiser Ron P.OF, Wickenheiser Vic P

North Kamloops Mohawks :  Aura Sam P/OF, Hori OF, Ide Keo 1B, Kato Stan P/C, Kochi Ken 3B, Miyahara Tom P/OF, Mori Henry 1B/OF, Motokado Joe SS, Motokado Sam 2B, Takenaka Tosh OF, Yamada S. OF/2B, Yamake Joe OF/C

Revelstoke Spikes :  Beech Ron 3B/OF, Chisholm C, Harding Phil OF/C, Kelly OF, King Jim 3B/OF, Kinos OF, McDonald 1B, Mucha Al SS, Olynyk P, Pratico Lefty P/1B, Segur Don 2B/C, Tasko Jim P, Tasko John OF, Tooley Jim OF

Rutland Adanacs :  Carson Morris 3B/OF, Duggan Lloyd 3B/P, Gallagher Eddie P/OF, Graf Joe 1B, Holitzki Paul C, Morris Bob 1B, Senger Eddie SS, Senger Tony OF, Spencer Ted OF, Sproule Clare OF/3B/P, Stranaghan Bill 2B, Stewart Vic OF, Stuart Jim OF, Tamagi OF, Wickenheiser Len OF

Vernon Silver Stars :  Cover Mike OF, Hayashi P, Gatzke Arnold OF, Graff Russell 1B (also Kelowa Orioles), Hayashi Kuts P, Hernczel OF, Jellison Jerry 3B/SS/OF, Kashuba Alec C/OF, Kineshanko OF, Kornitskiy Joe 2B/C/P, Marshall Ken 2B/3B, Mashuba C, Miyoshi Tom P, Munk Eddie OF, Munk Dick 1B, Ogasawara Norm SS/3B, Penney OF, Sparrow Jerry 2B, Yarama Johnny OF/P


Fruitvale All-Stars :  Bilesky Andy C/P, Bilesky Jim, Bilesky Julie 1B, Bilesky Vic 3B, Bridge John P, Broman Pete CF, Crantz Donny, Crantz Gordon,   Duncan Jack P, Frie Pat, Gallagher Charlie, Gryschuk Stets 2B, Johnson Bill, Mailey Leo OF, McIntyre Hugh(Pinoke) OF, McKinnon A. OF, Penner Gerry SS, Seaman Bob P, Seaman B. OF, Seaman Vern(Snook) OF, Shorting Don(Cookie) OF/C

Nelson Maple Leafs :  Blair Bob P, Christensen Charlie, Clarkson Bernie 3B, Cone 2B, Dawson Al RHP, Deeths, Driver Roy P, Gare Ernie, Haldane Bill , Harmston Keith, Holmes Don, Hufty Frank CF, Hufty Les P/1B, Hyssop Lee, Jamieson Dunc, Kennedy Dunc 3B, Koehle Bob, Larsen Al(Swede) C, Lovett Herb SS, Masi Rene, McKinnon Don LHP, McNabb Bob, McNeal, Moody, Postnikoff Joe, Severyn Marshall RHP, Todd Jimmy OF, White Ken OF

Rossland Capilanos :  Alexander Dick P, Bertoia Bert OF, Bourchier Pete C/SS, Davidson Bob OF, Davis W., Frie Pat 1B/C/OF, Harrison G.(Red) OF, Kosiancic Gene, LaFace Babe SS/CF, Latch Al P, Lavorato Irvin LHP/OF, Martin Seth P/3B, McAuley R., McLellan Lloyd 2B, Milne C. C, Price Stu 2B, Reid Alex C, Shute Wayne OF, Starcevic Johnny P, Turyk Max OF, Yewther 2B

Trail Smoke Eaters :  Anselmo Mush UT, Berno Allen OF, Bilesky Julie 2B, Corrado Lui 2B, Cronie Albert 3B, DeRosa Louis P, DeRosa Tony P, DiPasquale Don OF, Ferguson Fergy P, Ford Calvin, Geronazzo Danny, Hackett Sonny, Hamilton Ray 1B, Handley Harvey C/OF, Jablonsky Bill SS, Jankola Joey P, MacDonald Jimmy OF, McIntyre Busher OF/P, Mohoruk Dick P, Nichol Ken OF, Palmer Howie OF, Russell Wally C, Soligo Leo OF, Weilep Bob P, Zanier Reno OF


Clear Lake Yankees :  Blake Al P, Bruns, Conrad P, Doyle Don MGR/C, Ensor, Gallagher OF, Glazier Hugh P, O'Connell 1B, Pulliam P, Scott

Prince George Athletics :  Astoria Harry MGR, Backman Ron, Berdusco Johnny SS, Briggs, Chapman, Cruickshank Gordon C, Foot, Jensen Larry OF, Larsen Ken RHP, McDowell Barry 2B, McEachnie Reg P, Mortimer OF, Ross, Sauer Ronny P, Stettner C, Young Don P

Prince George Merchants :  Campbell, Dickson D., Gabriele, Gerain Ed C, Hasborn, Hevarin C, Holley Al, Hughes Rocky, Ivanco P, Ludwig, Makarenko P, McLeod, McQuarrie Jim, Ollinger Fernie Jr., Ollinger Fernie Sr. 1B/MGR, Olson, Paschal Ray, Range Murray P, Spicer C, Toews, Weatherall C

Quesnel Clippers :  Caine Don, Claney P, Dion Clancy P, Festerling Oscar P/C, Follack Irv, Gale Don OF, Glassford Gerry, Koppa Johnny p, Koyama Kadi C/OF, Melnichuk/Malanchuk Steve P, Mundie Jack MGR, Oliver George OF/P, Polichuk Johnny, Rae Allan, Stevenson Frank 1B, Swaine George C, Tuttle Gary

Quesnel Lumbermen :  Bare Hugh OF, Blair Allan/Roy P, Comish Lloyd P, Fraser Jack MGR, Gronskei Norm OF, Harris Al OF, Johnson Albert P, Keen Billy OF, Munk Otto SS, Noble Bill C, Piskorik Steve OF, Price Bill UT, Punt Bill INF, Slack Gene P, Trites Ronnie INF, Watson Albert INF

Willow River Red Sox :  Anderson Alex, Bencher OF, Brommeland M., Brommeland R. OF, Bruder Frank, Chartrand Ernie P, Church Mike P, Church Ted, Coulling, Delano Sid LHP, Kuchurian Andy C, Makachuk P, McDermott/McDermid Willie, McIvor, Poulin, Stafford


Edgewood :  Adshead K., Clarke G., DeCock C., DeGans D., Klein/Klien Hugo, Old Harold, Old Johnny P, Stykel D., Vennard K., White Z.

Kaslo :  Bodenchuk A., Bowker Clarke, Carpenter Ted, Cunningham D., Gilchrist G. 2B, Green S., Kitigawa B., Lind Gilbert, McHardy L., McPherson, Moody Murdith, Norberg Ray P, Norberg Sonny, Prought C., Shimoto M., Shunter Dave C, Turner Lefty

Nakusp :  Aalten Bud, Desrochers Ed, Desrochers Fred, Hale Robert, Hempseed Brian, Highland Wayne, James Jackie 3B, Johnson Fred, Kiyono Shig 3B, Patterson Buster, Richardson B., Roberts Dick, Short Al, Yanagisawa Otto C, Yano Albert, Yoshida Barin

New Denver-Silverton :  Avison Andy 1B, Bryan Tom P, Crellin Dave SS, Gordon Ken RHP, Groenhousen Dutch 3B, Guernsey Bill P, Harding Pat, Hayashi Kenji OF, Hayashi Nobby C, Ida Tom OF, Kurbis Art OF, Kynock Ray LHP, Leask Bud OF, Morrison Barry 2B, Morrison Wayne OF, Pearson Tommy P, Stringer Walt MGR, Suryama W., Wilson Keith OF, Woolett George SS, Yoshida Max/Maz OF


Eureka, Montana :  Adams Dick P, Mason

Fernie Falcons :  Ashmore Wilfred LHP, Caravetta Pat, Cole Bill P, Hawrelak Dick, Komarevich Bill P, Marsco Vic, Pearch, Pierce Frankie

Kalispell Chiefs :  Overby R. OF

Libby, Montana :  Gehring P, O'Leary Pat P

Natal-Michel Red Sox :  DePaoli Dino, Fabbro Tylio, Joyce R., Krall Whalley P, Quarin Red, Sadlish Lefty, Salahub Cliff, Scott Lefty LHP, Whitaker

Whitefish, Montana : 


Kimberley Dynamos :  Bell Claude CF, Bodin Eric P, Boisvert Pete P, Brummet Tony, Lilley Les, Matthews Red, McCarthy Chuck, MacDonald Jim, Mellor Buzz, Mellor Red, Port Andy, Robb Ted, Smith Elgin P, Tench Gordon P, Wynn Rusty

Spokane Boutens :  Aspass Ralph, Bourbeau Bob, Bouten Buck, Chalick George, Cossette Terry LHP, Edder Jim, Fallon Eddie CF, Frazier Bill, Marshall Frank, Palm Gordon P, Parrot Don P, Sallon Dick

Spokane Builders :  Blommqusit Kurt P, Kuehl Bob, Swan Bud P, Viro Frank

Spokane Conley :  Farrington Dale P, Jones Dick P, Levi McCormack, Terhaar Jerry LHP

Spokane Hillyards :  Dunlevy Harry, Keady Bob, Lightfoot Dick CF, Miller Dick P, Riggins Don, Ward Dennis, Williams Gene LHP

Spokane Geiger Field :  Causley Alex, Gabourel Dick, Kopf Bill P, Morris Bob


Brantford Red Sox :  Breard Stan, Brown Barney LHP, Clifford Luther, Fields Wilmer P/OF, Fisher Harry RHP, Gavey Alf LHP, Goldsholl Bob P, Legacy Glen P, Manning Max RHP, MacDonald Bill RHP, Roach Gord P, Wilkes Jimmy OF

Galt Terriers :  Colvin Jack OF, Neil Colvin, Drapcho Ed LHP, Duncan Mel P, Hanrahan Bill P, Jessup Gentry(Jeep) P, O'Connor Art C, Pontarelli Mike, Steele Ed OF, Thomas Fred OF, Upper Wray 3B

Guelph-Waterloo Royals :   Ariss Gord RHP, Butler Ray P, Clarke John P, Drapcho Ed LHP, Fischer Bobby, Flick Billy, Gerringer Al P, Herchenratter Auggie, Miskimmons Irish, Noback Glen, Oberholtzer Don, Schnurr Bobby P, Sokol Ed MGR, Turner Jim C

Kitchener Panthers :  Bossenberry Earl 1B, Curran Dick, Gallinger Don MGR, Hisner Jim P, Kvasnak Alex OF/MGR, Ler Irv SS, Maldovan Johnny RHP, Weese Keith P, Wolf Charley 1B/OF/RHP

London Majors :  Allen Bill LHP, Bechard Joe OF, Best Bill P, Brake Bob P, Colman Frank LHP/OF/MGR, Evon Russ OF/1B/SS, Halkard Bob, Kaiser Vern OF, McMackon Gord, O'Connor Ted 3B/OF, Simpson Bob P, Slack Stan P

St.Thomas Elgins :  Ambrose Johnny RHP/1B, Breard Roger, Butler Don C/OF, Caffery Jack LHP, Casanova Bruno, Casanova Willie OF, Church Cam, Drapcho Eddie, Glenn Stanley(Doc) C, Grasso Joe P, Harris Wilmer P, Hartsell Jack P, Lawing Butch, Mason Herm/Herb SS, Morrison Ted, Pronger Ron, St. Louis Jim, Urban Ray 3B, White Barry (Batboy), White Tommy LHP/1B/MGR


Brants : 

Industrial Lumber : 

Mahers : 

Westerns : 


Belleville : 

Dependables : 


Oakville : 

Oshawa : 

Peterborough : 


Chamberlain Chiefs :  Beckhaus Jim P (Illinois), Chezik John P, Eilbracht Ike C/MGR, Gunn Dick SS (Illinois), Kessinger Ken OF, Koestner Elmer P (Illinois), Lukasewski Don 2B (Illinois), Mitchell Bob 1B, Murray Jerry P, Petreshene Vic OF (Illinois), Shoptaw Bob OF (Illinois), Slusarek Bob OF, Vance Pete OF, Walz Bob P, Weatherton Carl 2B, Williams Bob 1B (Illinois)

Huron Elks :  Anderson Dick OF, Bales Jerry OF, Brewer Dick SS (Duke), Brittin Jack RHP (Illinois), Carline Don C (Denver), Czaplewski Dick OF, Ertman Hank MGR C/1B, Hoeft Fred P (Luther), King Hugh P, Kulig Al P (Winona St), McKee Vern OF, Murphy Harold(Hack) 2B, Reimers Ernie Coach, Severino Dan P, Shefte Doc INF, Swota Andy LHP (Winona St), Tarr Jack P/UT (Duke), Thiel Johnny 3B (Carthage), Weber Mo MRG (Winona St),

Mitchell Kernels :  Barnhart Lowell OF, Bercich Jack 2B (Purdue), Blind Denny RHP (Purdue), Dunker Don P , Enrietto Johnny/George 3B (Purdue), Herring Art OF/P (Indiana), Leap Al SS/2B, Lindsey Ed OF/1B/LHP (Iowa), McClellan Earl, Miller Don 1B (Iowa), Porter Dick OF (Colorado St.), Sabalaskey John OF/LHP, Sage George OF (Colorado St.), Waldron Don SS (Iowa), Wellman Guy C/MGR

Pierre Cowboys :  Anderson Roger 1B (Minnesota), Aros Eddie OF (Arizona), Gragg Russ OF (Arizona), Greenhagen Duane C, Larson Bruce C (E.Arizona), Lee Don P (Arizona), Masters Dave LHP, McGee Jim P (Indiana), Meyers Dick 3B, Stiles Ronald(Gus) OF (Arizona), Taylor Ed SS, Ultes Ron OF, Walseth Sox SS/MGR, Welch Jerry 2B (S.Dakota St.), Wisniewski Marv LHP (Michigan), Younger Jim(Bud) MGR/RHP (Arizona St)

Valentine Hearts :  Baer Jack C/MGR (Oklahoma), Brashear Bill 3B (Oklahoma), Burr Bob 3B (Oklahoma), Dodds Bob/Bill OF (Tennessee), Gregory Robert 1B/C (Oklahoma), Hofmaier Fran LHP (Nebraska), Holt Delbert P/OF (Oklahoma), Hopkins Bob 2B, Kiddy Allen SS (Oklahoma), Kreuch Steve BB, Minton Frank LHP (Oklahoma), Minton Fred OF (Oklahoma), Mobra Joe P (Oklahoma), Ridenour Bob LHP (Nebraska), Risinger Tony RHP (Oklahoma), Snyder Joe 2B (Oklahoma), Stiller Don OF (Oklahoma)

Watertown Lake Sox :  Bryja Walt P, Carter Andy P, Colombatto Pete UT, Cronin Bill (Brown), Dyke Paul OF, Ehlers Art P, Haddican Hal 2B, Hoffman Fred LHP (Westchester Teachers), Horning Bill SS/2B (Minnesota), McGhee Tom OF/3B, Morrison Bill OF (Wash&Jeff), Nelson Chuck MGR/1B, Quinn Bill/Robert OF, Ricketts Dick (Duquesne), Smith GeneB. C/MGR (Miami U), Vickers Ed C/OF (Penn), Williams Robert 1B (Michigan St)

Winner Pheasants :  Burkley Dick SS (Ohio St.), Distefano Paul C/MGR, Ehlers Don P, Ellis Chuck 3B (Ohio St.), Groat Clarence(Soddy) OF, Hill Wendell P, Kelley Don 1B (Ohio St.), Koke Gene OF, Livingston Mickey C/MGR, MacManus Red OF, McMasters Dave LHP (Ohio St.), Moore Art(Homer) OF, Pausig Ralph P (USC), Shipley Allen OF (Houston), Vickers Billy 2B (Houston)

Yankton Terrys :  Branson Bill OF (Nebraska), Cline Dan OF, Hertz Carl P , Hobaugh Ed P, Lajoie Bill OF (Western Michigan), Lee Bruce 1B, Marges Joe C/MGR, Mathews Chuck 1B (Michigan St.), Miller Cliff OF, Puga Luis P, Reyes Lenardo, Schreiber Bernie SS/2B (Mississippi), Stewart Norm P, Susce Paul P (Auburn), Thomas Pepper SS (Mississippi), White Richard P (Mississippi), Wise Harry RHP/MGR (Colorado St),


Albert Lea Packers :  Ankoviak Bill 1B/MGR, Dudding Jack PH, Ferullo Carmen RHP, Franks Dean RHP, Gregory Gus SS, House Sam OF, Jok Dick OF, Marquardt Del C, Matarazzo Leonard RHP, McCabe Bob 2B, New George LHP, Poliak John OF, Roberts Perry OF, Sichko Mike OF, Sivinski John 3B, Wilkins Dewey LHP

Austin Packers :  Anderson Dick OF, Bartholomew Bob OF, Campeau Bill C, DeRose Carl RHP, Gleason George C, Langston Sid OF, Lawler Jim RHP, Lindgren Red 1B, Mahoney Bob RHP, Martin Olin 3B/OF, Miller Don 3B/SS, Morgan Herb 1B, Raso Joe 2B, Rosenbaum Ray LHP, Schoonmaker Jerry OF, Sebastian John SS, Sexson Joe OF, Sites Ernie OF, Skemp Bill OF

Faribault Lakers :    Bower Bill C/OF, Brawner Ralph P/OF, Deem Pete C, Elkind Dick UT, Forline Mike RHP, Gasper Pete OF, Griffith Charlie P, Hogan Don 3B, Kaess Dick SS, Ludwig Bob OF/2B, McCarthy Jerry 1B, Musgrave Bob OF, Nascak Emil SS, Pancoe Joe OF, Parker Roy OF, Peterson Bob P/MGR, Rivich Joe 3B, Saul Pep RHP, Souter George OF, Thompson Adrian 2B/MGR, Vike Don RHP, Yankoli Rudy RHP

Mankato Merchants :  Albrecht Ed RHP, Baker Willard 3B, Dolan Shanty MGR, Elbert Bill P, Folkes Fred 2B, Fucci Vic OF, Loomis Dick C, Miller Frank 1B, Moore Tom LHP, Morgan Dick OF, Petschow Don OF, Pfasterer Ken OF/3B, Rhodes Herman(Dusty) SS, Rose Bill P, Santulli Ed RHP, Seguso Art OF, Smullen Dick LHP

Owatonna Aces :  Balance Bob OF/MGR, Foog Bill RHP, Grass Paul OF, Haines Jack RHP, Hare Jim LHP, Kurtz Kent SS, LaVelle Jack OF, Lopez Monte RHP, Magula Steve OF/3B, Marchese Joe RHP, Maupin Bill OF, Minnis Virl 2B, Olshefski Dick LHP, Reed Wally 2B, Rizzo Phil SS/2B, Scanlon Paul C, Thomas Gene OF, Tosheff Bill RHP, Verespy George 3B, Werner John OF, Weygandt Al 1B

Rochester Royals :  Barnacle Bill MGR/3B, Berdella John SS, Bostock Lyman 1B, Bowen Ron 1B, Campeau Bill C, Clark Otey MGR, Dahlberg Clint OF, Freund Johnny OF, Giammarco Yogi OF, Greenstein Burt 3B, Hancock Fred 2B, Hormann Gabby OF/C, Idzkowski Dick P, King Clarence OF, King Hugh RHP, Lockett Lester OF, Marchese Joe RHP, Matthewson Dale P, McKinnis Gread LHP, Meyer(s) Don 3B, O'Coine Marshall P, Orrell Joe RHP, Prieboy Andy P, Schlaffer Augie OF, Sebastian Marty 2B, Storey Harvey 3B, VanCuyk John LHP, Wheeler Don C

Waseca Braves :  Anderson Willie OF, Baud Andy OF, Chmiel Herb P, Conroy Bill LHP, Edmonds Vern RHP, Gendreau Ronnie 2B, Giebel Arnie OF/C, Kraupa Arleigh P, Matarazzo Leonard RHP, Mealey Hockey UT, Olive Gene 1B/MGR, Olshefski Dick LHP, Podoley Joe OF, Sturdivant Joe 3B, Younghans Hal SS

Winona Chiefs :  Brumm Jack P, Budde Al LHP, Carlson Ray SS, Davies Evan OF, George John C, Gheta George RHP, Gorman Chuck P, Haddican Hal OF, Harriman Earl 2B, Hormann Don(Gabby), Johannes Ivan P/OF, Leach Bill 3B, McGrath Jack RHP, Mikesell Maury SS, Moran Jim RHP/OF, Niro Joe C, Orphan Hugh RHP/MGR, Pacitto Fred P/OF, Radsavage Al 1B, Raney Bob RHP, Shargey Steve OF, Snyder Norm OF, Szymanski Ted LHP, Triplett Jack OF, Wieczorek Ralph(Butch) P, Wood Bob P


Bowsman, Manitoba : Adams Dave OF, Birchell Bob 2B, Brownlee Bill 1B, Clark Don, Coughlin Kelly OF, Hagermeister Jim P, Leonhard Smitty OF, Mullin Morley OF, Nunn Merlin P, Sharpe Stuartt OF, Smith Ralph 3B, Soura Leland 3B, Tall Ray OF

Colville, Washington :  Abernathy C, Billington Gil, Burgess Loy P, Burgess R. C, Davis Hal P, Dillon Bob, Fetter Ken P, Scherette Joe P

Creston :  Embree Dale LHP, Ostendorf Harry

House of David :  Alaborani OF, Carliner SS, Donovan P, Gatts 3B, Irvin OF, Kimbrall 1B, Ledwidge CF, Munroe 2B, Owens C

Nelson Outlaws :  Abrosimo Alex, Benwell George, Brown Ron, Cone Johnny, Donaldson Stan, Driver Roy RHP, Dupres Andy, Grill Stan LHP, Isackson Ed, Jones Richard, Kraft Denny, Marshall Tommy, McDonald Al, McLenaghan Neil, McNabb Jim, Misuraca Johnny P, Nash Ron, Storgaard Winston P, Wassick Rich, White Ken

Spokane Fairchild Flyers :  Fisher Bob C, Gagne Bob P, Griffin Stan 3B, Hack Dick 1B, Hayes Willie 2B, Hodgson Bob OF, Kelly Cliff P, Kibota Hank OF, Kuhn Gil CF, Toby P

Texas Jasper Steers :  Brown "Cut" 2B, Hicks Vernon CF, Jackson Alvin LHP, Johnson Johnny LHP, Jones John Henry C/OF/RHP/IF, Lacey Ray 3B, Nichols Charlie "Nick" SS/OF/mgr, Powdrill Vernet OF/C, Risenhoover Carmel "Candy" (played using the alias Keegan Randy) RHP, Robison O. B. LHP, Snoddy Tom 1B, Williams Roy C/3B/OF

Troy, Montana :  Blair Bob P, Bourbeau Bob, Hogland Bill, Joirman Ernie, Parker Bill P, Rundell Ton, Rust Rich