1966 Southern League Snapshots      

Logan action

Regina Red Sox catcher Andy Logan avoids being tagged out on pick-off attempt as the
base umpire watches the play develop. Photo supplied by Terri-Lynn Ruhr (daughter of
Lionel Ruhr). Player ID provided by Al Ash (long-time Regina Red Sox pitcher).

Melville Millionaires

Above - Melville Millionaires Murderers' Row - Dan Roach, Ira McKnight, Bev Hickie & Gord Nelson


Bench supportJim Booth

Above left - Moose Jaw Regals' catcher Larry Tollefson slams one of Regina Red Sox' pitcher Ken Simon's offerings over the left-field wall but foul by inches in the 1966 Southern League final series.

Above right - John Fisher & Ivan Gutfriend watching game action from the Moose Jaw Regals' dugout.

Left - Moose Jaw Regals' third baseman Jim Booth singles to drive in a run in a playoff game against the Regina Red Sox.


Mike DayneRuhr Coach


Above left - Playing-manager Mike Dayne of the Moose Jaw Regals celebrates following the Regals' triumph over the Regina Red Sox in the Southern League final series. Right - Regina Red Sox playing-manager Lionel Ruhr directing runners from the 3B coaching box.

Wayne LeBere

Buch slides

Left - left-hander Wayne LeBere was one of the most feared hurlers in the history of the Southern League. During his many years in the circuit with the Moose Jaw / Rowletta Lakers and then the Moose Jaw Mallards / Steelers / Regals / Devons, Wayne was named the loop's top pitcher in 1960, 1963, 1966 and 1967. He was also the MVP in 1966.

Above right - Jack Buch of the Regina Red Sox slides safely into 3B while Gord Nelson of the Melville Millionaires watches helplessly with no throw coming. 

Pick-off throw



Left - Moose Jaw Regals' first baseman Brian Keegan takes a pick-off throw from pitcher Wayne LeBere as Ron McKechney of the Swift Current Indians dives back safely.