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The Beginning of the ManDak League (see rosters of local players)

Minot Municipal Ballpark

1950 Season

1951 Season

1952 Season (includes the style of James. B Sullivan)

1953 Season

1954 Season

1955 Season

1956 Season

1957 Season

Looking Back

Looking Back includes discussion on:

1. Overall Performance   A summary.

2. Level of Competition   How did the Mallards measure up with Organized baseball?

3. ManDak League Final Season Standings

4. Zoonie McLean   Major League Talent?

5. Sugar Cain   How far would he have gone in Organized baseball?

6. Barry Swanton's All Time ManDak League All Star Team.

Fuzzy Memories

All Star Team

Biographies Index

Biographies 1 (Ahtipis - Corcoran)

Biographies 2 (Danielson - Kelly)

Biographies 3 (Kempf - Piercey)

Biographies 4 (Pinckard - Wylie)



Images 1   Player Cards

Images 1a Additional Player Cards

Images 2   Photographs

Images 3   Caricatures

Images 4   Team Photographs

Images 5   Small Portraits

Images 6   Miscellaneous

Images 7   Negro League Player Cards