1911 Game Reports Vancouver     

1911 Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley   
1911 BC Interior 
1911 Vancouver Island   

Vancouver Senior Amateur Baseball League

Christ Church, Clovers * , Mainlands, Mount Pleasant, Shingler’s Union, Wolten’s

* Clovers – 1911 Vancouver Senior Amateur League pennant-winners

(August 17)   Clovers practically cinched the Senior City League championship Thursday defeating second place Mainlands 6-3. Mainlands would have to win all its remaining three games just to tie the Clovers. Wilson allowed five hits in gaining the pitching decision over Corbiere.

Wilson (W) and Dale
Corbiere (L) and Crookall

Clovers          19 -  2
Mainlands        16 -  3
Mount Pleasant    7 - 13
Christ Church     6 - 16
Singlers          2 -  8
Woltens           0 - 10

The Clovers were defeated by an upstart team from Kamloops in a 1911 challenge series after which Kamloops proclaimed its hold on the amateur championship of British Columbia (notwithstanding its reliance on a professional pitcher to win the series).  Our Henry Ropertz has a full account of the controversy.

Vancouver Commercial Baseball League

Fruit Merchants (commonly referred to as the Lemons), Johnson Bros., Vancouver Province, Vancouver World

Vancouver Wholesalers Baseball League

Kelly-Douglas, Mac & Mac, Malkin’s, National Drug Company, Ramsay’s, Vancouver Milling & Grain Company