1923 Game Reports / Alberta     


Canadian Nationals
Red Sox


(May 19)  A bumper crop of fans showed up at Diamond Park to watch the Canadian Nationals slug out a 12 to 3 win over the Elks in the opening game of the Senior League season. Bowers struck out 15 and surrendered eight hits in going all the way on the hill for the win. Starter Norm Dodge of the Elks, derricked in the fourth frame, was tagged with the loss. Bowers helped his own cause immensely by banging out  pair of triples and a single.

Dodge (L), Gray (4) and Ferguson
Bowers (W) and Lewis

(May 22)  With a number of changes in their lineup, the Elks bunched their hits in two frames and came away with a 5 to 3 verdict over the Red Sox. Winning tosser Jack Starky held the heavy-hitting Red Stockings to six blows which were fairly-well scattered. A two-run single by pinch-hitter N. Gray in the sixth spasm drove in the winning and insurance counters for the Antlered Tribe. First baseman Cliff McLeod was credited with an inside-the-park four-bagger and a single for the victors. Shortpatcher Syd Hamilton drilled a triple and a one-bagger for the Sox.

Crozier (L) and Campbell
Starky (W) and Ferguson

(May 24)  The Elks doubled the Canadian National troupe of balltossers 6 to 3 in a hard-fought Victoria Day skirmish at Diamond Park. For seven innings winning slabster Norman Dodge and veteran Larry Diamond of the Railroaders waged a glorious mound battle before the Brother Bills took control of the game with a four-spot in the eighth episode. The Nats secured seven hits off Dodge who accumulated 12 strikeouts. Diamond yielded eight safeties and whiffed seven. Outfielder Thompson and Jack Starky belted home runs for the Horned Herd with Starky’s blast coming with two mates aboard. Roy Forman of the Trackmen belted a three-bagger to go along with a single.

Dodge (W) and Keating
Diamond (L) and Lewis

(May 29)  The Elks picked up another victory in Senior League action when they defeated the Red Sox 7 to 6 in a hard-fought but rather ragged exhibition. Jack Sharkey again pitched the Wapiti to the win, copping the mound decision from speed artist “Buzz” Geddes of the Sox. Both slabsters were nicked for ten hits. In addition to heaving the win, Starky slapped out a two-run circuit-clout in the first frame, giving the Elks a lead they never relinquished. First sacker Chuck Henderson of the Crimson Hose led all swatsmiths in the tussle, stroking a double and two singles. Starky had a one-base rap in addition to his homer. 

Starky (W) and Ferguson
Geddes (L) and Campbell, Roots

(May 31)  The defending champion Red Sox snapped back into form by administering a 13 to 4 whipping on the Canadian Nationals at Diamond Park. After spotting the Railroaders a 2 – 0 lead in the top-of-the-fourth frame, the Scarlet Stockings jumped all over losing tosser Larry Glickman for a total of eight runs in their next three turns at bat. 15 base blows were registered by the winners during the rout, three each by middle infielders “Cap” Spiesman and Syd Hamilton. Spiesman’s sum of swats included a triple and Hamilton’s a four-bagger. Winning pitcher Ken Crozier was nicked for seven safeties. Both hurlers had ten strikeouts. 

Glickman (L) and Lewis
Crozier (W) and Roots

(June 5)  In a scintillating Diamond Park tilt from start to finish, the Red Sox nosed out the Canadian National squad 6 to 5. Outhit by a 9 to 6 margin, the Sox grabbed the lead in the early part of the contest, fell behind during the middle innings and came on strong during the latter stages to pull off the victory. They got a lucky break in the bottom-of-the eighth episode when elongated catcher Lewis of the Nats dropped the ball at the dish, allowing Syd Henderson to successfully complete a theft of home with the deciding tally. Diminutive Larry Glickman went the full route on the knoll for the Railroaders and was the hard-luck loser. The Scarlet Stockings used three heavers with “Oats” Godfrey, the second of the trio, getting credit for the win. Flychaser McSwain of the Trackmen clubbed a triple and double to head the hit parade.

Glickman (L) and Lewis, McLellan
Nehring, Godfey (W) (7), Geddes (9) and Campbell

(June 6)  Although holding a significant 12 to 7 advantage in base hits, the Canadian Nationals failed to cluster their safe swats in bunches which, along with five glaring errors, led to their 10 to 3 demise at the hands of the Elks. The Antlered Brethren held the lead throughout the contest but put the game on ice in the eighth episode when starter Carl Dagsgard of the Nats blew up badly, walking four and yielding a four-spot. Winner Norman Dodge squirmed his way through to the end by effectively scattering the dozen base raps chalked up against him. Catcher Lewis of the Trackmen led all willow wielders, cuffing four singles. 

Dagsgard (L), Glickman (7) and Lewis
Dodge (W) and Grady

(June 9)  The Red Sox elevated themselves into the leadership of the Senior League when they annexed both games of a three-team doubleheader, whitewashing the Elks 13 to 0 to begin the afternoon before taking down the Canadian Nationals 8 to 5 to end the day.

The highlight of the twin-bill occurred in the opening tilt when “Buzz” Geddes of the Red Sox twirled a no-hit, no-run game in completely subduing the Antlered Tribe. Two bases-on-balls were the only blemish on his performance. A five-run opening canto essentially put a bow on this one. “Cap” Spiesman led the victors’ 12-hit batting attack with a double and three singles.

Geddes (W) and Roots
Graff (L), Starky (2) and Grady

Bunching their blows in the third, sixth and seventh spasms allowed the Crimson Hose to inflict maximum damage in the late tilt. Ken Crozier, who came on in relief in the third inning and held the Railroaders to just two hits and no runs for the remainder of the game, earned the pitching win. Chuck Henderson was best with the baton for the Sox in this encounter, slamming a triple and two singles. Teammate Lackie Chapman drilled a brace of two-baggers. Third baseman Stacey singled three times for the Nats. 

Godfrey, Crozier (W) (3) and Campbell
Dagsgard (L) and Lewis

(June 12)  Greeting the offerings of Norm Dodge for a total of 13 base knocks, five of them going for extra bases, the Red Sox downed the Elks 11 to 2 in a Senior League affair at Diamond Park shortened to seven innings because of another commitment. The Sox slugged the apple in merry fashion, running across eight big counters after just three innings of play, and the result was never in doubt. “Oats” Godfrey worked on the hill for the defending champs and, although a trifle shaky in the first inning, held the Elks’ hitters to eight scattered safeties. Syd Hamilton belted a four-ply clout for the winners, a noble third-inning swat, as well as a single. Outfielder Lackie Chapman followed with a triple and one-bagger. 

Dodge (L) and Grady
Godfrey (W) and Campbell

(June 16)  Although minus some of their regular players, the league-leading Red Sox experienced little difficulty in doubling the Elks 6 to 3 in a rather listless affair at Diamond Park. A three-run outburst in the second stanza sent the Scarlet Stockings on their merry way to victory. The Sox picked up a dozen base knocks to five for the Antlered Tribe. Ken Crozier, on the knoll for the victors, struck out a dozen and walked three. Leadoff hitter Lackie Chapman and initial sacker Jimmy Enright of the Crimson Hose both struck for a triad of singles to pace all batters.

Crozier (W) and Campbell
Gretner (L) and Rankin, Ferguson

(June 19)  The Red Sox had little more than a workout at Diamond Park where they pounded out 14 safeties in decimating the outclassed Canadian Nationals 13 to 0. Winning chucker “Oats” Godfey nailed a pair of doubles for the Red Stockings while Jack Fraser added a two-bagger and single.

Dodds (L), Glickman (2) and Ferguson
Godfey (W) and Roots

(June 21)  Running wild on the basepaths to the tune of 23 stolen bases, the Elks clipped the Canadian Nationals 14 to 5. Base hits were also plentiful with the Antlered Brethren holding a 14 to 11 advantage in that department. Stroking four safeties each for their respective nines were Cliff McLeod of the Horned Herd and the Railroaders’ Roy Forman. One of McLeod’s clouts was a round-tripper while Forman’s sum of swats included a three-bagger. Pounding the pill for three singles was first baseman Phil Horne of the Wapiti. 

Dagsgard (L), Dodds (8) and Charlebois
Dodge (W) and Ferguson

(June 27)  With playing-manager Jack Sharkey ascending the clay heap and firing an inspiring three-hitter, the Elks blanked the first-place Red Sox 4 to 0. In receipt of flawless defensive support by his mates, Sharkey sent eight of the Crimson Hose batters back to the dugout as whiff victims while handing out but one free pass to the initial sack. “Buzz” Geddes, hero of a recent no-hit, no-run game, climbed up on the peak for the Sox and, while he allowed but half a dozen safeties, was touched up when bingles produced bacon for the Antlered Tribe. The contest came to a rather abrupt conclusion in the bottom of the seventh spasm when Alva Sibbett of the Red Stockings was chased from the game by the umpire, leaving his team with only eight players.

Geddes (L) and Campbell
Sharkey (W) and Ferguson

(June 30)  The Elks won twice in a three-cornered double-bill, taking the measure of the Red Sox in a well-played, ten-inning matinee clash before defeating the Canadian Nationals for the sweep. Jack Sharkey pitched both games for the Antlered Brethren and was in fine form. 

(July 7)  The Red Sox bagged another pair of Senior League victories, beating up on the Canadian Nationals 13 to 1 before eking out a 4 to 3 triumph over the Elks.  

The opener was a mismatch from start to finish as the Nationals played without most of their regulars. Winning slabster “Oats” Godfrey breezed to the easy win, rationing the Railroaders to just two singles, both by shortstop A. Bertrand. Meanwhile, first baseman Chuck Henderson went wild with the willow for the Sox, belting two home runs, a triple and two singles. “Cap” Spiesman followed with four singles while catcher Nick Campbell delivered a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Godfrey (W) and Campbell
Dagsgard (L) and Daigneault

The second game was the stiffest test of the day for the Crimson Hose. They trailed 3 – 0 early in the game but evened the score in the fifth. Then, in the top-of-the-seventh stanza, outfielder Chapman’s RBI-single broke the stalemate, driving in Godfrey with what proved to be the deciding counter. Ken Crozier, with a five-hitter, copped the hurling decision over Jack Starky. Both chuckers went the route and both led their respective teams with the war club. Crozier singled three times and Starky was a one-man show for the Horned Herd, slamming a home run, triple and single.

Crozier (W) and Roots
Starky (L) and Ferguson

(July 10)  A six-run fifth-inning propelled the pace-setting Red Sox to an 11 to 3 thrashing of the Canadian Nationals at Diamond Park. Winning twirler Godfrey allowed the Trackmen eight blows but had glittering support from his mates when needed. Jimmy Enright doubled and singled for the winners while Lackie Chapman, patroller of the middle pasture for the Sox, went deep with a four-ply clout. Flychaser McDiarmid led the Nats with the baton, stroking a double and one-bagger.

Dodds (L) and Daigneault
Godfrey (W) and Campbell

(July 14)  By virtue of a 10 to 4 conquest of the Elks in the final game of the first-half of the schedule, the Elks nosed their way into a tie for first place. It was anybody’s ball game until the ninth rolled around and the Antlered Brethren, with an 11 to 9 advantage in base hits, struck for a huge six-spot to ice the result. On the shoulders of popular playing-manager Jack Sharkey rests a great deal of the credit for the victory by the Horned Herd. Pitching under torrid weather conditions, he struggled through heat prostration, fainting of the bench in the fifth frame, but recovered to keep his team in the game until the fateful ninth when his two-run double sparked the winning effort. Losing tosser “Oats” Godfrey showed signs of being overworked, having tossed an exhibition contest just 24 hours previous. Starky and Cliff McLeod led the winners offensively with a two-bagger and single each. Roy Forman and Jimmy Enright of the Sox both got to Sharkey for home runs with Forman adding a single for good measure. 

Starky (W) and Ferguson
Godfrey (L) and Campbell


(July 24)  Following a ten-day layoff, the abbreviated second-half of the Senior League schedule got underway and saw the Elks get off to a rousing start by trimming the Red Sox 8 to 4. Chasing a half-dozen markers over the platter in the eighth episode with five clean swats, combined with a pair of walks and an error, the Horned Herd overcame a 4 to 2 deficit in recording the triumph. Jack Starky was the winning hurler, limiting the Scarlet Stockings to just four hits, two of which were garnered by outfielder Lackie Chapman, while walking a pair. The Wapiti had a balanced 12-hit offense as every one of the nine players in the line-up had at least one safety. A triple and single by Norm Dodge led the way.

Godfrey (L) and Campbell
Starky (W) and Ferguson

(July 26)  The revamped Canadian Nationals pulled a mild surprise by taking down the Red Sox 5 to 2 in their second-half debut. The Railroaders trotted out a new battery in the persons of winning twirler Phil “Chief” Gladu and his receiver Savoy. This duo, along with a bolstered lineup in other areas, gives team management a more optimistic outlook for the rest of the campaign. The Crimson Hose, on the other hand, were short a number of their starting regulars and sent retread Gretner to the hill. Both hurlers pitched classy ball with Gladu fanning 12 and limiting the Sox to just three hits, one of which was a fluky inside-the-park homer by Jimmy Enright in which the ball got lost in the long, left-field grass. Gretner, meanwhile, was touched for half a dozen bingles by the Nats. Alf Fitkin, with a three-bagger, had the longest blow for the Trackmen. 

Gretner (L) and Roots
Gladu (W) and Savoy

(July 28)  With some timely hitting, the Red Sox broke out of their short slump with a 9 to 2 decision over the Canadian Nationals at Diamond Park. Things got off on the right foot for the Sox when Cliff McLeod staked them to a 1 – 0 lead by launching a solo homer in the second spasm. Both teams raked the opposing hurlers for nine safeties. The Nationals made things difficult for losing heaver Phil Gladu and fifth-inning reliever Gordon by committing four errors, most of which led to unearned tallies.  Winning flinger Ken Crozier struck out 11 and walked just one.  Third baseman McDonald of the Red Sox and the Railroaders’ Roy Forman were the top swatsmiths in the fracas. Forman connected for four hits including a triple while McDonald checked in with three singles.

Gladu (L), Gordon (5) and Savoy, Campbell
Crozier (W) and N. Campbell, Roots

(July 31)  Four widely scattered blows were all the Red Sox sluggers could muster from the assorted slants dished up by seldom-used Canadian Nationals’ pitcher “Specs” Dodds at Diamond Park, the result being a 4 to 1 loss to the Trackmen. Pressed into service as a hurler for the Sox, regular position player Jimmy Enright was nicked for eight safeties which, coupled with an odd muff or two, provided the winning margin. The Nats never trailed, forging in front with a deuce in the third inning. Dodds and his batterymate, Campbell, along with middle pasture patroller Johnny Ing, each stroked a brace of bingles for the Trackmen. Alva Sibbett of the vanquished nine replicated that output.

Enright (L) and N. Campbell
Dodds (W) and Campbell

(August 4)  Canadian Nationals defeated the Elks. No final score or game details discovered.

(August 8)  The Alberta branch of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada revoked the amateur cards of six members of the Red Sox club in the Edmonton Senior Baseball League. They are - Jimmy Enright, Matt Nehring, Alva “Buzz” Geddes, Chuck Henderson, Phil Horne and Otis “Oats” Godfrey. Others in the league receiving suspensions were Jack Sharkey, Norman Dodge, Walter Ferguson and B. Swain

(August 9)   With A.A.U. suspensions playing havoc with the line-ups of both teams, the Red Sox managed to defeat the Elks 10 to 6 at Diamond Park. Position players were called upon to do the hurling as the pitching stables for each club had been rendered bare. The final result wasn’t settled until the ninth canto when the Scarlet Hose bagged four tallies.

Spiesman, Chapman (W) (5) and Campbell
Rankin (L) and Grady

(August 11)  The Elks came out even in a three-team double-dip at Diamond Park, dropping the matinee clash 16 to 7 to the Red Sox before rebounding to trim the Canadian Nationals 8 to 6 in the late encounter.

In the opening tilt, a seven-inning encounter, the Scarlet Stockings salted away the verdict with a sixth-inning salvo of hits which, combined with misplays by practically every Elk on the diamond, produced eleven counters.

Rankin (L), Woods (6), McDiarmid (6) and O’Connell, McDonald
Crozier (W) and N. Campbell

Phil “Chief” Gladu and Savoy, the Railroaders’ native battery, received a rude reception from the Elks in the wind-up affair and were derricked while “Spec” Dodds, given a big lead and twirling with average results for the Antlered Tribe, persevered to the end for the win. The most impactful hit of the game was a three-RBI triple by Roy Forman of the Railroaders.     

Dodds (W) and Campbell
Gladu (L), Smith and Savoy, Campbell

(August 15)  Three more players from the Edmonton Senior Baseball League, Syd Hamilton, Alva Sibbett and “Specs” Dodds, received suspensions from the A.A.U. Alberta branch.

(August 16)  With suspensions to regular players minimizing rosters, intermediate call-ups made up a large portion of the lineups for each team in a game in which the Red Sox trimmed the Elks 5 to 1. Ken Crozier copped the heaving verdict over Gus Howie, who was elevated from the intermediate ranks for the contest. 

Crozier (W) and Roots
Howey (L) and Grady

STANDINGS              W      L      Pct.
Canadian Nationals     3      2     .600
Red Sox                4      3     .571
Elks                   2      4     .333

(August 22-25)  1923 Edmonton baseball tournament




(May 9)  Loose fielding cost the Hustlers the opening game of the senior City loop. The Y.M.C.A. made a successful return to senior ball circles, taking advantage of every break afforded them while carrying through with a 5 to 2 win. The Y’s-men had only four hits as compared to six for the Hustlers but seven juicy errors killed their chances. None of the runs plated by the “Y” aggregation were earned. Sabourin fanned six in copping the mound win while losing heaver E. Castagner had 11 whiffs.
Sabourin (W) and Savage
Castagner (L) and McNabb

(May 11)  Riverside made their debut in the City senior circuit but lost a hard-fought 8 to 7 verdict to the Y.M.C.A. The tying and winning tallies for the Y’s-men came in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning on RBI-singles by Archie McTeer and second baseman McIntyre. The “Y” squad trailed throughout the game but went ahead 7 to 6 with a five-spot in the eighth episode. Sabourin got the win in relief of Bob McKenzie while Gleason absorbed the complete-game loss. McIntyre had two additional one-baggers to go along with his game-winning bingle but the game’s top hitter was first baseman Emil Borgens of the Riversiders who smacked two doubles and a pair of singles. McTeer added a triple to his game-tying swat for the victors while Gleason of the vanquished nine helped his own cause with a triple and two-bagger. 
Gleason (L) and D. Goss
McKenzie, Sabourin (W) (8) and McLean

(May 14)  Knocking losing chucker Hill from the knoll in the fourth frame when they ran across six tallies, Riverside clipped the Hustlers 10 to 8 at Mewata Park. Both teams hit the horsehide freely with the Riversiders having a 13 to 12 edge in base knocks. Newcomer Forbes persevered to the end on the hill for the East Enders to cop the complete-game triumph. Johnny Gerlitz and “Mickey” King of the winning nine, along with Henderson and H. Braithwait of the losers, all connected for three hits. King’s triad of raps consisted of a three-bagger and two doubles while Braithwait’s total included a triple and Gerlitz’ sum a double.
Hill (L), Lucas (4) and Henderson
Forbes (W) and D. Goss

(May 16)  The Hustlers won their first game of the season before a huge crowd at Mewata Park, knocking off the Y.M.C.A. 9 to 5. A late charge by the Hustlers did the trick. A deuce in the eighth and a four-spot in the ninth erased a 5 to 3 deficit. Lucas pitched a six-hitter for the win, striking out six along the way, but eight free passes kept him in peril. Losing flinger Millican/Milligan was raked for 16 base knocks including a double and three singles by Joe Carnegie. Teammate Braithwait also did well with the baton, spanking the sphere for a triple and two singles. Archie McTeer led the losers at the dish with a three-bagger and a one-base rap.

Lucas (W) and Henderson
Millican/Milligan (L) and Savage

(May 18)  By defeating the Y.M.C.A. 5 to 3, the Riverside team moved a half-game past their victims in the early-season standings. Both winning chucker Jean Bride and Sabourin of the Y’s-men were nicked for seven safeties although Bride did a better job of keeping the hits scattered. Four runs in the opening canto gave the Riversiders a margin they never relinquished. Emil Borgens stroked a double and single for the winners.

Sabourin (L) and Savage
Bride (W) and D. Goss

(May 21)  The Hustlers from Hillhurst rattled losing chucker Forbes for 12 of their 14 hits in a 12 to 2 blowout win over Riverside. In the third and fourth sessions, the Hustlers cut loose for a total of seven counters to leave no doubt as to what the final result would be. Winning slabster E. Castagner performed well on the hill, striking out 15 and holding the East Siders to five hits. Joe Carnegie paced the winners with the lumber, clubbing a triple, double and single. Teammates Jerry Card and Stoddart both notched three singles. 

Forbes (L), Van Norman (7) and Vaughan, D. Goss
Castagner (W) and McNabb

(May 23)  Making a few changes in their line-up, the Y.M.C.A. went out and turned back the Hustlers 7 to 2. Bobby McKenzie had a winning evening on the bump for the “Y” aggregation, effectively spacing seven hits while fanning seven. Losing chucker Stu Lucas was roughed up for 11 safeties including a triad of one-baggers by Archie McTeer. Garnering a double and single was Joe Carnegie of the vanquished nine.  

McKenzie (W) and Savage
Lucas (L) and Henderson

(May 25)  Riverside went into the leadership of the City senior ball league at Mewata Park when they defeated the Y.M.C.A. 11 to 4. Howard Glover, pitching for Riverside, allowed only six hits and his teammates backed him up with solid defensive support. Losing heaver Millican/Milligan was driven from the bump in the fourth frame but his replacement, Bob McKenzie, didn’t fare any better.  Leading the 13-hit assault for the Riversiders was second baseman “Red” Smith who stroked a quartet of one-base raps while catcher D. Goss and first sacker Emil Borgens each picked up three singles.

Glover (W) and D. Goss
Millican/Milligan (L), McKenzie (4) and Savage

(May 28)  Scoring five times in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning after two had been retired, Riverside snatched a frenzied 6 to 5 victory from the Hustlers at Mewata Park. The Hillhurst nine appeared to have the game in the bag but, with two runners aboard, muffed a routine shortstop-to-second base force play for the third out, allowing the first comeback run to score. Consecutive pinch hitters then laced a single and drew a free pass, the former batter driving in a pair of tallies while the latter loaded the sacks and set the stage for “Red” Smith who strode to the plate and calmly nailed a two-RBI single to win the game. Both teams accumulated ten base hits as Joe Carnegie led the losers with a pair of doubles while winning pitcher Jean Bride of the Riversiders singled twice.

Castagner (L) and Howard
Bride (W) and Vaughan

(June 6)  The last-place Hustlers caught fire in the late stages of the game to come away with an impressive 9 to 2 conquest of the Y.M.C.A. at Mewata Park. In arrears 2 to 1 as they came to bat in the seventh spasm, the Hillhurst nine plated a deuce to move in front  by one run and, in the eighth, they put the game on ice by running across a six-spot, sending loser Bobby McKenzie to the sidelines in the process. Stuart Lucas was in fine form for the Hustlers, holding the Y’s-men to three hits while walking three and whiffing four. Joe Carnegie paced the victors with three hits, all singles, while Archie McTeer delivered a double and one-bagger.

McKenzie (L), Gill (8) and Savage
Lucas (W) and Howard

(June 8)  Riverside took a stronger grip on the top rung of the City Senior League ladder when they smashed out an 8 to 4 victory over the Y.M.C.A. Losing hurler Sabourin, who got stronger from the middle innings on,  was touched freely over the first three innings as the Riversiders piled up an 8 – 0 cushion. The “Y’ aggregation were blanked until the bottom-of-the-ninth when they scored all four of their counters during a belated rally. Winning heaver Jean Bride, catapulting a rare menu of elusive curves and drops, had the Y’s-men eating out of the palm of his hand until their late last-gasp effort, finishing with a seven-hitter. “Mickey” King was in fine form for the winners, clouting a double, two singles and driving in four runs.

Bride (W) and D. Goss
Sabourin (L) and McLean

STANDINGS         W        L        Pct.
Riverside         5        2       .714
Hustlers          3        4       .429
Y.M.C.A.          3        5       .375

(June 16)  Riverside and the Y.M.C.A. split a Mewata Park double-bill in which the “Y’ captured the first contest 12 to 10 while Riverside took the evening tilt 10 to 7.

The score in the opener seesawed with regularity with the final result in doubt until the last out had been made. The Riversiders had a one-run lead entering the ninth canto until Archie McTeer connected for a three-run homer to put the Y’s-men in front for good. McTeer was a one-man wrecking crew for the victors, slamming two triples and a single in addition to his game-deciding circuit-clout. His robust hitting produced seven of the 12 tallies produced by the winning nine. Top swatsmith for the losers was first sacker Emil Borgens who singled three times.

Gill (W) and Savage
Gleason, Miller (L) (5) and D. Goss

The evening clash was much tamer than the matinee affair as Riverside had a healthy 12 to 7 edge in hits and took control of the event with four-spots in each of the fourth and fifth frames. Second-stanza reliever Jean Bride copped the heaving win over “Y” starter Millican/Milligan. Catcher Vaughan paced the victors offensively with a double and a couple of singles. Emil Borgens followed with a triad of one-baggers.

Millican/Milligan (L), Sabourin (4) and Savage, McLean
Glover, Bride (W) (2) and Vaughan

(June 18)  Miscues in the second frame led to four unearned Hillside counters as the Hustlers went on to defeat front-running Riverside 5 to 3. Only one run in the entire game was earned, that coming on an eighth-episode RBI-single by Emil Borgens of the Riversiders that plated “Mickey” King. Winning slabster E. Castagner had 11 strikeouts and was nicked for eight hits, three of those by his mound opponent, losing chucker Jean Bride who was tagged for nine safeties while swishing seven.  

Bride (L) and Vaughan
Castagner (W) and McNabb

(June 19)  In a fast-moving game full of zest, the Y.M.C.A. blanked the Hustlers 4 to 0 to gain a share of second-place in the City circuit. The joust featured excellent twirling by both chuckers. Winning heaver Bob McKenzie yielded six safeties, scattering them well, and didn’t issue a walk while loser Stuart Lucas surrendered just four base raps and issued only one free pass. Hustler catcher “Mickey” McNabb singled twice and was the lone player from either side to have a plural hit total. 

Lucas (L) and McNabb
McKenzie (W) and Savage

(June 25-28)  1923 Calgary senior amateur baseball tournament

(July 6)  The Hustlers clipped the Y.M.C.A. 8 to 3 to strengthen their hold on second place in the City senior league. The victors had an edge from the start and maintained their lead throughout, outswatting the Y’s-men by a 15 to 7 count. Stuart Lucas fanned five and walked one in garnering the mound decision over Bobby McKenzie who whiffed six and didn’t issue a free pass. Lucas and infielder Stoddart both pounded the pill for three safeties in the winning effort.

McKenzie (L) and Savage
Lucas (W) and Howard

(July 9)  Veteran slab artist “Mooch” Gill stifled the pace-setting Riverside nine on four hits as the Y.M.C.A. dumped the league-leaders 12 to 4. The “Y” aggregation banged out 14 base hits off losing hurler Jim Luft and fourth-frame reliever Gleason. Catcher Savage and keystone sacker McIntyre had three base knocks apiece for the winners with a home run included in Savage’s total. 

Luft (L), Gleason (4) and D. Goss
Gill (W) and Savage

(July 16)  Trailing 2 – 0 after six innings, the Hustlers found their batting punch starting in the seventh spasm and went on to dump the Y.M.C.A. 8 to 3 at Mewata Park. Treys in each of the seventh and eighth episodes, along with a deuce in the ninth, did the trick. Both squads connected with the horsehide for nine bingles. Winning chucker E. Castagner and third baseman Stoddart of the Hillhurst nine, along with losing twirler Sabourin of the “Y” aggregation, each stung the spheroid for a double and single.

Castagner (W) and Howard
Sabourin (L) and Savage

(July 18)  League-leading Riverside was stopped in its dash for the City senior league pennant when the contingent from the Y.M.C.A. laid a 9 to 4 drubbing on them. The East Siders started out strong but began to unravel in the middle innings, continuing their descent into the late rounds. Bob McKenzie walked one, struck out six and gave up an equal number of hits in securing the knoll triumph. Losing heaver Howard Glover was tagged for nine hits while issuing eight free tickets to first base, hitting three batters and fanning three. Jean Bride of the vanquished nine, with a triple and double, emerged as the game’s top swatsmith. Archie McTeer doubled and singled for the victors. 

McKenzie (W) and McLean
Glover (L) and Adams

STANDINGS         W      L      Pct.
Riverside         7      6     .538
Hustlers          6      6     .500
Y.M.C.A.          7      8     .467

(July 19)  With a 17 to 4 shellacking of Riverside, the Hustlers bounced out of the runner-up spot in the City senior league and into top-place by a half-game over their rivals. The Hillhurst nine roughed up playing-manager Jean Bride of the East Siders for no less than 18 base blows in the rout and were also the beneficiary of seven defensive miscues by their opponent. Winning twirler E. Castagner was nicked for seven safeties including a home run and two singles by “Mickey” King. For the victorious aggregation, Jerry Card, third baseman Stoddart, shortstop H. Braithwait and flychaser Hill each rocked Jean for three safe knocks with a two-bagger part of Stoddart’s sum.  
Bride (L) and Adams
Castagner (W) and Howard

(July 23)  A three-cornered tie was created in the City senior baseball league standings when the Y.M.C.A. took the long end of a 5 to 4 score from the Hustlers. The lead changed hands during the early part of the contest but the Hillhurst squad took control of the middle innings to forge in front. The critical stanza was the seventh in which the “Y” rallied for a three-spot to grab the lead for good. A two-run single by second baseman Frank Mastel drove in the tying and winning counters. Winning hurler “Mooch” Gill, raked for a dozen base raps during the tilt, tightened up after the sixth spasm and kept the Hustlers from threatening the narrow lead. Workhorse E. Castagner toiled on the knoll for the Hillhurst crew and did a creditable jog, doling out seven safeties. The two leading hitters in the contest were members of the losing nine. Andy Baxter of the Hustlers banged out a triple plus two singles while teammate Stoddart nailed a double and a couple of one-baggers. 

Gill (W) and Savage
Castagner (L) and McNabb

STANDINGS         W      L      Pct.
Riverside         7      7     .500
Hustlers          7      7     .500
Y.M.C.A.          8      8     .500

(July 25)  Three costly errors in the bottom-of-the-final canto, coupled with four timely hits that netted them four runs after two batters had been retired, gave the Y.M.C.A. a 10 to 9 victory over Riverside at Mewata Park. The win moved the Y’s-men into top spot in hotly-contested City senior loop and dropped the East Siders into the cellar. An RBI-single by Archie McTeer that drove in Fraser Edmonds with the deciding tally capped the amazing two-out comeback by the “Y’ aggregation in the offensively-charged clash. Both hurlers of record, winning tosser Bobby McKenzie and Riverside playing-manager Jean Bride, were rocked consistently for base knocks with the latter absorbing 15 of the 28 safe swats garnered in the tilt.  Shortpatcher McIntyre of the victors led all batters with four singles while playing-skipper Verne Manarey belted a triple and a brace of one-base raps. McTeer added a double and one-bagger to his game-winning bingle. “Mickey” King laced three singles for the Riversiders. 

Bride (L) and D. Goss
McKenzie (W) and Savage

(July 27)  Riverside went into second place in the City senior league standings by taking a hard-hitting 10 to 9 contest from the Hustlers. The lead swung back and forth from the start and it wasn’t until Hillhurst batter Hetherington hit into a ninth-inning double play that the final result was determined. The East Siders scored what turned out to be the winning marker in the bottom-of-the-seventh spasm when “Mickey” King drew a base-on-balls and stole second. Jean Bride singled to right-centre and when outfielder George Wiggs bobbled the ball, King crossed the dish. Winning pitcher Howard Glover’s hurling was not gilt-edged as he was raked for a dozen base raps in going the route. He was afforded, however, solid defensive support by his mates. Hustler starter Johnny Loucks was nicked for nine of the ten Riverside runs before departing after five frames as reliever E. Castagner took the tough loss. Hillhurst’s Joe Carnegie paced all swatsmiths in this contest, slamming the apple for a triple, double and two singles. Clubmate “Mickey” McNabb followed with three singles.
Loucks, Castagner (L) (6) and Castagner, McNabb (6)
Glover (W) and D. Goss

(August 1)  The Hustlers and Riverside played to a 6 – 6 stalemate as darkness prevented engaging in any overtime action. The Hillhurst nine had a decided 11 to 4 advantage in base hits but failed to take advantage of all the openings afforded them. Slugging Joe Carnegie continued his batting rampage of late, swatting a double and two singles for the Hustlers to lead all batters. Johnny Gerlitz of the Riversiders smashed a four-ply clout.

Castagner and McNabb
Gleason and D. Goss

(August 2)  Another triple-tie for the leadership of the City senior loop was established following the Hustlers 13 to 1 decimation of the Y.M.C.A. at Mewata Park. While his mates were swamping losing chucker “Mooch” Gill for an avalanche of 19 safeties, winning slabster Stuart Lucas tamed the Y-s-men on six scattered bingles. Lucas also performed well with the lumber, stroking four singles. Infielders Joe Carnegie and Stoddart followed with three safeties each. One of Carnegie’s blows was a triple while a double was included in Stoddart’s total. 

Lucas (W) and McNabb
Gill (L), Milligan (9) and Savage, McLean

STANDINGS         W      L      Pct.
Hustlers          8      8     .500
Riverside         8      8     .500
Y.M.C.A.          9      9     .500

(August 8)  Bunching a number of hits in the sixth and seventh stanzas, the Hustlers scored a 5 to 3 come-from-behind victory over Riverside. The East Siders made a flashy start against winning tosser Stu Lucas by running across three counters in the opening panel. After that initial outburst, however, Lucas held them in check with the assistance of some snappy plays from his infield, including a twin-killing. He finished with a six-hitter and an equal number of strikeouts. Punching out three safe swats apiece for the victors were Jerry Card and Andy Baxter. Card’s total of safeties included a two-bagger. Lucas helped his own cause with a double and one-bagger. Jean Bride doubled twice for the Riversiders while catcher Dave Goss had two singles and drove in two tallies.
Lucas (W) and McNabb, Howard
Gleason (L) and D. Goss

(August 14)  The Hustlers mauled Riverside 16 to 5 in the final league game to capture the 1923 Calgary City Senior League pennant. The game was called after seven innings because of darkness. Repeated defensive bungling by the East Siders greatly enhanced the Hillhurst margin of victory. Infielder Stoddart and flychaser George Wiggs had three hits each for the winners including a home run by Stoddart. 

Castagner (W) and Howard
Bride (L), Gleason (6) and D. Goss

STANDINGS         W     L    Pct.
Hustlers         10     8    .556
Y.M.C.A.          9     9    .500
Riverside         8    10    .444

PLAYOFF FINALS  Y.M.C.A. vs Hustlers  (best-of-three series)

(August 16)  It took a two-run effort in the top-of the-ninth inning, aided and abetted by a series of Hillhurst miscues, for the Y.M.C.A. to escape with a 4 – 4 tie in their opening game of the City senior league finals against the Hustlers. Darkness curtailed any attempt at overtime. Coming to bat for their final time, the “Y’ aggregation found themselves trailing 4 to 2 but a dropped fly ball and a misplayed grounder, sandwiched around a pop out, a fielder’s choice and base hit allowed the Y’s men to score once and close the gap to 4 to 3. Following the ground ball error, Y.M.C.A. baserunner Sabourin who had reached the hot corner station on the faux pas, noticed some hesitancy and made a bee-line for home where a perfect relay from Joe Carnegie had him dead-on-arrival, except for the fact that catcher Art Howard dropped the ball.  The “Y” batters had a 10 to 9 edge in base hits as flychaser Elder led their crew with three singles. Catcher “Mickey” McNabb stroked a double and one-bagger for the Hustlers.

McKenzie and Savage
Lucas and Howard

(August 17)  The Hustlers withstood a late offensive challenge by the Y.M.C.A. to nose out their opponents 7 to 6 and take a one-game lead in the best-of-three final series. Trailing 7 – 0, the Y’s-men finally found their collective batting eye when the rallied for three counters in the eighth episode and added three more in their final turn at bat, falling just one run short.

Gill (L), Millican/Milligan and Savage
Castagner (W) and Howard

(August 20)  The Y.M.C.A. evened the series for the championship of the City senior league by doubling the Hustlers 4 to 2. The “Y” scored three of their four counters in the opening inning and never looked back, riding the eight-hit pitching of Bobby McKenzie to the win. The score remained 3 – 0 until the sixth when the Hillhurst nine struck for a pair but the winners came right back and added an insurance tally in the seventh. After a shaky first inning, losing chucker Norm Mickens pitched well for the Hustlers and finished with a strong five-hitter. Outfielder Elder paced the Y’s-men at the dish with a double and single.
Mickens (L) and Howard
McKenzie (W) and Savage

(August 21)  The Hustlers inflicted a decisive 12 to 2 defeat upon the Y.M.C.A. to capture the 1923 Calgary City Senior League crown and secure a date with Stavely of the Alberta Southern loop in the A.A.B.A. senior semi-finals. Raking three pitchers for 13 base blows, the Hillhurst aggregation completely swamped their opponents and were in control of the game from the opening canto when they plated their first two counters. Stuart Lucas hurled a classy game for the victors and dished up some rare twisters which often baffled the “Y” batters. Only six hits were registered against him and they were generally scattered. Playing-manager Joe Carnegie nailed a triple and double in leading the Hustlers offensively. Flychaser George Wiggs chipped in with a three-bagger and single. 
Lucas (W) and Howard
Gill (L), Millican/Milligan (2), McKenzie (8) and McLean, Savage


Cardston Indians
Lethbridge Miners
Lethbridge Our Best Millers
Magrath Tigers
Spring Coulee Colts


(May 24)  The Lethbridge Miners and Raymond pried the lid off the Southern Alberta League pre-season by splitting a doubleheader at the brand new Adams Park facility. Both games were high-scoring affairs with the Miners grabbing the opener 13 to 2 and the visitors responding for 10 to 9 conquest in the evening affair.

In the early tilt, Jack and Nick Zubach, third baseman Grigoski and winning tosser Alan Ridpath of the Miners, who struck out 15, along with catcher McLean of Raymond, each stroked the horsehide for a double and single.

Nalder (L), Brewerton and McLean
A. Ridpath (W) and Huff

Three runs in the eighth episode propelled Raymond to victory in the nightcap. Top hitters in the contest were Jack Zubach and catcher Huff of the Miners who both had three safe swats with two of Zubach’s blows being triples.

Brewerton (W) and Love
Barber (L), Grigoski and Huff

(May 24)  Lethbridge O-B Millers opened their season on the road with a narrow 3 to 2 win over Magrath. 

(June 6)  Lethbridge Our Bests defeated their city cousins, the Lethbridge Miners, 6 to 0 in the first intra-city clash of the season. Winning hurler “Peanuts” Tambor allowed five hits, walked one and fanned 11. Wade Ridpath toed the slab for the Coal Heavers and allowed seven hits while he was whiffing 13 and giving away three free passes. Art Green tripled and singled for the winners while Jack Zubach and Lawson Turcotte each stroked a double and one-bagger for the Mining Men. 

Tambor (W) and Sang
A. Ridpath (L) and Huff 

(June 7)  Magrath whitewashed Raymond 10 to 0 behind the exceptional hurling of Dale Viers. Shortstop Ben Olstead homered for the Garden City Gang.

Viers (W) and G. Minion
Allred (L), Brewerton (7) and McLean

(June 8)  Lethbridge O-B’s downed their cross-town rivals, the Miners, 11 to 7 in a hotly-contested affair at Adams Park. Both teams used a pair of chuckers and each team registered seven hits. Winning pitcher Norm Geoghegan and teammate Gord Morrison of the Millers, along with losing twirler Grigoski and Lawson Turcotte of the Miners, all collected two singles.

Grigoski (L), A. Ridpath (7) and Huff
Geoghegan (W), S. Seaman(7) and Sang


(June 13)  Jack Zubach belted two home runs and Lawson Tokyoite smashed one in leading the Lethbridge Miners past the Spring Coulee Colts 11 to 10 as the regular season got underway. The Coal Heavers copped the win by plating an unearned singleton in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning after the Colts had pushed across a last-gasp trey in the top-half of the canto to knot the count at 10 – 10.

Gilchrist (L) and Rice
A. Ridpath (W) and Huff

(June 13)  The Lethbridge O.B. Millers travelled to Magrath and stopped the homesters 5 to 3 in a well-pitched opener. Winning twirler “Big Six” Geoghegan and Dale Viers of the Tigers did well on the knoll, effectively scattering the hits procured. Ira Rose of the Millers had the only long drive of the evening, a triple. 

Geoghegan (W) and Sang
Viers (L) and G. Minion

(June 13)  The Cardston Indians had no difficulty in solving the offerings of Raymond pitcher Doug Allred as they went on to hammer the hosting Sugar Beet Battalion 19 to 4. Three home runs were featured in the contest with D. Thompson of Cardston launching two and Cliff Nalder of Raymond one. Del Beazer went the distance on the hill for the Colts.

(June 15)  Rain curtailed a well-played clash after eight innings at Adams Park in which the Lethbridge Miners prevailed as 3 to 1 victors over the invading Magrath Tigers. Steve Seaman, nicked for nine safeties while fanning seven, got the win over Dale Viers who yielded six hits and breezed four. Seaman helped his own cause with a triple and single.  

Viers (L) and G. Minion
Seaman (W) and Sang

(June 20)  With Lady Luck riding shotgun for them, the Lethbridge Our Bests were forced to extend themselves to come away with a 6 to 5 win over the plucky crew of baseballers from Raymond during an Adams Park joust that was played during a constant light rain. Held to just three hits by Doug Allred of the Saccharine City squad, one of which was extremely scratchy, the O-B’s had to rely upon a daring eighth-episode theft of home by right gardener “Stubby” Baker to snatch the victory from the jaws of defeat. Allred struck out ten batters but walked six and hit one batter which, coupled with four errors by his mates,  gave the Lethbridge nine most of their scoring opportunities. All six of the runs scored against Allred were unearned. Meanwhile, winning slabster “Peanuts” Tambor was fanning eight, walking two and yielding eight hits which was sufficient to keep the score close or tied for a good part of the game. Raymond took a one-run lead in the seventh stanza but, in the fateful eighth, Millers’ catcher Charlie Sang, who had the only two solid hits off Allred, reached base on a throwing error and eventually crossed the pan with the tying counter on a muff of Gord Morrison’s groundball. Baker was then credited with the third Lethbridge hit when hot corner custodian Selman of the Sugar Beet Battalion slipped on the wet ground trying to field a scratchy dribbler down the third base line. A comebacker to Allred off the bat of Tambor caught Morrison in perilous territory between third and home and he was an easy out while Baker was able to reach third. It was then that Baker took his chance, sprinting for the dish and sliding in safely with the deciding counter after Raymond catcher Hicken had nonchalantly tossed the horsehide back to Allred. Second baseman Weaver of the losers topped all batters in the fracas, stroking a double and two singles.    

Allred (L) and Hicken
Tambor (W) and Sang

(June 20)  Cardston outlasted hosting Spring Coulee 13 to 11 in a free-hitting affair, banging out 16 base raps off “Lefty” Roberts while winning tosser Del Beazer was rocked for 13 safeties.

Beazer (W) and J. McKenzie
Roberts (L) and Rice

(June 27)  Our Best Millers crushed the Miners 13 to 1 in an all-Lethbridge battle at Adams Park. The O-B’s roughed up Wade “Big Cheese” Ridpath, making his first mound start of the season, for 13 safe blows, including a home run by “Stubby” Baker and were also the beneficiary of five walks. Defensively, the Miners were wobbly and had five errors charged against their account, not including the mental mistakes. Winning tosser Pete Seaman surrendered six hits, a double and single of which were delivered by Jack Zubach. Eric Clendenan and  Jack Currie both got to Ridpath for three singles while Ira Rose connected for a triple and one-bagger.
W. Ridpath (L) and Huff
Seaman (W) and Sang

(June 27)  Hosting Cardston proved to be too strong for Magrath, overpowering the visitors 12 to 1.

Viers (L) and G. Minion
Beazer (W) and J. McKenzie

(June 27)  Homestanding Raymond had no difficulty in defeating  Spring Coulee 12 to 2 as winning chucker Doug Allred struck out 13 and fashioned a four-hitter in going the distance. Cliff Nalder led the ten-hit Raymond attack with three safeties.

Gilchrist (L), Pirot (6) and Rice, Mercer (6)
Allred (W) and Hicken

(July 2)  At Magrath, the vaunted Garden City crew bowed to Spring Coulee 2 to 1 in a great pitcher’s battle.

Gilchrist (W) and Rice
Viers (L) and G. Minion

(July 2)  Cardston rules the roost in the Southern Alberta League after doubling the previously undefeated Lethbridge Our Bests 6 to 3 before an enthusiastic holiday crowd in the Temple City. The homesters had a 9 to 6 edge in base hits and took control of the game with a three-spot in the fourth frame. Winning heaver M. McMillan, in his first appearance on the mound this season, was in great form, striking out 12 batters. Gord Morrison got to him for a two-run homer in the eighth episode. 
Geoghegan (L), Seaman (4) and Sang
McMillan (W) and J. McKenzie

(July 2)   The travelling Lethbridge Miners and hosting Raymond nine put up a great game at Raymond, turning in a 6 – 6 tie game that went 11 innings. Alan Ridpath pitched 10-1/3 innings for the Miners before brother Wade relieved him on the bump.

STANDINGS               W       L        Pct.
Cardston                4       0      1.000
Lethbridge O-B’s        3       1       .750
Lethbridge Miners       1       1       .500
Raymond                 1       2       .333
Spring Coulee           1       3       .250
Magrath                 0       3       .000 

(July 4)  Magrath won for the first time in league play, knocking off the hosting Spring Coulee aggregation 9 to 6. The victorious Tiger swatsmiths had home runs from Dallas Minion, G. Minion and J. Head. 

Viers (W) and G. Minion
Roberts (L), Johnson (4), Gilchrist (6) and Rice

(July 4)  Visiting Raymond upset the Lethbridge Miners 7 to 2 at Adams Park to move into third place in the standings.

(July 6)  Lethbridge Our Best Millers got sweet revenge at the expense of Cardston Indians at Adams Park where they took the measure of the Temple City crew 11 to 1. Norm “Big Six” Geoghegan, who bowed to the Cardston fence busters in their first meeting, allowed only five hits in subduing the visitors before the biggest crowd of the season. Lethbridge batters, who were at the mercy of M. McMillan’s slow pitches in the initial clash at Cardston, took to his offerings for a dozen safeties this time, of which five were doubles. A four-run outburst in the first inning set the tone for the game. O-B’s first baseman Gord “Heinie” Morrison it up McMillan for a triad of two-baggers while catcher Charlie Sang struck for three singles.

McMillan (W) and J. McKenzie
Geoghegan (W) and Sang

(July 11)  Playing on a soggy diamond, Cardston walloped invading Spring Coulee 11 to 3 to take over top spot in the Southern Alberta circuit. Newcomer Willard Brooks had his 12 to 6 breaking ball working to perfection in earning the pitching win.

Gilchrist (L) and Rice
Brooks (W) and J. McKenzie

STANDINGS                   W       L        Pct.
Cardston                    5       1       .833
Lethbridge O-B’s            4       1       .800
Raymond                     2       2       .500
Lethbridge Miners           1       2       .333
Magrath                     1       3       .250        
Spring Coulee               1       5       .167

(July 18)  Wade “Big Cheese” Ridpath, mound ace of the Lethbridge Miners, faced only 30 batters and hurled a no-hit no-run game as the Coal Heavers whitewashed the hometown Spring Coulee Colts 5 to 0. Two walks and an error produced the three Spring Coulee baserunners.  

W. Ridpath (W) and Yorko
Gilchrist (L) and Rice

(July 18)  Cardston scored what turned out to be the winning run in the bottom-of-the-eighth inning and went on to edge the pesky Raymond aggregation 3 to 2. Ken Long’s infield single was responsible for driving in the deciding counter. Willard Brooks, with a five-hitter, earned the mound verdict over Doug Allred who gave up eight base raps.

Allred (L) and Hicken
Brooks (W) and J. McKenzie

(July 18)  Adams Park was jammed to capacity where the fans witnessed a 2 to 0 win by the hometown Lethbridge Our Best Millers over Magrath, a victory which kept the O-B’s even with the Cardston Cubs in their quest for top spot in the Southern Alberta League. The game evolved into a pitching duel between Dale Viers, the Tigers’ mound mainstay, and “Big Six” Geoghagen of the Millers. Magrath had a bit of an edge, seven to five, in the base hit department but Geoghegan was at his best when the going got tough and was able to preserve the shutout win. Both runs plated by Lethbridge resulted from errors. Hard-luck loser Viers and teammate Roy Minion, with two singles apiece, were the only batters in the skirmish to have plural hit totals.
Viers (L) and G. Minion
Geoghegan (W) and Sang

(July 20)  An 8 to 3 road win by the Lethbridge O-B’s at Raymond vaulted them back into a tie with Cardston for first place in the Southern Alberta League. Norm Geoghegan and Doug Allred of the Sugar Beet Towners faced each other on the bump and “Big Six” held the upper hand, limiting the Raymondites to three hits while fanning 20 batters. Charlie Sang delivered a home run and three-bagger for the winners.

(July 21)  The Lethbridge Miners showed they are contenders in the Southern Alberta circuit when they smothered the Magrath Tigers 11 to 7 at Adams Park. A six-run first-inning by the Miners against losing hurler L. Minion more or less foretold what the final result would be. Winning chucker Alan Ridpath yielded seven hits to the visitors including a double and single to catcher G. “Mick” Minion. Heading the 16-hit barrage produced by the Mining Men was first baseman Vic Gillis who singled on four occasions. Catcher Huff followed with a double and a brace of one-baggers.

L. Minion (L), D. Minion (2) and G. Minion
A. Ridpath(W) and Huff

(July 24)  Although losing pitcher Dale Viers struck out 14 batters, Raymond beat hometown Magrath 10 to 2.

Allred (W) and Hicker
Viers (L) and G. Minion

(July 25)  In a game at Adams Park that either side could have won, the Cardston Indians came away as 9 to 6 winners over the Lethbridge Miners. Cardston had a narrow 8 to 7 edge in hits but the Miners out-fumbled the visitors 6 to 4. With the game deadlocked at 8 – 8, Cardston plated the ultimate winning tally in the eighth episode when winning pitcher Brooks was credited with a four-ply clout on a hit that was, for all intents and purposes, a double but turned into a round-tripper when the horsehide got lost a patch of outfield weeds. Losing heaver Joe Gillis doubled twice for the Lethbridge aggregation.

Brooks (W) and J. McKenzie
J. Gillis (L), W. Ridpath (4) and Yorko

(July 25)  The Lethbridge O-B’s remained on an even footing with Cardston by trimming the hosting Spring Coulee Colts 18 to 9 in a tilt shortened to eight innings because of darkness. The Our Bests were far from their best and were fortunate to come away with a victory as they were outswatted 14 to 7 in a sloppily-played game. The Colts were especially inept when it came to defensive play.

Seaman (W) and Sang
Roberts, Gilchrist (L) (5) and Rice

(August 1)  The Lethbridge Our Best Millers kept their winning streak in tact with a 9 to 5 triumph over the Spring Coulee Colts in a ragged exhibition of baseball at Adams Park. All of the scoring occurred during the first four innings when the pitchers of record, winner “Peanuts” Tambor and “Tiny” Gilchrist of the Colts, were far from being in the zone. Tambor whiffed ten, walked three and was nicked for seven hits while Gilchrist, who was spasmodic at times, was raked for 11 safeties while breezing eight. “Lefty” Roberts of the visitors was presented with a gift home run when his bingle into the left garden became lost in the weeds. Gord Morrison and Art Green both had a double and single for the winners. Spring Coulee lodged a protest regarding the use of Ralph Greenway by Lethbridge, claiming he was ineligible.

Gilchrist (L) and Rice
Tambor (W) and Sang

(August 2)  Hosting Raymond and Magrath battled to a 6 – 6 tie in a game which was terminated after eight innings because of darkness.

Viers and R. Minion
Allred and Hicken

(August 3)  Cardston handily defeated the Lethbridge Miners 8 to 2 in the Temple City. Winning chucker Willard Brooks tamed the Coal Heavers with a four-hitter while the winners collected 11 safeties off the slants of loser Wade “Big Cheese” Ridpath. Jack McKenzie paced the victors with the baton, stroking two doubles and a pair of singles. Teammates D. Thompson and Del Beazer both delivered a brace of bingles.

(August 7)  In a replay of a the August 1 protested game, the Lethbridge O-B’s trimmed the Spring Coulee Colts 8 to 1. It was a case of too much “Big Six” Geoghegan for the Colts who were limited to five hits while being victimized for 18 strikeouts. Charlie Sang and Gord Morrison both launched solo homers for the victors.

Geoghegan (W) and Sang
Gilchrist (L) and Mercer

(August 8)  The Cardston Indians completed the regular schedule with a 9 – 1 won-loss record  by nosing out the Tigers 5 to 4 at Magrath. A disastrous, off-target throw to second base allowed winning heaver Willard Brooks to cross the pan with the deciding run in the top-of-the-ninth panel. Magrath threatened in the bottom-half of the ninth, loading the bases with one out, but a neat double play ended the game. 

McMillan, Brooks (W) and J. McKenzie
Viers (L) and G. Minion

(August 8)  A 4 to 1 victory over their city cousins, the Lethbridge Miners, at Adams Park assured the Lethbridge O-B’s a share of first place and a date with the Cardston Indians in a best-of-three playoff for the league championship. Playing errorless afield behind the seven-hit pitching of Steve Seaman, the Millers were never headed after scoring twice in the second stanza. Unfortunately for losing twirler Wade Ridpath, who was nicked for nine safeties, his mates booted the ball on four occasions which led to three unearned O-B tallies. The Miners, with nothing on the line for them in a meaningless contest, didn’t lie down and gave the co-pennant winners all they could handle. Emerging as the game’s top hitter was Nick Zubach of the Coal Heavers who stung the sphere for three hits including a double.

Seaman (W) and Sang
W. Ridpath (L) and Yorko

Best-of-three playoff Southern Alberta League finals

(August 10)  Lethbridge Our Bests got the jump on the Cardston Indians in their playoff series when they took the visitors down 10 to 3 at Adams Park. The Braves jumped out to an early 2 to 0 first-inning lead as the Doughboys defense temporarily faltered behind winning tosser Norm “Big Six” Geoghegan. The O.B’s knotted the count in the bottom of the second and then scored eight times in the fourth, sending loser Brooks to the showers in the process. Outfielder Harvey Schweitzer of the Millers was the only swatter from either club to register two hits, garnering a double and single.

Brooks (L), Beazer (4) and J. McKenzie
Geoghegan (W) and Sang

(August 14)  The Cardston Indians were recipients of a 5 to 4 gift win in the second game of the Southern Alberta League playoffs held in the Temple City. Trailing 4 to 3 in semi-darkness in the bottom of the ninth, the Tribe were recipients of four successive hit batsmen by Lethbridge chuckers, the last one by reliever “Big Six” Geoghegan who inadvertently lost his cool and, in frustration, uncorked a wild pitch, allowing the winning run to cross the plate. Lethbridge’s Harvey Schweitzer had a fifth-inning solo home run. The third and final game of the series has been put on hold as both competing teams become involved in playdowns leading to the 1923 Alberta senior amateur championship. First-round provincial playoff pairings have the Indians facing the Crow’s Nest Pass League winners, Coleman, while the O. B.’s will tangle with Medicine Hat.

Seaman, Geoghegan (L) (9) and Sang
Brooks (W) and J. McKenzie

No final game was ever played as the Cardston Indians disbanded for the season due to harvesting operations.



(May 16)  Invading Stavely trounced the hosting Claresholm Cubs 11 to 2. The score was knotted at 1 – 1 until the bottom-of-the-sixth stanza when the visitors took control of things by scoring a five-spot. Losing chucker Frederickson was lifted in the seventh but reliever Flink was unable to stem the tide as four additional counters crossed the pan. Winning flinger “Slim” Haynes fanned six, was nicked for six hits and was the beneficiary of three fast double plays from his teammates. Vern Anderson, Harry Malchow, Roy Jenkins and Chuck Clark all singled twice for the winners.

Haynes (W) and Allan
Frederickson (L), Flink (7) and Sweet

(May 24)  After 11 innings of hard-fought diamond action, Stavely emerged as 7 to 6 victors over visiting Claresholm.

Stebbings, Frederickson (L) and Sweet
Jenkins, Malchow (W) and Allan

(May 30)  Claresholm blanked Nanton 7 to 0 behind the shutout pitching of Frederickson.

McLeod (L), Sears and Loree
Frederickson (W) and O. Berg

(June 7)  Stavely nosed out Vulcan 1 to 0 in a classic pitcher’s duel. Winning tosser “Slim” Haynes rationed the Vulcan nine to just two hits while losing chucker Si Siler was nicked for only four safeties. 

Haynes (W) and Allan
Siler (L) and Recor

(June 20)  Stavely had no difficulty in disposing of Nanton 5 to 0 to increase their lead atop the Alberta Southern League standings. Roy Jenkins was the big noise with the willow for the front-runners, smashing a three-bagger and a single. “Slim” Haynes fired a two-hitter in garnering the shutout win.

Skeen (L), McLeod (8) and Loree
Haynes (W) and Allan

(June 22)  Homestanding Vulcan pummeled Claresholm 13 to 3 in a one-sided Alberta Southern League tilt. Winning pitcher Si Siler had the game under control at all times and was afforded great support by his teammates. Third baseman Joe Glenn of the triumphant nine had the game’s most impactful blow, a bases-loaded triple. Both Siler and losing twirler Frederickson recorded seven strikeouts.

Frederickson (L) and O. Berg
Siler (W) and Recor

(June 27)  Vulcan bunched eleven hits to capture a 5 to 3 verdict over Nanton. Si Siler gave up five hits in earning the mound win. Losing heaver Bill McLeod had ten strikeouts.

Siler (W) and Recor
McLeod (L) and Hyman

(June 28)  Stavely doubled the visiting Claresholm club 14 to 7 in a free-swinging Alberta Southern League affair. Chuck Clark and Lester Haynes hit well for Stavely while Grant and Marc Jenkins starred for Claresholm.

Stebbings (L), Frederickson and Berg
Malchow (W) Haynes and Allan

(July 2)  In a Dominion Day clash played at Vulcan, Claresholm won out 8 to 3 over Nanton.

Frederickson (W) and Berg
Skeen (L), McLeod (6) and Loree

(July 2)  Scoring once in each of the first and second stanzas, Stavely blanked Vulcan 2 to 0.

Haynes (W) and Allan
Siler (L) and Recor

(July 5)  It took seventeen innings before Vulcan scored twice to defeat Nanton 8 to 6. An eighth-inning home run by Nanton’s Larson with two aboard had knotted the count at 6 – 6. No further scoring occurred until the eighth overtime session when the winners strung together three hits for a pair of counters.

McLeod (W) and Loree
Siler, Joe Glenn (5) and Recor

(July 11)  Claresholm clipped the visiting Nanton nine 5 to 2.

McLeod (L) and Loree
Frederickson (W) and Berg

(July 11)  George “Si” Siler mowed down 16 batters with third strikes but it wasn’t enough as his Vulcan band of baseballers were blanked 3 to 0 by front-running Stavely. The game was scoreless until the seventh stanza when, with two out and a runner at second base, Siler made an ill-advised pickoff attempt to the keystone sack which was off-target and allowed the baserunner to romp home. Under exactly the same circumstances in the same stanza, Vulcan catcher Billy Recor heaved wide of second base, allowing a second run to sprint across the pan. “Shorty” Bouzyan later plated the final Stavely counter when he stole home against a rattled Siler. Winning tosser, Lester “Slim” Haynes, struck out three in going the distance.   

Haynes (W) and Allan
Siler (W) and Recor

(July 16)  Vulcan defeated Nanton.

(July 23)  Stavely collected their twelfth consecutive win, handing the visiting Vulcan squad an 8 to 1 setback. Stavely’s Chuck Clark blasted a home run in support of winning tosser “Slim” Haynes and also played a stellar game defensively. 

Siler (L) and Recor
Haynes (W) and Allan

(July 25)  Vulcan hammered Claresholm 20 to 3 to take over second place in the Alberta Southern League. Joe Glenn struck out eight in taking the knoll win. Vulcan batters lit into three different Claresholm hurlers for 14 hits as the hitting of Willard Love was the feature of the game.

Frederickson (L), Sweet (4), Jenkins (7), Frederickson (7) and Berg
Joe Glenn (W) and Recor

(August 1)  A sixth-inning error allowed league-leading Stavely to score an unearned counter and nose out Nanton 3 to 2. Winning slabster “Slim“ Haynes struck out ten and allowed five hits. Bill McLeod of Nanton fanned three and allowed three base raps.

McLeod (L) and Loree
Haynes (W) and Allan


Red Deer

(May 24)  The lid was pried off the Central Alberta Baseball League season in ideal weather as homestanding Red Deer annexed a 5 to 3 win over Ponoka. Winning pitcher Cliff Osterland limited the visitors to two hits. George Dancocks led the six-hit attack by Red Deer against losing chucker Harry Dittberner of Ponoka, stroking three hits.

Dittberner (L) and Hambly
Osterland (W) and Johnson

(May 24)  Lacombe defeated Bentley.

(May 27)  Ponoka won from Lacombe 5 to 2 in a game that was terminated after six innings because of rain.

(May 27)  Red Deer travelled to Bentley where a vintage pitching duel between Williams of the hosting nine and Cliff Osterland of the invaders ensued. Williams recorded 12 strikeouts and yielded just one hit as Bentley nosed out Red Deer 1 to 0. The lone run of the game resulted on an overthrow to first base by Osterland who fanned ten and gave up only two hits. 

Osterland (L) and Johnson
Williams (W) and Morrison

(May 31)  Scoring five runs in the sixth stanza, Lacombe climbed into first place in the Central Alberta circuit after doubling the visiting Ponoka nine 6 to 3.

(June 4)  Homestanding Ponoka nosed out Red Deer 3 to 2 in a hotly-contested match.  Both winning pitcher Jensen and losing hurler Cliff Osterland fanned eight batters.

Osterland (L) and xxx
Jensen (W) and xxx

(June 7)  The much-touted Lacombe ball team travelled to Red Deer and went down to defeat 5 to 2.  Both teams registered seven base hits, none of which went for extra bases. Starting heaver Cliff Osterland of the winning nine developed a sore arm after 4-2/3 innings on the hill and was forced to retire in favor of Mayberry who did a fine job in relief. Losing chucker Woodward accumulated nine strikeouts. George Dancocks of Red Deer and second baseman Teer of Ponoka, with two singles apiece, were the leading hitters.

Woodward (L) and Robbins
Osterland, Mayberry (W) (5) and Nelson

(June 7)  Ponoka chucker Harry Dittberner spun a seven-hitter as his club blanked the hometown Bentley nine 7 to 0. Starting twirler Fortner of Bentley was nicked with the loss.

(June 8)  Red Deer whacked the offerings of losing pitcher Williams for nine hits in capturing a 10 to 3 decision over invading Bentley. Sporting a 4 – 3 lead, the homesters put the verdict on ice by running across six counters in the bottom-of-the-eighth inning. Winning heaver Mayberry swished 15, walked three and surrendered just two hits. George Dancocks singled three times for the winners while teammate Marks collected a double and single.

Williams (L) and Morrison
Mayberry (W) and Nelson

(June 11)  Hosting Lacombe administered a setback to Red Deer.

(June 14)  It took 12 innings of exciting baseball before the Red Deer baseballers edged the visiting Ponoka nine 4 to 3. Red Deer’s youthful moundsman, Mayberry, pitted his skills against veteran Ponoka slabster Hans Rohwer in the closely-contested affair in which the hosts held a 7 to 4 edge in base hits. A two-out single by middle pasture patroller Marks in the bottom of the third session of bonus play drove in infielder Johnson, who had narrowly reached base on a scratchy one-bagger earlier in the frame, with the winning counter. Mayberry had 13 strikeouts while Rohwer breezed ten. Johnson, along with outfielder Greer, paced the victors offensively with a brace of bingles each. Keystone sacker Headley of Ponoka belted a bases-empty home run in the fourth round.

Rohwer (L) and Hambly
Mayberry (W) and Nelson

(June 18)  Lacombe doubled Ponoka 4 to 2.

(June 27)  Lacombe’s winning streak came to an abrupt end on their home turf when last-place Bentley walked away with a 10 to 4 win. Eight big runs in the fifth inning sealed the deal for the invading Bentley squad.

Williams (W) and Morrison
Edgington (L), Woodward (5) and Robbins

STANDINGS             W      L      Pct.
Lacombe               5      3     .625
Red Deer              5      3     .625
Ponoka                3      4     .429
Bentley               2      5     .286   

(June 28)  Visiting Ponoka overcame an opening-inning  2 – 0 deficit to shade Bentley 3 to 2. Jensen copped the pitching win over Fortner. O’Brien had a two-run homer for the victors. 

(June 28)  Hosting Red Deer was awarded a 9 – 0 forfeiture victory over Lacombe when pitcher Woodward of the visitors, after being ejected from the game, refused to leave the diamond with his team in front 9 to 6.  

(July 2)  Ponoka swept a holiday twin-bill from visiting Bentley by scores of 12 to 2 and 3 to 2. Hans Rohwer annexed the mound decision over Fortner in the one-sided opener while Harry Dittberner took the evening knoll verdict over Williams. Vern Longman plated the winning counter in the bottom-of-the-ninth stanza of the finale. After doubling to get into scoring position, Longman sprinted home with the deciding tally on an RBI-single by outfielder MacDonald.

(July 2)  With the scored tied at 2 – 2 in the bottom-of-the-eighth inning and two runners on base, Red Deer management pulled their team off the field after a dispute over a steal of third base by a Lacombe baserunner, ending the tilt. This was the second Red Deer vs Lacombe game in succession that such a situation occurred which resulted in a 9 – 0 forfeiture as the bad blood continued between these two squads. Woodward of the hosts and Red Deer’s Denny had been locked in a tight mound struggle up to the time of the abrupt finish.  

(July 6)  After three postponements on account of rain, Bentley was finally able to appear on the Red Deer diamond but the visit was an unpleasant one for the invaders as they were pummelled 15 to 6 by the hosts. One area in which the Bentley club came out on top was in the base hit department as they outhit Red Deer by a 12 to 9 margin. Cliff Osterland swished nine and went the distance for the knoll victory while Bentley starter Williams, derricked in the fourth frame, suffered the loss. Outfielder Hoarstad of the visitors led all batters with three singles. The versatile Nelson of Red Deer stroked a triple and single while teammate Denny delivered a double and one-base rap.

Osterland (W) and McLaren
Williams (L), Fortner (4) and Morrison

(July 9)  The travelling Red Deer aggregation was mauled 16 to 5 by hosting Ponoka. The victors pounded 11 hits off losing hurler Cliff Osterland while winning tosser Jensen was nicked for four hits.

Osterland (L) and McLaren
Jensen (W) and Stoddart

(July 12)  Hans Rohwer struck out 11 in pitching Ponoka to a narrow 2 to 1 conquest of hometown Lacombe and a share of first place in the final standings. Ponoka plated their pair of counters in the fourth frame on a two-run double by outfielder Rice. Lacombe struck for their only marker in the fifth when losing chucker Woodward drew a base-on-balls and finally touched the pan following a pair of Ponoka errors.

STANDINGS             W      L     Pct.
Lacombe               8      4    .667
Ponoka                8      4    .667
Red Deer              6      6    .500
Bentley               2     10    .167  

FINALS    Ponoka vs Lacombe  (best-of-five series)

(July 19)  Lacombe and Ponoka were unable to determine a winner after playing to a 2 – 2 draw in a clash that ended prematurely after five frames. Jensen of the visitors and Lacombe’s Woodward were the opposing slabsters.

(July 24)  Ponoka and invading Lacombe battled to a ten-inning 3 – 3 tie in their second attempt to determine a winner in the Central Alberta League finals. Darkness prevented playing anything beyond the first overtime session. Woodward, on the knoll for Lacombe, fanned 12 while his mound opponent, Ponoka’s Jensen, whiffed 11. Each pitcher walked one batter.

Woodward and Teer
Jensen and Hambly

(July 27)  A Texas League single by first baseman Charles Lewis with the bases loaded in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning allowed two runs to score as Lacombe edged visiting Ponoka 4 to 3. Woodward got the heaving win over Hans Rohwer in the exciting tilt.

(August 13)  Lacombe doubled Ponoka 12 to 6 in a ragged affair to capture the best-of-three Central Alberta Baseball League final series. The homesters drove losing heaver Jensen from the clay heap in the second spasm as Harry Dittberner came on in relief and went the rest of the way. Woodward went the distance on the bump for the victors. Jensen, who remained in the game after exiting the knoll, slammed a home run in a losing cause. 


The league began the season with four entries, all from the Alberta side of the border, but when one of the original entries, Pincher Creek, suspended operations, the league moguls decided in late June to add a team from Michel B.C. to the mix.

Michel BC
Pincher Creek

(June 6)  Coleman mauled the invading Blairmore nine 10 to 0 in the opening game of the Pass Baseball circuit. The game terminated after seven stanzas because of darkness.

Pruden (L), Hillings (4) and Connolly
Mercer (W) and Clarke

(June 9)  Hosting Pincher Creek engaged Bellevue in a wild, offensively-charged swatfest in which the homesters prevailed 23 to 15.

(June 13)  Bellevue, with F. Hallworth on the hill, stopped the Blairmore Trail Rangers 8 to 6.

(June 15)  Rain terminated a league encounter after five innings of play in which Coleman came from behind to top Bellevue 8 to 5. “Lefty” Hollister earned the knoll verdict over Bellevue’s Mescher. Top hitter in the game was D. Dewar of the vanquished nine who ripped the horsehide for a home run and two doubles.

Hollister (L) and K. Dewar
Mescher (W) and Clark

(June 18)  Bellevue balltossers won their first home game by defeating the Blairmore nine 4 to 1. It was a pitcher’s battle throughout. “Lefty” Hollister, hurling for Bellevue, allowed only three hits. M. Pruden for Blairmore was also effective, yielding only four safeties but his wildness was largely responsible for the defeat.
Pruden (L) and Siler, Connolly
Hollister (W) and Richards

(June 24)  Michel BC played their initial game in the Crow’s Nest Pass League but, showing a lack of practice time, were no match for the invading Coleman baseballers, dropping a 9 to 2 decision.

Mescher (W) and Clark
Halcro (L), Krall and Sadlish

(July 11)  Bellevue bested hosting Blairmore 12 to 8.

Thompson (W) and Richards
Barbec (L), Dicken (7) and Connolly

(July 13)  Visiting Coleman annexed a 12 to 11 win over Bellevue.

(July 18)  After giving up the first two runs of the game, winning pitcher Mescher stifled the invading Michel nine while his mates were running up the score which eventually ended in an 18 to 3 triumph for pace-setting Coleman. Outfielder Singer blasted a four-bagger for the winners.

(July 20)  Bellevue clipped visiting Michel 9 to 4 in a league fixture.

(July 23)  Travelling Michel went down to a 7 to 2 defeat at the hands of Blairmore. Albert Olsen notched the pitching win over Lui Krall. M. Pruden had a two-run three-bagger for the winners.

L. Krall (L) and M. Krall
Olson (W), Pruden (7) and Connolly

(July 27)  Invading Coleman used three different pitchers trying to curtail the offense of the Blairmore balltossers but were unsuccessful as the homestanding Trail Rangers prevailed 8 to 3 in a darkness-shortened, eight-inning affair. Winning tosser M. Pruden was never in any major trouble during the tilt and received great offensive support from outfielder W. Collins who had four RBI’s with a pair of doubles.

Mescher (L), Harriman (2), Ferko (7) and Clarke, Johnson (2)
Pruden (W) and Connolly

(July 29)  In a long, drawn-out Crow’s Nest Pass League fixture, Michel defeated Blairmore 18 to 12. A ten-run outburst in the third inning pretty well sealed the deal for Michel. 

Hillings (L), Pruden, Reddick, Olsen and Connolly
Sadlish (W) and Kojler

(August 8)  Playing on their home turf, the Bellevue diamond troopers were trimmed 8 to 5 by invading Blairmore.






Bank of Montreal
Forest Lawn
Riverside Iron Works

* 1923 pennant winners


C.N. Telegraphs                            
North Edmonton
Shiloh Giants *

Foresters (I.O.F.) *

* 1923 division champions


(August 27)  A four-spot in the top-of-the-tenth inning gave the Shiloh Giants a 7 to 3 victory over the Foresters in the sudden-death East-West Division final for the Edmonton Intermediate Baseball League crown. The overtime fracas at Diamond Park drew a large crowd. Winning heaver W. Wagner of the colored troupe limited the I.O.F. nine to just three hits while walking four but found himself and the Shiloh mates trailing 3 – 0 after five innings had been played. Wagner fanned 15 and yielded just one earned run while his mound opponent Max May was nicked for ten safeties, gave up two free passes, hit two batters and whiffed seven. The West End division champions unravelled defensively in the bonus round of play while the Giants used a single by speedster Jesse Jones and a triple by first baseman Lee to break a 3 – 3 tie and plate four big tallies.   

Wagner (W) and Braxton
May (L) and Talbot 



(August 14)
FINAL STANDINGS       W       L       Pct.
Nilram                8       4      .667
Eastervale            8       4      .667
Rosyth                5       7      .417
Amisk                 3       9      .250       




Stony Plain




Red Cross


(June 6) Playing on the local CNR diamond, Lloydminster defeated Allister 4-1 Wednesday. Brown allowed a run in the first inning then blanked the visitors the rest of the way.

(June 19) A three run eighth inning carried Camrose to a 6-3 victory over Wetaskiwin. The game featured an unassisted triple play by Wetaskiwin. With the bases loaded, Busby of Camrose drove a hot liner up the middle. F. Adam speared the ball and touched second for the second out then succeeded in touching the runner on the move from first to end the inning.

P.Adam (W) and H.Adam
Kadlac (L) and Craig

(June 20) The Hatters of Medicine Hat cleaned up on the Bassano Bearcats Wednesday taking both games of a double header, 5-2 and 5-1 in unfavourable conditions. Heavy rains had made the field nearly unplayable and sawdust was much in evidence. The home club punched out 11 hits while Chris Sailer scattered eight hits for the win.

Crory (L) and Nelson
Sailer (W) and Rattray

In the second game, the locals erupted for all five runs, helped by three Bassano errors, in the first inning and coasted to the win. Bill Mulholland held the visitors to four hits.

Oderkirk (L), Ralph Burrows (1) and Nelson
Mulholland (W) and Rutherford

(June 27) Hometown Macleod scored five runs in the second inning, sparked by Dean's grand slam homer, and were never headed in taking a 7-5 decision over Granum.

McDonald (L) and Purcell
Forbes (W) and Pugh

(July 2) In a thriller at Taber, Commerce, down 2-0 in the ninth inning, exploded for five runs to upset the local nine 5-2. Gillies racked up 11 strikeouts in going the distance as a good crowd who made the trek to the game broke out in cheers.

Lewis had a shutout into the final inning before his arm gave out and was replaced by Moore. Two singles and a walk loaded the bases. A single scored the first Commerce run and another one-bagger tied the score before the visitors plated three more.

Gillies (W) and xxx
Lewis (L), Moore (9) and xxx

(July 5) Lloydminster topped Yankee Bend 8-4 at the CNR diamond on Thursday. Winning pitcher Fred Brown had a shutout through seven innings but an error in the eighth allowed the first run for the visitors who added three more in the ninth on shoddy fielding by the home club.

(July 5) The visitors from Rockyford trounced Drumheller 18-4 Thursday jumping out to a four run lead in the first inning. They had a 12-4 lead when they broke loose for another six runs in the eighth.

Gleichman (W) and Smith
Gould (L) and Gibson

(July 20)   Lloydminster slaughtered Kitscoty 18-2 in baseball action at the border community Friday evening. The game, at the C.N.R. diamond, was called at the end of the seventh inning on account of darkness. Recent rains made the diamond very slippery especailly around home plate. Next Wednesday Lloydminster takes on Vermilion in a double-header. J. Ferguson pitched for the winners, who trailed 2-1 after two innings but took the lead with five runs in the third.

(July 25) Vermilion and Lloydminster divided a double header Wednesday at the border community. The visitors took the opener 3-2 and the home nine bounced back to win the second game 5-4. Vermilion scored all their runs in the first game in the fourth inning helped by errors. The visitors took a 4-1 lead in the second game but Lloydminster tied in in the eighth and F. Reuther opened the ninth with a three-bagger and came home with the winning run on Armstrong's single.

(July 26) Bassano, swept by the Hatters in an earlier twin bill, rang up 25 runs Thursday in taking two from Medicine Hat, 11-9 and 14-7. In the afternoon game, the Hatters, playing at home, put 18-year-old Ray Partridge on the mound for his debut in senior company. For three innings it well exceedingly well. He faced only ten batters, not allowing a hit and the home nine ran up an 8-1 advantage after four. But five hits and a pair of errors gave the visitors six runs in the fifth and they added one in sixth and three more in the eighth on four hits and two more errors. Crory went the route for the mound decision for Bassano. Wilson and Teel had home runs for the Hatters.

In the evening game, Bill Mullholland was plastered for 9 runs on 9 hits and 3 errors in the first three innings as Bassano romped to the 14-7 victory. Burrows was the winning hurler.

(August 20) Minburn got outstanding mound work from Hockins and Cornett Friday to sweep a double header from Lloydminster 7-1 and 5-0.

Hockins (W) and Bentley
Ferguson (L) and Reuther

Cornett (W) and Bentley
W.Brown (L) and Reuther


CARDSTON INDIANS (Southern Alberta League) vs COLEMAN (Crow’s Nest Pass League)

(August 18)  The Cardston Indians informed the A.A.B.A. that they would be defaulting their quarter-final series to Coleman as harvesting operations left the team with a severe player shortage. Coleman, the Crow’s Nest Pass League champions for 1923, were given the opportunity to advance directly into the provincial semi-finals but declined.

MEDICINE HAT MONARCHS (no league affiliation) vs LETHBRIDGE O.B. MILLERS (Southern Alberta League)

(August 18)  Medicine Hat got off to a great start in their best-of-five series with the Lethbridge Millers by taking both
games of a double-bill in the Gas City. The Hatters pummelled the O. B.’s 16 to 1 in the opener while taking the second contest by a 3 to 1 count. The matinee tussle was a walkaway for the hosts as they held a commanding 9 to 0 lead after three innings were in the books. Medicine Hat’s Connors tossed a three-hitter in breezing to the win. He also drilled four hits as did teammates Bellamy and Wilson. Outfielder Ernest Teel had a home run for the winners.

Seaman (L) and Sang
Connors (W) and Rattray

The follow-up game was more competitive although the visitors never held the lead and were out-hit 10 to 3. Winning flinger Bill Mulholland fanned eleven batters. Isom, anchoring the middle of the outer pasture, led the victors at the dish with a triple and two singles. Both second baseman, Bracken of the Hatters and Lethbridge’s Jack Currie, slammed circuit clouts.

Geoghegan (L) and Sang
Mulholland (W) and Rattray 

(August 20)  Medicine Hat portsider Bill Mulholland whiffed ten Lethbridge batters while limiting the Millers to a pair of singles, both by Gord Greenway, as the Gas City visitors impressively turned back the Windy City clan by an 8 to 0 score, copping the series in three straight games. Ernie Teel led the winners offensively with a double plus a brace of singles while shortstop Wilson smashed a pair of two-baggers.

Mullholland (W) and Rattray
Geoghegan (L), Tambor (7) and Sang

CALGARY HILLHURST HUSTLERS (Calgary Senior City League) vs MEDICINE HAT MONARCHS (no league affiliation)

(August 22)  The Calgary Hustlers and Stavely divided an A.A.B.A. playoff doubleheader at Stavely with the hosts capturing the initial match 4 to 2 while the Cowtowners evened matters with an 8 to 0 triumph in the late encounter. Stavely held an 11 to 6 margin in base hits garnered in capturing the opener. “Slim” Haynes went the distance on the hill to pick up the win.

Castagner (L) and McNabb
Haynes (W) and Allan 

The Hustlers had it all over Stavely in the second game as a combination of timely hitting, superb defense and the failure of the homesters to provide adequate defense spelled the difference. The third and final game of the best-of-three series will be decided in Calgary.

Lucas (W) and McNabb
Haynes (L), Jenkins (7) and Allan

(August 24)  The Calgary Hustlers advanced another notch in their senior provincial championship aspirations by taking the long end of a 10 to 2 count against the Alberta Southern League titlists from Stavely. The victory for the Calgarians now sends them into an A.A.B.A. semi-final series against Medicine Hat. While batting in the bottom of the eighth inning, losing pitcher “Slim” Haynes of Stavely was hit in the head by one of Calgary chucker Castagner’s offerings and, after taking the mound during the ninth frame, Haynes collapsed from dizziness and had to be removed from the game. Outfielder George Wiggs blasted a home run for the victorious Hustlers.

Castagner (W) and Howard
Haynes (L), Jenkins (9) and Allan

ROCKYFORD (no league affiliation) vs EDMONTON RED SOX (Edmonton Senior City League)

(August 29)  In a neutral site playoff doubleheader at Olds, the games were split with the Capital City crew capturing the matinee event 8 to 5 while the Rockyford outfit edged past the Red Sox 9 to 8 on the strength of a ninth-inning tally to tie the series in the nightcap. In the opening encounter, Edmonton rang up losing chucker Earl “Lefty” Brown for a cluster of sixth-inning blows which netted them a half dozen counters, enough for them to tuck away the victory. Outfielder Chapman blasted a home run and triple for the winners.

E. Brown (L) and M. Smith
Crozier (W) and Roots

Both starting hurlers from the first game, Ken Crozier of the Red Stockings and Rockyford’s “Lefty” Brown, again took the hillock for the late match. This game was mired with a number of rhubarbs over umpiring decisions, one of which led to a punch being thrown by Brown which landed squarely on the jaw of Edmonton manager Godson. Outfielder Reisch drilled a four-bagger for the victors while shortstop Knight had a pair of triples. A protest was filed by the Edmontonians on the basis of umpiring incompetency, particularly in the changing of decisions.       

E. Brown (W) and M. Smith
Crozier, Hamilton (L) (6) and Campbell

The two teams were never able to settle their bitter differences and play a third game so a northern Alberta winner was never declared.

CALGARY HILLHURST HUSTLERS (Calgary Senior City League) vs MEDICINE HAT MONARCHS (no league affiliation)

(August 29)  The Calgary Hustlers bombarded the host Medicine Hat squad 10 to 0 in the afternoon game of their playoff twin-bill but blew an opportunity to sweep the day’s proceedings when they allowed the Hatters to score five runs in the last two frames and escape with a 12 to 9 verdict. Castagner chucked an invincible three-hit shutout for the Hustlers in earning the mound win.

Castagner (W) and McNabb
Connors (L) and Rattray

After hurling superlative ball in the opener, Castagner failed to retain a two-run Calgary lead when he came on as an eighth-inning fireman in the owl encounter. An easy high fly ball which was muffed with two out would have altered the result.

Lucas, Castagner (L) (8) and McNabb
Mulholland (W) and Rattray

(August 31)  Medicine Hat took the lead in the best-of-five playoff series at Calgary when they defeated the Hustlers 7 to 3 behind the brilliant mound performance of left-hander Bill Mulholland. The classy Hatter southpaw had the Hustlers baffled so decisively that they were unable to touch him for a base hit until two were down in the eighth inning. The Gas City gang clicked for four runs in the fourth frame to take a 6 to 0 lead and, in the process, drive losing twirler Castagner to the showers. Shortstop Wilson, Mulholland and his batterymate, Rattray, each had two singles for the victors.

Mulholland (W) and Rattray
Castagner (L), Mickens (4) and Howard

(September 1)  Medicine Hat defeated the Calgary Hustlers 6 to 4 in the second game of a double-bill to capture the best-of-five southern Alberta crown three games to two. The Hustlers had evened the series with a first game 7 to 4 victory. With their backs to the wall in the opener, the Hustlers provided winning chucker Lucas with good defensive support and came through with timely hits to snatch the victory. Third sacker Stoddart laced three singles for the Calgarians. His hot corner counterpart, Bellamy, had a double and single in a losing cause.

Sailer (L), Partridge (7) and Rattray
Lucas (W) and McNabb

Medicine Hat’s Bill Mulholland picked up his third series’ win in the finale. Both teams stroked six base blows with the big difference being that the visiting Hatters were able to bunch four of their raps, combined with a pair of Calgary miscues, in the fifth frame which accounted for four tallies. The Hatters now advance to play for the 1923 Alberta championship.

Mulholland (W) and Rattray
Castagner (L) and McNabb

MEDICINE HAT MONARCHS (no league affiliation) representing southern Alberta vs northern Alberta champion

(September 21)  This series was never played. Rockyford withdrew from the A.A.B.A. senior championship after being ordered to replay a previously protested sudden-death semi-final game against the Edmonton Red Sox. They later reversed their opting-out decision but the squabbling between the two northern finalists dragged well into October which ended all possibilities of an Alberta final for 1923.

RED DEER (Central Alberta League) vs DIDSBURY (Rosebud League – northern division)  Sudden-death game

(August 16)  With neither pennant-winning Lacombe nor runner-up Ponoka registering to enter the provincial senior or intermediate playdowns, third-place Red Deer carried the banner of the Central Alberta Baseball League in the first round of A.A.B.A. intermediate play against Didsbury, champions of the Rosebud Baseball League. The opening tilt of the series was a fast and clean affair in which homestanding Red Deer prevailed 6 to 0 behind the two-hit hurling of Cliff Osterland. The game was scoreless until the bottom-of the-sixth spasm when Red Deer pushed across four tallies to take control of the game. Osterland fanned seven and walked two in the route-going performance. Leading the eight-hit attack of the winners was catcher McLaren who tagged losing heaver Keith for three singles. Osterland followed with a triple and one-bagger. E. Dawson, with a two-bagger and one-base rap, had both Didsbury safeties.

Keith (L) and Clemens
Osterland (W) McLaren

CARSTAIRS (Rosebud League – southern division) vs CALGARY FOREST LAWN (Calgary Intermediate League)  Best-of-three series

(August 18)  Carstairs defeated Calgary Forest Lawn in straight games to annex that quarter-final series.

RED DEER (Central Alberta League) vs OLDS (Rosebud League – northern division)  Best-of-three series

(August 20)  In a rather one-sided contest, Red Deer hammered invading Olds 14 to 3 in the first game of their A.A.B.A. intermediate quarter-final series. George Dancocks and Howie George each registered two base knocks for the victors in support of winning twirler Osterland.

Hansen (L) and Hinton
Osterland (W) and McLaren

(August 22)  Percy Smith tamed the homestanding Olds balltossers on two hits and faced only 28 batters in pitching Red Deer to a 2 to 0 blanking of the Rosebud Leaguers and a sweep of their best-of-three series. The game was a tight pitching duel all the way with the winners collecting just five safeties. Both Smith and losing chucker Oscar Hansen recorded seven strikeouts. Only one earned run was plated in the tilt, that coming in the fourth frame on an RBI-double by middle pasture patroller Marks.
Smith (W) and McLaren
Hansen (L) and Hinton

RED DEER (Central Alberta League) vs EDMONTON SHILOH GIANTS (East Edmonton Intermediate League)  Sudden-death game

(August 29)  Edmonton Shiloh Giants, a colored team representing the East Division of the Edmonton Intermediate Baseball League, qualified to play Red Deer after sidelining the I.O.F. team of the West Edmonton Division in the Capital City intermediate finals. In this sudden-death clash at Red Deer, they gave the hosting Central Alberta Leaguers all they could handle and it took a two-run, bottom-of-the-ninth rally which allowed Red Deer to advance the A.A.B.A. finals with a narrow 6 to 5 triumph. The Shilohs’ ace slab artist W. Wagner opposed Cliff Osterland of the homesters on the mound in this tilt and a tough battle ensued. For the first three innings, Red Deer had it all over the northerners, jumping out to a 4 – 0 lead after three rounds. The Edmontonians got on the scoreboard in the sixth with a brace of tallies and moved in front by plating a trey in the seventh with Wagner’s four-ply clout doing all the damage. Facing defeat and elimination as the bottom-of-the-ninth got underway, pinch-hitter Percy Smith got things rolling for the Aspen Parklanders with a smart single. Wagner retired the next two batters but then things began to unravel for the visitors. A base-on-balls to George Dancocks preceded a pair of infield throwing errors which allowed Smith to tally the equalizer and Dancocks the deciding marker. The Shilohs managed only three hits off winning twirler Osterland, two of those coming off the bat of Wagner who added a single to his round-tripper. Osterland rang up 13 strikeouts while Wagner accumulated seven. First baseman Howie George singled twice for the victors as part of their six-hit offense.  
Wagner (L) and Braxton
Osterland (W) and McLaren

CARSTAIRS  (Rosebud League – southern division) advanced to A.A.B.A. intermediate finals following withdrawal of Medicine Hat intermediates from play.

RED DEER (Central Alberta League) vs CARSTAIRS (Rosebud League – southern division)  Best-of-three series

(August 31)  Hosting Carstairs, winners of the southern section of the Rosebud League, annexed the opening game of the provincial intermediate championship series by defeating Red Deer 4 to 1.

(September 3)  After dropping the opener of a Labor day doubleheader by a score of 6 to 1, the Carstairs baseballers rallied late in the second game to defeat Red Deer 4 to 3 and capture the 1923 Alberta intermediate baseball championship. 

Both teams had six hits in the matinee clash but the homestanding Red Deer squad was more efficient in bunching their bingles and coming through in the latter stages of the game with ducks on the pond. The hosts broke open a 1 – 1 tie with a deuce in the seventh and put the result on ice with a trey in the eighth episode. Winning tosser Cliff Osterland fanned seven and walked just one while his mates played errorless ball behind him. Second baseman Tedball of the visitors had a double and single to pace all batters in the contest. Red Deer shortstop Nelson singled twice. 
J. Guyn (L) and Miller
Osterland (W) and McLaren

The evening clash was a battle royal with all the marbles on the line. Once again, the evenly-matched teams split the base hits, each garnering nine. Red Deer forged ahead 2 – 0 with singletons in each of the second and seventh stanzas but Carstairs came to life in the top-of-the-ninth panel. An overthrow to third base allowed the first comeback run to score. A two-bagger by outfielder Kelly then drove in the tying marker. An additional pair of doubles, one each by winning heaver Les Guyn and keystone sacker Tedball, followed and before the dust had settled, the Rosebud Leaguers had a 4 – 2 lead. Red Deer refused to go down without a fight and closed the gap to one run on a RBI-single by catcher McLaren in the bottom-of-the ninth but a fly-out ended the rally. Guyn had 14 strikeouts in the clincher while losing twirler Percy Smith fanned three. Red Deer’s second baseman Malcolm topped all hitters in the finale with three singles.

L. Guyn (W) and Miller
Smith (L) and McLaren