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1928 Vancouver Island   


The league was once again composed of three teams in 1928. A team of veteran ballplayers known as the Oldtimers entered the 1928 circuit replacing the U.C.T. team of a year previous. The Sons of Canada clinched the league pennant early and played out the string to mid-August since no playoffs were scheduled.

Sons of Canada

(May 7)  The defending champion Sons of Canada copped the opening game of the 1928 season by defeating the Eagles 12 to 10 in a free-hitting game at Royal Athletic Park. The combatants racked up 23 base knocks in the contest, a dozen of them stroked by the Sons. Registering three safe swats were Jack Bacon and winning pitcher Roy Copas of the Canadians as well as Bert Nex of the Feathered Flock. Outfielder Stanyar poled a grand-slam homer for the victors while Dave Essler of the vanquished nine launched a solo circuit-clout.

Copas (W) and Bacon
Dunk (L), Baker (3) and Ross

(May 10)  Frank Moore and his gang of Oldtimers met defeat in their inaugural appearance in the Senior Amateur League. The Eagles rode them hard for five innings and, when darkness put an end to the game, the Big Birds prevailed 9 to 4. The winners plated at least one counter in every inning off loser “Lefty” Zaccarelli, accumulating nine hits with first baseman Robinson and Dave Essler leading the way with a brace of safeties each. Winning tosser Joe Smith was touched for six base raps and fanned seven. Zaccarelli and playing-manager Moore both stroked a pair of safe swats off him with one of Moore’s knocks being a double.

Smith (W) and Ross
Zaccarelli (L) and McGinnis

(May 14)  The defending champion Sons of Canada thumped the Oldtimers 9 to 1 in a Senior Amateur League tussle at Royal Athletic Park. Playing-manager Roy Copas earned the mound win with a complete-game six-hitter. The keystone combo of second sacker Kim Campbell and shortstop Jimmy D’Arcy collected six, three apiece, of the 11 base knocks that the winners torched off losing tosser M. McDonald. Middle pasture patroller Bill Holman added to the Canadians’ offense with a two-run homer in the sixth stanza.

McDonald (L) and McGinnis
Copas (W) and Bacon

(May 17)  The Sons of Canada and the Eagles battled to a 1 – 1 draw in a great exhibition of baseball at Royal Athletic Park. Pitchers Bill Holness of the Sons and the Eagles’ Eric Whitehead were in top form with Holness tossing a no-hitter while the Canadians were able to muster only one hit, a single by first baseman Ralph Mawhinney,  off the slants of Whitehead. Holness walked four and whiffed five. Whitehead, who was a trifle wild at times, issued six free passes while fanning eleven. Both runs came as a result of errors.

Whitehead and Ross
Holness and Bacon

(May 21)  The winless Oldtimers took it on the chin once more, dropping a 14 to 3 decision to the Eagles. Roy Baker allowed the Vets only three safeties in going the route for the hillock triumph. Bert Nex of the Feathered Tribe, with three doubles, paced the willow wielders in the one-sided contest.

Todd (L), Donaldson (2) and Potts
Baker (W) and Ross

(May 31)  A second successive no-decision between the defending champion Sons of Canada and the Eagles took place at Royal Athletic Park where the foes fought to a 3 – 3 tie. Jimmy Holness of the Sons and the Big Birds’ Eric Whitehead handled the pitching chores with the Canadians holding a slight 7 to 6 advantage in base hits. Each team registered a home run. Bert Nex of the Eagles started things off with a solo blast in the opening panel. Outfielder Stanyer of the Sons blasted his second round-tripper of the campaign, also a bases-empty shot, in the third stanza. “Hap” Gandy laced three hits for the Feathered Flock while Stanyar and catcher Jack Bacon ripped two apiece for the Sons. 

Whitehead and Ross
Holness and Bacon

(June 4)  The Oldtimers trotted out a number of new players but, even then, it wasn’t quite good enough as they were nosed out by the Eagles 16 to 15 in a Royal Athletic Park slugfest. Topping the winners’ 14-hit attack was first baseman Roy Robinson who accumulated four base hits, all singles. Three-hit contributors were teammates Steve Nex and “Hap” Gandy. Top swatsmith for the Vets was Hy Green, in his first game of the season, who clipped the horsehide for a triple, double and single. Eric Whithead picked up the hurling victory with two innings of scoreless relief work.

Zaccarelli, Straith (L) (4) and Potts
Smith, Dunc (2), Whitehead (W)(4) and Ross

(June 11)  The Sons of Canada prevailed 13 to 11 in an error-filled Senior Amateur League match at Royal Athletic Park. Fifteen miscues were chalked up by the combatants, ten by the Eagles. Colin Campbell led the Sons’ hitters with a double and two singles while Roy Robinson tripled and singled twice for the Feathered Tribe.

Holness, Kerr (W) (6) and Bacon
Whitehead (L) and Ross

(June 14)  Pitching and defense were atrocious at Royal Athletic Park as the Oldtimers won their first of the season, a 17 to 15 conquest of the Eagles. 20 errors, 24 hits and 32 runs defined this forgettable clash. The Eagles’ Roy Robinson laced four singles in a losing cause while Zaccarelli of the Vets led the hitters from the winning squad with a home run and two singles.

McDonald (W) and Quinn
Keown (L), Baker (1) and Ross

(June 18)  The Sons of Canada strengthened their toehold on the leadership of the Senior Amateur League when they defeated the Oldtimers 15 to 2 at Royal Athletic Park. Lloyd Cann, up from the Tillicums of the Commercial League, did an adequate job on the hill for the winners, scattering seven hits, fanning seven and walking one. Losing twirler M. McDonald was torched for 15 base blows, four of which went for extra bases. Colin Campbell, Jimmy D’Arcy and playing-manager Roy Copas led the Canadians with the baton, each stroking a triad of safeties. Campbell’s hit total included a triple and double while Copas’ sum of swats encompassed a two-bagger.

Cann (W) and Bacon
McDonald (L) and Quinn

(June 25)  Although both teams clubbed the horsehide for nine base raps, the Oldtimers were better able to parlay their swats into runs as they hung a 7 to 4 defeat upon the Eagles at Royal Athletic Park. The Oldtimers took control of the game with an eighth-inning rampage which netted them four counters. Newcomer Sid Thompson, on the knoll for the victors, struck out six in copping the decision. Infielder Bert Nex, playing against his former mates, led the Vets offensively with a trio of safe swats, including a three-bagger and double.

Whitehead (L) and Ross
Thompson (W) and Quinn

(June 28)  The Oldtimers completely upset the dope at Royal Athletic Park by sending the league-leading Sons of Canada down to their first loss of the campaign, an 11 to 4 setback. Home runs by Jimmy Givens, a grand-slam shot, and Walter Gravlin, a three-run blast, of the Vets featured the game. Givens, out of retirement, had a pair of singles to go along with his round-tripper. Alex Straith led the winners with the stick, belting a brace of doubles and two singles. Kim Campbell singled on three occasions for the Sons.

McDonald (W) and Quinn
Holness (L), Kerr (3) and Bacon 

(July 2)  The Sons of Canada split an exhibition holiday doubleheader with the Asahis of Vancouver, absorbing a 17 to 5 clobbering in the morning tussle before rebounding with a 5 to 4 triumph in the afternoon event.
The Sons committed an unbelievable 18 errors in the opener, handing the game of a platter to the visitors. The Nippons registered ten hits as well with third baseman George Kato dialing long distance for a four-bagger.

Nishidera (W) and Yasui
Kerr (L) and Bacon

The Sons came from behind and won the finale by scoring a brace of tallies in the fifth inning. Bill Holman socked two homers for the Victorians which resulted in four runs.

G. Tanaka (L) and Yasui
Cann (W) and Bacon

(July 5)  In spite of banging the biscuit for ten more safeties than the opposition, the Eagles failed to win their clash with the Sons of Canada at Royal Athletic Park and were edged 9 to 8. Of the 26 base knocks registered in the contest, the Big Birds were credited with 18 of them off winning tosser Johnny Kerr while losing flinger Roy Baker was touched up for eight. A failure to connect in several crucial situations translated into the stranding of eleven base runners. Bobby Ross of the Clubmen led all swatsmiths with four singles while teammate Steve Dunc nailed a homer and two singles. The Canadians’ Bill Holman stung the sphere for three doubles.    

Baker (L) and Ross
Kerr (W) and C. Campbell

(July 9)  Seemingly hitting their stride after a poor start to the season, the Oldtimers annexed their third successive Senior Amateur League win at Royal Athletic Park, clipping the Eagles 11 to 9. With the score tied at 9 – 9 after eight full innings, the Oldtimers scored a pair in the top-of-the-ninth panel on a single by first baseman Alex Potts and Jimmy Givens’ RBI triple to salt the game away. In rudely jolting the pennant hopes of the Clubmen, the Vets banged our 16 hits, three each by Walter Gravelin and flychaser McDonald. One of Gravlin’s base knocks was a three-run circuit-clout. Keystone sacker Harry Down of the Feathered Flock lit up winning chucker Sid Thompson for a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Thompson (W) and Quinn
Baker (L) and Ross

(July 10)  Following the playing of Walter Gravlin for the Oldtimers in the June 9th Senior Amateur Baseball League game against the Eagles, Arthur Manson, president of the Victoria Board of the Amateur Athletic Union is on the warpath. This morning he announced that every one of the amateur players who competed in last night’s game is now under suspension. Gravlin is club professional at the Uplands Golf Club.

(July 12)  The Sons of Canada practically clinched the Senior Amateur League pennant at Royal Athletic Park when they handed the Oldtimers a 15 to 4 pasting in a slow-moving game. Scoring seven times in the first inning, the Canadians increased their lead as the game progressed. Bill Holness pitched for the Sons and, although inclined to be wild at times, he was given airtight support by his mates. He gave up six hits, breezed seven and issued six bases on balls. Leading the 13-hit offensive thrust of the victors was catcher Colin Campbell with three safeties including a double. Teammates Roy Copas and Ralph Mawhinney both stroked a pair of one-baggers as did Alex Potts of the vanquished nine.

Holness (W) and C. Campbell
Zaccarelli (L), McDonald (1) and Quinn 

(July 16)  A 10 to 6 conquest of the Eagles sealed the seal for the Sons of Canada in their quest to clinch the Victoria Senior Amateur Baseball League pennant. The game featured home runs by the Eagles’ Steve Dunc and Bill Holman of the Sons while a number of other snappy plays were seen. The Canadians banged out a dozen base raps while the Big Birds responded with nine. Both Dunc and Holman had doubles in addition to their four-ply clouts. Colin Campbell ripped a single and a triple for the victors.

Mosier (W) and C. Campbell
Baker (L) and Ross

(July 19)  Stinging the sphere hard and often, the Oldtimers got past the Eagles 9 to 7 in a Senior Amateur League fracas at Royal Athletic Park. The Vets went ahead to stay in the fourth canto when they posted a three-spot. Two of their swatsmiths had outstanding evenings at the platter. Bert Nex ripped the apple for a home run, triple and double while fellow infielder Alex Potts stroked four singles in four attempts. Responding for the Clubmen was Steve Dunc who laced three one-baggers.

Whitehead (L) and Ross
Thompson (W) and Quinn

(July 23)  The Sons of Canada won a ragged Senior Amateur League fixture from the Oldtimers by a 16 to 6 count. The Sons had a field day at the plate, smashing the horsehide for 17 base knocks. They were also aided immensely by the defensive ineptness of the Vets who flubbed the ball for eleven errors. Even winning chucker Johnny Kerr was far from being sharp as he was nicked for ten safeties while walking four. Jack Bacon and Colin Campbell had three hits apiece for the winners with a double being included in Campbell’s total. Sid Thompson doubled and singled twice for the losers. Bill Holman of the Canadians and Oldtimers’ flychaser Dick Chungranes launched home runs for their respective squads.

McDonald (L) and Quinn
Kerr (W) and C. Campbell

(July 26)  Scoring five runs in the sixth inning, the pennant-winning Sons of Canada chalked up an 11 to 6 victory over the Eagles in a Senior Amateur League contest at Royal Athletic Park. Lloyd Cann of the Commercial League Tillicums occupied the bump for the Sons and went the route for the victory, allowing six scattered hits while swishing eleven. He was lit up for a home run by Steve Dunc but responded with a round-tripper of his own. Losing twirler Eric Whitehead allowed seven safeties while breezing six. Kim Campbell tripled and singled twice for the winners.

Whitehead (L) and Ross
Cann (W) and Bacon

(August 2)  Playing airtight ball behind the steady pitching of veteran chucker Roy Baker, the Eagles uncorked a surprising 3 to 1 conquest of the pennant-winning Sons of Canada. Baker gave up six scattered safeties and fanned five in earning the mound decision over Bill Holness who was nicked for seven hits while breezing six. First baseman Alex Potts of the Clubmen had 16 putouts as Baker had the Sons hitting his sinker for routine groundouts. Johnny Latham and outfielder McDonald of the Feathered Flock as well as Holness of the Canadians had two hits apiece.

Holness (L) and Bain
Baker (W) and Ross

(August 6)  Allowing but five scattered hits, Commercial League graduate Lloyd Cann struck out eight while hurling the Sons of Canada to a 5 to 4 victory over the Eagles at Royal Athletic Park. Two singles and a sacrifice fly in the fifth inning produced the tying and winning counters for the Canadians. The Sons had only three hits in the game but eleven bases on balls by the tandem of losing pitcher Eric Whitehead and reliever McDonald afforded them the scoring opportunities to capture the tilt. Catcher Bobby Ross of the Clubmen was the only player in the contest to acquire multiple hits, stroking the horsehide for two singles.

Whitehead (L), McDonald (2) and Ross
Cann (W) and Bacon

(August 9)  Norm Geoghegan, making his first appearance on the mound this season, held the Eagles to three scattered hits as he hurled the pennant-winning Sons of Canada to a convincing 10 to 0 thumping of the Eagles. Every batter in the Sons’ lineup, with the exception of Jimmy Post was credited with a base hit off losing chucker Johnny Kerr.

Geoghegan (W) and Bacon
Kerr (W) and Ross

(August 13)  A rejuvenated band of Eagles took down the pennant-winning Sons of Canada  5 to 2 in solemn combat at Royal Athletic Park. The Sons went to their doom in the second inning when the Eagles sank their talons into starter and loser Bill Holness for three markers. McDonald, who twirled for the Clubmen, was master of the situation all the way, yielding but five safeties, whiffing six and walking four. Initial sacker Killick had three hits and a pair of stolen bases for the Big Birds. This game closed out the 1928 regular schedule.

McDonald (W) and Hilton
Holness (L), Bacon (7) and Bacon, xxx (7)


The 1928 circuit was reduced from four to three entries. One of the returning teams was the defending champion Sidney squad. A new club, sponsored by the Westholmes Hotel and comprising several of the players from the 1927 Crescents, entered the fray.

Westholmes Hotel

First Half

(May 2)  Sidney 2     Tillicums 1
              WP – Wade Steele     LP – Pete Campbell

(May 4)  Westholme Hotel 3     Tillicums 1
              WP – Al Mummery     LP – Lloyd Cann

(May 9)  Westholme Hotel 7     Sidney 5
              WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Wade Steele     HR – Jackson (Sidney)

(May 16)  Sidney 6     Tillicums 4
                WP- Wade Steele     LP – Lloyd Cann

(May 18)  Westholme Hotel 9     Sidney 9
                Westholmes – xxx     Sidney - Wade Steele, Sylvester Williams (3)

(May 25)  Westholme Hotel 11     Tillicums 5
                WP – Harold Pollard     LP – Lloyd Cann 

(May 30)  Tillicums 6     Sidney 0
                WP – Lloyd Cann     LP – Wade Steele

(June 1)  Sidney 3     Westholme Hotel 2
               WP – Simpson     LP – Harold Pollard

(June 6)  Sidney 6     Westholme Hotel 1
               WP – Wade Steele     LP – Dave Donaldson 

First-half final standings   W    L   
Westholmes                   4    2
Sidney                       4    2
Tillicums                    1    5

First-half championship playoff
(June 8)  Westholme Hotel 9     Sidney 3
               WP – Al Mummery     LP – Simpson

Second Half

(June 13)  Westholme Hotel 17     Tillicums 6  (10 innings)
                 WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Pete Campbell     HR – Doug McLaren (2) (Westholmes)

(June 15)  Tillicums 6     Sidney 5
                 WP – Lloyd Cann     LP – Wade Steele

(June 20)  Westholme Hotel 6     Sidney 6 (ten innings)
                 Harold Pollard (Westholmes)     Wade Steele (Sidney)

(June 27)  Westholme Hotel 7     Tillicums 7
                 Al Mummery (Westholmes)     LLoyd Cann (Tillicums)     HR – Hugh Devereaux (Westholmes)

(June 29)  Sidney 5     Tillicums 4  (ten innings)
                 WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Lloyd Cann     HR – Sylvester Williams (Sidney)

(July 6)  Sidney 10     Westholme Hotel 7
              WP – Wade Steele     LP – Harold Pollard

(July 11)  Westholme Hotel 14     Tillicums 5
               WP – Al Mummery     LP – Lloyd Cann     HR – Bert Saville (Tillicums)    

(July 13)  Tillicums 6     Sidney 4
                WP – Pete Campbell     LP – Wade Steele

(July 18)  Sidney 13     Westholme Hotel 5
                WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Harold Pollard

(August 1)  Sidney 13     Westholmes Hotel 4
                   WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Harold Pollard

Second-half final standings     W    L   
Sidney                          4     2   
Westholmes                      3     3    
Tillicums                       2     4 

McGAVIN CUP FINALS  Second-half winners Sidney vs First-half champions Westholme Hotel (best-of-three series)

(August 8)  Sidney 8     Westholme Hotel 7
                   WP – Simpson     LP – Dave Donaldson

(August ?)  Westholme Hotel defeated Sidney in second game of series. No final score or batteries found in print.

(August 29)  Westholme Hotel 6     Sidney 4
                     WP – Dave Donaldson     LP – Wade Steele


This newly-formed circuit of seven teams, divided into two divisions, was reduced to six after the first month of play when the Timberlands entry withdrew following three decisive losses.

Chemainus Huskies
Timberlands (withdrew from league in late May)
Victoria Capitals

Nanaimo Eagles
Port Alberni Elks

(May 13)  Invading Courtenay and the Port Alberni Elks opened their respective seasons by playing to an 11 – 11 draw in Port Alberni. The final result was confusing in that no extra innings were played since the plate umpire, Bert Billings who was under the impression that Courtenay had won the game by a single run, left the field.

Orr and Downey
Naslund and Dixon

(May 13)  The Chemainus Huskies clobbered the Timberlands nine by a 19 to 5 score.

(May 13)  Behind the steady pitching of Jimmy Dangerfield, the Victoria Capitals annexed their first start in the Vancouver Island Baseball League, stowing away a 5 to 4 decision over the visiting Duncan squad. Dangerfield was nicked for five safeties while ringing up 15 punchouts. H. Robinson, working from the slab on the elevated portion of the diamond for the Duncan pastimers, was raked for ten base raps while breezing just two. Both teams put up a three-spot in the third panel. The Caps went ahead 5 to 3 in the fourth and Duncan edged to within one by plating a seventh-inning singleton. Herb Cummins led the winners at the dish with a double and single while Duncan infielder “Salty” Sheppard spanked the horsehide for a triple and one-bagger. 

Robinson (L) and Rogers
Dangerfield (W) and More

(May 20)  The Nanaimo Eagles nosed out visiting Duncan 3 to 2 at the Central Sports ground before some 500 spectators. Hank Gailus copped the complete game hillock victory while Gold and Robinson toed the rubber for the Duncan squad.

(May 20)  The Alberni Elks inflicted a second loss on Timberlakes, whitewashing them 15 to 0. 

(May 20)  Journeying the Chemainus, the Victoria Capitals suffered a 7 to 6 setback at the hands of the Huskies in a hard fought Vancouver Island Baseball League tussle. Starter “Fat” Johns went 8 innings on the bump to earn the win for the Up-Islanders while Dan Lidstone, the first of three Victoria chuckers, absorbed the loss. Hot corner custodian G. Robinson laced a double and single for the winners.

Lidstone (L), Driver (3), Forbes (7) and More
Johns (W), Stickney (9) and Wylie

(May 27)  Courtenay swept a brace of games from visiting Nanaimo by scores of 7 to 5 and 18 to 3. A four-run eighth inning allowed Courtenay to overcome a 5 to 3 deficit and capture the opener. Clutch singles by outfielder McKay, catcher Jack Downey and infielder Charlie Bobba drove in the runs with Downey’s one-bagger resulting in 2 RBI’s.

Gailus (L) and Neave, Edmunds
Hunden, McKee (W) and Downey

The late match was a rout from start to finish with the hosts banging out 19 base blows while scoring in every inning but the fifth.

Gailus (L), Edmunds (2) and xxx
McKee (W) and Downey

(May 24)  The Victoria Capitals vaulted to the top of the South Division with a double victory in a three-team twin-bill that they hosted. The Caps took down the Chemainus Huskies 10 to 8 in the matinée event and followed up with an 8 to 3 conquest of the Port Alberni Elks in the late encounter. Norm Forbes grabbed the compete-game pitching win for the Caps in the opener. Chemainus connected for ten hits off his slants but, with the exception of seventh inning, he kept them pretty well scattered. Ross Oatman with a double and a pair of singles led the winners with the lumber. Teammate Herb Cummins followed with a triad of one-baggers. Huskies’ starter and loser Wes Stickney picked up a double and single.

Stickney (L) Johns (3) and Wylie
Forbes (W) and More

After giving Port Alberni a one-run lead in the first inning of the finale, winning pitcher Jimmy Dangerfield of the Capitals tightened up and held them scoreless until the sixth while his teammates were hanging up a seven-run lead. The Ports managed to narrow the margin slightly with singletons in the seventh and eighth panels but it was a case of too little, too late as Dangerfield finished with a six-hitter and 16 big strikeouts. Jack Noble and Jack McKenzie shared the batting honors for the Caps in this scuffle, both registering a brace of safeties with a double included in Noble’s sum. Shortstop Kearney and flychaser McNaughton ripped two singles each for the Elks.

Gilliland (L), King (4) and Kerr
Dangerfield (W) and Minnis

(May 27)  Winless Timberlakes lost their third consecutive match as the Port Alberni Elks hammered them 8 to 1. In recognition of their failure to provide a competitive team in the Vancouver Island circuit, a decision was made by the Timberlakes organization to withdraw from the league.

(May 27)  Back-to-back eight-spots in the fourth and fifth frames by the visiting Victoria Capitals spelled the death knell of the Duncan diamond troopers who who hammered 19 to 7. The Caps collected a total of 20 base hits in the one-sided slugfest as Ross Oatman, Herb Cummins, Jack McKenzie and winning pitcher Adolph Blunt rang up a brace of Duncan twirlers for three singles each. Contributing a three-run homer for the Victorians was third baseman Norm Forbes. Flychaser Weeks had a pair of singles for the vanquished nine.

Blunt (W) and More
Robinson (L), McKinney (6) and Doney, Rogers

(June 3)  Outswatted 13 to 11 in a heavy-hitting affair between Division leaders, the Southern pace-setting Victoria Capitals outlasted the Northern front-runners from Courtenay 12 to 10 on a slippery diamond at Royal Athletic Park. The loss for the Up-Islanders was their first of the campaign although they also have one tie. Jimmy Dangerfield, on the knoll for the Caps, went the route for the win, gathering five strikeouts along the way. Courtenay starter Bill McKee, who was yanked from the bump after 5-1/3 frames, suffered the loss but had the satisfaction of clubbing the game’s lone home run, a two-run shot in the eighth. Jack McKenzie tripled and singled to lead the Victorians at the plate while Jack Downey and Hally Dixon singled three times each for the losers.

McKee (L), Hunden (6) and Downey
Dangerfield (W) and More

(June 10)  Hosting Courtenay needed a three-spot in the seventh inning to get past the Chemainus Huskies 6 to 5. An two-out outfield error allowed a two-run Chemainus lead to evaporate with the tying runs scoring. Courtenay catcher Jack Downey then singled home what turned out to be the winning counter. Hally Dixon had a home run for the winners.

Johns, Stickney (L) (7) and Wylie
McKee (W) and Downey

(June 10)  The Victoria Capitals, without their regular players in the lineup, got past the Nanaimo Eagles 5 to 3 in a Vancouver Island Baseball League tussle at Nanaimo’s Central Sports ground. The Capital City crew had a 12 to 10 advantage in base hits garnered. George Gandy of the Victorians had the unique distinction of hitting into a triple play in the fourth inning and then, in the sixth, launching a home run.

Baker (W) and Ross
Rice (L), Edmunds (8) and Dumont, Neave (8) 

(June 17)  In a sloppily-played contest at Courtenay’s Lewis Park, the homesters decisioned the Duncan baseballers 11 to 7. After coming from behind to tie the score 7 – 7 in the top-of-the-eighth stanza, Duncan let the game slip away after retiring the first two Courtenay batters in the bottom-half of the frame. A walk, a stolen base and an error allowed the tie-breaker to cross the pan. Then, a two-run single by catcher Jack Downey and an RBI one-bagger off the bat of third baseman “Smoky” Harris sewed things up for the hosts.

Robinson (L) and Rogers
Hunden, McKee (W) (7) and Downey

(June 17)  Playing airtight ball behind the masterly pitching of Norm Forbes, the Victoria Capitals notched a 4 to 0 victory over Chemainus Huskies at the Up-Island town. With his benders working perfectly, Forbes mowed down seventeen Chemainus batters on strikeouts while being touched for six scattered hits. Robinson, who pitched for the Huskies, was nicked for eleven hits while he struck out one. Forbes walked two and Robinson four. Art Webster led the Victoria swatters with two hits out of three trips to the plate.

Forbes (W) and More
Robinson (L) and Wylie

(June 17)  In a game that featured 28 base hits, 15 by the winners, the Nanaimo Eagles prevailed 10 to 8 over the invading Port Alberni Elks. Nanaimo’s Hank Gailus clipped the horsehide for a home run and single while teammates Ernie Edmunds and Paul Courtenay contributed a pair of doubles each. Leading the 12-hit Alberni attack were Sherwood with two doubles and a single as well as Marshall and McNaughton who both stroked a trio of one-baggers.

King, Gilliland (L) (3), Naslund (8) and North
Gailus, Edmunds (W) (8), Gailus (9) and Evans, Piper (6)

(June 23)  The Victoria Capitals took the measure of the invading Chemainus Huskies 7 to 5 at Royal Athletic Park. Although outhit by a 10 to 6 margin, the Caps played a steady brand of baseball while the Up-Islanders booted the ball all over the lot in the most critical times. Diminutive portsider Jack Curtis of the Victorians mounted the knoll and went the distance for the win, fanning eight along the way. Benny Lowe hurled for Chemainus and whiffed four. The visitors hit the ball hard and two of their ten swats were two-run homers by B. McBride and Dan Kulai. Ross Oatman and Norm Forbes both doubled and singled for the winners.

Lowe (L) and Wylie
Curtis (W) and Bowden

(June 24)  Taking a stranglehold on top spot in the Southern Division of the Vancouver Island Baseball League, the Victoria Capitals journeyed to Duncan and came away with a convincing 16 to 3 triumph. Allowing Duncan only five hits, Jimmy Dangerfield pitched a bang-up game for the Victorians, ringing up eleven punchouts while his teammates were busy collecting 17 hits, four of the extra-base variety, from the offerings of losing chucker McKinney. Norm Forbes led the Capitals in hitting, stinging the pill for a triple, double and a pair of singles. Art Webster and Pete Sallaway followed, both accumulating three safeties with one of Webster’s being a two-bagger. Shortstop McDonald ripped a brace of singles for the Duncanites.

Dangerfield (W) and More
McKinney (L) and Rogers

(June 24)  Courtenay travelled to Chemainus and came away with a 7 to 6 win over the hosts. “Lefty” Larson, in his first appearance of the season, pitched the first six innings for the visitors before handing the ball over to Bill McKee.

(June 24)  The Port Alberni Elks swept a double-bill from the visiting Nanaimo Eagles by scores of 11 to 7 and 9 to 4.

McInnis (L), Edmunds (6) and Neave
McDonald (W) and North

Gailus (L) and Neave
King (W) and North

(July 1)  North Division-leading Courtenay disposed of invading the South pace-setters from Victoria, blanking the Capitals 5 to 0 behind the five-hit pitching of Bill McKee. Losing chucker Norm Forbes had a dozen punchouts as compared to eight for McKee but four of the six hits that Forbes surrendered were bunched in the eighth inning when Courtenay registered all five of their counters whereas McKee tended to scatter the bingles. A two-run double by flychaser McKay put the winners ahead by a pair, three Victoria errors produced a third run and Hally Dixon added a two-RBI single that closed out the scoring.

Forbes (L) and More
McKee (W) and Downey

(July 2)  The South Division front-running Victoria Capitals lost some more altitude in the standings when they were doubled 6 to 3 by the homestanding Port Alberni Elks. Taking it on the chin for the second time in successive days, the Caps had their opportunities but failed to hit in the pinches. Jimmy Dangerfield pitched for Victoria, allowing seven hits, while the Capitals collected eleven safeties off the slants of winning tosser Jamieson and eighth-inning reliever McDowell.  

Dangerfield (L) and xxx
Jamieson (W), McDowell (8) and xxx

(July 7)  Surging from behind twice to overcome, first, a five-run deficit and, then, a three-run disadvantage, the Victoria Capitals turned certain defeat into victory at Royal Athletic Park by grabbing a hotly-disputed 10 to 9 decision from the Nanaimo Eagles. Both teams stung the sphere for 11 base knocks in the Vancouver Island League clash. A heated argument from the Nanaimo bench arose in the sixth stanza when Victoria base runner Jack McKenzie, while advancing from second to third, bowled over shortstop Paul Courtenay of the Coal City nine who was apparently in the process of fielding a batted ball, with Nanaimo claiming interference on the play. Umpire McGregor, however, ruled that there was no interference claiming that, from his vantage point, the collision occurred after Courtenay had failed to field the ball. Dan Lidstone started on the hillock for the Caps but was chased to the showers in the fifth in favor of Jimmy Dangerfield, the ultimate winner. Losing tosser Hank Gailus was replaced on the bump in the seventh panel by reliever McInnis. Pete Sallaway led the Capital City hitters with three safeties, all singles, an offensive feat replicated by the Eagles’ Gailus. Nanaimo flychaser James crushed a solo home run in the third inning.  A formal protest lodged with the league on the non-call for interference was later upheld.

Gailus (L), McInnis (7) and Edmunds
Lidstone, Dangerfield (W) (5) and More

(July 15)  The Courtenay band of diamond pastimers journeyed to Port Alberni and the took speedy Elks nine into camp by a score of 7 to 5. The win over the Ports strengthened Courtenay’s hold atop the league’s Northern Division. A three-run eighth inning propelled Courtenay to the triumph. Bill McKee earned the complete-game pitching victory.

McKee (W) and Downey
Naslund (L) and North

(July 15)  The Victoria Capitals advanced another step towards the pennant in the Southern Division of the Vancouver Island Baseball League when they handed the hosting Nanaimo Eagles an 8 to 2 defeat on the diamond at the Central Sports ground. Hurler Norm Forbes of the Caps held the Coal City contingent scoreless until the ninth inning in registering the route-going victory. Hank Gailus started on the knoll for the Eagles but was given the hook in the fourth when reliever McInnis took over. An apparent home run by Victoria’s Pete Sallaway was nullified and ruled a double when the Capitals’ outfielder failed to touch third base when rounding the bags.

(July 22)  It was a classic pitcher’s duel at Chemainus where the Victoria Capitals subdued the hosting Huskies 3 to 1. Winning pitcher Norm Forbes and Wes Stickney from the vanquished nine were both in top form, the latter being credited with seventeen strikeouts while Forbes obtained sixteen. Of the remaining 21 batters, only ten were able to snare base hits, Chemainus gathering six and Victoria four. Stickney walked six while Forbes gave up two free passes. The Capitals played errorless afield while the Huskies committed four miscues, two of which produced unearned runs. The teams were tied at 1 – 1 heading into the eighth chapter as the Caps began their victory charge. Leadoff hitter Art Webster started things off with his third hit of the game and was off and running to the keystone sack on a theft attempt when Huskies’ catcher Pete Wylie fired an errant throw to the bag as Webster kept moving, reaching home before the ball was recovered. Two more errors, sandwiched between a pair of walks, then produced the insurance counter. Dan Kulai stroked two hits for the losers.

Forbes (W) and More
Stickney (L) and Wylie 

(July 29)  Courtenay clinched the Northern Division pennant with a doubleheader sweep of the hosting Nanaimo Eagles. The scores were 12 to 5 in the afternoon fixture and 6 to 5 in the evening game. The first tussle featured heavy hitting on both sides with Courtenay having an 11 to 9 advantage in base hits. Winning pitcher Bill McKee got off to a shaky start but blanked the Coal City crew during the last six innings. Infielder Johnny Cummins swung the big baton for the winners, poling out a triple and a brace of two-baggers.  Dave Hunden captured the hillock decision in the finale with a route-going performance.

(July 29)  A 17 to 4 walloping of the visiting Duncan nine at Royal Athletic Park sewed up the Southern Division pennant for the Victoria Capitals. Although not in top form, Jimmy Dangerfield hurled the Caps to the easy win. He held the Up-Islanders scoreless for the first five innings while his mates were running up a five-run lead. Nicked for 11 safeties in going the distance, he rang up five strikeouts. Robinson, the Duncan slabster, was lit up for 15 safeties while breezing four. Tommy Wachter and Bill More of the winners as well as Duncan’s Bonsall all registered three-hit efforts. Norm Forbes slammed a long, two-run round-tripper for the Victorians.

Robinson (L) and Rogers
Dangerfield (W) and More

LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS  (best-of-three series)  Courtenay vs Victoria Capitals

(August 11)  Before the largest crowd of the season at Royal Athletic Park, the Victoria Capitals rode the superb four-hit pitching of Norm Forbes to edge past Courtenay 3 to 2 in the opener of the Vancouver Island Baseball League finals. Except for a brief period here and there, Forbes held the Courtenayites in check all the way. He struck out 16, walked four and hit one batter. Losing pitcher Bill McKee fanned two and was nicked for nine hits. The visitors opened the scoring in the third inning when McKee crashed out a long hit to right field for three bases. In trying to stretch the blow into an inside-the-park dinger, he was dead-on-arrival at the dish except that Caps’ catcher Bill More dropped the ball. Victoria came right back in their half of the same stanza to grab a 2 to 1 lead after Art Webster singled and went to third on Herb Cummins’ double. Both runners then touched the plate when Forbes doubled into the middle pasture. In the fifth, Courtenay knotted the count at 2 – 2 when Johnny Cummins walked, stole second and rode the train home on Jack Downey’s one-bagger. The Caps scored the winning counter in the eighth inning when, with the bases filled, McKee plunked batter Jack McKenzie, forcing in a tally.

McKee (L) and Downey
Forbes (W) and More 

(August 19)  Victory once again perched upon the broad shoulders of the Victoria Capitals, acclaimed the 1928 champions of the Vancouver Island Baseball League. They won that honor by defeating Courtenay on their own diamond at Lewis Park by a 3 to 0 count to cop the final series in two games straight. Had it not been for the errant throwing of the Up-Island players, the final score might have been much closer as the Caps did not earn a run. Jimmy Dangerfield was assigned the hurling duties for the Capitals and he rose to the occasion, yielding but six hits, three of which were gathered by McKay, the Courtenay right fielder. Opposing Dangerfield on the knoll was the elongated Bill McKee who also surrendered just a half-dozen safeties. His mates, however, were not kind to him, booting the ball four times, two of which resulted in a pair of fifth-inning Victoria tallies, after McKee had initiated the ultimate defensive meltdown in allowing the winners to plate their opening marker in the second stanza. That occurred after Jack McKenzie hit a one-out single and moved into scoring position when McKee booted a bunt by Murty Dunn. Bill More’s timely poke then plated McKenzie with the first unearned counter. A pair of costly errors in the fifth sealed the death warrant for the Courtenayites. Two had been retired when Art Webster hit safely. Herb Cummins followed with a one-bagger as Webster headed for third. Left fielder Millard overthrew the hot corner sack after retrieving the horsehide, allowing Webster to score a second unearned tally for the Victorians. Cummins then romped home with the final tainted tally when McKay, in right field, let a smack off the bat of Norm Forbes get away from him. Courtenay made a great threat in the bottom-of-the-ninth panel, and had two runners aboard, when McKee connected for a long shot that had extra-bases written all over it but right pasture guardian Jack McKenzie raced back and snared the apple at the fence for the final out.  

Dangerfield (W) and More
McKee (L) and Downey