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A four-team circuit composed solely of Vancouver entries, the VSABL added games with a fifth club, from Bellingham WA, as part of their regular league schedule as of June 1, some five weeks after the original four teams began play. Not considered part of the loop, the Bellingham squad’s games nevertheless counted in the standings.

Referred to as an amateur league within its title, that designation was misleading in that imported American players were often part of the rosters. Games within Vancouver were held at Athletic Park and were of nine innings duration unless weather conditions or lack of illumination forced an early termination.

1933 Game Reports

(April 22)  With over 2,000 fans in attendance, the 1933 Vancouver Senior Amateur Baseball League got underway with a double-bill at Athletic Park. The Arrows captured the opening game 1 to 0 against the Vancouver Athletic Club and the Firemen blanked B. C. Telephones 4 to 0 in the late contest. Pitching was the dominant factor in the matinee tussle with winning tosser Dave Gray fashioning a two-hitter while loser Don Weaver gave up just four bingles and, were it not for a bit of confused fielding by his mates, could also have had a shutout.

Dailey (L) and xxx
Gray (W) and xxx

Hal Haughland, Nick Craig, Charlie Miron and Eddie Holden each had a brace of safeties for the Firemen in the late event with one of Haughland’s blows going for three bases. Winning chucker Larry Holden allowed the Telephone Troupe to put up only goose eggs on the scoreboard.

L. Holden (W) and xxx
Weaver (L) and xxx

(April 24)  The Vigorous Vacs took full advantage of a weak offensive performance and inept pitching by the Telephones nine to blow out the Wrong Numbers 9 to 0 in a seven-inning affair terminated because of cold weather conditions. The Vacs piled up a huge lead after four frames, benefiting from a number of walks issued by the first two Tel chuckers as well as their offensive prowess in racking up six safeties. Triumphant moundsman Hal Puder limited the Phones to just two safeties. Second sacker Jimmy McKissock singled twice for the winners. 

Esplen (L), Helmer (3), Yehle (4) and Kasmer
Puder (W) and Padovan

(April 26)  The Fireman won a 10 to 6 joust over the Arrows in a loosely played, free-singing contest at Athletic Park. The Hose and Ladder Gang collected six runs in the initial stanza, driving losing twirler Dave Scott to the showers after he had pitched to eleven batters, retiring only one. Norm Goodall, “Peggy” Duff and Charlie Miron all smacked a pair of hits for the winners with Goodall’s total containing a brace of two-baggers and Miron’s one. Third sacker Johnny Nestman of the Bow Missiles also picked up a pair of safeties, one going for two bases.

Scott (L), Gray (1), Keith (6) and Adshead
Ray (W), Kaye (7) and Richardson

(April 28)  Don Weaver and young Ross Edy of the Arrows hooked up in a duel of diamond wits and the kid was nudged out 6 to 4 by the Telephones’ pitching ace. A five-run third inning hoisted the Phones to victory after they had fallen behind 4 to 1 with two innings in the books. Weaver fanned nine and limited the Transfermen to five bingles. New recruit from Tacoma, shortstop Eddie Trummer, made his presence felt for the winners, singling twice, swiping a base and figuring in the game’s lone double-play.

Edy (L) and Adshead
Weaver (W) and Kasmer

(April 29)  The Firemen made it three straight victories by taking down the Arrows 6 to 2 in the first game of a four-team double-dip at Athletic Park. The Vacs captured the late encounter with a 4 to 1 triumph over the Telephones. In posting the mound triumph in the matinee contest, Kaye held the Transfer Troupe to just three hits, two of which were garnered by Merrick Cranstoun. Heading the Flame Fighters with the willow were Eddie Holden who singled as well as homering with two aboard. Teammates “Peggy” Duff and Norm Goodall both contributed a pair of one-baggers.

Kaye (W) and Henry
Keith (L) and Adshead

Joe Dailey was roughed up for ten safeties by the Telephones in the follow-up match but was able to scatter hits and pitch his way out of jams, allowing only one run to score. The Athletic Clubbers had six hits with catcher Andy Padovan leading the way with a brace. Third baseman Jack Cameron of the Tels collected a double and two singles while teammate Bruce Thirsk kicked in with a two-bagger and single.

Dailey (W) and Padovan
Helmer (L), Esplen (6) and Spicer

(May 2)  The Firemen came from behind to defeat the Telephones 3 to 1, their fourth conquest of the campaign. Winning chucker Larry Holden singled in a counter in the eighth stanza to deadlock the contest at 1 – 1 and, in the ninth canto, Hal Haughland tripled to drive in a pair for the win. Holden had a one-bagger earlier in the game to bring his hit production to two. In twirling a seven-hitter for the victory, he struck out nine. Third baseman Norm Goodall and keystone sacker Lorne Campbell backed him up offensively with three and two hit totals respectively. Catcher Johnny Kasmer of the Phones singled twice. 

L. Holden (W) and Henry
Weaver (L) and Kasmer

(May 5)  Baseball under the lights kicked off its third season at Athletic Park when Hal Puder’s slants pierced the Arrows’ offensive armor for a shutout while the Vancouver Athletic Club collected 14 hits to win 4 to 0. Puder fanned five while issuing six safeties in posting the whitewashing. First baseman Coley Hall was credited with five base raps, all one-baggers, for the Vacs. Playing-manager Johnny Nestman had a brace of doubles for the Transfermen.

Gray (L) and Staggs
Puder (W) and Padovan

(May 6)  Back on the hill for the first time this season, Bill Richardson pitched the Arrows to a close 5 to 4 win over the Firemen. The loss for the heavy slugging Flame Fighters was their first of the campaign. Only catcher Ed Henry posed a problem for Richardson, lighting him up for a four-bagger and a triple. Losing tosser Howard Ransom did a creditable job in his mound debut but gave up a double to Ross Edy in the seventh frame which drove in the winning marker. Edy earlier had a single to wind up with a pair of safeties. 

Ransom (L) and Henry
Richardson (W) and Staggs

(May 8)  A pair of portsiders took on each other, only one going the distance in their mound joust, as the Vancouver Athletic Club emerged with a 5 to 3 win over the Firemen. For four stanzas, Hal Straight and “Lefty” Kaye allowed only goose eggs on the scoreboard. The firemen notched a single tally in the top of the fifth but the red-capped Vacs responded with a five-spot, blowing the game open and sending Kaye to the showers. Straight finished with a six-hitter as only Norm Trasolini was able to cuff him around, slapping the southpaw for a home run, double and single. Outfielder Jackie Sherman picked up two of the eight hits accumulated by the winners, both being one-baggers. 

Kaye (L), Ray (5) and Richardson
Straight (W) and Padovan

(May 10)  “Babe” Esplen and his Telephone buddies combined their efforts to finish off a 5 to 4 decision over Big Joe Dailey and the Vancouver Athletic Club. Esplen struck out ten and came through in the pinches when the paths were heavily laden with V.A.C. baserunners while his mates were bunching their hits. The Vacs out hit the Phonemen, 11 to 9, but their belting did not come when it was most needed. “Bunny” Purmal homered and singles for the Red Capped winners. Jack Cameron had a double and one-bagger for the Tels. 

Esplen (W) and Kasmer
Dailey (L) and Padovan

(May 12)  Doug Muscutt pitched the Arrows to a 6 to 2 win over Don Weaver and the Telephones. Facing just 33 batters in the nine-inning contest, Muscutt was backed up to the hilt by his mates who played errorless ball. Playing-manager Johnny Nestman singled twice for the Bow Missiles while keystone combo  Bill Mazelow and Eddie Trummer of the Phones also rang up a pair of safeties.

Weaver (L) and Kasmer
Muscutt (W) and Staggs

(May 13) The Firemen went to the top of the league by defeating the B.C. Telephones aggregation 6 to 3 in the afternoon encounter of a two-game set with all four teams participating. Three home runs featured the game. Ed Holden of the Flame Fighters hit his second hit his second circuit-clout of the season. Teammate Lorne Campbell added another four-bagger for the Hose and Ladder Gang. Earl Lewis, who had been hitless in five games, finally broke the skein by homering for the Wrong Numbers.

xxx (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(May 13)  Tagging up and scoring from third base on Coley Hall’s long fly out to centre field, second baseman Jimmy McKissock scored the tie-breaking run which gave V.A.C. a 4 to 3 victory over the Arrows in the late fixture of a double-dip. McKissock had blasted a one-out triple off the slants of losing heaver Bill Richardson to reach the hot corner sack. Hal Puder went the route for the Vacs, fanning eight, to gain the mound triumph. Bill Adshead of the Transfermen was the big man with the stick in this contest, cracking out two doubles and a single. 

Richardson (L) and xxx
Puder (W) and xxx

(May 15)  Tight pitching by Hal Straight and winning flinger Howard Ransom featured a 3 to 1 win by the Firemen over V.A.C. Both chuckers were stingy with the hits, Ransom divvying out only six while Straight of the Red Caps was nicked for just four, one of which was a home run by Norm Trasolini. Although the Firemen won, the Vacs were knocking at the door all night. Second baseman Jimmy McKissock of the Athletic Clubmen was the game’s most productive hitter, claiming a trio of one-baggers.

Straight (L) and Padovan
Ransom (W) and Henry

(May 18)  The Telephones moved up a notch to tie the Arrows for third-place in the Vancouver Senior Baseball League when they handily downed the Transfermen 6 to 4. Socking the offerings of losing flinger Dave Gray for 11 hits, Phones never trailed. Jack Cameron hit a four-bagger and single for the winners while teammate Don Stewart had a double and single. First baseman Arnie Miller of the Arrows led his team’s five-hit offense with a home run and single.

Esplen (W), Weaver (6) and Kasmer
Gray (L) and Staggs

Standings          W      L       Pct.
Firemen            6      2       .750
V.A.C.             5      3       .625
Arrows             3      6       .333
Telephones         3      6       .333

(May 19)  Behind the chucking of starter Joe Dailey, in his farewell hurling performance in Vancouver, V.A.C. beat out the Firemen 3 to 2 in a tensely fought encounter. Dailey helped himself with a brace of singles, struck out nine and got by with seven hits registered against him in seven frames of work. Loser Larry Holden was smacked for a run in each of the first three innings but, after that, put up only goose eggs. Up until the sixth canto, nary a Fireman had got past first base on Dailey. In this stanza, however, he weakened temporarily and allowed the Flame & Smoke Gang to plate a pair, reducing his lead to one run. The issue was in doubt until reliever Hal Puder, who had taken on mound chores in the eighth, retired the side with two runners on base in the bottom of the ninth. Coley Hall duplicated teammate Dailey’s two-single batting performance. Playing-manager Jimmy Watters, Holden and outfielder “Peggy” Duff all singled twice for the Hose and Ladder Boys. 

Dailey (W), Puder (8) and Padovan
L. Holden (L) and Henry 

(May 20)  The Arrows whacked Hal Straight around the ball yard to inflict a 7 to 3 beating on V.A.C. in the first of two intra-league games. In the evening encounter, B.C. Tel did some heavy slugging and smart baserunning to knock off the Firemen 5 to 3. The Transfermen scored three in their initial turn at bat and led all the way in the early contest. Billy Adshead paced the winners offensively with two doubles and a single. Teammate Merrick Cranstoun and second baseman Jimmy McKissock of the Red Caps both stroked a double and a pair of singles.

Straight (L) and Padovan
Muscutt (W) and Staggs

Out hit by an 11 to 6 margin in the late game, the Phones took advantage of timely blows and more than made up for any slack at the plate by stealing nine bases. Don Weaver fanned ten Firemen in grabbing the mound win. Playing-manager Jimmy Watters had three hits for the Hosemen.

Weaver (W) and Kasmer 
Kaye (L), Ransom (5) and Richardson

(May 23-24)  The University of Washington Huskies rated .333 for their three-game exhibition series with teams from the Vancouver Senior circuit. Although the Arrows were kicked around freely in the May 23 contest, losing 18 to 5, the Arrows and V.A.C. both nudged the Collegians on Empire Day. In the afternoon contest, the Bow Missiles bunched their hits and scored three runs in the eighth frame to win 5 to 4. The Vacs beat the Collegians 4 to 3 in the smartest game of the trio, with Coley Hall driving in the winner.

(May 26)  Surrendering four runs in the fifth inning proved to be disastrous for pitcher Larry Holden and his Firemen mates as the outburst was sufficient for V.A.C. to emerge with a 5 to 3 win. It was the timely hitting of his sidekicks that enabled the Red Caps to hang up the win. Coley Hall’s single in that frame, one of two he would collect, capped the rally. Jackie Sherman also had a pair of raps for the winners, including a double. Hal Puder went the route for the Vacs to earn his fourth straight win. Charlie Miron singled twice for the Hosemen.

Puder (W) and Padovan
L. Holden (L) and Henry 

(May 27) V.A.C. and the Firemen won their matches in a four-team doubleheader to continue their battle for top spot in the Vancouver Senior League. The Vacs, with one more win and one less loss, are still a jump ahead of the Hosemen. In the afternoon encounter, the Arrows lost 2 to 1 to the Flame Fighters while the late tilt saw the top-spot Red Caps get by the Telephones 4 to 3. Eddie Holden’s two-run homer was the difference in the early engagement as “Lefty” Kaye got the win with a five-hitter.

Richardson (L) and Staggs
Kaye (W) and Henry

Hal Straight pitched four-hit ball in the nightcap to earn the mound decision. “Bunny” Purmal and Jackie Sherman had two hits apiece for the winners.

Weaver (L), Esplen (8) and Spicer
Straight (W) and Padovan

(May 30)  Jimmy McKissock’s three-run homer in the third inning was sufficient for first-place V.A.C. to defeat the Arrows 3 to 2. The Transfermen collected ten hits as compared to seven for the Red Caps. Sparking the Bow Missiles at the dish was first baseman Earl Lewis who punched out a brace of doubles plus a one-bagger.

Muscutt (L) and Staggs
Puder (W) and Padovan

(May 31)  The Telephones found their wires down again, committing seven errors, as the Firemen knocked them over 9 to 4. The Phones were able to generate 12 hits, four going to outfielder Don Stewart, but left eleven baserunners stranded. Included in Stewart’s total was a three-bagger, the longest hit of the game. Lorne Campbell, Jimmy Watters and Ed Henry of the Flame Fighters as well as Eddie Trummer, Johnny Kasmer and losing flinger “Babe” Esplen of the Tels all had  two singles.

Kaye (L), L. Holden (8) and Henry
Esplen (W) and Kasmer

(June 2)  Veteran chucker Dave Gray gave up just three hits as the Arrows stymied B.C. Telephones 3 to 0. Outfielder Bruce Thirsk of the Phonemen, with a double and two singles, was the only opposing swatter able to connect with any of Gray’s offerings. Losing heaver Don Weaver was touched for ten hits including a home run and single by Billy Adshead and a triple and one-bagger by Merrick Cranstoun.

Weaver (L) and Kasmer
Gray (W) and Staggs

(June 3)  The Telephones finally clicked in the matinee game of a twin-bill, knocking off the Vancouver Athletic Club 5 to 3. In the late encounter, Dave Scott guided the Arrows to their second win in two days when he carried most of the pitching burden in the Transfermen’s 6 to 4 win over the Firemen. Bill Richardson pitched his first game for the Phones in the opener and won on a six-hitter. Loser Lisle Whitley, making his inaugural mound appearance, gave up eight hits, one of which was a home run by Don Stewart. Jimmy McKissock and Jackie Sherman both had two raps for the Vacs. 

Richardson (W) and xxx
Whitley (L) and xxx

The second contest was played before the largest crowd of the season which gave Scott a big hand after he weakened in the eighth and headed for the showers. His mates had jumped all over the offerings of Larry Holden, on the rubber for the Hosemen, as Earl Lewis and Boyd Staggs both levied three blows while Billy Adshead and Ross Edy each picked up two more. Lorne Campbell with three bingles and “Peggy” Duff with a brace topped the Firemen with the stick.

Scott (W), Muscutt (8) and xxx
L. Holden (L) and xxx

(June 4)  The Bellingham Tissues nosed out V.A.C. 3 to 2 in one of the best games of the season. Trailing 2 to 1 with two retired in the bottom of the ninth frame, Bellingham scored a pair on a catchable fly ball that dropped in safely between second baseman Jimmy McKissock and outfielder “Bunny” Purmal of the Red Caps.

Therrien (L) and xxx
Bray (W) and xxx

(June 5)  The Firemen got by the Bellingham Tissues 5 to 4 in a ten-inning match at Athletic Park. Winning tosser Howard Ransom toiled for 9 2/3 innings in a relief role after his team had fallen behind 2 to 0. He also delivered a screaming single in the eighth frame which drove in a pair and tied the score 4 - 4. Hal Haughland’s overtime single drove in the winner. Walter Bliss of the Washingtonians was the game’s most productive hitter, slamming three singles and a double. Teammate Rea had a two-bagger and a brace of singles. Haughland, Charlie Miron, Jimmy Watters and Norm Trasolini all had a couple of hits for the winners.

Lewis (L) and Senuty
Kaye, Ransom (W) (1) and Henry

(June 8)  Falling far and wide from where their had been aimed, the Arrows dropped a 9 to 3 decision to the Telephones. The Bow Missiles fell behind early and never seriously challenged. Leading 12-hit assault of the victorious Phones were outfielder Bruce Thirsk who homered and singled and second baseman Bill Mazelow who had a triple and one-bagger. Catcher Boyd Staggs was best with the willow for the Transfermen, hitting a double and two singles.

Richardson (W) and Kasmir
Muscutt (L), Gray (4), Keith (8) and Staggs

(June 9)  The Firemen took the diamond with gusto, banging the slants of two Red Cap chuckers for 16 hits, as they buried the V.A.C. aggregation 8 to 0. Winning flinger Larry Holden breezed to the mound triumph with a five hitter. Every player in the Firemen lineup had at least one hit. Eddie Holden headed the batting parade with three safe clouts. Hal Haughland, Norm Goodall, Norm Trasolini and Ed Henry each stroked a couple of base blows.

L. Holden (W) and Henry
Puder (L), Straight (3) and Padovan

(June 10)  The Telephones tucked away another game in the opener of a four-team twin-bill, dropping the first-place Firemen 4 to 2.

xxx (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

V.A.C. lost their fourth in a row in the follow-up game, dropping a 5 to 1 encounter against the Arrows.

xxx (W) and xxx
Therrien (L), Salbury (9), Yehle (9) and xxx

Standings *          W       L         Pct.
Firemen             10       8        .556
V.A.C.               9       8        .529
B.C. Telephones      8       9        .471
Arrows               7       9        .438 

*Bellingham totals not included

(June 11)  In a free-hitting game played in the Tulip Town, the invading B.C. Telephones nine squeaked past the homestanding Bellingham Tissues 6 to 5. Both teams racked up a dozen hits and It took eleven innings for a winner to be declared. The Phones won in the second extra frame when catcher Ralph Spicer singled, was sacrificed to second and rode home on Jack Cameron’s short single to right field. “Scotty” Knox had a bases-empty homer for the winners.

Richardson (W) and Spicer
Bray, Ford, Lewis (L) and Senuty

(June 12)  The Vancouver Athletic Club baseballers broke their four-game losing slump, taming the Bellingham Tissues 6 to 2. The Red Caps managed to get eleven hits off loser Brian Lewis but many of them were of the scratchy variety. Hal Puder surrendered six hits in nabbing the win. Jimmy McKissock stroked a double plus a couple of one-baggers for the victors.

Lewis (L) and Senuty
Puder (W) and Padovan

(June 14)  Arne Miller’s solo homer in the seventh inning broke up a scoreless tie and propelled the Arrows to a 3 to 0 win over the Telephones. The Bow Missiles picked up two more counters in the ninth to seal the deal. Doug Muscutt went the route for the win, fanning seven while yielding five safeties. Loser “Babe” Esplen gave up six hits and whiffed ten. Miller had a single to go along with his four-bagger. Teammate Johnny Nestman and infielder “Scotty” Knox of the Wrong Numbers both had a double and one-bagger.

Muscutt (W) and Staggs, Adshead (9)
Esplen (L) and Kasmer

(June 15)  Taking advantage of some nifty pitching by veteran Dave Gray, the Arrows vacated the basement position to the Telephones when they blanked the Arrows 4 to 0. Gray struck out five in posting a two-hit shutout. Shortstop Arnie Miller and outfielder Merrick Cranstoun paced the ten-hit offensive output by the Transfermen, each hitting a double and single.

Gray (W) and Staggs
Straight (L) and Padovan

(June 16)  The Red Capped Vancouver Athletic Clubbers hung a 10 to 4 pasting on the first-place Firemen at Athletic Park. There was no stopping the Vacs as they accumulated 12 base blows in running away with the decision. Jimmy McKissock and Frank Hall both gathered a trio of base knocks for the winners.

Puder (W) and Padovan
L. Holden (L), Kaye (3), L. Holden (5) and Henry

(June 17)  Bellingham and the Firemen both won ball games at Athletic Park and both contests wound up with the same final score, 3 to 2. The Tissues won the afternoon affair with the Telephones while the Flame Fighters stopped the Arrows in the evening encounter. Manager Tealey Raymond’s son cracked a ninth-inning single for Bellingham in the opener which broke up a tie game and sent two runners to the plate. The Phones responded with one in the bottom of the frame but it wasn’t enough. Ted Clarke of the Tulip Towners and first baseman McCullough of the Phones both had three-hit performances.

Ford (W) and Seruty
Richardson (L) and Kasmer

The Firemen and Arrows played evenly both in the field and at the plate in the late game. The Hose & Ladder Men squeezed in the winning tally in the seventh. Nick Craig of the winners and the Bow Missiles’ Merrick Cranstoun both singled twice.

Harris (W) and Henry
Scott (L) and Staggs

(June 18)  Allowing but six scattered hits and supported by airtight fielding, Brian “Busher” Lewis led the Bellingham Tissues to a 4 to 0 shutout over the Arrows.

xxx (L) and xxx
Lewis (W) and xxx

(June 19)  Out hitting the opposition by a 13 to 7 margin, the B.C. Telephone squad hammered V.A.C. 7 to 2. The Phones led from start to finish and were never seriously threatened. The game’s leading hitters were catcher Johnny Kasmer of the winners and the league’s top swatter, Jimmy McKissock of the Red Caps who both registered a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Therrien (L), Yehle (7) and Padovan
Weaver (W), Esplen (6) and Kasmer

(June 21)  Ross Edy’s bottom of the ninth-inning Texas Leaguer was enough to drive in a scampering Billy Adshead from second base with the game’s lone run as the Arrows defeated the Telephones 1 to 0. The game featured a classic pitching duel between winner Dave Gray who tossed a one-hitter with nine strikeouts and defeated moundsman Bill Richardson who fanned twelve while giving up four hits.

Richardson (L) and Kasmer
Gray (W) and Staggs

(June 24)  Seven runs in the ninth inning were not enough for the Firemen to beat the Telephones as the Wrong Numbers came right back to plate six counters in the bottom of the frame and carry off a 12 to 11 triumph. Norm Trasolini of the Fire Eaters was the contest’s top willow wielder, garnering three safeties.

Smith, Kaye (7), Ransom (8), Harris (L) (9) and Henry
Weaver, Richardson (W) (7) and Kasmer

(June 25)  Outfielder “Babe” Rea belted a three-run homer over the leftfield wall in the bottom of the ninth to give the Bellingham Tissues a walkoff 3 to 0 win over the Firemen. The Phones out hit their American hosts 9 to 6 but winning pitcher Brian Lewis was successfully able keep those he surrendered well scattered.

Smith (L) and xxx
Lewis (W) and xxx

(June 26)  Dave Gray was in good form as he and his Arrow buddies stung a 6 to 0 defeat upon the visiting Bellingham Tissues. Gray gave up seven safeties but was always able to get himself out of any jam he found himself in which couldn’t be said for losing twirler Bill Ford who also was touched for seven safeties by the Transfer Boys. Arnie Miller poked one of Ford’s offerings over the fence in the eighth frame for a two-run dinger. Outfielder “Babe” Rea of the Tulip Towners had three of his team’s hits, one being a double.

Ford (L) and Senuty
Gray (W) and Staggs

(June 27)  The Firemen pushed across six runs in the top of the ninth canto and then held off a last-chance charge by the Vacs to down the Red Caps 9 to 8. The V.A.C. nine had the upper hand in base hits, 9 to 7, as shortstop Jackie Sherman led the way with three bingles. 

Kaye (W), Craig (9) and Henry
Middendorf (L), Yehle (9) and Padovan 

(June 28)  It was a nightmare for the pitching fraternity at Athletic Park where the Arrows bolted into first place with a 25 to 10 thumping of the Firemen. All told, 38 base hits were registered, 23 of them by the Bow Missiles. Earl Lewis of the Transfermen as well as Charlie Miron and Bart Bean of the Fire Eaters all belted home runs. Lewis also had a double plus two singles for the winners. Teammates Billy Adshead and outfielder Robertson each collected four singles. For the Hosemen, Norm Trasolini picked up a double and a triad of one-baggers.

Muscutt (W), Scott (8) and Staggs
Harris (L), Smith (5), Trasolini (8) and Henry

(June 29)  Bill Richardson rang up a season-high 17 strikeouts as his Telephone sidekicks were gathering just enough runs to edge past the V.A.C. nine 2 to 1. A combination of clutch pitching and superlative fielding by both squads featured the tussle. Richardson gave up five safeties while losing chucker Hal Puder was touched for just three, all surrendered in one fateful frame. All the scoring was done in the third panel. The Phones picked up their two counters when hits by Bill Mazelow, Richardson and Don Stewart, sandwiched around a pair of outs, produced their evening output. The Vacs got one back in their half of the canto when Andy Padovan got a hit and eventually scored on Frank Hall’s single.  

Richardson (W) and Kasmer
Puder (L) and Padovan

(July 2)  After ten innings of baseball, featuring plenty of base hits, four double plays and some smart baserunning, the Bellingham Tissues beat the V.A.C. team 8 to 7 in the Tulip Town. In the bottom of the overtime canto, Red Cap pitcher Hal Straight was summoned to the hill in a relief role with two runners aboard and nobody out. He struck out one batter but then walked two to force in the winning tally. The Vacs had 16 hits off winner Brian “Busher” Lewis and only for crucial errors in the ninth and tenth innings would have come out victorious. Bill Tuson of the Vacs was the game’s heavy hitter with a double and a pair of singles. 

Middendorf (L), Straight (10) and Padovan
Lewis (W) and Senuty

(July 3)  The Bellingham Tissues went to work on two Firemen hurlers at the Athletic ball yard and batted themselves to a 9 to 3 win over the Hosemen in a slow and rather dull game. Bill Ford was on the mound for Bellingham and had little trouble, spacing seven hits with good defensive support, in earning the win. Loser Cy Ball lasted only four frames in which he gave up four hits, walked three, hit two batters and fired a wild pitch. Second baseman Ray O’Dell of the Yanks spanked the horsehide for a double and a couple of singles.

Ford (W) and Senuty
Ball (L), L. Holden (5) and Henry

(July 5)  Dave Gray continued his merry way winning ball games for the Arrows. Except for a bad ninth inning in which he allowed the Firemen to score four runs, he was in control and engineered the Transfer Crew to a 10 to 6 triumph over the Smoke and Choke Contingent. The Bow Missiles jumped in front early and had a 5 to 0 lead after two innings were in the books. Arnie Miller, Boyd Staggs, Billy Adshead and outfielder Robertson of the Arrows as well as Jimmy Watters of the Flame Fighters each had three hits. Included in Miller’s total was a home run while Adshead and Watters each delivered a double in their sum. 

Ball (L) and Watters
Gray (W) and Staggs

(July 6)  A walkoff infield single by Jackie Sherman decided the ball game at Athletic Park in which the V.A.C. contingent upended Bellingham 5 to 4. Sherman’s bottom-of-the-ninth connection with two gone and the sacks full gave Tissues’ shortstop Walt Bliss just enough trouble fielding that he was a whisker late in throwing to the initial bag while the winning counter crossed the plate. Sherman and winning pitcher Hal Straight both doubled and singled for the Vacs. Bellingham outfielder Ted Clarke paced all swatters with a two-bagger and a couple of singles.

Lewis (L) and Senuty
Straight (W) and Padovan

(July 7)  Jimmy McKissock of the V.A.C. diamondeers cracked out an eighth-inning double with Stong on second base to drive in the lone run as the Red Caps defeated Arrow Transfer 1 to 0. McKissock also touched losing flinger Doug Muscutt for a brace of singles to lead all willow wielders. Winning tosser Hal Puder limited the Bow Missiles to four hits of which a double and single were garnered by catcher Boyd Staggs

Muscutt (L) and Staggs
Puder (W) and Padovan

(July 8)  In doubleheader action at Athletic park, the Arrows took the measure of the Telephones 3 to 1 in the afternoon tilt while the Red Capped Vacs captured the finale 5 to 1 over the Firemen. The Transfermen scored twice in the top of the ninth to break a 1 – 1 tie and claim the victory in the matinee event. Outfielder Robertson had two of the winners six hits. Bill Mazelow doubled and singled for the Hello Gang.

Scott (W) and Staggs
Kershaw (L) and Spicer

Southpaw Hal Straight set the hard-clouting Fire Crew down with just one run and only two measly bingles in the late contest. Anshutz with a triple and single paced the winners’ ten-hit attack. Teammate Frank Hall picked up a double and single.

Straight (W) and Padovan
L. Holden (L) and Henry

(July 9)  Although out hit 13 to 8, the Bellingham Tissues bunched their safeties and defeated B.C. telephones 7 to 3. Bill Richardson, starting Phones’ moundsman, broke a finger when he attempted to stop Ted Clarke’s line drive in the first inning. Richardson surrendered a two-run opening stanza dinger to hard-hitting Bellingham outfielder “Babe” Rea.

Richardson (L), Esplen (1) and Kasmer
Ford (W) and Senuty

(July 11)  The Israeli House of David scored four runs in the top of the ninth frame and came out on top 7 to 6 in exhibition game action with Arrow Transfer. Third baseman Wykoff homered and singled twice for the Bearded Boys while the Bow Missiles’ Earl Lewis singled three times.

Alexander, Hardin (3), Hunter (W) (9) and Hill
Gray, Muscutt (3), Scott (5), Ringman (L) (9) and Staggs

(July 12)  Before another capacity crowd, the barnstorming House of David aggregation took care of business, dumping the V.A.C. nine 10 to 6. Grover Cleveland Alexander did his usual thing, hurling the first two innings of the exhibition game before departing. Hutson and Wykoff had three hits apiece for the visitors while Coley Hall singled and doubled for the Vacs. 

Alexander, Hunter (W) (3) and Senuty
Puder (L), Straight (6) and Padovan

(July 13)  A two-base hit by Bruce Thirsk in the third inning drove in winning pitcher Bill Richardson with the game’s only run as the Telephones shutout the Fireman 1 to 0. Unfortunately for the Hose & Ladder Boys, Richardson’s counter was unearned as he had reached first base on an infield error by Hal Haughland. Both chuckers had excellent performances. Richardson struck out 14 as he limited the Fire Eaters to just three hits. Losing tosser “Lefty” Kaye gave up only four safeties while fanning three.

Richardson (W) and Kasmer
Kaye (L), Ball (9) and Henry

(July 14)  Jimmy McKissock’s double in the ninth inning drove in the winning run as the Vancouver Athletic Club edged the Telephones 3 to 2. Both teams had picked up two-spots in the seventh, creating the last-inning deadlock. Hal Puder earned the mound victory, firing a six-hitter. Three of the hits he gave up were off the bat of third sacker Harry Wienker. McKissock, Andy Padovan and Jackie Sherman each stroked a couple of safeties for the Red Caps.

Puder (W) and Padovan
Esplen, Weaver (L) (8) and Kasmer

Standings *          W       L       Pct.
Arrows              14      12      .538
V.A.C.              15      13      .536
B.C. Telephones     12      15      .444
Firemen             12      16      .429

* Bellingham totals not included

(July 15)  The Firemen beat the shorthanded Vacs 11 to 5 to open doubleheader proceedings at Athletic Park. In the follow-up match, the old maestro Dave Gray tucked away a 3 to 1 win for his band of Arrows over the B.C. Telephones nine. The matinee game was anything but a classic as sub-par defensive play and numerous walks, nineteen in all issued by the two hurlers, tainted the action on the diamond.

Ball (W) and xxx
Yehle (L) and xxx

Gray held the Phones to five scattered hits as he out-dueled Bill Richardson in the day’s finale. Eddie Trummer hit a home run in the ninth to spoil Gray’s bid for a shutout.

Gray (W) and xxx
Richardson (L) and xxx

(July 16)  Bellingham’s Bill Ford and Dave Scott of the Arrows fought tooth and nail for mound supremacy in the Tulip Town and an unearned run in the seventh inning decided matters as the homestanding Tissues emerged with a 1 to 0 verdict. An infield error on Clendenning’s ground ball to start the seventh set the stage for catcher Senuty to single off the glove of Arrows’ first sacker Earl Lewis and plate the game’s lone counter. The Transfermen had opportunities to score in the eighth, loading the bases with two out, and in the ninth, with two runners on and only one retired, but were turned away empty handed.

Scott (L) and Staggs
Ford (W) and Senuty

(July 17)  With Hal Straight playing the role of rescuer, the V.A.C. ball players carried off the laurels by defeating the Arrows 8 to 7. It was a bad night for those enrolled in the pitcher’s union as 23 base hits were recorded, not to mention some 20 free passes to first. Outfielder Stong homered and doubled for the winners. Coley Hall followed with a double and single. For the vanquished nine, Merrick Cranstoun singled three times. 

Middendorf, Straight (W) (7) and Padovan
Muscutt, Gray (L) (4) and Staggs

(July 18)  The Telephones had no trouble with the Gilkerson Colored Giants, defeating the touring team 9 to 2. Bill Richardson set the “Cullud Jints” down on three hits. Don Stewart of the Phones led all hitters with a double and two singles. Teammate Harry Wienker wasn’t far behind, slapping out three singles.

Page (L) and Campbell
Esplen, Weaver (W) (4), Richardson (8) and Kasmer

(July 19)  The barnstorming Gilkerson’s Colored Giants played a much better game and easily disposed of the Firemen 10 to 4 in their second Vancouver exhibition game. Winning pitcher Porter was also a force to be reckoned with at the dish, slamming a double and three singles.

Porter (W) and Campbell
Kaye (L), L. Holden (4), Ball (7) and Henry

(July 20)  The Telephones came from behind to nudge past the Vancouver Athletic Club 4 to 3. Trailing 3 to 2 as they came to bat in the seventh frame, the Red Caps tied things up on Don Stewart’s RBI double and then went ahead to stay when Stewart, who had reached third on an infield play, tagged up and scored on Ralph Spicer’s fly out. Jimmy McKissock of the Vacs once again led the hit parade, snagging a trio of base knocks.

Esplen, Richardson (W) (6) and Spicer
Straight (L) and Padovan

(July 21)  The Bellingham Tissues obliterated the Telephones, battering their Vancouver hosts 11 to 0. Winning flinger Brian Lewis cruised to an easy victory on a six-hitter. Ray O’Dell and Ted Clarke slammed home runs for the invading Yanks. O’Dell also swatted a brace of doubles and two one-baggers to bring his base hit production to five. Catcher Senuty chipped in with three singles.

Lewis (W) and Senuty
Weaver (L), Esplen (3) and Spicer

(July 22)  Doubleheader action saw the Firemen defeat the B.C. Telephones aggregation 3 to 1 in the first contest while V.A.C. bounced the Arrows 9 to 4 in the nightcap. The Phones opened the scoring in the matinee contest but were unable to hold their lead as Larry Holden out-dueled Bill Richardson in another one of their epic mound jousts.

Richardson (L) and xxx
L. Holden (W) and xxx

The Red Caps picked up 15 base blows in their evening win with Earl Lewis leading the way with four base blows. Leadoff hitter Arnie Miller of the Arrows began the game with a home run.

Puder (W) and xxx
Gray (L), Muscutt, xxx and xxx

(July 23)  At Bellingham, the Firemen put on a rally in the eighth to take a 3 to 2 led but, upon taking the field, made two errors to let in a pair of tallies and lost the ball game 4 to 3.

Ball (L) and xxx
Bray, Lewis (W) (8) and xxx

(July 24)  The Bellingham Tissues ripped three Arrow ball tossers for 17 hits, running roughshod over their hosts 9 to 1. While Tulip Town moundsman Bill Ford was quietly setting the Bow Missiles down on six hits, his mates were fattening their batting averages. Walter Bliss added three singles to his resumé while Ted Clarke knocked out a triple and single. Coming in with a double plus a one-bagger were Elmer Bray, “Babe” Rea and Ray O’Dell.

Ford (W) and Senuty
Scott (L), Gray (3), Muscutt (6) and Staggs 

(July 25)  Big Si Ball fired a three-hitter as the Firemen blasted the fluttering Arrows 6 to 0. The game was close for five innings but then the Hosemen went to work with the hickory and ran away with the verdict. Playing-manager Jimmy Watters backed up his mammoth hurler offensively by contributing three singles. Shortstop Hal Haughland was also prominent at the platter, smashing a triple and a double.

Ball (W) and Henry
Scott (L) and Staggs

(July 26)  Numerous disputes with the umpiring crew about judgement calls featured a robust contest in which the B.C. Telephone baseballers downed the Vacs 4 to 1. All of the vocal harpooning seemed to overshadow reliable pitching performances by the two mound combatants. Winner Don Weaver held the Red Caps to six hits, three of which were a double and two singles off the bat of Jimmy McKissock. Saddled with the loss, Bert Middendorf yielded eight safeties including a home run to Don Stewart. Bill Mazelow also lit him up for a brace of two-baggers.

Middendorf (L) and Padovan
Weaver (W) and Spicer

(July 29)  The Vancouver Athletic Association group of diamondeers continued to hole top spot in the circuit by nosing out the Firemen 7 to 5 in a free-hitting game which ushered in the first of a two-game set among the four Vancouver contenders. The Arrows came out of their slump in the final contest, knocking off the Telephones 4 to 3 in an exciting tussle. The Red Capped Vacs hammered 12 hits off a pair of Hose & Ladder chuckers in the opener, taking control of the game in the fourth frame. Winning tosser Hal Straight yielded just enough hits to be in trouble all the time but was bailed out by good defensive support. Jimmy McKissock continued to set a torrid pace with the lumber, stroking three more hits for the winners. Losing flinger Si Ball counted a home run among his two hit performance. 

Straight (W) and Padovan
Ball (L), L. Holden (6) and Henry

A pair of eighth inning counters gave the Transfermen the win in the late game as Dave Gray and Bill Richardson staged one of their many toe-to-toe pitching battles. Gray was touched for nine safeties with both Bruce Thirsk and Ralph Spicer singling twice off his slants. Richardson allowed eight hits in a losing effort including a home run by Earl Lewis and two singles apiece by Ross Edy and Merrick Cranstoun.

Gray (W) and Staggs
Richardson (L) and Spicer

(July 30)  The Bellingham Tissues won their final home game against Vancouver Senior League opposition by defeating the V.A.C. team 3 to 2 in a game which featured four double plays. Jimmy McKissock of the visitors and Ted Clarke of the Tissues each drove the ball over the leftfield fence for a four-bagger. Winning chucker Bill Ford was nicked for seven hits while Bert Middendorf of the Red Caps gave up nine safeties.

Middendorf (L) and Padovan 
Ford (W) and Senuty 

Standings *           W       L       Pct.
V.A.C.               18      17      .514
Arrows               16      17      .485
Firemen              15      18      .455
B.C. Telephones      14      19      .424

(July 31)  Billy Adshead’s clouting was too much for Larry Holden and the Firemen as the young second baseman drove in five runs in leading the Arrows to a 6 to 1 win over the Fire Eaters. His home run in the sixth with two aboard and a two-run single in the ninth provided winning tosser Doug Muscutt with the offensive support needed to throttle the Hosemen. Also contributing with the stick were outfielders Merrick Cranstoun and Robertson who both singled twice, a feat replicated by Charlie Miron of the Flame Fighters.

Muscutt (W) and Staggs
L. Holden (L) and Henry

(August 1)  Three errors by Bellingham and some very timely hitting during the sixth frame paved the way for the Telephones 5 to 2 victory over the Washingtonians. Both teams hit the ball freely with the Phones holding a slight 11 to 10 advantage. First baseman Abe Cross led the winners at the dish, spanking the horsehide for four singles. Second baseman O’Dea sparked the Yanks offensively with a double and two singles.

Lewis (L) and Senuty
Weaver (W) and Spicer

Standings *        W      L      Pct.
V.A.C.            18     17     .514
Arrows            17     17     .500
Firemen           15     19     .441
B.C. Tel          15     19     .441

* Bellingham totals not included

(August 2)  An eighth-inning infield bobble by shortstop Jackie Sherman allowed the Arrows to score an unearned counter from third base and defeat V.A.C. 2 to 1. Playing in less-than-ideal conditions with intermittent rain, the two teams staged a tightly-fought contest in which the pitchers were stingy in allowing base hits. Winning heaver Dave Scott gave up five safeties while losing flinger Hal Puder was touched for six base raps, three by Earl Lewis and two off the bat of Billy Adshead.     

Puder (L) and Padovan
Scott (W) and Staggs

(August 4)  Reliever Don Weaver not only earned the mound decision in a 12-inning marathon but he also drove in the lead run, which turned out to be the winner, as the Telephones got by the Firemen 6 to 3. Weaver entered the game in the eleventh frame, replacing starter Bill Richardson who had given up six hits while whiffing 15. Loser Cy Ball went all the way for the Hose & Ladder Gang, surrendering seven hits and fanning 12. Shortstop Eddie Trummer led the Wrong Numbers with the stick, gathering a triple and single. For the Flame Fighters, Hal Haughland drilled a double and two singles and Norm Trasolini a two-bagger and single.

Richardson, Weaver (W) (11) and Kasmer
Ball (L) and Henry

(August 5)  The Vancouver Athletic Club nine went all out and took over first place in the Senior loop by beating the Firemen 9 to 2. The red-capped Vacs blasted losing chucker “Lefty” Kaye for 14 hits, four by first baseman Coley Hall whose total included a double. Hal Straight pitched seven-hit ball for the win. Second baseman Jimmy McKissock had three singles in support of Straight. Hal Haughland doubled and singled for the Smoke Fighters.

Straight (W) and Padovan
Kaye (L) and Henry

(August 7)  Unable to mount an offensive thrust when needed, the Firemen lost another close tussle, dropping a 2 to 1 decision to the Arrows. Winning pitcher Earl Lewis tossed a seven-hitter, surrendering one more safety than Larry Holden. Outfielder Robertson’s second-inning double drove home both of the runs for the Transfermen. Merrick Cranstoun picked up two singles for the winning nine, a feat replicated by Bert Bean and Ed Henry of the Hosemen.

Lewis (W) and Staggs
L. Holden (L) and Henry

(August 8)  Nick Craig, starting the game in the outer pasture, found himself on the mound in a late-inning relief role and came through in grand style. Squelching a seventh-inning, bases-loaded fire on one pitch, Craig then came to bat in the eighth and, with his team behind, belted a bases-clearing double, his second safety of the contest, to ignite the Firemen to a 5 to 4 win over V.A.C. Norm Trasolini also had two of the eleven base blows garnered by the winners. Leading the six-hit attack of the Red Caps was Coley Hall who ripped two doubles and a single. Outfielder Anshutz slammed a four-bagger for the Vacs. 

Kaye, Craig (W) (7) and Henry
Middendorf (L) and Padovan

(August 9)  The Arrows boosted their margin atop the Senior circuit, edging past the Telephones 2 to 1. The Phones scored their lone counter in the first frame on a triple by Thirsk followed by Eddie Trummer’s RBI double. Billy Adshead’s pop single over first base drove in the tying marker in the third. A fourth-inning single by Transfer Troupe outfielder Robertson pushed Merrick Cranstoun, who had tripled, across the platter with the deciding marker. Shortstop Arnie Miller had a double and a brace of one-baggers for the winners. Phones’ Eddie Trummer doubled and singled.

Muscutt (W) and Staggs
Weaver (L) and Kasmer

Standings *      W        L         Pct.
Arrows           20       17       .541
V.A.C.           19       19       .500
B.C. Tel         16       20       .444
Firemen          16       22       .421

*Bellingham totals not included

(August 10)  The Telephones blanked the touring Colored House of David aggregation 4 to 0 in exhibition action. The Phones’ pitching tandem of Don Weaver and Bill Richardson stopped the tourists cold on three hits while accumulating 15 strikeouts. Eddie Trummer singled on four occasions off losing twirler Pat Atkins.

Atkins (L) and Favors
Weaver (W), Richardson (5) and Kasmer

(August 11)  Scoring eight runs in the top of the ninth inning, all off the slants of losing flinger Fred Yehle, the Colored House of David evened their record against Vancouver opposition with a come-from-behind 9 to 5 triumph over the Vancouver Athletic Club. Third baseman Hicks of the Davids and Jimmy McKissock of the Vacs both picked up a double and single.

Manager, Atkins (W) (8) and Favors
Middendorf, Straight (6), Yehle (L) (8) and Padovan

(August 12)  In doubleheader action, the Telephones, although out hit by a healthy 19 to 8 margin, took out the Firemen 10 to 7 in the afternoon affair while the first-place Arrows outscored V.A.C. 7 to 1 in the finale. Don Stewart and Abe Cross belted homers for the victorious Phones’ nine in the matinee event. Ed Henry and Eddie Holden both had three base raps for the Hose and Ladder Gang with one of Holden’s blows being a double.

Ball (L), L. Holden (2) and Henry
Richardson (W), Weaver (8) and Kasmer 

Dave Gray, although a bit wild at times, tamed the Vacs on five hits in the late game which featured a fist fight involving Coley Hall of the Red Caps and catcher Boyd Staggs of the Bow Missiles. Shortstop Arnie Miller with three singles and first baseman Earl Lewis with a home run and one-bagger led the ten-hit assault of the victorious nine.

Gray (W) and Staggs, Adshead  
Puder (L) and Padovan 

(August 14)  A late, three-run rally fell short as the Arrows were snuffed out 6 to 4 by Bellingham. The Yanks collected nine solid base blows and ran the bases with abandon, proving to be well deserving of the victory. Outfielder Ted Clarke had a double and single for the Tulip Towners.

Ford (W) and Senuty
Scott (L) and Staggs 

(August 15)  Don Stewart’s bases-loaded single in the bottom of the ninth drove in a pair of counters and gave the Telephones a 9 to 8 walkoff win over V.A.C. Bill Mazelow was the top dog with the paddle for the Phones, drilling a double and single. Anshutz had a three-run homer for the Vacs.

Middendorf, Straight (L) (6) and Padovan
Weaver, Richardson (W) (8) and Kasmer

(August 16)  The Firemen came from behind to defeat the Telephones 10 to 8 and, in doing so, kept their hope for a playoff spot alive. The Phones outhit the winners 11 to 9 as outfielder Don Stewart drilled four safeties including a two-bagger. Teammate Eddie Trummer pitched in with a double and single. For the victors, Charlie Miron homered and infielders Bart Bean and Lorne Campbell both stroked two singles.

Kaye, Ray (4), L. Holden (W) (5) and Henry
Richardson, Weaver (L) (5) and Kasmer

(August 18)  The Vancouver Athletic Club defeated the University of Washington Huskies 7 to 3 in exhibition action. The Vacs rolled up an early 6 to 0 lead and, despite being out hit, were superior defensively.

Burdick (L), Wintemute (4) and Hartnett
Straight (W), Puder (7) and Padovan 

(August 19)  The Telephones and Arrows both lost their exhibition encounters with the University of Washington Huskies. The Varsity nine took the opener of the twin-bill 2 to 1 over the Phones and then followed up by defeating the Transfermen 5 to 4.

(August 21)  The Arrows fought back from a 4 to 2 deficit to pummel the Telephones 9 to 4. A six-run seventh inning, ignited by winning chucker Earl Lewis’ two-run base hit, spelled the difference in this tussle. Middle infielders Billy Adshead and Arnie Miller each had a brace of singles for the Bow Missiles. First baseman Abe Cross was best for the Phones, drilling a double and one-bagger. 

Weaver (L), Esplen (7) and Kasmer
Lewis (W), Gray (8) and Staggs

(August 23)  Scoring seven runs in the third inning, the V.A.C. nine held on to defeat the B.C. Telephones 10 to 8. The loss for the Phones left the last-place Firemen with a chance to still qualify for the playoffs. Both teams hit the horsehide hard and often with the Vacs holding a slight 13 to 12 advantage in acquired raps. Leading hitters in the game were Jimmy McKissock and Coley Hall, both of the winning Red Caps, who each had a triad of base knocks with two of McKissock’s total being doubles.

Middendorf (W) and Padovan
Kershaw (L), Richardson (3) and McLean, Spicer

(August 24)  With their playoff lives on the line, the Firemen responded positively to the challenge, putting together a late surge to defeat the Arrows 5 to 3, a win which gave them an opportunity to play the against the Telephones in a third-place tie-breaker series. With three innings left to play, the Flame Fighters found themselves in arrears by three runs but put together scoring sprees in the seventh and eighth cantos, sparked by Eddie Holden’s home run, to emerge with the victory. Second baseman Lorne Campbell had two of the winners’ eight hits, a double and single. Shortstop Arnie Miller homered and doubled for the Transfermen.

L. Holden (W) and Henry
Scott (L) and Adshead

Final Standings *   P    W     L     Pct.
Arrows             41    22   19    .537
V.A.C.             41    20   21    .488
B.C. Telephones    41    18   23    .439
Firemen            41    18   23    .439

*Bellingham totals not included

(August 25)  Bellingham combined extra-base hits with stolen bases to walk away from the Arrows 9 to 1 in a post-regular season exhibition tilt.

Ford (W) and xxx
Muscutt (L) and xxx

Third-place tie-breaker series (best-of-three)

(August 26)  Slamming out 18 hits while their foes committed six bobbles, the B.C. Telephones nine went one game up in their tie-breaker series, drubbing the Firemen 16 to 6. Eddie Trummer led the Telephone hitters with four safe bingles, including a double. Catcher Ralph Spicer was next in line with a trio of one-baggers.

Weaver (W), Esplen (5) and Kasmer
L. Holden (L), Kay (3), Raye (9), Craig (9) and Henry 

(August 28)  The first chapter of elimination action concluded as the Telephones sent the Firemen to the sidelines with a 5 to 2 win in a well-played tussle. The Phones will now face the V.A.C. squad in semi-final play. Trailing 2 to 1 as they came to bat in the bottom of the seventh panel, the Tels erupted for a three-spot, adding another tally in the eighth. Harry Wienker with a double as well as two singles and teammate Bruce Thirsk with three singles, led the winning nine with the lumber. 

Craig (L), Ray (7) and Henry
Richardson (W) and Kasmer

(August 30)  The Vancouver Sun of this date published the final 1933 VSABL batting statistics. Those players batting .300 or better, with a minimum of 100 at-bats, are listed below:
                                     AB    R    H  2B  3B  HR  SH  SB   Aver.
McKissock, Jimmy  (V.A.C.)          144   29   60   9   1   2   3  15   .417
Hall, Coley  (V.A.C.)               137   16   47   5   1   0   0   6   .343  
Adshead, Billy  (Arrows)            115   24   50   8   3   2   1   6   .307 *
Haughland, Hal  (Firemen)           153   12   46   7   3   0   3   9   .305  
Trasolini, Norm  (Firemen)          132   24   40   3   2   2   3   7   .303
Thirsk, Bruce  (B.C. Telephones)    160   21   48   7   2   1   0   2   .300

* An obvious typo (as 50 for 115 would have won the batting title).

Besides having the best batting average, McKissock was fastest on the base paths and stole 15 bases. He also led in runs, hits and doubles.
Home runs – Miller, Arnie  Arrows – 8
Triples – Adshead & Haughland – tied with 3 

Semi-finals (best-of-five)

(August 31)  Despite banging out twice as many base hits, 14 to 7, the Vancouver Athletic Club played sluggishly and dropped the opening game of their semi-final series to B.C. Telephones 8 to 7. Winning tosser “Babe” Esplen was constantly in hot water but managed to squirm out more often than not. Meanwhile losing flinger Hal Straight was busy hitting batters or wild pitching runners in. Catcher Andy Padovan of the Red Caps emerged as the game’s most productive swatter, claiming three singles. Second baseman Stevenson doubled and singled for the victors, a feat replicated by outfielder Bill Tuson of the Vacs.

Esplen (W) and Kasmer
Straight (L) and Padovan

(September 1)  With both pitchers in top form, the Telephones went two up in their series with V.A.C., blanking the Red Caps 2 to 0. A total of seven safeties featured the game with the Vacs collecting four to three for the Phones. Winning chucker Don Weaver recorded 13 strikeouts while loser Hal Puder whiffed eight. The only two runs of the game were scored in the fourth inning. Harry Weinker led off with a single. Bruce Thirsk reached base on an error. Both runners moved up a base on a sacrifice. A passed ball followed which allowed Weinker to score and Thirsk to move to third base. When Abe Cross flew out, Thirsk tagged up and plated the second tally. Thirsk had a triple and single to lead all batters. Coley Hall singled twice for the vanquished nine.

Puder (L) and Padovan
Weaver (W) and Kasmer

(September 2)  V.A.C. staved off elimination by dumping B.C. Telephones 8 to 3. Doubling the hit total of the Phones, the Red Caps ripped the horsehide for 16 base blows. Third baseman Anshutz led the way with four singles. Teammate Jimmy McKissock followed with a double and two singles.

Richardson (L) and Kasmer
Straight (W) and Padovan

(September 7)  After days of rain interrupted proceedings, playoff action resumed at Athletic Park where the slugging and reinvigorated V.A.C. nine doubled the Telephones 6 to 3 to square the series at two games apiece. Winning flinger Hal Puder out pitched “Babe” Esplen in every inning except the fifth when he was hit freely. Some lusty hitting was observed by the fans with the Vacs always seeming to have more on the ball than their rivals. Third baseman Anshutz led the Red Cap bat swingers with four hits including a double. Catcher Andy Padovan followed with three singles while outfielder Stong blasted a home run.

Puder (W) and Padovan
Esplen (L) and Kasmer

(September 8)  Scoring twice in the seventh inning, the Telephones went ahead and held on for a 3 to 2 win over the Vancouver Athletic Club to eliminate the Red Capped Vacs from the playoffs. Out hit once more, as has been the trend throughout the series, the resilient Wrong Numbers found a way to get the job done by playing station-to-station baseball. Both the tying and winning runs were plated on simple ground outs with the batter in each case moving the runner up a 90 feet. Outfielder Don Stewart doubled and singled to lead the winners offensively.

Weaver (W) and Kasmer
Straight (L) and Padovan

Finals (best-of-seven)

(September 9)  The onward playoff march of the B.C. Telephones nine continued following their 2 to 0 victory over the Arrows in the opening game of the VSABL finals. Pitcher Bill Richardson of the Hello Gang held the Transfermen to just three measly singles in registering the complete game shutout. He also drove in the game’s only two runs with a seventh-inning single.

Richardson (W) and Kasmer
Gray (L) and Staggs

(September 11)  Earl Lewis’ superb relief performance on the mound allowed the Arrows to scratch back and defeat the B.C. Telephones squad 10 to 9 to perch themselves on even terms with the Wrong Numbers. Lewis, whose regular job is at first base, was seconded to hurl after the Phones had sent two pitching predecessors to the showers while building up a 9 to 5 lead. With 4 1/3 innings of no-hit, no-run relief tossed by Lewis, aided by a horrible game afield by Tel’s shortstop Eddie Trummer, the Bow Missiles clawed their way back from a large deficit, eventually scoring four times in the top of the ninth to go ahead for good. Two of Trummer’s four fielding miscues occurred during the Transfermen’s last-inning rally. Pacing the 14-hit offensive thrust of the Arrows was outfielder Ross Edy who accumulated a double plus a pair of singles. Catcher Boyd Staggs provided lots of power, drilling a triple and double.

Muscutt, Gray (5), Lewis (W) (5) and Staggs
Weaver, Esplen (L) (4) and Kasmer

(September 12)  Bill Richardson picked up his second complete-game mound triumph of the finals when he tossed the Telephones to a narrow 3 to 2 win over the Arrows. As in his initial victory in the series, Richardson bat was again potent as he also drilled an eighth-inning single which drove in the winning counter. The Phones presented a very balanced offensive attack with every player in the lineup registering at least one base blow. Catcher Johnny Kasmer led the way with a double and single.

Richardson (W) and Kasmer
Scott (L) and Staggs

(September 14)  Eddie Trummer, whose reputation as a solid-fielding gloveman was tarnished in the second game of the final series, thoroughly redeemed himself as the Telephones took their third game in four by nosing past the Arrows 6 to 5. Trummer, besides playing a sparkling game in the shortpatch, delivered a seventh-inning single, his third safety of the game, which tied the score and set the stage for Harry Wienker’s base hit which drove in the lead, and ultimate winning, counter. Don Weaver yielded six hits and struck out eight in earning the win. Billy Adshead, with a homer and double, collected two of those hits. Outfielder Bruce Thirsk had a round-tripper and single for the winners.

Muscutt (L), Gray (7) and Scraggs
Weaver (W) and Kasmer

(September 15)  Trailing 3 to 1 as they came to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Arrows notched a pair of clutch tallies to knot the count and, in the tenth frame, added another to escape with a razor-thin 4 to 3 thriller over the B.C. Telephones, maintaining their right to live another day. With rain coming down in the ninth, Bill Richardson of the Phones, gunning for his third win of the series, issued a leadoff walk followed by a single to Earl Lewis. Merrick Cranstoun then doubled both runners home. In the extra canto, with rain still falling, playing-manager Johnny Nestman’s squeeze bunt sent Arnie Miller home from third with the winner. Nestman wound up with three hits to lead all swatters. Don Stewart led the Telephones offensively with a home run and single.

Richardson (L) and Kasmer
Muscutt (W) and Butler

(September 16)  The Arrows tied up their VSABL final series at three games apiece after surviving a second extra-inning contest in their last two meetings with the Telephones. On this occasion, shortstop Arnie Miller supplied the heroics by slugging a three-run homer in the top of the thirteenth inning which gave the Transfermen a 6 to 3 win. Winning pitcher, Earl Lewis, had earlier staked the Arrows to a 3 to 0 lead by homering with two aboard. The Phones notched three of their own in the fifth and, then, nothing but goose eggs went up on the scoreboard for the next seven cantos. Outfielder Robertson of the Bow Missiles had an outstanding evening at the dish, singling five consecutive times.

Lewis (W) and Staggs
Weaver (L) and Kasmer

(September 18)  Bill Richardson fired a no-hit, no-run game as the Telephones won game seven in their showdown series, blanking the Arrows 5 to 0. The Phones scored all of their runs in the second frame, sending loser Dave Gray for an early shower. Shortstop Eddie Trummer of the Wrong Numbers, with a double and single, was the only batter to achieve two-hit status.

Richardson (W) and Kasmer
Gray (L), Lewis (1) and Staggs

B.C.A.B.A. Finals (best-of-five)

(September 21)  Playing on their home turf at Athletic Park on Fifth Avenue, the B.C. Telephones squad of the Vancouver Senior Baseball League won a 2 to 1 squeaker over the Terminal League Asahis in the opener of their B.C.A.B.A sanctioned championship series. The game, played in a constant drizzle, was called after seven innings. The Nippons plated their tally in the top of the initial canto through Roy Yamamura’s single, a bunt and another single by Yasui. The Phones came right back in their half of the inning and chased two runs over chiefly through the aid of Bruce Thirsk’s triple and Harry Wienker’s single. The baseball throughout was sloppy except for the fielding of the Asahis. Thirsk also wound up with a double to lead all hitters. Joe Fukui had a double and single for the Asahis.

Maikawa (L) and Yasui
Esplen (W) and Kasmer

(September 22)  The B.C. Telephones aggregation went two up in their series with the Asahis, downing the Nippons 6 to 4 in ten innings at Con Jones Park. The Asahis had scored twice in the bottom of the ninth on a couple of their famous infield singles to force overtime. In the tenth, the Phones employed a tactic generally used by the Nippons. Both Bruce Thirsk and Harry Wienker laid down bunts on the slippery infield that bagged them base hits. Thirsk went to third on pitcher Fred Condon’s low throw to first on Wienker’s hit. After Wienker swiped second, backup catcher Ralph Spicer, who was in the game only because of a sixth-inning injury to regular backstop Johnny Kasmer, doubled to score both runners. Bill Richardson toiled the entire ten frames to get the win with a six-hitter. Bill Mazelow had a pair of doubles for the winners. 

Richardson (W) and Kasmer, Spicer (6)
F. Condon (L) and Yasui

(September 23)  The 1933 baseball season wound up as the B.C. Telephones nine captured the B.C.A.B.A. championship by defeating the Asahis 7 to 3. Winning pitcher Don Weaver, hit in the face by a pre-game foul-tip, tossed the entire contest with a broken nose, limiting the Asahis to just four hits while fanning thirteen. Outfielder Don Stewart was the leading willow wielder for the Phones, slamming a pair of doubles and a single. Shortstop Eddie Trummer was also prominent, hitting a home run and a single. 

J. Condon (L), Nishihara (8) and Yasui
Weaver (W) and Spicer. 


This East End Vancouver-based senior circuit began the season with seven-inning games at the Powell Street grounds but switched to nine inning night games at Con Jones Park in early May.

(April 24)  Shores' Jewelers squeezed out a narrow 4 to 3 win over the defending champion Asahis in the opening game of the 1933 Terminal League before a capacity audience at the Powell Street grounds. Both teams managed to bang out seven base hits. Three runs in the fifth frame, resulting from two scratch singles, a fielder’s choice and an infield error, paved the way for the victory by the Diamond Merchants. Herb Tanaka and outfielder Nag Nishihara, both of the Nippons, were the only two swatters in either lineup to register two hits.

Bourne (W), March (6) and Seretny 
Suga (L) and Yasui 

(April 25)  Backed up with steady fielding, young Hal Gregson pitched the Meralomas  to victory over B & W Fuel Oil 4 to 1. Gregson allowed just three scattered hits and two fast infield double plays assisted him in the pinches. Southpaw Fred Condon was touched for seven safeties in taking the loss. First baseman Downie of the ‘Lomas, with an opening-inning solo round-tripper plus a double emerged as the contest’s top slugger. Teammate Beaumont was next in line, registering a brace of one-baggers.

F. Condon (L) and Pitt
Gregson (W) and Beaumont 

(April 26)  Driving out ten base knocks, Shores' Jewelers knocked off the Meralomas 5 to 3 in a Terminal League skirmish at Powell Street. The score was tied 3 – 3 when the Gem Merchants broke through with a pair of counters in the bottom of the fifth canto to take control of the game. Winning pitcher Arthur heaved a five-hitter while whiffing four. Shortstop McCarthy of Shores' blasted two doubles and a single in three tries. Teammate Faulkner picked up a two-bagger and a single while fellow Diamond Dealer, Ross Morrow, launched a circuit-clout.

McLennan (L), McAdams (5) and Beaumont
Arthur (W) and Seretny

(April 27)  Only a fast double play to retire the side with the bases loaded stopped the B & W Fuel Oil baseballers from pulling a circus finish against the Asahis in Terminal League action. The Nippons hung on for a 9 to 7 win but it was a close call after entering the last frame with an eight-run lead. The Oilers held a slight 10 to 9 advantage in base hits with second baseman Bruce McIntyre leading the way with three. Herb Tanaka of the winning nine also picked up a triad of base knocks, including a home run.

Nishihara (W), Suga (6) and Yasui
Noble (L), McArthur (6) and Pitt

(May 2)  With ex-teammate Hermie McArthur in the saddle for B & W Fuel Oil, Shores' Jewelers dropped their first game of the young campaign, an 8 to 4 defeat. After falling behind 2 to 0 in the top of the initial frame, the Oilers roared back and plated six counters in the last half of the canto, assuming a lead they never lost. Playing-manager Jimmy Condon doubled and singled for the victorious nine. Shortstop George Van Hatten followed suit with a pair of one-baggers while outfielder Worley clouted a home run. Losing flinger Jack Bourne was best with the hickory for Shores', singling twice. 

Boston, Bourne (L) (1) and Seretny
McArthur (W) and Pitt

(May 5) Night baseball was introduced to Con Jones Park and over 4,000 fans were there to witness the event, a 9 to 5 victory by Shores' Jewelers over the Asahis. Several of the players were performing under artificial lighting conditions for the first time. The Gem Dealers won the contest on their merits, out hitting the Nipponese nine 10 to 7. Outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn was the heavy bopper for the winners, clouting a home run and triple. First baseman “Scotty” Lister also banged a round-tripper to go along with a single.

Suga (L), Ejima (7) and Yasui
March (W) and Seterny

(May 8)  Extra-base swatting with ducks on the pond enabled the Meralomas to outscore the Asahis 4 to 2 in a well-played Terminal League contest under the floodlights at Con Jones Park. Bill Kay socked a two-run homer for the ‘Lomas and winning chucker Hal Gregson helped his own cause by slamming a two-run triple. Ty Suga was best with the lumber for the Nippons, doubling and singling.

Ejima (L) and Yasui
Gregson (W) and Daniels

(May 9)  A pair of circuit-clouts played a prominent role in the 17 to 5 victory of Shores' Jewelers over B & W Fuel Oil in a long drawn-out Terminal League encounter. First baseman Lister of Shores' pounded the ball into the outfield seats with the bases loaded in the third panel to climax an eight-run rally. Again, in the sixth, Tommy Faulkner launched the ball for four-bases with two runners aboard. Lister and winning flinger Jack Bourne both connected for three hits. Outfielder H. Wickett of the Oilmen supplied the power for the vanquished nine, clubbing a home run and triple.

F. Condon (L), Townsend (3) and Pitt
Arthur, Bourne (W) (1) and Seretny  

(May 11)  Asahi diamond satellites were in fine fettle at Con Jones Park when they chased across six runs in the second frame, more than enough to bump B & W Fuel Oil 9 to 5 in a Terminal Baseball League fixture. Some fast and daring baserunning by the Nippons had the Oilers tossing the ball around so fast that their aim suffered. Herb Tanaka and infielder Joe Fukui both had two singles for the nimble Japanese while catcher Fred Pitt reciprocated the feat for B & W.

Nishihara, Suga (W) (3) and Yasui
J. Condon (L) and Pitt

(May 12)  A bombardment of base blows in the fourth inning blasted the hopes of the Shores' Jewelers nine when the Meralomas tallied five runs and stopped the league leaders 6 to 1 at Jones Park. Two walks, one error, and three sound wallops, one a long four-bagger by Bill Kay, accounted for the five runs. “Lefty” O’Leary, late of the Firemen, pitched for the victors. He allowed only two bingles, including a three-bagger by Ross Morrow. George Boston and “Bus” March were clouted heavily and would have suffered a worse fate had it not been for spectacular catches in the outfield by Ross Morrow and “Lefty” Fairbairn.

O’Leary (W) and xxx
Boston (L), March (4) and xxx

(May 13)  The shifty Asahis stepped out and showed their skill in the field and on the bases when they downed Shores' Jewelers 8 to 0 at Con Jones Park. Superb pitching by Ty Suga, who was given flawless support, was responsible for the whitewashing. The Nippons got their war clubs working in the fifth when they scored five times and, again in the eighth, when they tallied three more.

Suga (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(May 15)  “Lefty” Simmons, veteran left-hander, tossed a seven-inning no-hit, no-run game in leading the B & W Oilers to a 3 to 0 win over the Meralomas. Simmons struck out eight and walked four in registering his gem. Outfielders Noble and Bill Widdows of the Oilmen both had two hits and both socked a home run off loser “Lefty” O’Leary.

Simmons (W) and Pitt
O’Leary (L) and Daniels

(May 16)  The Meralomas stayed at the top of the Terminal League by blanking the Asahis 8 to 0 at Con Jones Park. They gave their hurler, Hal Gregson, airtight support and battered the offerings of losing flinger “Mickey” Maikawa for 13 base blows. Gregson was touched for only four hits in recording the shutout win. He also drilled a home run plus a single. First baseman Downie also had a round-tripper and a one-bagger.

Maikawa (L) and Kamino
Gregson (W) and Daniels

(May 18)  Shores' Jewelers subdued B & W Fuel Oil 7 to 6 in Terminal League action at Con Jones Park. A home run by Gem Dealers’ first baseman “Scotty” Lister, his third hit of the game, was the deciding factor. The Oilers had a 13 to 10 edge in hits with catcher Fred Pitt, shortstop George Van Hatten and outfielder Bill Widdows each collecting three. Included in Pitt’s total was a triple while Van Hatten’s sum contained a two-bagger.

Pearsall, Boston (W) (1) and Seretny
McArthur (L), Bourne (9) and Pitt

(May 19)  The Meraloma balltossers boosted their lead in the Terminal League when they handed Shores' Jewelers a 10 to 4 pasting at Jones Park. The game was a long, drawn-out affair owing to the wildness of the hurlers. McLennan tossed them up for the ‘Lomas and was in several jams, but came through in the pinches. Pearsall, who was hit freely in the early innings, was given the hook for Jack Bourne in the fourth. Gus Girard of the winners and “Scotty” Lister of the Diamond Merchants both picked up home runs. For Lister, it was his fourth of the season.

McLennan (W) and xxx
Pearsall (L), Bourne (4) and xxx

(May 20)  B & W Fuel Oil had the Asahis on the defensive most of the way in a Terminal League game that they captured 3 to 0 at Con Jones Park. Jimmy Condon yielded six hits and struck out three behind errorless defensive play to get the shutout win. First baseman Abe Cross laced three singles for the Fuelmen.

J. Condon (W) and Pitt
Suga (L) and Yasui

(May 23)  The Meralomas took an exciting extra-inning affair from B & W Fuel Oil, 7 to 5. The Kitsilano Corp scored twice in the eighth to tie the game and got the winning run in the tenth after being outplayed all the way.

xxx (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(May 24)  Heavy clouting in the pinches, including home run swats by “Scotty” Lister and shortstop McCarthy, gave Shores' Jewelers of the Terminal League a 7 to 5 exhibition decision over Fraser Mills of the Dewdney Triangle League. McCarthy was the hitting star with a homer, triple and single.

Kenney (L) and xxx
Pearsall, Boston and xxx

(May 26)  Shores' Jewelers baseball squad was full of stamina, dumping the Meralomas 13 to 3 at Con Jones Park. The Diamond Merchants slugged the offerings of a tandem of left-handers for eleven hits, ran the bases fast and fielded well. Jack Bourne yielded just four hits in earning the complete game mound victory. Second baseman Scott picked up three singles for the winning nine. 

Bourne (W) and Seretny
O’Leary (L). McLennan () and Beaumont 

(May 30)  Asahi baseballers seem to have hit their stride once again after a bad start. Tripping up the B & W Fuel Oil in artistic style to the tune of 6 to 0 at Con Jones Park, the Nippons looked sharp. Winning pitcher Nag Nishihara was accorded brilliant support in stopping any potential threats by the Oilers. First baseman Joe Fukui poled out a double and single for the victors. Second baseman George Shishido had two singles as did Abe Cross of the Fuelmen

McArthur (L), Noble (4) and Pitt
Nishihara (W) and Yasui

(June 1)  Pitcher Hal Gregson of the Meralomas was saddled with his first loss in Terminal League play over the course of the past two seasons as the Asahis conquered the Meralomas 6 to 3. Herb Tanaka of the Nippons lit a duo of Kitsilano chuckers up for four one-baggers to lead the batting parade. Outfielder Bill Kay of the ‘Lomas singled three times off winning chucker Kaz Suga.

Gregson (L), McAdams (6) and Beaumont
Suga (W) and Yasui

(June 2)  There was a dramatic finish to the Terminal League game at Con Jones Park when umpire Tommy Green awarded the game to the B & W Fuel Oil squad on a forfeiture  9 to 0 when manager Bert Murray refused to leave the ball park after being ejected. The Oilmen were leading 6 to 3 at the time and the eighth inning had just concluded. McCarthy smashed a four-bagger for the winners during the eight frames of action.

J. Condon (W) and Pitt
Boston, Bourne (L) (5) and Seretny

(June 8)  Even though their southpaw chucker, young Freddy Condon, whiffed 17 batters, it took the B & W Fuel Oil Boys an extra inning to pull out a 4 to 3 victory over the Meralomas. In the tense battle at Con Jones Park, the ‘Lomas collected just four hits. Two of their bingles came in the seventh canto, however, and combined with a pair of walks and an error, led to their three-run output. Jimmy Condon delivered the hit that won the game.

Lowrie (L) and xxx
F. Condon (W) and xxx

(June 13)  A pair of first-inning home runs, which netted four runs, took most of the fight out of the Asahis, and the Meralomas had an easy time beating the Nippons 9 to 1 before a large crowd at Con Jones Park. Shortstop Naughton, making his first Terminal League appearance, belted one of the round-trippers and later added a triple and a single. Haslam had the other circuit-clout for the winners. Portsider George O’Leary, back from a stint on Vancouver Island, had little trouble in stopping the Asahis, limiting them to five hits.

O’Leary (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(June 16)  Freddy Condon, on the mound for the B & W Fuel Oilers, not only stopped the Meralomas with 15 strikeouts, but gave his team victory in the eighth frame when he dumped a bunt down the third-base line to score two runners and settle a keen matchup, 4 to 2. It was a hurler’s joust throughout with Kitsilano tosser Lowrie holding the Furnace Boys to three hits until the eighth when they crashed through with another trio of safeties.

F. Condon (W) and xxx
Lowrie (L) and xxx

(June 17)  Reg Yasui’s hard drive, which nearly knocked down second baseman Scott, sent Nakamura home with the winning run to give the Asahis a 3 to 2 ninth-inning victory over Shores' Jewelers. Ty Suga got the mound win, proving to be a bit more effective in the pinches than his hillock opponent, George Boston. Brilliant in defeat, Boston allowed only four hits and whiffed 15 Nippons but he was wild at times.

Boston (L) and xxx
Suga (W) and xxx

(June 19)  Despite lighting up winning flinger Cecil Helmer for ten base blows, including two home runs, the Meralomas fell to the Shores' Jewellery nine 4 to 2 in Terminal League action. The Diamond Merchants only collected seven hits off George “Lefty” O’Leary but they were pretty-well bunched and came after Meraloma errors in the infield. Helmer fanned 13 batters and received faultless defensive support. Ellis and Gus Girard poled out the round-trippers for the vanquished nine and, in each instance, the sacks were empty. Infielders McCarthy and Johnston came through with timely three-base wallops for the victors.

Helmer (W) and xxx
O’Leary (L) and xxx

(June 20)  Belting 17 base blows off a tandem of Asahi chuckers, the B & W Fuel Oil baseballers blew away the Nippons to the tune of 9 to 3. The Oilmen broke the game open in the fourth inning when their backstop, Fred Pitt, the leading hitter in the Terminal League, lifted one of Ty “Lefty” Suga’s offerings into the centerfield stands for a three-run homer.

Suga (L), Ejima (4) and xxx
xxx (W) and xxx

(June 22)  Shores' Jewelers outscored the Meralomas 14 to 8 in a slugfest at Con Jones Park. The Diamond Merchants collected 17 hits and the Kitsies 13. Ross Morrow, “Scotty” Lister and Fred Tinling had three blows apiece for the winners. Tinling smashed a two-run homer and a bases-loaded triple to go along with a one-bagger while Lister’s total included a homer and a double. Outfielder Walker had three safeties for the Meralomas.

Bourne (W), xxx (6) and xxx
Gregson (L) and xxx

(June 25)  On a diamond that was almost unplayable with the constant precipitation, the Nanaimo senior baseball club defeated the visiting B & W Oilers from the Vancouver Terminal League 4 to 1. The game lasted just five innings when the rain began to fall heavily. Ray Watchorn struck out five and limited the Terminal Leaguers to just three hits in taking the mound decision over Alex “Lefty” Simmons.

Simmons (L) and Pitt
Watchorn (W) and Wyllie

(June 26)  The Asahis stopped the league-leading Shores' Jewelers 9 to 8 in a Terminal League slugfest. The issue was in doubt right up until the final out when third baseman Herb Tanaka tossed out Johnston at first base. Tanaka and second sacker Scott of the Gem Dealers led their respective teams at the platter with three hits apiece.

Suga (W) and Yasui
Boston (L), Helmer (4), McCarthy (9) and Tinling

(June 27)  The Meralomas were only able to connect with Fred Condon’s left handed offerings for four safe drives but every one of them came at the right time and enabled the team to take the measure of the B & W Fuel Oilers 4 to 2. Lowrie, on the mound for the Kitsies, was also stingy with the hits, yielding just five, and he didn’t allow an Oiler counter to cross the dish until the eighth. Gus Girard did the heavy work with the war club for the victors. His hitting was responsible for three of the four tallies.

Lowrie (W) and xxx
F. Condon (L) and xxx

(June 29)  Playing-manager Jimmy Condon  pitched a no-hit, no-run complete game as he led his B & W Fuel Oil aggregation to a 3 to 0 shutout over the Asahis. Condon fanned seven and walked three in achieving the masterpiece. Outfielder Clare Menzies had two of the eight base hits garnered by the winners, one of these bingles being a double.

J. Condon (W) and Pitt
G. Tanaka (L) and Yasui

(July 1)  The Asahis travelled to Victoria and trimmed the Sons of Canada 7 to 5 in an exhibition tilt. The Nippons grabbed an early lead with an unearned run, using their speed to force opposition mistakes, and eventually ran the count up to 5 to 0 in the fifth before the Sons got on the board in the sixth. Reg Yasui and Joe Fukui had three-baggers for the Terminal Leaguers.

Nishihara (W) and xxx
Cann (L), Musgrave (5) and xxx

(July 4)  The Meralomas bunched five of their nine hits in the third frame to score all of their runs in a 4 to 0 whitewashing of the Asahis. Winning flinger Pete Therrien fanned ten while yielding six safeties, two of which were hit by outfielder Nag Nishihara. Shortstop Naughton  doubled and singled for the winners while Therrien’s batterymate, Daniels, singled twice.

Suga (L) and Yasui
Therrien (W) and Daniels

(July 6)  Heavy hitting enabled the Meralomas to take a close 7 to 6 decision from Shores' Jewelers at Con Jones Park. The Kitsies held the lead for the entire game but Shores' came back three times within one run of tying things and had two runners aboard in the bottom of the ninth when the final out was made. Outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn of the Jewelers was the top swatter in the contest, connecting for four base raps.

Lowrie (W) and Daniels
Helmer (L), Boston and Tinling

(July 7)  Despite being out hit 8 to 6, the Asahis blanked B & W Fuel Oil 3 to 0. Herb Tanaka and outfielder Nakamura each had a double and single in support of winning pitcher Nishihara. Catcher Fred Pitt had three safeties for the Oilers.

Nishihara (L) and Yasui
J. Condon (W) and Pitt

(July 8)  The Meralomas clubbed their way to a 4 to 2 win over B & W Fuel Oil to go into a tie with Shores' Jewelers for top spot in the Terminal League. Catcher Daniels doubled twice for the winners while teammate Gus Gerrard delivered a two-bagger and a single. Fred Pitt, Clare Menzies and George Van Hatten each singled twice for the losing nine. 

Therrien (W) and Daniels
F. Condon (L) and Pitt

Standings              W      L     Pct.
Shores' Jewelers       11     9     .550
Meralomas              11     9     .550
B & W Fuel Oil         10    11     .476
Asahis                  8    11     .421 

(July 9)  The B & W Oilers paid a return visit to Nanaimo and split a twin-bill with the hosts, blanking the homesters 3 to 0 in the matinee event and dropping the six-inning follow-up tussle 6 to 5. Both teams garnered eight base raps in the opener. A pair of second-inning errors by the Nanaimo defense allowed the Vancouver Terminal Leaguers to plate a brace of unearned markers. The Condon brothers’ pitching tandem held the Hub City gang in check throughout the contest with the exception of Ray Watchorn who lit the siblings up for three safeties. H. Wickett had a brace of two-baggers for the Oilers.

J. Condon (W), F. Condon and Pitt
Watchorn (L) and Wyllie

The second game ended after six frames to allow the Oilers time to catch the late ferry for the mainland. As in the first game, each team had eight base hits. Nanaimo came to bat in the sixth trailing 5 to 2. Gailus’ one-out single, his third hit of the game, drove in Jordan, reducing the deficit to a pair. Naylor’s bases-loaded liner brought in a two more, evening things at 5 – 5 and Millard drove in the winning marker with a scratch single. 

McArthur, J. Condon, Simmons and xxx
Naylor, Gailus (W) (5) and xxx

(July 11)  The B & W Fuel Oil gang edged past the Meralomas 3 to 2 in an exciting game that saw the winning run cross the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning. Ab Mortimer’s sharp single in the fourth frame staked the ’Lomas to a two-run lead but single tallies by the Oilers in the sixth and seventh knotted the count. Winning chucker Jimmy Condon held the Kitsies to six hits, one of them a solo homer by losing heaver Lowrie, and scored the winning counter in the ninth. The B & W skipper opened the last frame with a single and reached second on a wild pitch. After the next two batters walked to load the sacks, Condon raced home with the deciding run on a squeeze bunt by shortstop George Van Hatten.

Lowrie (L) and Daniels
J. Condon (W) and Pitt

(July 12)  Base hits rattled off the bats of Shores' Jewelers players in abundance as they walloped the Meralomas 14 to 3 in Terminal League play. The Diamond Merchants collected 19 base blows, several of them for extra bases. “Scotty” Lister banded out four hits, including a double, while Tommy Faulkner, winning pitcher George Boston and catcher Fred Tinling each accumulated three hits. Included in Faulkner’s total was an opening frame homer which set the wheels in motion for the Gem Dealers. Boston did some nice curving for the victors by whiffing 16 of the Kitsies.

Boston (W) and Tinling
Therrien (L), Gregson (4) and Daniels

(July 13)  Clare Menzies, pitching his first game for the B & W Fuel Oilers, not only picked up the mound victory but swung a potent bat as the Fuelmen defeated the Asahis 9 to 6. Menzies chucked the first seven innings of the tussle and, with all the scoring completed, handed the ball over to Fred Condon to bring down the curtain. Just prior to leaving the hill and moving to the initial sack to complete the game, Menzies had delivered a bases-loaded triple to put his team up by three. It was his third hit of the contest. In the third frame, his double scored two runs and his single in the fourth was responsible for another tally. His teammate, first baseman Ab Mortimer also banged out a trio of base raps, one of which was a double.

Menzies (W), F. Condon (8) and Pitt
Nishihara (L), G. Tanaka (8) and Yasui

(July 14)  The B & W Oilers banged out 12 base hits, including the game’s only home run, played errorless ball and yet came up on the short end of a 4 to 3 count against Shores' Jewelers. The Gem Dealers had only five hits off loser Fred Condon but were able to bunch two of these, along with three walks, into four tallies in the third frame. Winning tosser Bourne was in trouble virtually every inning yet managed to escape when Oiler batters failed to deliver in key situations or those on the sacks imploded through poor baserunning. Jimmy Condon smashed a four-bagger for the losers. Teammate Clare Menzies had a double and two singles. For the victorious nine, “Lefty” Fairbairn picked up a brace of one-baggers.

F. Condon (L) and Pitt
Bourne (W) and Tinling

(July 15)  After a week’s layoff due to an arm injury, Ty “Lefty” Suga returned to the rubber and tossed his Asahi mates to a 3 to 2 triumph over Shores' Jewelers. Suga held the Diamond Merchants to six hits, whiffed eight and delivered a double in the eighth canto which scored Fukui with the winning run. “Mickey” Maikawa singled twice for the Nippons while Ross Morrow doubled and singled for Shores'.

Arthur (L) and Telosky
Suga (W) and Yasui

(July 17)  Bert Mann, youthful infielder of the Meralomas, was the hero in a nine-inning 2 to 1 victory by the Kitsies over B & W Fuel Oil in a Terminal League encounter at Con Jones Park. Mann, taking a turn on the pitching rubber, held the Oilers to four scattered singles and, with two out in the ninth and the score tied, came through with the bingle that gave the ‘Lomas the victory. Jimmy Condon was in pretty fair form on the mound for the losers. He held the opposition scoreless until the eighth frame when Gus Gerard’s double tied the score.

B. Mann (W) and xxx
J. Condon (L) and xxx

(July 18)  The same strategy that has won the Asahis many a tough ball game in the past pulled them through at Con Jones Park where bunts and more bunts gave them a 6 to 4 win over the Meralomas. The apex of their remarkable skill was exhibited in the bottom of the eighth panel, when with one out and the score tied 4 – 4, winning pitcher Ty Suga dragged a bunt down the first base line which plated both Herb Tanaka from third and Reg Yasui from second. Tanaka, Yasui and second sacker Joe Fukui of the Nippons all had two singles as did losing heaver Lowrie of the Kitsilanos.

Lowrie (L) and Daniels
G. Tanaka, Suga (W) (8) and Yasui

(July 20)  The Asahis treated one of the largest crowds of the season with a sparkling display of baseball in beating the B & W Fuel Oilers 4 to 0 to make it three in a row. The Nippons opened with a hot barrage, scoring three times off loser Jimmy Condon in the initial stanza. They added another tally in the second. Ty “Lefty” Suga did the curving for the victors, limiting the Fuelmen to four hits, two of which were garnered by catcher Fred Pitt. Both teams were in rare defensive fettle and there wasn’t a semblance of an error. Third sacker Herb Tanaka carried the big war club for the Asahis, pounding out three safe blows.

Suga (W) and Yasui
J. Condon (L) and Pitt

(July 21)  Shores' Jewelers baseball team pummeled the offerings of two Meralomas’ hurlers for 17 hits in breezing to an easy 12 to 2 victory. The Kitsilano Corp weren’t able to do much with winner George Boston’s southpaw slants as he held them to four hits, including a double and single by first baseman Emery. Every member of the Shores' nine picked off at least one hit with third baseman Fred Tinling and keystone sacker Johnston leading the pack with three apiece. First baseman “Scotty” Lister kept up his hard hitting of late, posting two doubles.

B. Mann (L), Therrien (3) and Beaumont
Boston (W) and Clarke

(July 22)  The Asahis, playing at the top of their form right now, hung up their fourth straight win by defeating Shores' Jewelers 5 to 4 before more than 1,500 spectators. The game featured a near fight between the players in the heated eighth frame when the Nippons scored twice. The highlight of the game was the triple steal engineered by the Asahis in the top of the eighth with George Shishido on the business end of it, pilfering home for the tying run of the game. The nimble Asahis added another run on Reg Yasui’s infield out in that inning to go ahead 4 to 3. One more insurance counter, which proved to be needed, in the ninth padded their lead as Shores' weren’t quite through. With two out in the ninth, the Gem Dealers scored one run and had runners at first and second before shortstop Shishido fielded “Lefty” Fairbairn’s ground ball and flipped the pill to keystone partner Joe Fukui for a game-ending force out. First baseman Nag Nishihara picked up three hits for the winners.

Suga, Maikawa and Yasui
Bourne (L) and Clarke

(July 24)  Shores' Jewelers were able to bunch most of their ten hits in defeating the B & W Fuel Oilers 7 to 5 in a slow-paced tussle. Both teams were off in their fielding and there were several miscues afield. The Oilmen had winning flinger Helmer in trouble pretty well every frame but he was able to squirm out of many a pickle and managed to go the route. Shores' did most of their scoring early, collecting a number of extra-base clouts off Freddy Condon, whose support was far from the best. Trailing by three runs entering the bottom of the ninth stanza, the Fuelmen made things close by plating a pair but were unable to knot the count despite loading the bases with one out. Shortstop McCarthy hit a couple of doubles for the victors.

Helmer (W) and Clarke
F. Condon (L) and Pitt

(July 25)  The Asahis won their fifth in a row, edging the Meralomas 8 to 7. The issue was in doubt right up to the eighth inning which saw the ‘Lomas put on a belated rally that almost brought them the triumph. Only a smart double play engineered by relief tosser “Mickey” Maikawa, with the sacks filled, allowed the Nippons to escape the inning with a one-run lead. Ty Suga of the Asahis and Gus Girard of the Kitsilano Bunch both had three hits with one of Girard’s falling in for two bases.

G. Tanaka (W), Suga (4), Maikawa (8) and Yasui
Lowrie (L) and Daniels

(July 26)  Meraloma hurlers offered little opposition to the heavy hitters gracing the Shores' Jewelers’ lineup who connected for 18 bingles, many of them for extra bases, in a game that saw the Diamond Merchants crush the Kitsilano Crew 18 to 8. Although the Meralomas put up a pair on the scoreboard in the top of the initial canto, the Gem Dealers roared right back in their half of the stanza and, ignited by second baseman Johnston’s grand-slam four-bagger, cashed in six counters. As the game wore on, it became more one-sided, sapping the interest of those in attendance. Winner George Boston, not unlike the trio of Kitsilano hurlers, was hit consistently but always had a safe lead to work with. Third baseman Fred Tinling, shortstop McCarthy and Boston each stroked three base hits for the Jewelers and outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn contributed a brace of doubles. Shortstop Naughton doubled and singled for the Kitsies.

Ellis (L), Lowrie (4), B. Mann (5) and Beaumont
Boston (W) and Clarke

(July 27)  More than 2,000 fans watched Shores' Jewelers put a stop to the winning streak of the Asahis, blasting the Nippons with a late surge to walk away with a 12 to 5 victory. Shores' put up a six-spot on the scoreboard in the ninth inning to break up the contest which had been a relatively close skirmish until that time. The Gem Dealers collected 14 safeties with “Scotty” Lister picking up three of them. Outfielders “Lefty” Fairbairn and Ross Morrow both had two hits with one of Fairbairn’s blasts being a triple and one of Morrow’s going for two bases. Shortstop McCarthy poled the game’s longest blast, a last-frame round-tripper when the Diamond Merchants put the game out of reach. Catcher Reg Yasui came through with three raps for the Asahis while teammates Abe Korenaga and Nag Nishihara contributed a brace. All three had a double in their output.    

Helmer (W), Boston (4), Arthur (6) and Clarke
Suga (L), Nishihara (3), Maikawa (9) and Yasui

(July 29)  The Asahis couldn’t solve the riddle of Jimmy Condon’s fast one at Con Jones Park and went down to a 2 to 1 defeat at the hands of B & W Fuel Oil. An estimated crowd of some 1,500 watched the Asahis absorb their second straight loss after rattling off five consecutive wins. Condon held the Nippons to just five hits, one of which was an eighth-inning home run by Nakamura. B & W plated both of their counters in the sixth canto on successive hits by Bruce McIntyre and George Van Hatten, coupled with two squeeze plays.

J. Condon (W) and xxx
Maikawa (L), H. Tanaka (8) and xxx

(August 1)  Playing-manager Jimmy Condon made it two straight for B & W Fuel Oil over the Asahis as the Oilers’ skipper pitched his club to a 6 to 3 win at Con Jones Park. Condon’s fast one had the Nippons guessing and they were held to just four hits. Two of their counters were plated on successful squeeze plays. Outfielder Bill Widdows had a double and single for the Fuelmen.

Suga (L) and Yasui
J. Condon (W) and Pitt

(August 3)  Playing their best baseball for some time, the Meralomas came to life and downed the Asahis 5 to 2. Bert Mann held the Nippons to five hits and, backed by solid defensive play, escaped their potential threats. First baseman Downie, catcher Beaumont and Gus Girard had three singles apiece for the winners. Ty Suga doubled and singled for the Asahis.

B. Mann (W) and Beaumont
G. Tanaka (L), Maikawa (3) and Yasui

(August 7)  There was plenty of excitement at Con Jones Park when B & W Fuel Oil took a torrid contest from Shores' Jewelers 7 to 6 to tighten up the race in the Terminal Baseball League. Behind in the game for most of the way, the Oilers broke in front with a five-run seventh inning. Winning pitcher Jimmy Condon and third baseman Morley of the Fuelmen both had three singles. Outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn and first baseman “Scotty” Lister doubled and singled for the Diamond Dealers.

Boston (L) and Tinling
J. Condon (W) and Pitt

(August 8) “Mickey” Maikawa, known as an outfielder, made the best of a rare mound appearance and led his Asahi teammates to a 9 to 6 conquest of the Meralomas. Limiting the “Lomas to three hits, one a three-run homer by Gus Gerard, Maikawa fanned eight and walked five. The Nippons swiped eleven bases in their win. Heading their hit parade was outfielder Nakamura with a double and single. Not far behind were infielder Roy Yamamura, outfielder Frank Shiraishi and catcher Reg Yasui who all singled twice. 

Maikawa (W) and Yasui
Gregson, O’Leary (W) (3) and Daniels 

(August 9)  Sharp hitting and a pair of successful squeeze plays allowed the B & W Fuel Oilers to score three seventh-inning runs which gave them a 6 to 4 victory over the Meralomas. Both teams banged out ten hits as Bill Widdows and Fred Pitt tripled and singled for the victorious nine. First baseman Downie of the Kitsilano Crew led all swatters with a double and a pair of one-baggers. 

Mann (L), O’Leary (7) and Gerrard
F. Condon (W) and Pitt

(August 10)  Herb Tanaka moved over from the hot corner and pitched the Asahis to an exciting 4 to 1 win over Shores' Jewelers before nearly 2,000 fans at Con Jones Park. As is not uncommon, the Nippons had fewer hits than their opposition but used their speed to pull out the win, copping five stolen bases. Outfielder Ross Morrow of the Gem Merchants was the game’s most productive hitter, singling three times. Asahi catcher Reg Yasui singled twice and swiped a pair of sacks.

Arthur (L), Helmer (3) and Charles, Tinling
H. Tanaka (W) and Yasui

(August 11)  Displaying scintillating fielding behind a 15-hit barrage, Shores' Jewelers pulled up their socks and snapped a three-game losing slump by slamming the Meralomas 9 to 0. George Boston went the route, posting a six-hitter for the win. “Scotty” Lister doubled twice for the winners while teammate Ross Morrow had a two-bagger and single. Shores' outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn had a pair of hits and pulled off a number of outstanding catches. For the Kitsilano ‘Lomas, Naughton was best with the stick, garnering a triple and single.

O’Leary (L) and Daniels
Boston (W) and Tinling 

(August 12)  The Asahis captured their fourth straight Terminal League game, edging B & W Fuel Oil 6 to 5. Out hit by a 12 to 5 margin, the Nippons, with their keystone combo of Roy Yamamura and George Shishido pulling off three sharp twin-killings, ruined a promising B & W rally with each double play. Shishido handled fifteen chances at second base without an error. George Van Hatten, occupying the hot corner for the Oilers, managed to collect four singles. Sidekick Wickett came through with a double and two one-baggers.

J. Condon (L) and Pitt 
Suga (W), Nishihara (7) and Yasui

(August 14)  Fighting with their backs to the wall to stay in contention for a playoff position, the Meralomas broke out of their slump and ended the Asahis win streak by dumping the Nippons 7 to 2. The Kitsies collected 16 solid base blows in their triumph, including three each by outfielder Bill Kay and third baseman Bill Emery with one of Kay’s being a double and two of Emery’s swats winding up as triples. Bert Mann showed good control on the hill for the ‘Lomas, finishing with an eight-hitter. 

B. Mann (W) and Beaumont
H. Tanaka (L), Maikawa (5) and Yasui

(August 15)  Gus Girard’s big bat boomed out a home run, two doubles and drove in seven runs but to no avail as his Meraloma mates dropped a 10 to 7 decision to B & W Fuel Oil. Trailing 7 to 5 after six innings were in the books, the Oilers scored four seventh-inning counters to forge ahead for good. Reliever Jimmy Condon picked up the mound victory and smacked a pair of doubles for good measure.

F. Condon, J. Condon (W) (5) and Pitt
Lowrie, Gregson (L) (5), O’Leary (7) and Daniels, Beaumont

(August 16)  Some heavy bombing in the first frame by Shores' Jewelers netted them four runs as they went on to down the Asahis 6 to 2. The Nippons fought back and plated a single counter in the third when Roy Yamamura stole home in sensational fashion but, in later innings, they were never able to get within two of knotting the count. Shores' batters hammered out 13 hits in total with outfielders “Lefty” Fairbairn and Tommy Faulkner both slapping out three singles.  

Maikawa (L) and Yasui 
Bourne (W), Helmer (4) and Tinling 

(August 17)  Shores' Jewelers bunched five of their eleven hit production into a fifth inning outburst, resulting in five runs, as they went on to capture a 6 to 1 triumph over the Meralomas. Outside of the fifth, the Kitsies looked much the better team. Catcher Fred Tinling of the Diamond Merchants had three singles to pace all batters.

Arthur (W) and Tinling
Lowrie (L), O’Leary (5) and Beaumont

(August 18)  Newly recruited southpaw chucker Ken Nakanishi pitched and batted the Asahis to a 12-inning 2 to 1 victory over B & W Fuel Oil. Nakanishi and opposing moundsman, “Lefty” Simmons, locked horns in a masterful exhibition of pitching, the Nippon portsider yielding but six hits throughout the dozen cantos while Simmons was being touched for seven bingles with 11 strikeouts. The game was scoreless through nine innings and each team notched a counter in the first extra frame. Nakanishi scored both of the Asahi runs, the first coming after he doubled in the tenth, with the second, and winning, tally occurring in the twelfth when he singled, moved to second on a sacrifice and was later driven home on Reg Yasui’s two-out one-bagger.

Nakanishi (W) and Yasui
Simmons (L) and Pitt

(August 20)  Courtenay Athletics’ pitcher Bill McKee spun a no-hit, no-run game in leading his mates to a 4 to 0 domination of the Asahis of the Vancouver Terminal League played on the Island. The Courtenay nine of the Comox Valley Twilight League rang up 13 hits in blanking the Nippons in this exhibition tussle.

McKee (W) and Harper
Nakanishi (L) and Matsui

(August 21)  B & W Fuel Oil piled up nine base hits to just four for league-leading Shores' Jewelers yet came out on the short end of 4 to 3 decision, a loss which dropped them into third place in the Terminal League. Jack Bourne was touched up rather hard by the Oilers but tightened up in the pinches to get the mound win over Fred Condon. Outfielder Morley of the Fuelmen was the hitting star with three solid whacks.

F. Condon (L) and Pitt
Bourne (W) and Tinling, Clarke

(August 22)  Shores' Jewelers clinched first-place and a bye into the Terminal League finals by stopping the Asahis 9 to 7 before over 2,000 fans at Con Jones Park. Leading the 14-hit attack of the Gem Dealers was catcher Fred Tinling with three singles. Shortstop McCarthy followed with a double and single. Nakamura had a home run and single for the Nippons.

Helmer (W) and Tinling, Clarke
Kutsekake, H. Tanaka, Noda and Matsuda, Yasui

Semi-finals (best-of-seven)

(August 24)  Over 3,500 fans who jammed into Con Jones Park were rewarded with a scintillating game of baseball as the Terminal League semi-finals got underway with B & W Fuel Oil defeating the Asahis 2 to 0. The Nippons put on a ninth-inning threat which was snuffed out by the superb pitching of Jimmy Condon and the perfect infield work behind him. Turning point in the game came in the third frame when B & W third baseman George Van Hatten pulled an unassisted double play with one out to wreck the most promising Asahi rally of the night. Condon limited the Nippons to six hits in earning the shutout win. Shortstop George Moser of the Oilers was the only swatter from either side to get two hits.

Maikawa (L), Nakanishi (7) and Yasui
J. Condon (W) and Pitt 

(August 26)  A screaming single by winning pitcher Nag Nishihara with two out in the last half of the tenth frame scored batterymate Reg Yasui from third base and allowed the Asahis to balance their playoff budget with a 4 to 3 win over B &W Fuel Oil. Close to 4,000 fans witnessed the exciting extra-inning affair. First baseman Joe Fukui of the Nippons had three safeties to lead all batters.

F. Condon (L), J. Condon (10) and Pitt
Suga, Nishihara (W) (4) and Yasui

(August 28)  Behind the stellar three-hit pitching of Jimmy Condon, B & W Fuel Oil took the third game of the Terminal League semi-finals 1 to 0 and a one-game lead in the series. The Oilers only had four hits themselves but it was enough to plate them a first-frame counter. Defensive play on both sides was outstanding, complementing the hurling. The Asahis pulled off two double plays.

Nakanishi (L), Nishihara (5) and Yasui
J. Condon (W) and Pitt

(August 31)  Although they were only able to touch losing pitcher Jimmy Condon for five safeties, the Asahis made them count and scored a 7 to 4 win over B & W Fuel Oil to tie up their playoff encounter at two games apiece. An altercation almost erupted in the last inning when the bat slipped from Fred Pitt’s hands while striking out to end the game and hit Asahi relief pitcher Nag Nishihara in the knee. Third baseman Herb Tanaka of the Nippons charged after Pitt and took a swing but cooler heads prevailed as both teams left the diamond. Roy Yamamura had two of his team’s five hits, a double and a single. Leading the eight-hit Oiler attack was outfielder Wickett with two singles.

J. Condon (L) and Pitt
Maikawa (W), Nishihara (7) and Yasui

(September 1)  B & W Fuel Oil downed the Asahis 5 to 3 at Con Jones Park to take a 3 to 3 lead in the semi-final series of the Terminal League. The Nippons out hit the Oilmen 10 to 6 but just couldn’t click in the pinches. Feature of the game was the hitting of winning pitcher Alex “Lefty” Simmons and his batterymate Fred Pitt. The B & W backstop had three safeties, two of them doubles. Simmons contributed a double and triple, practically winning his own ball game. Roy Yamamura and Herb Tanaka both had a brace of one-baggers for the Asahis. 

Nishihara, Maikawa (L) (3) and Yasui
Simmons (W) and Pitt

(September 2)  The Vancouver Sun of this date published the final 1933 Terminal League batting statistics. The listing of the top ten batters with at least 100 at bats follows:

                                   G      AB     R    H   2B  3B   HR   SH   SB    Aver.
Lister, “Scotty”   (Shores')      38    146    34   57   13    0    5    0    8    .390
Girard, Gus   (Meralomas)         32    122    19   47   10    1    4    0   18    .385
Pitt, Fred   (B & W)              37    132    18   47    6    3    2    5    5    .356
Tanaka, Herb   (Asahis)           37    140    19   49    4    2    1    7   10    .350
Fairbairn, “Lefty”   (Shores')    38    150    31   51    9    4    2    2   20    .340
Tinling, Fred     (Shores')       30    124    20   42    2    2    2    3    0    .339 
Morrow, Ross   (Shores')          35    136    34   44    9    4    1    3   15    .324
Downie     (Meralomas)            34    113    18   34    5    0    3    1    7    .301
Van Hatten, George   (B & W)      36    130    14   39    3    0    0   11    8    .300
McCarthy     (Shores')            38    145    47   43    9    1    2    6   10    .297

Runs – McCarthy   47
Hits – Lister   57
Doubles – Lister   13
Triples – Fairbairn   4
Home Runs – Lister   5
Stolen Bases – Fairbairn   20

(September 2)  The Asahis tied their semi-final series with B & W Fuel Oil at three games each, squeezing by the Oilers 5 to 4.

J. Condon (L) and xxx
xxx (W) and xxx

(September 4)  Lashing 14 hits off the slants of three B & W chuckers, the Asahis ran up an 11 to 5 win over the Fuelmen to capture their semi-final series in seven games. The Nippons’ pitching tandem of winner Ken Nakanishi and reliever Nag Nishihara held the Oilers to just four hits. Best with the hickory for the Asahis was first baseman Joe Fukui who had a triple and three singles. Catcher Reggie Yasui singled three times and also swiped a pair of bases.

Nakanishi (W), Nishihara (7) and Yasui
Simmons (L), McArthur (4), J. Condon (8) and Pitt

Finals (best-of-seven)

(September 7)  The Asahis scored five runs in the last two innings to defeat Shores' Jewelers 6 to 5 and get the jump in the Terminal League finals. Second sacker George Shishido of the Nippons stole home in the ninth to plate the winning run. Catcher Fred Tinling of the Gem Merchants was the game’s top hitter, belting a home run, double and single.

Suga, Kutsekake (7), Nishihara (W) (8) and Yasui
Arthur, Helmer (L) (8) and Tinling

(September 8)  Shores' Jewelers turned on the heat against the Asahis at Con Jones Park, downing the Nippons 9 to 3 in the second game of the Terminal League finals. For six innings it was a close game with the score tied 3 – 3 but, in the final three frames, the Diamond Dealers turned on the heavy artillery to run away with the contest. Outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn of Shores' had the most hits of any batter, collecting a double and two singles.

Helmer (W), Bourne (8) and Tinling 
Nakanishi, Nishihara (L) (2), Kutsekake (8), Noda (9) and Yasui

(September 9)  Scoring three times in their first turn at bat, Shores' Jewelers went one game up on the Asahis by downing the Nippons 5 to 2. Jack Bourne tossed a superb three-hitter to take the mound triumph. Ross Morrow with a triple and single and Tommy Faulkner with a double and single paced the winning nine at the dish.

Maikawa (L) and Yasui
Bourne (W) and Tinling

(September 11)  The Asahis nosed out Shores' Jewelers 5 to 4 and evened up the championship series at two games each. The Nippons plated the winning run in the bottom of the eighth canto and then held off a determined bid by Shores' in the ninth, snuffing out a potential rally with a double play which ended the game. Both team racked up eleven base hits with “Scotty” Lister of the Jewelers leading the way with four singles. Teammate Ross Morrow slammed a bases-empty circuit-jack.

Boston, Arthur (L) (6) and Tinling
Suga (W) and Yasui

(September 12)  Shores' Jewelers blasted out 14 hits at Con Jones Park to defeat the Asahis 10 to 5 in the fifth game of their series. The first six innings featured smart, fast baseball with the Asahis holding their own with the slugging Jewelers. Five Shores' hits and an Asahi error in the seventh, climaxed by shortstop McCarthy’s double with the bases loaded, finished the Nippons for the night. Top clouters for the winners were Tommy Faulkner with a double and three singles and catcher Fred Tinling with a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Nishihara (L), Maikawa (7) and Yasui
Helmer (W) and Tinling

(September 14)  Smart baseball in the field and speedy baserunning enabled the Asahis to stop the hard-hitting Shores' Jewelers 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 to take the Terminal League Baseball championship in a doubleheader staged at Con Jones Park. Convincingly out hit 14 to 4 in the first game, the Nippons found a way to win by collectively stealing nine bases from their limited number of baserunners. Catcher Fred Tinling slapped three singles for the Gem Merchants and teammate “Lefty” Fairbairn slammed a solo four-bagger.

Bourne (L) and Tinling
Suga (W), Maikawa (8) and Yasui

The same set of pitchers used in the initial game also toiled on the hill in the finale with essentially the same result. Losing flinger Jack Bourne was only touched for three Asahi hits yet suffered the same fate as in the opener as every bingle was instrumental in a run. The Nippons again ran wild on the bases, swiping eight in total. Shortstop McCarthy of the Diamond Dealers was the only player in the game to account for two hits, both singles. The Asahis will now face the Victoria Sons of Canada in a B.C.A.B.A. provincial semi-final series and, as per the regulations, have added the Condon brothers, Fred and Jimmy, as well as Gus Gerrard and catcher Fred Tinling to their roster.   

Suga, Maikawa (W) (4) and Yasui
Bourne (L) and Tinling

B.C.A.B.A. playoff series with Victoria Senior Amateur League champions (best-of-three)

(September 15)  Vancouver’s Asahis, the nimble Nippons of the Terminal League, humbled Victoria’s Sons of Canada Lodgemen 6 to 2 in the opener of their best-of-three BCABA semi-final series. Playing for the most part in a steady drizzle, the Sons appeared somewhat stale after a nine-day layoff. Playoff pickup Jimmy Condon pitched for the Asahis, holding the Victorians to six hits, two off the bat of leadoff batter Falconer “Kim” Campbell. Losing flinger Tommy Musgrave surrendered seven safeties with catcher Reg Yasui cashing in for two of them.  

Musgrave (L) and Barnes
Condon (W) and Yasui

(September 16)  Preparation, thoroughness and execution paid dividends for the Asahis who again triumphed at Con Jones Park in the second and final contest in the best-of-three series. Although suffering the loss of their peppy catcher, Reg Yasui, to injury in the first inning, the Nippons never missed a beat in downing the Sons of Canada Lodge out of Victoria 4 to 1. The Capital City Crew appeared to be bothered by the almost constant mist of rain and the artificial lighting. The Asahis collected eight hits in taking the win, two each by outfielders Abe Korenaga and playoff pickup Gus Girard. Leading the Victorians with a pair of singles was outfielder Bill Holman.

Cann (L), Holden (3) and Barnes
Nishihara (W) and Yasui, Tinling (1)



Lynn Valley emerged as the 1933 North Shore League titleholder, taking out the I.O.O.F. aggregation three games to one in the final series.


(May 15)   Four gift runs in the fifth inning gave Langley a 7-4 win over Ladner in the opening game of the Delta International League.  Cold weather hampered play.

(May 19)   Cliff McDonald impressed with a three-hitter in leading Cloverdale to a 5-1 triumph over Blaine, Washington.  McDonald fanned 12 and also helped on offense with a pair of hits. Cy Greenwell also had two safeties for the winners.

Hanson (L) and Goodman
McDonald (W) and Stokes

(May 21)  Blaine defeated Ladner 10-5.

(May 24)  Chilliwack took both ends of a double-header from Cloverdale, 3-1 and 2-1. In the opener, Chilliwack scored three runs in the third inning after Cloverdale had led off with a run in the first. Three hits and a pair of Cloverdale errors produced the big inning. Karr led the winners with three hits. Cy Greenwell had a pair for the visitors.

Moffat, McDonald and Stokes
Burden (W) and Tanner

In the second game, Chilliwack got the winning marker in the fifth inning as Garnie Evans led off with a double and came around to score on an outfield error on Newby's long fly to right field. Yuen, Chilliwack's Chinese centre fielder, provided the day's highlight with a booming home run in the third. It was one of the longest ever hit at the fair grounds going right over centre field to the edge of the track. Frank Minckler came out of retirement to pitch for Chilliwack and allowed just four hits while fanning ten.

McDonald, Moffat and Stokes, Ferguson
Minckler (W) and Tanner

(May 28)  Langley 5, Blaine 3

(May 31)  Ladner 5, Langley 4

(June 2)   Langley pushed across a run with a double and single in the seventh and final inning to edge Cloverdale 3-2.  Gordie McLeod topped Cliff McDonald in a well-pitched contest. Each team had just four hits. Cy Greenwell poked a homer for the losers. Cloverdale protested the decision claiming the umpire had erred in ruling a Cloverdale base runner was out for having returned to first after having advanced past second.

McLeod (W) and R.Johnston
McDonald (L) and Stokes

(June 4  An 11-hit attack propelled Blaine to a 5-2 win over Cloverdale. Tucker Lindsay, D.Ives, J.Ives, Dixon and Watson each had two safeties for the winners. Cy Greenwell had three for Cloverdale.

Moffat, McDonald and Stokes
Newberry (W) and Watson

(June 5) Langley beat Ladner

(June 9)  A four-run sixth inning carried Cloverdale to a 5-3 triumph Friday over Blaine. Wes Heppell, Palmer Stokes and Edgar Siddall each had two hits for the winners as Cliff McDonald held the Americans to six safeties in the seven-inning contest. Tucker Lindsay had two hits and two runs for the losers.

Newberry, Watson and Goodman
McDonald (W) and Stokes

(June 11)   Blaine whipped Langley 12-2. The lone bright spot for the losers was a home run by Ralph Johnston.

(June 12)  Behind Ken Moffat's five-hit pitching, Cloverdale downed Ladner 6-1 Monday at Ladner. Moffat fanned eight and walked none but had to pitch out of a bases-loaded, none-out, situation in the second inning. He got an out on a force play, then a fly out and a strikeout to end the threat.

Moffat (W) and Stokes
Wilson (L) and Follis

(June 16)   Helped by a porous Ladner defense which made seven errors, Cloverdale crushed the visitors 11-0.  Syd Henry, Ken Moffat, Wes Heppell and winning hurler Cliff McDonald each produced two hits. Palmer Stokes scored three times.  McDonald scattered seven hits and racked up 11 strikeouts.

Pybus (L), Wilson and Follis
McDonald (W) and Stokes

(June 16)  Langley 4, Blaine 2

(June 18) Blaine over Ladner

(June 21)  Langley 11, Ladner 5

Cloverdale   4 - 1
Blaine       7 - 4 
Langley      5 - 3  0.5
Ladner       1 - 9  5.5

(June 21)  League President P.Y. Porter ruled in favour of Cloverdale in granting their protest of a game earlier this month when a Cloverdale runner had been called out after returning to first base after advancing past second.

(June 23)  Langley at Cloverdale

(June 25)   In a game which produced 30 hits, 15 each, Blaine clobbered Cloverdale 18-9 Sunday. The home club started fast scoring six times in the first inning. They added a pair in the second and five more in the third to lead 13-1 after just three frames. J.Ives and Goodman led the winners each with three hits. Ives scored four times while Goodman and Jones each had three scores. Blaine ran wild on the bases with 23 stolen bases. Cliff McDonald had a home run and two singles for the Canadians. William Hulbert also produced three hits for Cloverdale.

McDonald (L), Greenwell and Stokes, Ferguson
Flemming, Hanson and Goodman

(June 26)  Ladner blanked Langley 6-0.

(June 28)   A seven-run third inning was too much for Cloverdale to overcome Wednesday as Langley notched a 9-4 triumph. Winning pitcher "Lefty" Cook and catcher Ralph Johnston each contributed three hits and two runs.

McDonald (L) and Stokes
Cook (W) and R.Johnston

(June 30)   New recruit Howard Ransom brought cheers from the local fans Friday as he fired a two-hit shutout as Cloverdale edged Blaine 1-0. In a game which finished in an hour and 12 minutes, Ransom fanned right and walked one. Nick Newberry allowed just five hits in taking the loss. The lone run came in the fourth inning when Cy Greenwell, the playing-manager, scored on throwing error.

Newberry (L) and Goodman
Ransom (W) and Stokes

(July 2)  Blaine demolished Ladner 17-7 at home Sunday.

(July 3)   Playing at Ladner, the home club notched a 2-0 shutout over Cloverdale. Merle Wilson tossed a five-hitter for the winners. Catcher Taylor led the offense with three hits.

McDonald (L) and Stokes
Wilson (W) and Taylor

(July 5)  In a make-up game, Cloverdale, with an eight-run inning, crushed Ladner 10-1 behind a 12-hit assault. Merklin led the way with three hits and two runs. Cy Greenwell, Vidal and Cliff McDonald each added a pair. Howard Ransom held Ladner to three singles.

Gough (L) and Taylor
Ransom (W) and Stokes

(July 5) Langley downed Blaine 6 to 4.

(July 7)   Ladner upset Cloverdale 11-2 as Merle Wilson fired a three-hitter for the winners. Catcher Taylor led an 11-hit attack with three safeties with Wilson and Gough each producing a pair.

Wilson (W) and Taylor
Moffat, McDonald, Ransom, Greenwell and Stokes

(July 9)  Blaine defeated Langley by a one-sided score.

(July 10)  Blaine at Ladner

(July 12)  Langley trounced Ladner 12 to 2.

(July 14)   Langley pushed across three runs in the seventh and final inning to send Cloverdale to a 7-4 defeat Friday at Cloverdale. The home squad, which out-hit the winners 9 to 6, made seven costly errors. Gordie McLeod picked up the mound decision.

McLeod (W) and R.Johnston
Ransom (L) and Stokes

(July 16)   Cloverdale racked up 16 hits Sunday but still fell to Blaine 19-6 as the losers made seven errors and allowed the home club to run wild in two huge innings. Blaine scored seven times in the third inning and put an exclamation mark on the contest with an eight-run uprising in the eighth. Jones and Hunter, each with three hits, crushed home runs for the Americans. D.Ives had two hits, one for three bags, and scored four times.

McDonald, Ransom, Greenwell and Stokes
Hanson, Newberry and Goodman

(July 19)   In the replay of a protested game, Cloverdale edged Langley 4-3.

Moffat (W) and Ferguson
Cook (L) and Johnston

Blaine     12 - 6
Langley     9 - 6  1.5
Cloverdale  7 - 7  3.0
Ladner      4 - 13 7.5

(July 21)  Behind the sold hurling of Howard Ransom, Cloverdale downed Langley 8-3.

McLeod (L) and xxx
Ransom (W) and xxx

(July 26)   Cloverdale downed Langley 5-2.

(July 31)   Cloverdale claimed second place in the league standings by downing Langley 5-4. It was Cloverdale's fourth straight win over Langley. The winners had just four hits off Gordie McLeod in the six-inning contest, but took advantage of five errors to plate four runs in the first inning and another in the second. Langley fought back with three in the third and another in the sixth but fell just short.

McLeod (L) and R.Johnson
Moffat (W) and Stokes, Ferguson (3)


(August 2)  In the opening game of their semi-final, Cloverdale shaded Langley 3-2 behind the solid pitching of Howard Ransom.

M.Johnston (L) and R.Johnston
Ransom (W) and Stokes

(August 4)   Trailing 4-3 going into the sixth and final frame, Cloverdale rallied for four runs to down Langley 7-4 to capture their semi-final in two straight games. Ken Moffat settled down after a rough start to hold Langley to six hits. The winners had eight, two each by Wes Heppell, Howard Ransom and Vidal. Both of Vidal's were doubles and the left fielder scored twice.

Moffat (W) and Ferguson
McLeod (L) and R.Johnston

(August 6)   Cloverdale's biggest comeback of the season netted them a game one victory in the Delta League playoff final. Trailing 6-2 after eight innings Sunday, the BC nine roared back with seven runs in the ninth inning to down pennant winning Blaine 9-6. Cloverdale out-hit the Americans 10-6 with Cy Greenwell leading the way with a double and two singles. Ken Moffat cracked a triple and single and winning pitcher Howard Ransom checked in with a pair of one-baggers.  Ransom yielded just six hits but six walks and six Cloverdale errors helped Blaine get off to a big lead with three runs in the first inning, two in the fifth and another in the seventh.

Ransom (W) and Stokes
Hanson (L) and Goodman

(August 9)  Blaine punched out four hits to bring in four runs in the first inning Wednesday and held on to edge Cloverdale 5-4 to even their final series are a game apiece.  Shortstop Hunter led a 10hit attack for the winners with a double and two singles. He scored twice. Taylor, the third sacker, had a pair of two-baggers. Losing hurler Howard Ransom was Cloverdale's top swatter with a double and two singles and three scores.

Newberry (W), Hanson and Goodman
Ransom (L) and Stokes

(August 11)   In a thriller before a large crowd at Cloverdale, the Canadians captured the Delta International League championship with a 3-2 victory Friday over Blaine, Washington. Cloverdale won the final series two games to one. Cloverdale took a 3-0 lead, with one in the fourth and two in the sixth, and held off a Blaine rally in the final frame for the win. The Americans scored twice in the seventh and final inning before Howard Ransom got a ground out to end the game. With two out, Carleton had doubled to score D.Ives and crossed the plate himself on a throwing error. Ransom held the visitors to six hits and had six strikeouts in his mound effort for the winners.  Cloverdale took the lead in the fourth when Palmer Stokes singled to bring in Wes Heppell who reached on an infield hit. They added two in the sixth as Cy Greenwell led off with his second hit of the game. Ken Moffat followed with a base hit and the throw came home to catcher Goodman to keep Greenwell from scoring. But, as Moffat took off for second, Goodman's throw sailed high into the outfield as both runners scampered home. Nick Newberry allowed just seven hits in taking the loss. Shortstop Tucker Lindsay, back from a playing stint in Edmonton, had two hits for Blaine and Irwin had the day's longest blow, a triple.

Newberry (L) and Goodman
Ransom (W) and Stokes



The Port Coquitlam diamondeers captured the 1933 Dewdney Triangle League crown by defeating IOCO in a tough-fought final series, three games to two with one game tied.