1941 Game Reports, Vancouver / Lower Mainland      

1941 Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley 
1941 BC Interior 
1941 Vancouver Island

(May 28)  Tommy Musgrave, a member of the Vancouver Capilanos during the early part of last season, turned in a no-hit, no-run game as Port Moody whipped Fraser Mills in seven innings.  Musgrave's catcher, Jimmy Davis, led the winners with a home run and a double.

xxx and xxx
Musgrave (W) and J.Davis


With the collapse of the Vancouver Twilight League, the Burrard Baseball League was the sole senior-level amateur circuit in operation within Vancouver during 1941. Moving over from the defunct loop was the Diethers’ Coal aggregation which joined the Asahis and Patricias of the previous Burrard campaign. Two new entrants, the North Shore Shipbuilders and Angelus Hotel joined the fray, bringing the total number of teams to five. The spring and summer of 1941 would mark the final appearance of the Asahi baseball club on the diamonds of Vancouver. The bombing of Pearl Harbor in December subsequently led to the forced relocation of all Japanese-Canadians into various internment camps in the Interior of the province. Games within the 1941 Burrard Baseball League were of seven innings duration.

(May 3)   In the opener of rthe new Senior Amateur Burrard League, Patricias downed Asahis. 

(May 8)   Angelus Hotel overcame an early 2-0 deficit with an eight-run outburst in the sixth inning to trounce Asahis 10-2 Thursday. Lefty McIntyre fired a three-hitter, fanning 11, to go the route for the pitching win.  Coley Hall slammed a three-run homer for the winners and Franki Ambler, Billy Adshead, Hec McDonald, Hal Vosburgh and McIntyre rapped long two-baggers. 

McIntyre (W) and McDonald
K.Suga (L), G.Yoshinaka (6) and Kutsukake

(May 10)   George Yoshinaka hurled a gem, a two-hit shutout Saturday, as the Asahis chalked up their first win of the season, 7-0 over the North Shore Boatbuilders.  Dean Ballam, on the hill for North Shore, was stingy with the hits but issued eight free passes.  Kaz Suga, Mike Maruno and Yuki Uno connected for doubles.

Yoshinaka (W) and xxx
Ballam (L) and xxx

(May 13)  Playing-manager Coley Hall again powered Angelus Hotel past the Asahis cracking another four-bagger in a 10-8 victory in spite of being out-hit 16 to 12.  After trailing 7-0, Asahis knotted the count at 7-7 with four runs in the fourth and another three in the fifth, highlighted by a home run by Yuki Uno. But the home club posted another three in the sixth to grab the triumph. Eddie Nakamura of the losers had a perfect night at the plate with four hits in four trips, all doubles.

T.Suga, C.Terada (L) (3) and xxx
McIntyre, J.Condon and xxx

(May 20)  Coming to life under their new skipper, playing-manager Casey Jones, North Shore helped themselves to their first win in the Burrard League, beating Angelus 6 to 1. The five-hit pitching of Dean Ballam and the timely hitting of manager Jones and Ted Walker combined to hold the Angels in check. Walker went three-for-four at the dish but got himself ejected from the game for using foul language in the final inning after being thrown out at the keystone sack in an attempt to stretch a single into a double.

Ballam (W) and McNaughton
Thompson (L) and McDonald

(May 20)  A pair of costly errors by Asahi shortstop Mike Maruno in the seventh inning broke up a pitching duel between “Lefty” Boston and Kaz Suga in favour of the Diethers squad 2 to 1 in a Burrard League game. Tied 1 – 1 entering the last half of the seventh, Maruno booted two made-to-order double play balls which allowed Diethers to fill the bags. Then Gibbs’ smash between third and short brought in the winning run for a walkoff victory. Boston was in rare form, allowing only four hits and striking out ten. Suga was touched for six hits. Ross Edy celebrated his first game with Diethers with a double and triple.

K. Suga (L) and Kutsukake
Boston (W) and Henry 

(May 22)  Patricias continued on top of the Burrard Baseball League beating Angelus 7 to 5 in a game that was limited to six innings because of darkness. Al Moser, after a shaky beginning, settled down an tossed a five-hitter for the win. Losing hurler, Hec McDonald, trying his hand for the first time on the mound, got into trouble through lack of control. Shortstop George Moser had a home run and double for the winners while outfielder Jimmy Biggan singled twice.

McDonald (L) and Adshead
A. Moser (W) and Beaumont

(May 25)  Diethers and North Shore battled to an eight-inning 6 – 6 draw. Diethers trailed by three runs going into the seventh but a two-run double by Joe Naples reduced the deficit to one. A muffed fly ball added another pair and a one-run lead which was erased in the bottom of the seventh when the Shipbuilders added one to their total.

Montador and Henry
Sutherland and Gervais, McNaughton

(May 26)  Diethers’ skipper Ed Henry, with a depleted pitching staff, stepped to the rubber and, in an unsuccessful bid, pulled himself in the third frame after the Angelus nine had lit him up for four runs en route to a 5 to 0 victory. Winning hurler “Lefty” McIntyre of the Angels whitewashed the Diethers’ nine on two hits. Billy Adshead homered for the winners while Coley Hall smacked a double. 

Henry (L), Montador (3) and E. Thirsk, Henry (3)
McIntyre (W) and McDonald

Patricias       3 – 0     1.000
Diethers        2 – 1      .667
Angelus         3 – 2      .600
North Shore     1 – 3      .250
Asahis          1 – 4      .200

(May 29)  Pinch-hitter Jimmy Condon’s scorching single broke up an extra-inning Burrard Baseball League affair, giving Angelus a 6 to 5 decision over North Shore. The Shipbuilders appeared to have the game in their hip pocket going into the bottom of the seventh, but a double by Jimmy Tough, a single by Coley Hall and then a home run by Ralph Stong gave the Angels three needed runs and forced an extra frame. Stong also poled three doubled for a perfect evening at the plate.

Rogers, Ballam (L) (8) and McNaughton
McIntyre (W) and McDonald 

(May 30)  A six-run fifth inning paved the way for a 7 to 3 Diether victory over the Asahis at the Powell Street grounds. George Boston relieved Diethers’ starter Bob Montador in the second inning, after the Nippons had scored all three of their runs, and blanked them the rest of the way. Third baseman Bruce Thirsk picked up a double and two singles for the winners while teammates Don Marshall lined a brace of doubles and “Sandy” Henderson had a double and single. Outfielder Frank Shiraishi drilled a round-tripper for the Asahis and first baseman Yuki Uno added a double and single.. 

Montador, Boston (W) (2) and Henry
Yoshinaka (L), K. Suga (5), Yoshinaka (5) and Mitsui

(June 2)  “Dude” Kendrick, fastball artist with the North Shore Shipbuilders, had his heater blazing just right and succeeded in blanking the league-leading Patricias 4 to 0 on five hits at the Powell Street grounds. Kendrick also helped his cause with a double and single. It was the first defeat in five games for the Pats. Kendrick tired in the final frame and Dean Ballam was called in to strike out the last two batters. Shortstop Vern Kendrick led the victors at the platter with a double plus a pair of one-baggers while catcher George Petrunia doubled twice. Outfielder Stan Laycock had a brace of singles for the vanquished nine.

D. Kendrick (W), Ballam (7) and Petrunia
Wallis (L) and Van Hatten

(June 3)  It was a case of George Boston to the rescue again as the Diethers’ southpaw put out a seventh-inning fire in saving a 5 to 3 win against the Angelus club for starter Bob Montador. Outfielder Joe Naples belted a home run and a single for the winning side.  

Peterson (L) and McDonald
Montador (W), Boston (7) and Henry

(June 4)  The Patricias and Asahis battled it out for nine innings at the Powell Street grounds before darkness closed in and ended the fray in a 3 – 3 deadlock. Mike Maruno, regular shortstop of the Asahis, did the pitching and limited the Pats to five hits while whiffing eleven. The Nippons collected eight base knocks off Patricias’ chucker Andy Reid. Catcher Koei Mitsui and infielder Yuki Uno of the Asahis both singled twice.

Maruno and Mitsui
Reid and Van Hatten

(June 5)  With Ralph Strong and Bill Adshead each collecting four hits, the Angelus baseballers motored past the North Shore Shipbuilders 11 to 8. Strong’s total included a home run and double. Playing-manager Jimmy Condon struggled on the hill for the winners but persevered with a nine-hitter.

Condon (W) and McDonald
Ballam (L), Sutherland, Rogers and McNaughton

(June 8)  Pitching for North Shore, Tommy Musgrave got his initiation into the Burrard Baseball League at the Powell Street grounds in a ten-inning game against the Asahis which wound up in a 3 – 3 draw. The Nippons touched him for eight hits while the Shipbuilders had six safeties off the slants of a brace of Asahi chuckers. Catcher Ken Kutsukake and Kaz Suga both singled twice for the Japanese nine.

Musgrave and Petrunia
T. Suga, Sawayama (3) and Kutsukake

(June 9)  Left-hander George Boston dug himself in more solidly as the Burrard League’s leading pitcher by chalking up his fifth straight win as the Diethers aggregation beat the Patricias 2 to 1 at Powell Street. Two safeties by the Pats in the fourth inning spoiled a perfect game for Boston who struck out an even dozen batters. Boston was opposed on the mound by Bill Richardson who was making his debut with the Pats. Dieters’ outfielder “Sandy” Henderson was best with the bat, doubling twice and singling once while Boston helped his own cause with a double and one-bagger.

Boston (W) and Henry
Richardson (L) and Beaumont

(June 10)  The Asahis grabbed their second win of the season in the Burrard League, taking advantage of Patricia errors, to squeeze out a 5 to 4 victory. The Pats out hit the Asahis, eight safeties to six with Ken Van Hatten connecting for a double and single. Catcher Ken Kutsukake of the Nippons had the game’s only home run.

Rosedale (L), Patton and Van Hatten
K. Suga (W), Maruno (6) and Kutsukake

(June 11)  Angelus snuck up a bit closer to league-leading Diethers by nosing them out 9 to 7 at the Powell Street grounds. Both pitchers endured particularly rough fourth and fifth frames, the Hotelmen jumping on losing flinger Jim Clark for five runs while winning tosser McIntyre was lit up for all seven Diethers counters during those cantos. Shortstop Vosburgh had a home run, double and single for the winners. Diethers’ playing-manager Ed Henry also collected three hits, a triple, double and single. Hec McDonald of the Angels and Dick Bentley of the vanquished nine blasted circuit-clouts for their respective clubs.

Clark (L) and Henry
McIntyre (W) and McDonald 

(June 13)  The Asahis moved up a notch in the Burrard League ladder by knocking off the Angelus ball club 6 to 2 at Powell Street. Winning heaver George Yoshinaka held the Hotelman to six hits while his mates jumped on “Lefty” Thompson for seven safeties and also cashed in on five errors committed by the Angels. Kaz Suga with a double and single and first baseman Yuki Uno with two singles led the hitting attack of the Asahis. Coley Hall ripped a double and one-bagger for the vanquished nine.

Thompson (L), Condon and McDonald
Yoshinaka (W) and Kutsukake

(June 14)  The Diethers diamondeers rattled off a big second inning at the Powell Street grounds to knock off the North Shore Shipbuilders 7 to 3. Both teams accumulated nine hits. George Boston again pitched a complete game win, the sixth straight for Diethers. Casey Jones of the Shipbuilders led all willow wielders with a brace of doubles and a one-bagger.

Ballam (L),  D. Kendrick (2) and Petrunia
Boston (W) and Henry

(June 16)  Behind the three-hit chucking of Tommy Musgrave, the North Shore Shipbuilders defeated the Asahis 3 to 1. Losing twirler George Yoshinaka was touched for seven hits including a home run by Casey Jones. Outfielder Joe Naples of the Shipbuilders had a double and single.

Yoshinaka (L) and Kutsukake
Musgrave (W) and Petrunia 

(June 19)  With “Suds” Sutherland wheeling them in from the mound with highly effective command, the North Shore Shipbuilders knocked off the Patricias 4 to 1 in a Burrard League fixture at the Powell Street grounds. Sutherland allowed only four scattered hits while his mound opponent, Reg Wallis of the Pats, was nicked for five. North Shore outer pasture fly-chaser Joe Naples singled twice.

Wallis (L) and Beaumont
Sutherland (W) and Petrunia

(June 20)  The Thirsk brothers, Bruce and Eldon, contributed largely to Diethers’ eighth-inning victory over Angelus 7 to 6. Bruce poked out three base blows including a fifth-inning double that sparked a four-run outburst. Eldon singled home the winning marker in the extra frame. The Hotelmen out hit the Diethers nine 12 to 6 but couldn’t deliver base blows in key situations. Shortstop Hal Vosburgh singled twice and doubled for the Angels while teammate Hec McDonald had a triple and one-bagger.

McIntyre, Condon (L) (7) and McDonald
Montador (W) and Henry

(June 22)  The Asahis won their second straight over the Patricias in a Burrard League fixture at the Powell Street grounds, taking the decision by a 2 to 1 score. Tommy Sawayama turned in a five-hit mound performance for the Nippons while his mates scored their two runs on only three hits off hard-luck loser Andy Reid. First baseman Yuki Uno led the winners at the dish with a double and single.

Sawayama (W) and Kutsukake
Reid (L) and Van Hatten

(June 23)  Joe Naples, who recently started working for the North Shoremen, led the Shipbuilders to a 7 to 3 Burrard Baseball League victory over Diethers. Naples smashed a three-run homer to go along with a pair of singles as the Shipbuilders lit up losing flinger Jim Clark for 12 hits. Catcher George Petrunia doubled twice for the winners. Winning moundsman Lorne Rogers gave up seven scattered bingles with three of them, a double and two singles, going to Diethers’ hot corner custodian Bruce Thirsk.

Clark (L) and Henry
Rodgers (W) and Petrunia

(June 24)  The Asahis snaffled another Burrard League win by knocking off the shorthanded Diethers crew 8 to 4. A five-run fifth inning for the Nippons spelled the difference in this game. Kaz Suga and Frank Shiraishi both belted round-trippers in this pivotal canto. Shortstop Mike Maruno collected three hits for the victors including a pair of doubles.

Yoshinaka, Sawayama (W) (2) and Kutsukake
Sauder (L), Henry (5) and Henry, E. Thirsk (5)

(June 25)  A six-run outburst in the final stanza gave the Angelus squad a 9 to 3 Burrard League win over the Patricias. Catcher Hec McDonald of the Angels delivered a home run and single in support of winning chucker Jimmy Condon.

Condon (W) and McDonald
Wallis (L), A. Moser (7) and Van Hatten

(June 26)  Behind the five hit pitching of Bobby Montador, the Diethers baseballers hung a 6 to 0 on the North Shore nine. “Sandy” Henderson paced the Diethers’ hickory attack with a single, double and triple. Outfielder Paul smacked a home run for the winners.

Montador (W) and Henry
McIntyre (L), D. Kendrick and Petrunia

(June 27)  Out at the plate trying to stretch a triple into an inside-the-park homer, outfielder Stan Laycock’s three-bagger drove in a pair of runs to salvage the Patricias a 5 – 5 tie with the Angelus diamondeers. Both pitchers of record went the distance and both surrendered ten hits.

A. Moser and Van Hatten
Yehle and McDonald 

(June 28) The North Shore Shipbuilders had too much power at the plate for the Asahis, walking off with an 8 to 3 decision. Both Vern Kendrick and Jud McNaughton doubled twice for the Shoremen while Casey Jones and second sacker Joe Naples picked up a double and single. Winning flinger “Dude” Kendrick held the nimble Nippons to six hits including a double and single by Kaz Suga.

D. Kendrick (W) and Petrunia
Yoshinaka (L), Sawayama (2), Suga (3) and Kutsukake

(June 30)  The Diethers diamondeers moved up a few percentage points in the Burrard Baseball League when they stopped the Patricias 4 to 1 at the Powell Street grounds. Bob Montador limited the Pats to just three hits, two of which were doubles by George Moser. Outfielder Dick Bentley and second baseman “Sandy” Henderson both singled twice for the winners.

Montador (W) and Henry
Reid (L) and Beaumont

(July 2)  Fred Yehle tossed six-hit baseball, hanging up a 15 to 5 victory for Angelus over the North Shore Shipbuilders. A pair of the sextet of safeties surrendered by Yehle were four-baggers, one each by Joe Naples and Vern Kendrick. Naples also picked up a double. The outcome of the game was virtually decided in the opening frame when the Hotelmen blasted three North Shore hurlers for ten runs. Frank Ambler and Frank Hall both doubled twice for the victorious Angels while catcher Hec McDonald contributed a double and single.

Yehle (W) and McDonald
Sutherland (L), McIntyre (1), Rogers (1), D. Kendrick (6) and McNaughton

(July 3)  The ambling Asahis marched through North Shore 9 to 1 in Burrard League action at the Powell Street grounds. Shortstop Mike Maruno doubled twice and also singled for the Nippons. Ted Walker homered for the Shipbuilders. “Dude” Kendrick was ejected from the game for firing his bat at Asahi pitcher Kaz Suga after being plunked by a pitch.

Suga (W) and Kutsukake, Yanagisawa
Pealo (L), D. Kendrick (2), Sutherland (3) and Petrunia

(July 4)  Angelus cashed in on two big innings in the Burrard League to hand a 10 to 3 whipping on the Patricias. While playing-manager Jimmy Condon was holding the Pats to seven fairly scattered hits, his mates climbed aboard the pitching of Al Moser, Reg Wallis and Andy Reid for an even dozen blows. Catcher Hec McDonald and third baseman Brown both collected three hits for the winners with one of Brown’s safeties being a double. Pats’ backstop Ken Van Hatten homered in a losing cause.

A. Moser (L), Wallis (2),  Reid (5) and Van Hatten
Condon (W) and McDonald

(July 5)  George Boston and Tommy Sawayama hooked up in a hurler’s battle at the Powell Street grounds with Boston and his Diethers’ mates claiming a narrow 3 to 2 victory over the Asahis. Both chuckers allowed only three hits. Boston brought in the winning marker with a sixth-inning sacrifice. Diethers’ outfielder Harvey Walter’s pair of doubles featured what little hitting there was.

Boston (W) and Henry
Sawayama (L) and Kutsukake

(July 7)  The Asahis strengthened their hold on third place in the Burrard Baseball League when they cleaned up on the last-place Patricias 11 to 3. Every player in the Asahi lineup had at least one hit, with catcher Koei Mitsui combing a pair including a double. Shortstop Mike Maruno’s blow was a circuit-clout. Stan Laycock picked up three singles for the Pats.

Reid (L), A. Moser (4) and Van Hatten
Yoshinaka (W) and Mitsui

(July 8)  Ed Henry and his Diether ball club now lead the Burrard League by two full games. They stretched their edge with a convincing 8 to 3 win over second-place Angelus at Powell Street. Bob Montador set the Angels down on seven scattered hits while whiffing eight. Catcher Hec McDonald of the Angels led all swatters with a home run and double. Outfielder Harvey Walter was the top dog with the stick for the victors, drilling a brace of doubles. Bruce Thirsk, “Sandy” Henderson and Ed Henry of the league-leaders as well as Jimmy Tough of the Hotelmen each had a double and single.

Montador (W) and Henry
Yehle (L), Peterson (5) and McDonald

(July 9)  The Patricias came out of their slump to bounce the North Shore Shipbuilders 5 to 4 at the Powell Street grounds. Ken Van Hatten poked a brace of two-baggers plus a single for the Pats.

Wallis (W) and Beaumont
McIntyre (L) and McNaughton

(July 10)  The Asahis, not playing up to their standard so far this season, are slowly fighting upward again. At the Powell Street grounds, the Nippons, although out hit 8 to 5, doused the Angelus nine 3 to 0. It was the brilliant defensive play that the Asahis exhibited which allowed them to blank the Hotelmen. Hec McDonald of the Angels with a double and single and Asahi first baseman Yuki Uno with two singles led their respective clubs offensively.

Condon (L) and McDonald
Suga (W) and Mitsui

(July 11)  The Diethers Dandies increased their lead atop the Burrard League when they nosed out the struggling Patricias 7 to 6. The Pats out hit the winners 12 to 8 but couldn’t put their base knocks together in sustained drives. Winning flinger George “Lefty” Boston led his team at the dish, stroking a pair of doubles and a single. Outfielder Jimmy Biggan of the Pats produced a double and a brace of one-baggers.

A. Moser (L), Wallis (6) and Beaumont
Cousins, Boston (W) (1) and Henry 

(July 12)  With the Patricias holding a 4 to 2 lead in the fifth inning, outfielder Frank Shiraishi of the Asahis blasted a grand-slam home run to propel the all-Japanese nine to an 8 to 5 win over the Pats. Outfielder Ed Nakamura slammed a pair of doubles for the normally light-hitting Nippons while winning moundsman Tommy Sawayama and shortstop Mike Maruno both drilled a double and one-bagger. Outfielder Jimmy Biggan and losing tosser Andy Reid of the Patricias each had a two-bagger and a single.

Sawayama (W) and Mitsui
Reid (L), Patton (5) and Beaumont

(July 13)  North Vancouver Shipyards took both games of a double-header with Victoria scoring an easy 13-1 victory in the opener, but needing an extra inning to win 7-5 in the nightcap.

North Vancouver smacked 20 hits in the first game while McIntyre held the home team to just eight. Vancouver had a 6-0 lead after two innings and coasted to the triumph.

McIntyre (W) and Petrunia
Musgrave (L), Richardson, Murray and Patterson

The visitors blew a 5-1 lead but rebounded to score twice in the top of the tenth to post the 7-5 win. D. Kendricks went all the way on the mound giving up 11 hits in gaining credit for the win.  North Vancouver had 13 hits off a pair of Victoria hurlers.

D.Kendricks (W) and Petrunia
Davies, Musgrave and Condon, Patterson

(July 14)  The league-leading Diethers squad posted another victory in the Burrard Baseball League, downing North Shore 7 to 3. Young Jimmy Clark held the Shipbuilders to six hits as his mates stepped out in the second frame and gave him a five-run lead to work on. “Sandy” Henderson and outfielder Harvey Walter of the Coalmen as well as Casey Jones of North Shore all collected a double and a single at the dish.

Ballam (L), Rodgers (4) and Petrunia
Clark (W) and Henry 

(July 15)  One bad inning cost the Asahis a chance to take over second place in the Burrard Baseball League. Leading 5 to 1 in the fifth inning, Nippon tosser Kaz Suga imploded, giving up five hits and five free passes which, combined with an error by a teammate, led to six big runs for the Angelus nine who went on to take the contest by an 8 to 5 count. Frank Shiraishi of the Asahis and Angels’ catcher Hec McDonald led their respective teams with the bat, each stroking a double and a single. Outfielder Eddie Nakamura of the Nippons had the game’s lone four-bagger.

Suga (L), Maruno (5) and Mitsui
Yehle (W) and McDonald 

(July 18)  Tommy Sawayama pitched a five-hitter as the Asahis dumped the Patricias 8 to 3 at the Powell Street grounds. Leading the Nippons 8-hit attack against losing flinger Reg Wallis were first sacker Yuki Uno with a triple and single, catcher Koei Mitsui with a double and single as well as Kaz Suga who singled twice.

Sawayama (W) and Mitsui
Wallis (L) and Van Hatten

(July 18)  Diethers, the Burrard League leaders, defeated the touring Ethiopian Clowns 5 to 4 in an exhibition encounter at Athletic Park. Outfielder Dick Bentley of the Coal Gang drove in three runs with a double and two singles.

Nyassus (L) and Khora
Boston (W) and Henry

(July 19)  Scoring twice in their last turn at bat, the Angelus nine turned back North Shore 5 to 4 in Burrard League play. Winning pitcher Jimmy Condon singled home Frank Ambler with the winning marker after second-sacker Ambler had driven in the tying run with a double. Playing-manager Casey Jones had a big night with the stick for the Shipbuilders, slamming four hits including a double. Third baseman Brown had two triples for the winners while teammate Ralph Stong doubled twice.

Rogers (L) and Petrunia
Condon (W) and McDonald 

(July 21)  Diethers continued their surge atop the Burrard Baseball League, waltzing past the Asahis 15 to 8 at Powell Street. An eight-run first frame and five more tallies in the fourth pretty well put this game on ice for the league-leaders.

Sawayama (L), Suga and Mitsui
Montador (W), Boston (6) and Henry

(July 22)  A huge third inning in which they plated nine runs gave the Angelus baseballers all the impetus they needed as they hammered the Patricias 13 to 4. Shortstop Bill Adshead drilled a double and two singles for the victors. Also contributing offensively were outfielders Peterson with a triple and single and Ralph Stong with a two-bagger and single. George Moser and Ken Van Hatten homered for the Pats.

Yehle (W) and McDonald
Patton (L), Wallis (3), A. Moser (3) and Beaumont

(July 23)  Continuing to merrily roll along, the Diethers Coalers nosed out North Shore 12 to 11 at the Powell Street grounds. George Boston, in a relief role, earned the mound victory. Robertson, Shipbuilders’ shortstop, was the big hitter of the fray, slamming a pair of home runs. Playing-manager Ed Henry of the Diethers had a triple, double and single.

Clark, Boston (W) (6) and Henry
McIntyre, Ballam (L) (4) and McNaughton, Petrunia

(July 24)  Playing-manager Jimmy Condon of the Angelus diamondeers helped himself to a one-hitter at the Powell Street grounds as his mates went out and got him 14 runs on as many hits as the Hotelmen romped to an easy 14 to 0 shellacking of the Patricias. Ralph Stong with two doubles and a single and Bill Adshead with a two-bagger and a brace of singles led the winners at the plate.

Wallis (L), A. Moser (1), Reid (2) and Beaumont, Laycock
Condon (W) and McDonald

(July 25)  Turning loose with a big 11-hit barrage, the North Shore Shipbuilders hung up one of their few wins this season in the Burrard League, edging the Asahis 5 to 4. “Dude” Kendrick picked up the pitching decision with a nine-hitter. Outfielder Joe Naples laced two doubles and a single for the victors while hot corner custodian Roy Yamamura had a hot hand for the Nippons, registering a double and a triad of one-baggers.

D. Kendrick (W) and Petrunia
Sawayama (L), Suga (3) and Kutsukake, Mitsui

(July 26)  The first-place Diethers nine rallied from a 5 to 3 deficit, scoring three times in the top of the sixth inning, to edge the Patricias 6 to 5. Outfielder Paul paced the Coal Clan with the willow, slamming a home run to go along with two singles. Shortstop Sam Waxstein also homered for the winners. First baseman Stan Laycock had three hits for the Pats, one of which was a double. Teammate George Moser contributed a round-tripper.

Montador (W) and E. Thirsk
A. Moser (L) and Van Hatten

(July 27)  North Shore Shipyards took both ends of an exhibition double-header over Victoria, 9-7 at Powell Street grounds in the afternoon and 6-3 at Mahon Park at night.

Nichols, Davis and Casey
Mann, Rogers and Petrunia

Nichol, Davis and Casey, Statton
Ballam (W) and Petrunia

(July 28)  After being slapped around by every team in the league for some time, the North Shore Shipbuilders suddenly did an about face, bouncing second-place Angelus 10 to 0 at the Powell Street grounds. Heavy sluggers for North Shore were shortstop Robertson with a double and three singles as well as playing-manager Casey Jones with a two-bagger plus a brace of singles.

Jowett (L), Yehle (2) and Adshead
McIntyre (W) and Petrunia 

(July 29)  The hitters were prominent in Burrard League action as the runaway leaders, Diethers, slugged their way to a 16 to 14 triumph over the Asahis. First baseman Don Marshall had a triple, double and single for the winners while Bruce Thirsk picked up a pair of doubles and a single. Losing chucker Kaz Suga led the Nippons offensively, punching out five hits including a two-bagger.

Clark, Montador (W) (3) and Henry
Yoshinaka, Suga (L) (3), Maruno (7) and Mitsui

(July 30)  The cellar-dwelling Patricias registered a rare victory, squeezing past North Shore 2 to 1. Veteran Reg Wallis showed there was still life in his soupbone as he set the Shipbuilders down on two hits. Outfielder Jimmy Biggan led the Pats with the hickory, clouting a triple to go along with a brace of one-baggers.

Wallis (W) and Beaumont
D. Kendrick (L) and Petrunia

(July 31)  The Asahis climbed back onto the victory wagon, nosing out second-place Angelus 3 to 2 at the Powell Street grounds. Going into the seventh inning all square at 2 – 2, the first two Asahi batters were retired. George Shishido then singled and was driven home with the ultimate winner on a double by victorious flinger Tommy Sawayama. Catcher Koei Mitsui of the Nippons and Angels’ third sacker Jimmy Tough both hit a double and single.

Yoshinaka, Sawayama (W) (6) and Mitsui
Yehle (L) and Adshead

(August 4)  The Patricias, residents in the basement of the Burrard League, suddenly came to life at the Powell Street grounds and not only knocked off the league-leading Diethers squad 4 to 2 but handed George Boston, the loop’s leading pitcher, his first defeat of the season. It took an extra frame to decide the matter with the score being knotted at 1 – 1 after regulation time. In the top of the overtime stanza, the Pats erupted for four hits, including a two-bagger to grab a 4 to 1 lead. In the bottom half of the canto, Ed Henry led things off with a bases-empty dinger, reducing the deficit to two. However, winning tosser Andy Reid was able to retire the next three batters without any further damage being done.

Reid (W) and Van Hatten
Boston (L) and Henry

Standings           W     L      Pct.
Diethers           17     6     .739
Angelus            14     9     .609
Asahis             11    12     .478
North Shore         9    14     .371
Patricias           6    16     .273

(August 5)  The North Shore Shipbuilders rallied behind pitcher “Lefty” McIntyre to knock off the Angelus Hotelmen 7 to 6. A dropped pop fly behind the keystone sack by Angels’ second sacker Frank Ambler paved the way for the winning run to be scored. Ted Walker hit a grand-slam circuit-clout for the Shipbuilders to account for most of their scoring. Teammate Jud McNaughton also smashed a four-bagger. Leading swatter for the Hotelmen was Ralph Stong who homered and tripled.

Yehle (L) and McDonald
McIntyre (W) and  Petrunia

(August 6)  The Diethers Coalmen enhanced their position as Burrard League penthouse tenants with a hard-fought 3 to 1 decision over the Asahis. Bob Montador was in excellent pitching form, limiting the Nippons to four scattered hits. Hot corner guardian Bruce Thirsk of the Coalmen lit up losing flinger Nag Nishihara for a home run, double and single.

Montador (W) and Henry
Nishihara (L) and Mitsui

(August 7)  The Burrard Baseball League’s version of the musical comedy “Anything Goes” was evident at the Powell Street diamond where the Patricias nipped North Shore 13 to 12 in seven hilarious acts. The Pats scored seven runs in their final turn at bat, climaxed by winning chucker “Lefty” Thompson’s fluke inside-the-park grand-slam round-tripper which appeared to be very catchable until Shipbuilder outfielder Ted Walker slipped in pursuit of the fly ball.

A. Moser, Thompson (W) (2) and Beaumont
D. Kendrick, Rodgers (7), McIntyre (L) (7) and Petrunia

(August 8)  The Asahis nicked the once great Larry Holden, making a comeback pitching appearance, for nine hits in scoring a 7 to 2 win over the Angelus Hotelmen. Shortstop Mike Maruno had a big game at the dish for the Nippons, drilling a pair of doubles to go along with a brace of one-baggers. The Angels were held to just four hits by winning heaver Tommy Sawayama.

Sawayama (W), Nishihara (6) and Kutsukake
Holden (L) and McDonald

(August 9)  Patricias’ playing-skipper Len “Gummy” Leach stepped to the plate in the eighth inning of 2 – 2 game and promptly belted a two-run homer to begin a three-run rally which would ultimately give the Pats a 5 to 4 extra-inning victory over Diethers. It was the second time in a week that the last-place Pats had beaten the league-leaders and their ace chucker, George Boston, in an overtime situation. The Coalers made a concerted effort to tie things in their half of the extra canto, falling just short after plating a pair. Both teams banged out eleven base knocks with third baseman Rupe Noble of the victors leading the pack with a trio of raps, one of which was a double.

Wallis (W) and Beaumont
Clark, Boston (L) and Henry

(August 11)  The North Shore pitching tandem of Dean Ballam and Lorne Rogers held the Asahis to just four hits but the Nippons still marched over the Shipbuilders 6 to 2 in Burrard League action. Kaz Suga went the route for the Japanese nine, yielding five bingles. A three-run fourth inning in which the Asahis drew five bases-on-balls accompanied by a couple of well-placed bunts spelled the difference in the game. Casey Jones belted a bases-empty dinger for the Shipbuilders.

Ballam (L), Rogers (4) and Petrunia
Suga (W) and Mitsui

(August 12)  In a Burrard League battle between the hoteliers, Fred Yehle and the Angelus crew spiked the Patricias’ guns at the Powell Street grounds by whipping the Pats 8 to 2. Yehle held the Pats to six scattered hits during the evening while the Angels were pounding the offerings of Andy Reid and “Lefty” Thompson for ten safeties. Second baseman Frank Ambler of the winners doubled twice and also singled. Teammate Coley Hall also picked up a brace of two-baggers.

Yehle (W) and McDonald
Reid (L), Thompson (5) and Beaumont 

(August 13)  Diethers put North Shore another step closer to elimination from the Burrard League playoffs by knocking off Casey Jones’ outfit 12 to 10 in a loosely-played contest. Eldon Thirsk with a triple and two doubles paced the offensive thrust of the winners while playing-manager Ed Henry wasn’t far behind with a double plus a brace of one-baggers. Joe Naples, Casey Jones and Ted Walker all doubled and singled twice for the Shipbuilders.

Montador (W), Boston (5) and Henry
McIntyre (L), Ballam (3) and Petrunia

(August 14)  Darkness broke up a tight 2 – 2 match between the Asahis and the Patricias at the Powell Street grounds. Both teams had just four base hits with second baseman George Shishido of the Nippons the only batter to register two bingles.

Sawayama, Nishihara (5) and Kutsukake
Wallis and Van Hatten

(August 15)  The second-spot Angelus nine crept a bit closer to first-place Diethers, dropping the penthousers 5 to 1 at the Powell Street grounds. Jimmy Condon limited the Coalers to nine scattered hits while his mates were getting to Jim Clark’s left-handed offerings for an even dozen safeties. Frank Ambler of the Angels had a great game with the bat, going four-for-four including two doubles and a circuit clout. Teammate Ralph Stong also connected for a round-tripper.

Condon (W) and McDonald
Clark (L) and E. Thirsk

(August 17)  The Patricias, hanging on grimly to their dwindling playoff hopes, knocked off the third-place Asahis 7 to 5 at the Powell Street grounds. George Moser had four hits for the Pats including a double. Losing flinger Kaz Suga doubled and singled twice.

A. Moser (W) and Beaumont, Van Hatten
K. Suga (L), Nishihara (7) and Mitsui

(August 18)  The North Shore Shipbuilders trounced the Patricias 8 to 1 in Burrard League action at Powell Street. “Dude” Kendrick  was not only the winning pitcher, chucking a seven-hitter, but he also blasted a pair of two-run triples. The Pats’ defeat ended their quest for a playoff berth.

Wallis (L), Reid and Van Hatten
D. Kendrick (W) and Petrunia

(August 19)  With big Fred Yehle tossing a three-hitter, the swashbuckling Angelus nine took Diethers for a 4 to 1 ride. The Angels’ keystone combo of Frank Ambler and Jimmy Tough played a big part in Yehle’s victory, by handling eleven chances without an error. Bill Adshead led the winners in the batters’ box, combing two doubles and a single.

Marshall (L) and Henry
Yehle (W) and McDonald

(August 20)  Coming up with five big runs in one inning, the North Shore Shipbuilders blanked the Asahis 5 to 0 in an important Burrard League match. “Lefty” McIntyre fired a six-hitter in taking the whitewash win. The victory for North Shore moved them within reach of the Nippons for the final playoff berth in the Burrard League.

Sawayama (L), Nishihara (6) and Kutsukake
McIntyre (W) and Petrunia

(August 21)  The Patricias raked the offerings of Jimmy Condon for 14 hits and whipped Angelus 8 to 3. Andy Reid grabbed the hillock triumph by scattering seven blows. Shortstop George Moser was the big noise at the plate for the Pats, drilling a double to go along with three one-baggers.

Reid (W) and Laycock
Condon (L) and McDonald

(August 23)  The North Shore Shipbuilders are still in the hunt for a playoff spot after the cellar-dwelling Patricias stopped the third-place Asahis 7 to 3 at Powell Street. Reg Wallis set the Nippons down on six hits, one being a home run by Frank Shiraishi. George Moser doubled twice for the winners.

K. Suga (L) and Mitsui, Kutsukake
Wallis (W) and Van Hatten

Standings           W       L      Pct.
Diethers           19      10     .655
Angelus            17      12     .586
Asahis             13      16     .448
North Shore        13      17     .433
Patricias          11      18     .379 

(August 27)  Trailing 6 to 2 entering the last two frames, North Shore plated a pair in each of the stanzas to salvage a 6 – 6 tie with the Angelus squad at the Powell Street grounds. In their last turn at bat, still in arrears by two, Casey Jones doubled, was brought home on Ted Walker’s triple with the latter scoring on a fielder’s choice.

Ballam, D. Kendrick (2) and Petrunia
Brown, Yehle (7) and McDonald

(August 28)  The Patricias, eliminated from any playoff chances, knocked off first-place Diethers 10 to 4 to continue their late-season surge. Jimmy Biggan rapped out a trio of base blows for the victors while teammate Ken Van Hatten blasted a homer.

A. Moser (W) and Van Hatten
Clark (L) and Henry

(August 29)  The Angelus nine stepped out and hung a 10 to 3 defeat on the slumping Asahis. The loss for the Nippons allowed the North Shore nine to draw even with them in the race for the third and last playoff spot. Outfielder Brown belted a four-bagger for the Angels.

Adshead (W) and McDonald
Sawayama (L), Maruno (7) and Mitsui

(August 30)  The Asahis and North Shore fought to a 2 – 2 tie at Powell Street. Kaz Suga of the Nippons stole home in the opening frame to unnerve the Sea Carpenters. With recent political and military developments in the Far East, rumours have begun to circulate that a conspiracy exists to prevent the Asahis from continuing their dynasty.

(September 2)  George Boston stymied the Patricias on three-hits as Diethers blanked the Pats 4 to 0. “Sandy” Henderson led the 8-hit attack by the Coalmen with a brace of doubles.

Wallis (L) and Van Hatten
Boston (W) and Henry

(September 4)  Diethers and the Asahis played to an eight-inning 0 – 0 tie. Both teams registered seven hits.  

Sawayama, Nishihara (7) and Kutsukake
Marshall, Montador (3) and Henry

(September 5)  North Shore moved into third place in the Burrard League by bouncing Angelus 8 to 1. Dean Ballam pitched one of his better games of the season, a three-hitter, for the Shipbuilders. Casey Jones and Ted Walker both had three hits for the winners.

Ballam (W) and Petrunia
Yehle (L), Condon (5) and McDonald

(September 6)  The Asahis, with their backs to the wall, moved back into a third-place tie with North Shore by hammering the Shipbuilders 10 to 5 in a game that went two extra frames. The teams were deadlocked 5 – 5 after regulation time and, in the second round of overtime, the Nippons exploded for a five-spot on a bevy of walks, a couple of key hits and an overthrow. The fielding of the velvet-gloved Asahis was strictly sensational. Jud McNaughton of the North Shoremen was the game’s top swatter, banging out a brace of two-baggers.

K. Suga, Nishihara (W) and Mitsui, Kutsukake
D. Kendrick, McIntyre (L) (1), Ballam (9) and Petrunia

(September 8)  Before an overflow crowd, the Asahis polished off Diethers 8 to 5 to clinch third spot and set the stage for the Burrard League playoffs. The Nippons will now face the Angelus Hotel nine in a best-of-five semi-final showdown. Roy Yamamura topped the winners offensively with a triple and single.

Sawayama, Nishihara (W) (3) and Kutsukake
Boston (L), Montador (6) and Henry 

Semi-finals (best-of-five) 

(September 11)  Angelus grabbed the opening game of the semi-finals, edging the Asahis 3 to 2 in a tense battle in which the Hoteliers had a slight 7 to 6 edge in base hits. The Angels led from the start and never relinquished their cushion. Angelus outfielder Ralph Stong, with a pair of doubles, was the game’s most productive hitter.

Sawayama (L), Nishihara (3) and Mitsui
Yehle (W) and McDonald

(September 12)  Angelus went two up in their semi-final series at Powell Street when they knocked off the Asahis 6 to 2, not only out-socking the Nippons but, taking a page from their book, out fielding them as well. Jimmy Condon pitched superbly on the Angel hill, finishing with a two-hitter, and also hit in timely fashion with runners on. With a brace of raps, he was the only swatter on either team to register more than one hit.

Condon (W) and McDonald
Suga (L) and Kutsukake

(September 15)  The Asahis stayed alive, taking a notable 13 to 3 victory from the Angelus baseballers. A seven-run second inning posted by the Nippons put the game on ice. The winners amassed 14 base hits, far exceeding their normal output. Koei Mitsui registered a double and a pair of singles in pacing the victors’ offensive attack.

Nishihara (W) and Kutsukake
Yehle (L) and McDonald

(September 17)  An 8 to 5 decision by the Asahis squared their semi-final series with the Angelus Hotelmen. On the bases, afield and at the dish, the Nippons proved superior in this contest. Kaz Suga, Koei Mitsui, George Shisido and winning chucker Nag Nishihara all had two hits in a balanced attack. Coley Hall homered for the Angels.

Condon (L), Holden (4) and McDonald
Nishihara (W) and Kutsukake

(September 18)  The Angelus diamondeers vaulted into the Burrard League finals after eliminating the perennial crown-holding Asahis 3 to 1 in the fifth game of their tightly-fought series. Three successive two-out doubles in the second canto by Larry Holden, Billy Adshead and winning flinger Fred Yehle allowed the Hotelmen to plate all the runs they would need. Holden and Adshead both had a single as well to lead the hit parade with a brace.

Suga (L), Nishihara (2) and Kutsukake
Yehle (W) and McDonald

Finals (best-of-five) 

(September 20)  After a couple of extra innings, the Diethers Fuel nine emerged with a 5 to 4 victory over the Angelus squad in the opener of the Burrard League finals. Both George Boston and Larry Holden pitched courageous and, for the most part, clever ball with the former having the edge only because Holden’s ancient soupbone tired a bit toward the end, allowing the Dietherites to come up with such damaging blows as homer by Bruce Thirsk and a triple by Ed Henry. In the bottom of the second overtime panel, Henry settled matters with a single, his second hit of the game, to drive in the winning counter. Coley Hall was best for the Angels at the dish, hammering a double and a pair of singles. 

Holden (L) and McDonald
Boston (W) and Henry 

(September 22)  For the first five innings at the Powell Street diamond, Fred Yehle of the Angelus Hotelmen retired 15 Diethers’ batters in a row as his mates gave him a 1 to 0 lead. But, in the sixth, the Fuelmen began to chip away, scoring a run to tie the contest and, in the seventh, exploded for two more to capture the contest 3 to 1 and attain a two-game cushion in the Burrard circuit finals. Eldon Thirsk’s two-run single in the seventh was the blow that settled matters. 

Montador (W) and Henry
Yehle (L) and McDonald

(September 23)  Ed Henry, versatile playing-manager of the Diethers Coalmen, was named the Burrard League’s most valuable player for the 1941 season. Teammate Bob Montador, southpaw hurler, who sported a ten wins against one loss mound record, captured the loop’s top pitcher award. Casey Jones of the North Shore Shipbuilders won the circuit’s batting crown.

(September 24)  With only one more out to go in the last inning, no baserunners on and his Diether mates in front 4 to 2, southpaw pitcher George Boston imploded and allowed the Angelus nine eight consecutive hits for seven runs and an eventual 9 to 4 win which kept them alive in the Burrard League finals. Hec McDonald’s single drove home the tying counter and Bill Adshead hit a blow that produced the ultimate winner. With the damage already done, Don Marshall was summoned to the hill to replace the shell-shocked left-hander and he responded by retiring the lone batter he faced for the final out. Larry Holden pitched doggedly for Angelus in what appeared to be a lost cause.

Holden (W) and McDonald
Boston (L), Marshall (7) and Henry 

(September 26)  With scheduled starting pitcher Bob Montador failing to arrive in time for the game, playing-manager Ed Henry of Diethers went with a hunch and pitched Don Marshall, his first baseman. The gamble paid off as Marshall hurled all but the last inning and never allowed a run as the Fuelmen won the Burrard League tiara with a 2 to 0 win over the Angelus nine. Outfielder Dick Bentley drove in the first Diether counter in the fourth inning while Bruce Thirsk’s RBI triple did likewise for the insurance tally in the sixth.

Marshall (W), Montador (7) and Henry
Yehle (L) and McDonald, Adshead