1958 Alberta Snapshots     

George Wesley rancher

Above - George Wesley at home on the ranch. Below - John Robertson (top left) watches the branding operation at the ranch. (Photos courtesy Art Olyslager)


Art Olyslager at the ranch

Above - Unloading grain at the ranch.  That's farmhand Art Olyslager taking a breather. (Photo courtesy Art Olyslager)

Granum trio Brack Bailey

Above left - Brack Bailey (left), George Wesley and Ed Carrier. Right - Brack Bailey of the Lethbridge White Sox prepares for a turn at the dish. (Photos courtesy Brack Bailey)

Wesley vs Watson

Left - Newspaper promotion for the All-Star Game. 

George Wesley's defending champion Granum White Sox dropped a 4-2 decision to the Harry Watson managed Southern Alberta Baseball League All-Stars.  (Lethbridge Herald, July 3, 1958)

Below - Granum, Alberta in 1958.

Note the string of elevators on the edge of town. 

The photo is from a
Granum History site by the elementary school students at Granum School.

Vulcan, Alberta, 1958






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