Author - Bill Guenthner, Hockessin, Delaware


Bill GuenthnerI grew up in Eastwood Park in Minot, North Dakota in the 1950’s. Eastwood Park was near the ballpark, at that time called the Minot Municipal Ball Park.

I was a big Minot Mallard fan and so were my friends. I completed High School in Minot and attended the University of North Dakota where I graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 1966. After graduation, my wife Cindy Fredrickson from Lakota, North Dakota and I moved to the East Coast where I went to work for the DuPont Company. Cindy and I raised three children.

About 1997 Minot Mallard information started showing up on the Internet on Jay-Dell Mah’s Western Canada Baseball site. I started collecting information on the ManDak Mallards and sending it to Jay so he could add it to his website. Barry Swanton, who wrote a book on the ManDak League, contacted me and we began exchanging information. In 2005 I organized this Minot Mallards information and launched this website on July 4.