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It was one heck of a run. Making television. And, they paid us. Not enough, but they paid us to overcome the incredible and the impossible and have a little fun doing it.

A couple of years back (2011)  I began rummaging through boxes of audio and video tapes from my days at the CBC in Toronto.

Figuring I didn't have a heck of a lot of time before the tapes were no longer usable (either from deterioration of the tapes or, through old technology no longer available), I began to digitize and edit pieces of the material which dates back to 1983 when Henry Kowalski convinced me to move over to the dark side from CBC Radio.

Oh, if only I had paid more attention to Bob Hilscher, Jerry Borys and the gang in the edit suites this would have been a much simpler task!

As I scanned the material it became obvious very quickly that I should make an effort to retain a bit of the year-by-year history of CBLT. At least this 1983-1999 portion which marked my stint at the operation.

I thought if I was getting such a kick out of seeing the faces from the old masterpieces others might too! 

Thus, the building of the web site to post the material.  It is unfortunate I didn't record much more than some of my own items and a few segments of a couple of our shows (but very little of the entertainment section, Monitor, Fraser's Edge, CBLT Morning or the weekends).

Thus, there's lots missing -- especially photos of our cameramen/women, editors, producers. I've forgotten a few names and who did what certain years. Any chance you might have some stuff which can help fill in the blanks?

I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the photos, but many of them are taken from the on-air pieces. 

We also need help filling in the year-by-year rosters, especially the last two, 1998 and 1999.

We've tried to collect more recent photos and they are displayed below (and here) to provide a glimpse of how we've matured! . 

And, there are some snapshots too. (Now 16 pages of snapshots, including pics from the memorial for Eddie Vaar). 

SNAPSHOT PAGES :   1    2      4        7    8      10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17   18  19
  20   21   22

And, in late 2014 we're happy to add contributions from Mike Wise and Debra Sampson.


Thanks. Enjoy. 

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