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Blair Harley



Blair Harley relaxing at Mountain Lake

  Paikin & Varanesi



Steve, if I get you the lead story, how about a contribution to the Varanesi relief fund?

  Initiation ?


Had to be a CBLT initiation ritual! 

Brenda not liking the outcome.

  Naked News


Stu begged for this assignment !

The Naked News hosts.




A dangerous four - Debbie Geraats, Ela Azzopardi, Dennis McVarish, Blair Harley

  Opening Day ?


Must have been Opening Day.

The guys (Jay, Ronnie, XXX, Bill Kendrick) show off their Blue Jays tickets.

Bar trio


Across Church St. from Mac's Milk, a little relaxation after yet another tough day.

Bill Kendrick, Jay-Dell Mah and Paula Lenardon.



Remember these?



Mr. Rock 'n Roll, Stu Paterson

with Johnny Cash

Not sure of the date of the interview, but with some research we could probably get a good estimate by when those tape recorders were in use - IIRC they were Siemens cassette recorders with flimsy mics (the unit of choice before Sony came out with their state-of-the-art machines).




Stu with Liberace. Ah, your grandma might well remember the glittering one.

Now, this is Stu pre-CBC and from the indent the strap is making on his shoulder I'd guess it's a Uher reel-to-reel tape machine (great quality, very heavy, came with a little editing block and splicing tape).





1995 CBC Evening News wins a Gemini for the Best Local News Program.

Part of the team - Executive Producer Jill Troyer, Assignment Editor Al Buchnea, Senior Producer Jamie Purdon. 




Ah, the CBLT softball team. Mel Tsuji and crew.  Erin Carroll still has the team's sweater with the logo "The Flycatchers" which was put together by her dad.

CBC Logo

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