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AL Dowbiggin came along a year after the formation of the NL league and 2020 will mark its 30th season. 

It operates as a perpetual league with owners allowed to protect up to 15 players (plus 6 rookies) from year to year. No NL players are permitted (they simply shift over to the owner's NL team. 

The loop has shifted over the years from a live draft to various on-line combinations.

        Gordie ... again !

Ho-hum. Gordie Dowbiggin's Lancaster Pilots won its 10th league championship upending Michael Cohen's Canada Crush in the final. Cohen had topped the regular season with 101 wins.

The 291 homers by the Lancaster Pilots was the most since the Ebbets Fielders' record-setting 306 in 1996.

Michael set a personal best with 101 wins. John Buchanan's Kiwi Klubbers were the big movers in 2019 adding on 30 more victories than 2018. Al Buchnea's Gweilos lost 27 more in 2019 than the 2018 campaign.