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The JD_Mah League (formerly known as Mantle) is Scoresheet Canada's original combined league (using both NL and AL players) having first competed in 1992). 2022 will mark the league's 31st season.

The loop has 18 teams competing in a perpetual format in which owners are allowed to protect 17 players (plus 1 rookie) from the past season for the coming one. 

The annual draft usually begins in mid to late February and extends over several weeks.

After losing back-to-back finals in 2017 and 2018, Denis Chabot's Hit Parade broke through for his first championship in 2019 topping Tery&Dean's Pufferfish in the final.

Then in 2020, relative newcomer Kevin Byers charged through the COVID season to capture his first title. A ninth inning homer gave Kevin the win over Danny Laflamme in the seventh game of the final.

Last summmer, John Campell's We The North charged through the regular season to lead with 104 wins, but Erwin Hunke, 98 wins, upset the pennant winners in the playoff final.

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